Marian Hossa Reaches 1,000 Points

Marian Hossa, back where his career began in Ottawa, had two points in regulation to become the fourth active player in the NHL with 1,000 career points. His 1,000th point gave the Blackhawks a 4-3 lead in the third period.

Thursday night is the 1,100th game in Hossa’s NHL career, and he has 466 goals with 534 assists.

Hossa 1000

2 thoughts on “Marian Hossa Reaches 1,000 Points

  1. 17 years in the league, 1000 points, 2 Stanley Cups, 36 years old and he still backchecks better than anyone else in pro hockey!!

    Hoss sets the example for the rest of the team.

    Can you say HALL OF FAME?

  2. What a treat it is to watch Hossa play and to see the influence he has on Saad and others. I hope he remains healthy enough to play out his contract. One of the few great moves Tallon made was signing Hoss.

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