Marian Hossa, Blackhawks Beat Oilers In OT

Three was the number of the night for the Blackhawks.

Chicago put only three shots on net in the opening 20 minutes.

The Hawks scored three goals in the final 40 minutes of regulation.

And, unfortunately, three periods weren’t enough to decide the outcome.

After an terribly mediocre first period, the Hawks rebounded to take a two-goal lead in the second. Chicago showed a new look on special teams in the middle stanza and it paid immediate dividends. Duncan Keith scored a power play goal at 7:26, redirecting a Patrick Kane pass into the net.

A little more than seven minutes later, Artemi Panarin got the puck in close and didn’t hesitate, beating former Blackhawks prospect Anders Nilsson for his seventh goal of the year.

Chicago’s lead was cut in half less than two minutes later as Jordan Eberle got a breakaway and made a pretty play to beat Corey Crawford.

Darnell Nurse made a gorgeous play and found Benoit Pouliot, who tied the game exactly four minutes into the third period. Andrew Shaw would somehow give the Hawks the lead again with this shot while falling down:

Leon Draisaitl tied the game once again inside the final three minutes of regulation, and there was free hockey in Edmonton.

In the overtime, Crawford made the best save of the season for Chicago to keep it tied.

Roughly 30 seconds later, the Hawks made a line change and Brent Seabrook found Marian Hossa just getting on the ice for a breakaway. And Hossa cashed in, putting in his third goal of the season.

Panarin finished the night with three points (one goal, two assists) to lead the Hawks. Kane had two assists and led Chicago with four shots on net in the victory. Jonathan Toews failed to record a point but successfully stayed out of the penalty box for the first time in three games; the Hawks’ captain won ten of 20 faceoffs and was credited with one blocked shot and two takeaways on the night.

Tanner Kero was impressive once again. He skated primary penalty kill minutes (3:32) with Marcus Kruger and was credited with two blocked shots and three hits. Kero made a nice play to set up Shaw’s goal in the third period and picked up the primary assist.

Unfortunately, Teuvo Teravainen disappeared from the bench during the second period and did not return for the third. Troy Murray reported on the radio broadcast that it was an upper-body issue for Teravainen, who was limited to nine shifts and only 5:53 in the game.

After the game, coach Joel Quenneville said Teravainen’s injury was “not serious,” and indicated the young forward is day-to-day.

Brandon Mashinter was healthy, but skated only 6:59. He was credited with one hit in 14 shifts. Why he is still in Chicago is beyond me, unless the Hawks are showcasing him. At some point on the trip, we should see either Viktor Tikhonov or Andrew Desjardins back in the lineup.

Crawford allowed three goals but made a number of spectacular saves, including the game-saving theft of Taylor Hall in overtime. He made 34 saves to earn the win.

The Hawks penalty kill was perfect in three short-handed opportunities.

39 thoughts on “Marian Hossa, Blackhawks Beat Oilers In OT

  1. On the Oiler’s first goal – TvR changed when the puck wasn’t deep and gave the Oiler’s a 2-0 breakaway.

    On the Oiler’s second goal, Daley let Nurse drive around him and put a pass into the slot where Rozsival was standing around not checking anyone, specically the Oiler goal scorer.

    On the third Oiler goal, TvR got out-muscled for the puck and the guy made a pass toward the net that Draisatl scored.

    In other words – the bottom 3 d-men didn’t play very well tonight.

  2. But the Hawks won which is all that matters. Hopefully TT isn’t injured too bad. Dano hasn’t exactly seized the opportunity playing with Toews and Hossa. CC was very good tonight and he had to be because the Oilers out-shot the Hawks by a wide margin.

    Good start to the circus trip.

  3. “On the Oiler’s second goal, Daley let Nurse drive around him and put a pass into the slot where Rozsival was standing around not checking anyone, specically the Oiler goal scorer.” ER, agreed. Daley is a total tire fire. No stick at all. Give him to Ottawa!

    It must be said….. 15 won 72% of his face-offs tonight!

    Goalie win imo.

  4. Good observations there Ebony, …Daley did not look too good tonite, almost disinterested so maybe we ship him out to Ottawa as per the previous post from Tab. Lets hope TT is OK, we will miss him on this roadtrip. CC looking good or what? Edmonton commentators had nothing but high praise for him all night. Lot of high skill and youth on that Edmonton team. Hossa blast sealed a victory to start the trip off right. Check out Peluso pounding of Sbisa, Winnipeg/Vancouver tonight. Yikes.

  5. Ebony makes excellent points as usual. TVR has done surprisingly well this season, but for last night at least his “just a guy” skill set (or lack thereof) was exploited on two goals. He’s not fast, he’s not big, he’s just what he is. Preferably he is a 3rd pairing type. But the Hawks won against an opponent that now has credible coaching and is finally starting to put it together. We would have been in trouble last night with a healthy McDavid also in that Edmonton mix.

    Daley can’t be dumped soon enough. Far prefer losing his stupid salary and inability to play defense while letting Gustaffson learn on the job. Or going and getting a veteran blueliner with grit.

    Toews needs better linemates than a raw Dano and an aging Hossa on most shifts. Can’t help but wonder if he is getting frustrated because of the impact on his own game. He’s too classy and the consummate teammate and leader to show signs of that, but he looks non happy.

  6. Rockford loses 3-2 in Grand Rapids. Next game is tomorrow in Milwaukee. Bickell scored, as did Jake Dowell. Kyle Baun was scratched, not sure if it’s performance (no points this year) or injury. Ice Hogs recalled Dan Ciampini, winger, from Indy, he was a college free agent signing by Rockford this summer and was at prospect camp, played out east. Trying to find out what the deal is with Baun and still no Ryan Haggerty, he has been hurt for a while now.

  7. Just as I express my hyped opinion on Van Reiemsdyk he comes up with a bad performance. It wasn’t his night for some reason. Maybe he wasn’t 100% or he was ill seeing that Coach Q started double shifting Keith even before the bad change/mental mistake.
    He did do some nice work on the Pk and that long pass to Hossa was top notch.

    Man…Anisimov is skilled. With him being more a support player for Kane-Panarin it’s not alaways obvious, but his assist for Panarin was awesome. Similar mind blowing pass with what he did against the Blues on the Kane PP goal. Between his lengs backhand pass to Panarin, to Kane, score.
    That’s one of Anismov’s biggest strength…making wft plays while close checked, in open play or on the boards. He isn’t a beast on the boards, but when he gains to puck he can make big time plays.
    He also has an array of soccer moves, but I haven’t seen him do many of those up until last night. he has many things in his arsenal we haven’t yet seen… probably because he’s deferring to his line mates.

  8. I don’t think Daley was to blame for the second goal. He did the right think closing the inside on the ice, forcing the attacker to go on to his outside/backhand and forcing him to pass the puck.
    Rozsival, being Rozsival, is the one screwed up. That it.
    I mean…what more could Daley do in that situation ? He had an attacker coming up against him with speed and impeded him to shoot while forcing a backhand in tight pass TO ROZSIVAL.
    It’s not Daley’s fault that Rozsival -who initially was in an ideal position- stopped in his tracks.

  9. Agree with Dum Dum, that 2nd goal as I saw it was more on Rozsival. Quenneville shortened the bench later on after that.

    A goaltending win – Crawford was solid. We’d be much better off with a Darling-Nilsson tandem though … yeah right.

  10. Agree re: Mashinter. I will say that he is marginally a better skater than Bollig. I highly doubt Mashinter is being showcased — this is a very important road trip, one would think you field the best roster on the ice. But as we all know, Q gets into his little intermittent obsessions w/ certain players, we saw it firsthand w/ Bollig. I hope the Hawks keep winning w/ Mashinter in the lineup; the problem w/ that, however, is this would be fools’ gold from Q’s perspective, he might make himself believe Mashinter is part of the winning formula.

  11. Re: TvR getting knocked off the battle for the Puck along boards…
    I thought that could have easily been called Interference… puck was about 12-15 feet away from TvR, when contact was made… anyone agree?

    Kudos to the guy (here or on another site) who pined for the Hawks to trade 50 or 29, other? to Oil for Leon Draisaitl… Leon- is the real deal… gonna be a very good player!!! Really impressed me when he shouldered Toews and blew by 19 (and 19 couldn’t catch him)… Looks like a young Hossa!!!

  12. Draisaitl for Bickell and Shaw for Seth Jones…. Kane may have an alcohol problem but I think some posters are on crack!

    Listened to the Edmonton feed last night and they continually reminded us of the two games in recent years where the Oilers crushed the Hawks, including one where Keith was minus 5. My point is let’s take it easy on TVR – not his best game but he has proven to be a quick learner.

    Lastly, when Panarin’s current deal is up will he be a UFA or RFA?

  13. Wait… there was somebody who proposed a trade between Bickell and Draisaitl ? Take that guys pipe away. He’s trippin’ badly.

    That’s like saying “I have a great trade idea. How about we give the canes some prospects and Tikhonov for Jeff Skinner. Maybe throw in a 3rd rounder or something”.

    How about a Shaw-Seth Jones trade ? That should work, for sure.

    Mannn. This is beyond silly.

  14. I was watching the game on SN and as always I find the Canadian coverage of NHL to be -surprisingly- better than the American one.

    They had a graphic last night about the Blackhawks:


    O-zone possession time -1st in the NHL
    Completed O-zone passes -1st
    Controlled entries – 1st
    Scoring chances/game – 2nd

    Kane/Panarin are 1st and 2nd in O-zone possession time. 55-56 second a game.

    What that means ? It means thing are going well for Coach Q and the Blackhawks.
    They are doing their think just like always, off season changes and short summer break, average amount or points and all that.

  15. LUCK -E! Damn the Oilers can skate and the entry into the Hawks zone was borderline EFFORTLESS all night long! they played good enough to win and they all pass and skate! Impressive.

    Hawks played well, again Hawks are a tuff team to BEAT, win by a goal but Hawks discipline and defense (back check) still keeps team of balance a little. You do not want to be in a one goal game vs the hawks!

    Dano had a BAD NIGHT . . . no need to demote him but just a bad night but everyone seemed slow mo. That second line is amazing to watch and the Defensive “pinch and drop” last night was very very good but offensively at times our wingers did not EXPECT it and timing was off. Daley made 2 or 3 really good offensive plays but had no one to pass the puck to, timing. Keith looks rested!

    Thank God Hossa just gripped and ripper and Thank GOD Crow made that amazing save.

    Very good start, they start slow on these trips and the win will carry on.

    Third line is still sort of kind of “invisible” to me if they’re invisible then BULK UP get three guys who can knock the SHIT out of ya and turn them lose! Go big go hard put Garbuttttt on that line and give him some BODIES, That type of player is everywhere we don’t need a weak twinkle toes line, need to grind teams down? Right now it’s hard to see what they add beside 6 or 7 minutes of ice time?

  16. I must comment to the guy watching the Canadian Coverage THAT IS WHY YA GET NHL NETWORK this blog and bar chatter so often is a repeat of obvious observation made for Chicago coverage and American broadcasting and spoon feed fans. Love our announcers but I always listen to the “opponents guys” on NHL network you will learn more, the OBVIOUS facts are almost an insult to a real hockey fan but once in awhile ya get a nugget but its few! Plus a lot of those announcers up NORTH are very very good. Classic and Smart? NHL network also lets hockey fans not get to PRE-OCCUPIED with only watching Hawks games or so called home team syndrome , a very bad habit, ya really have to watch 2 or 3 games a week of other teams to get a good read on trends, habits and skill sets!

    go NHL
    go Hawks

  17. I wouldn’t mind seeing Desjardins with Kero and Garbutt when they insert him back into the line-up. Both that line and the Kruger-Shaw-Teravainen line make sense and provide a solid north-south game.

  18. Dumdum- I think it was realistically- Crow + 29 and or others with Crow being the “center” of the trade… and really trying to dump cap/bickell…

    regardless- Kudos was to the “scouting” of Draisaitl being that Good versus the actual “Trade”… he is young, cheap, and BIG/skilled… to me- 2nd best player on oil w/ McD being #1

  19. Mike – I’m from Europe. I watch the games on streaming or download them the next morning/afternoon. So basically I watch whatever coverage has the best stream.

    When I watch downloaded games that’s when I can pick and choose and I always choose the Canadian coverage.
    For example I didn’t watch the Hawks last night, I watched them this morning. My local time for the Oilers game was 04.30 (work/school hours starts at 08.00 just to give you an idea).

    There’s also the 10 minute Highlights version of the all the games from the previous night. I also choose the Canadian version there.

  20. wall – maybe (highly unlikely) they would have gone for a straight up Crow-Draisaitl, but why would they take up Bickkell ? You’re better up with Draisaitl + 9M of cap space.

    Taylor Hall is their best player right now and it isn’t even close.

  21. The knock on Draisatl was that he wasn’t a good skater, but from what I saw last night, his skating didn’t look to be a hindrance at all. He made some nice plays and looks to be a pretty good player. The Oilers have quite a stable of young very talented centermen with McDavid, RNH and Draisatl. I know this has been said in past years, but watch out for the Oilers in the not too distant future. Nurse and Klefbom look pretty good too.

  22. Wall, your comment about TVR getting knocked off the play before reaching the puck is something that for me started around the league last year in the playoffs. Guys started to go shoulder to shoulder before reaching the puck to gain an advantage, which in my book is, and should be called interference. In soccer of course this allowed, but last year somehow it became part of the NHL. I guess it is about how subtle the action is. One of these days someone is going to go head first into the back boards because of this. It was a key play in last nights game. I would like to know what the rule actual is regarding that play.

    Crow was really good last night except for pulling off the post on the 3rd Oil goal that went short side. Anisimov line is so good right now and just a joy to watch. Hawks PP goal scored by Keith was a new wrinkle that I hope stay in the mix.

    Hossa OT winner was old Hoss at his best. Crnak that baby up. He used to do that alot on breakaways. If he goes up top with those shots to either corner its money in the bank. Seems like he has lately been trying to shoot everything low on breakaways.

    Shaw goal was 100% effort. TT out Mashinter in is no bueno.

    Oil plays a much better structure than before which points to positive coaching changes. Can’t go to sleep against those guys and hope to win.

    Good start to the trip. Take the 2 points and say thank you, next please.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  23. You’re right on MTM the Canadian coverage of games is very good and I end up seeing more Leafs, Senators and Habs games then Hawks at times and yes it’s good to watch some of the other teams.

    DumDum I like the idea of Desi, Kero and Garbutt. Maybe it’s worth trying Hossa on RW with Kruger and Shaw and move TT to RW with Anisimov and Panarin and Kane up with Toews. I know Q likes 19and 88 together in the playoffs but Toews does look frustrated and maybe Kane can get the first line going. It just seems like a better balance across the 4 lines.

  24. Phil, you’re absolutely right about the physical engagement before reaching the puck is at least bordering on interference. I guess the argument is that it’s just two players both going for the puck so the physical convergence is inevitable. But it has now become more than an equal right to go after the puck – it has become a contest to knock the opponent away before going for the puck. Rather than both players struggling against each other to get the puck, it’s now a two step process – (1) physically check the opponent to gain an advantage, then (2) get the puck. It would be similar to a faceoff where one centerman knocks the opponent over before the puck is dropped. There’s probably enough subtlety in the way it’s done to make it difficult for the ref to differentiate between a continuance of a battle to get to the puck (one step) and this new two step quasi-interference tactic being used.

    And you’re right about it being used all the time now.

  25. ^ yes just like football when the receiver and DB both have equal right to the ball but you can’t shove the other guy off before the ball gets there (pass interference)

  26. dumdum- Leon is younger/cheaper/and scoring more… I am taking Leon over Hall… but Maybe I am the DumDum!!!

    Hof- I will await your comment

  27. I liked Dano’s instinct but he needs to gain wait or something. He was falling all over the place and is so easy to knock off his skates. Otherwise think he could help make some nice plays on that top line.

  28. Goldenbladz – that’s a niet from me. Hossa belongs with Toews and I don’t know why Coach Q would change that.
    He sees the 3rd spot next to those 2 as a lottery spot for a reason.

    Plus… Coach Q is keeping lines intact right now. It’s working and he’s letting it as it is.

    PS: Toews is doing great. I’m not seeing him frustrated at all.

    I actually think he’s kind of searching for moments when he is allowed to ‘act frustrated’. I think he cherishes the moments where he can act crazy instead of what’s ‘expected’ of him. All that Captain Serious stuff…which he hates by the way.

    You can see why… he’d like to be able to act crazy more often. So when things aren’t going great for the team, him acting crazy becomes “Toews whoes passion and leadership”. He not only gets a pass, but he’s lauded. He can then ‘feed’ that part of him.

  29. Wall, watching the play happen that was my first thought as well, interference. Completely agree. When watching the replay, I did second guess that though. Very close anyway, unfortunately for us Hawk fans, no call, and a goal.

    Re: Toews and being frustrated with line mates…this needs to be fixed very soon. Too bad there’s not more cap space to work with. We need a miracle trade 29&6 for a good LW. “Do you believe in miracles?!”

  30. wall -I don’t care about the younger/cheaper as we’re talking about who’s the best Oiler right now.

    All I have to do is point to that little ‘action’ he had against Keith-Hjalmarsson. Going 2 on 1 they barely kept him from having a A+ chance.

  31. A sense of what the Oilers might be in 2 years-the first period was as badly as the Hawks were shut down this year.
    If they throw in Jari Kurri, could the Hawks get McDavid for Bickel and Daley?

  32. Wall, I was thinking interference and didn’t like them getting away with it/was pissed because that’s when the other teams seem to get something on something because of things like that. Not near close enough to puck to be battle for puck. Interference that gave them the tie (Shawzer should have had game winner but Hoss getting it and in that fashion after that save, we deserve and needed that for a boost). Not sure the proper distance but there should be a radius 5/7/10 ft, whatever is normal but 12ft, that’s interference.

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