Mastered 8: Hawks Keep Streaking, Quenneville Ties Arbour

Celebrating his 37th birthday on Tuesday, Marian Hossa picked up where he left off on Sunday night.

Hossa’s struggles have been well documented – and complained about – but his hard work finally started paying off in the last two games. The Blackhawks’ star forward hadn’t registered a point in consecutive games since he had four points in a three game stretch Nov. 14-18, and he had only one assist in eight games before scoring twice against Colorado.

On Tuesday night, Hossa picked up two assists, both on goals by Andrew Shaw, as the Hawks pulled out to a 3-0 lead in the opening 33:18 against Ryan Johansen and the Nashville Predators. On Shaw’s second goal, Hossa physically removed Johansen from the puck and started an attack that concluded with Shaw tapping in an easy goal.

Mike Ribeiro got Nashville on the board only 18 seconds after Brent Seabrook scored Chicago’s third goal, but the story of the second period was Corey Crawford. He faced 20 shots in 20 minutes, stopping 19, in the middle frame. Many of the shots were through traffic or came from awkward angles, but he was on point once again.

Rookie defenseman Erik Gustafsson picked up the second assist on Seabrook’s goal, giving him seven points in his first 14 NHL games. He was impressive throughout, something we’ve said about him nightly since he was recalled.

Richard Panik was, surprisingly, in the lineup as Artem Anisimov was a late scratch because of an illness. That bumped Teuvo Teravainen up to the center spot between Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin to open the game, with Panik making his Hawks debut on the line with Andrew Desjardins and Phillip Danault.

Panik, of course, has only been in the country since late this weekend. Bryan Bickell was a healthy scratch. Again.

Speaking of first games, Johansen was playing his first Nashville-Chicago game as a member of the Preds and it didn’t go as well as he would have liked. He had his pocked picked by few Blackhawks, including Hossa to set up Shaw’s second goal and Panarin late in the third period. He also whiffed on a couple really good scoring opportunities.

The third period was a stalemate until there were 36 seconds remaining in regulation. Nashville’s 40th shot beat Crawford to pull the Preds within 3-2, but it also brought Seabrook out of the penalty box to make the skating even strength for the final half minute.

Jonathan Toews had an enormous night, skating 24:08 that included saving a late icing play and then clearing a rebound in the closing seconds to preserve the victory. Chicago’s captain won 18 of 28 faceoffs and was also credited with one hit in the victory.

Panik led the Hawks with four hits in only 6:56, while Seabrook’s three blocked shots were a team high. Shaw had a team-leading six shots on net, scoring his seventh and eighth goals of the season.

Chicago has now won eight straight, and will return to action in Montreal on Thursday night.

The win ties coach Joel Quenneville with legend Al Arbour for second all-time in wins as an NHL head coach. earlier on Tuesday, the Blackhawks announced a three-year extension with their head coach.

Let’s check in with St. Louis, where they lost their NFL franchise on Tuesday evening.

53 thoughts on “Mastered 8: Hawks Keep Streaking, Quenneville Ties Arbour

  1. A picture is worth a thousand words and also a thousand laughs! How the heck did you come up with that Tab! How was it possible Crawford wasn’t 2nd star, at least third. Goalie win after goalie win…that last second save on Johanson off the shoulder was a game saver as were several all night long. The game could easily have gone the other way with a comeback were it not for Crawford. This guy is super focused. Tried real hard to pick up Panik’s play but he was out of the picture for a lot of his ice time or just glimpses here and there. Foley kept saying Kane was looking for his first point tonight but he had an assist. I kept checking to see if they reversed it or something but he was just dead wrong. Let’s go into the Forum and spank the Habs and keep this streak going. Go Kane, keep on climbing.

  2. It used to be that Rinne was once considered an elite goalie. He looked bad tonight. The only elite goalie that I saw out there was wearing red.

  3. Hosea is a warrior. I don’t care if he goes on another scoreless streak. He is a non-issue. On a list of topics for Hawks or any of us to worry about, Hossa is not on it.

    As for Panik, I will quote the infamous Mr. Rufus — he is just a guy. If it helps Hossa to have a young countryman around, then that’s a good thing. We’ll take it.

  4. Unfortunately I missed watching most of the game. Heard the 2nd period on the radio driving home and saw the 3rd period. From what I could pick up in the 2nd period and saw in the 3rd period – the Preds had the better of the play but the Hawks got better goaltending. Thank you Corey.

    65-19-81 played pretty well again tonight. That’s a nice.

    Congratulations Q.

  5. Good one Morrison…First star goes to Tab for the “who cares about the Rams or the Blues” St. Louis guy when there is the Blackhawks. You get a solid 2nd star though. Betcha Q feels like the “six million dollar man”, literally, tonight. Was really hoping on the Art Ross last year, then Kane got injured but this year it’s pretty exciting…have not felt this way since the Bobby Hull/ Stan Mikita days. Keep it going. Calder as well. Adams…c’mon what’s the matter with that, 2nd highest ever next win.

  6. I’ve got that same feelin’, MM. Groucho Marx spoke for all Blackhawks fans when he said “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. And rich is better”.

  7. MM, I thought the same thing at first about #50 not being 1st or 2nd star, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. He played another stellar game and that’s what does. As did #19, #65, etc.

    Too many TOs by #72; needs to improve on that.

    Congrats to Q on tying for 2nd and the extension. I’m glad the latter is done.

    Keep it rolling, boys.

  8. Panik is a better skater than Mash and is a much better option than 29. Will he accept the role and will Q trust him?
    He is more of a skilled guy who now needs to become a third or 4th line guy-some can’t do that. His size and ability to skate might be of value.
    86 is fun to watch-but he is so instinctive and slight of frame– that his own body and others around him thwart his genius.

  9. I was happy that Q elevated TT to replace AA last night. Not sure he had many options but it’s still a nice vote of confidence for young Teuvo. The production from that line was definitely below what we’ve come to expect but I think that was as much, if not more, because Weber/Josi were out against 72-86-88 than it was because TT was playing instead of AA. Weber with his usual “slightly over the line” physical play is a very tough match up for most players and especially one who is “physically challenged” like TT. But – and here’s some good news – the 65-19-81 line got to play Ekholm/Ellis and scored 2 goals. That’s the point of having 2 scoring lines – the opposing coach has to pick his poison and he managed to control the Kane line but not the Toews line. It’s a beautiful thing. :)

  10. Before we celebrate 8 do NOT FORGET we will be chatting ( argue) in February and April when the HAWKS begin to pack it in, hold back for the playoffs and begin to drop games. Then we can throw TVR under the bus with SCOBBY DOO and ROZY and 3 or 4 players we see tonight will no longer be with the HAWKS . . . but that is to come for now so far so good! I have said for years they do not nor need to win the Presidents Trophy they just need to be healthy in APRIL . . .period, they could care less about DALLAS.

    PREDS 43 shots to 23 and out hit the Hawks and at times ( a lot ) out played the Hawks but HAWKS win? RINNE is horrible and continues to prove the point on BIGGER BETTER Mumbo Jumbo, ouch is all I can say!

    Very Very sloppy game and very hard to watch and Shaw is the star of the game? One note to fans that SHAW On that top line makes it one of the best if not BEST DEFENSIVE LINE IN THE NHL, they can shut the ya down, period, not score but shut ya down! Add to that the BEST OFFENSIVE LINE in the Maestro Line with Sir Master Kane it’s a recipe for success.

    The 3rd and 4th lines looked average but the entire night was awful.

    Shout out to Erik Gustafsson, all I can say with certainty he is a great find ( not drafted) for the POINT ON POWER PLAYS might be the best we have. Head up, covers exits, and moves his feet! I watched him very close last night, the kid can pass out our zone too, waits a little but is so accurate with the pass, ahead and tape to tape, Reminds me of Dunks exit passes! GUSTY passes could be heard over my SPEAKERS every single pass was crisp with a resounding SNAP like the crack of BO Jackson Bat . .. honest! NOT sure yet of GUSTY defense but so far so good. This is the type of player that Bo-man is know for, that is his skill . . . if any . . . “off the radar players”

    Panik looked okay, has good speed north and south, moved his feet well and I really like that he finishes his CHECKS in the corners, a solid 3rd or 4th line player, have to wait to see more, but in sloppy game he looked like an NHL player. Mash-Eater not soo much, but the kid is trying too.

    Don’t get too excited, the humdrum of February is coming and the Hawks will pack it in, But will be CUP READY!

    The Canadiens will be a great game . . . maybe see BIG FOOT Darling vs. Leafs.

    Go hawks . . . such a long season

  11. Without Anisimov this was a game where Toews had to work extra last night. He had 28 face-offs !!! Next in line TT with 10, Danault with 9 & Desjardins-Rasmussen with 6.
    So Toews 28 -rest of the guys 31 faceoffs. That’s wayyy to much, in addition to the PK-PP and usual body of work. Lets hope Anisimov will return at least for the Toronto game in the 2nd night of the back to back.

    Gustafsson in projected to have a 51 games, 0G-26A, +40 season. I’d love to see it even if it would be obviously a fluke. Just for the fun of it. And it would be a fun thing if you take Keith’s best +/- seasons into consideration: +33, +30, +22, +21.

    Ekholm-Ellis were -2. They’re both fine players, but they’re not Seth Jones type of players. The Preds put the 2nd D pairing against Toews and Webber-Josi against Kane. I feel like they’ve lost the strength of not caring about matching up on D with that trade that they made. But then again is was probably a cap space driven deal more than anything else. That trade is bad GM work all around.

  12. Panik- very strong skater, above average speed… only way he doesn’t make it somewhere in lineup on regular basis…. is if he is lazy, or low IQ, or poor conditioning… the jury is still out on these matters… but he did chase down a skater from way behind to poke puck away… skating like Hoss/Saad , low to the ice with long power strides… very nice pickup (considering – Morin was never gonna play)…

  13. At some point, probably in February or March, they will need to get TT and Dunno some more of those looks (face off, situational wise) just so they aren’t seeing it for the first time in the off season.

    Yay for winning. Weber is sure a big wanker. Kind of surprised he wasn’t the one they ended up moving.

    Crawford with another stellar performance and TVR looking shaky.

    Gustafsson jumping the zone to lead to one of the Shaw goals was glorious. Probably the play of the game IMO.

  14. Agree with you Wall. Panik looks to have great upside. The issues you mentioned will be key to any continued success so all of that remains to be seen. And his last second insertion into the lineup did not hurt us in any way last night. I want to see him skate with Hossa and Toews as that will be a true test of his IQ, his will and his stamina.

  15. Crawford was stellar, but at the other end was one of the “Allstars”. Now that is funny! Corey, another ring will feel much better than getting pummeled in the 3 on 3 format, plus you will actually get some well deserved rest! Keep up the intense focus Crow! You make me smile!

  16. MtM – I share your concern with the SOG disparity last night. I don’t know if the Preds were just more fired up for the game than the Hawks were or if it was just “one of those games”, but giving up 43 shots on goal in certainly something to be concerned with. Anything less than a great game by CC and the Hawks lose last night. I don’t want to start a ref-bashing session, but I thought Weber and the Preds got away with a bunch of stuff that should have been called. Weber gets away with that stick to the back nonsense much the same as Pronger used to do and rarely got called for it.

  17. MtM and ER- Re: shot against disparity… yes, it is a concern… but Like MtM has stated a few times… I think the Hawks are playing very very good Team D… Most of the year… so – yes shots are coming ( the quality scoring chances have been trending down) …

    last year and a half– Hawks seemed to give up a lot of odd-man breaks… this year – Hawks have been way better- imo…. AND the Hawks actual Puck possession times/have been improving- My Eye test… especially since Gus and Danault have been playing… so those are the “good” trends

    If Hawks keep playing this way… NOT giving up odd mans, and taking away time/space for quality snipes… I see a deep run (assuming no injuries to key guys)… and the only way they lose… is crazy tips/deflections- like LA couple years ago

  18. Couple of thoughts:

    Goalie win for sure, Crow has quietly moved to the top tier of the western conf in goaltending. Its Crow and Quick and really everyone else. Edzo brought it up numerous times but Rinne has looked very ordinary lately. I wonder if his decline has anything to do with Ryan Suters departure?

    Ryan Johansen looked okay as a Pred. Personally I like the two kids in Denver much more then the two kids in Nashville. Hossa sure made him look stupid on that eventual Shaw goal

    Nashville needed that game and the Hawks hung on and took both points, nothing like stepping on the necks of a down opponent kudos to the boys!

  19. I keep reading here that the Hawks will have their normal swoon in February/March. Just because this has happened in the past, does not mean it will happen this year. We have a number of young players that have something to prove, which just may carry us through this time period without tanking. Just a thought. The past does not mean it always happens in the present!

  20. Speed + skill + depth + good goaltending + good coaching = Stanley Cup.

    Tab, what has the Hawks record been at the all star break since 2010?

  21. Broker, I thought the same thing in OCT when we were talking about the long road trip can help bring the team coming together. We did the same thing in ’15 and then going on a tear (13-2). Amazing thing is we did the same thing again on long road trip and didn’t go on a tear like we did (13-2) but when you put the good mini stretchs we had together we did go 13-4 which isint that much different. Just didn’t feel like it because we wernt playing as good as we did when the 23-91-88 was smoking. Even though the 72-15-88 is moar wicked and went on a tear as well the lines were more settled in then.

    I felt the same way that with this many new and young guys we wouldn’t do as good as 13-2 during that part but we would do much better then normal in JAN/FEB then usual because the young guys would carry us threw that part. JAN/FEB are the usual slump mths not MAR. (I think only in ’10 did we not do good in MAR and that was because we started something like 30-8 but then had a really good games 72-82).

    Another good thing is with this kind of start to these mths, even if we have a rough patch in FEB were already ahead because of what we are doing. We do not care about 1 seed but we do want to win as many games as possible and then that’s the seed we are. Were not going to wear are selves, we have plenty of time to rest with nice sch. for the 11 wks after JAN.

  22. Regardless of HOW the goals were scored last night, seems to me that Shaw bought himself a few more games on the top line, which I am not opposed to. Every line should have a gritty, energetic player to win battles and keep the puck moving. Kind of adds a nice balance to the more smart, composed (though still energetic) play of Hossa and Toews. 2 assists and 2 goals in 2 games ain’t 2 shabby.

  23. Anisimov is sick and not playing tomorrow or likely FRI. Playing Teavo on Kane’s line placed the third line completely out of whack; Danault looked like a lost puppy and Desjardins was “just a guy” again. Mashinter on that line made those two guys look ordinary at best. They rapidly regressed on a dime.

    I suggest Teavo back to third line, and — here it comes, I’m not drunk — bring up Dowell for a couple of games, send down Bickell or Mashinter, same difference. Dowell is a +23, there is no one on Rockford even close to that, the entire rest of the team is in single digits + and a handful of – players.

    I don’t care what the response to this will be, you need a center to play a couple of games, Dowell kills penalties as well which Anismov was doing w/ Desjardins, and he is good at faceoffs. You don’t get to be +23 by accident.

    Ok, now I’ll have a drink…

  24. I am NOT CONCERNED ever that the Hawks get out shot, but over 4o shots is a lot shots. They get out shot a lot. They have “mastered the art of effort” ( what it takes )
    I am NEVER CONCERNED that the Hawks get out hit ever, they will get out hit a lot and this team is DRIVEN TO CHASE THE PUCK ( get puck ) not the SKATER! Big difference, they have the best sticks and close on the puck like madmen! Re-watch the clinic on those 5 penalty kills early, when the puck drops low, they close with reach and sticks and some body . . . FAST! They leave no SPACE. A Clinic really!

    Hawks are simply a Puck Possession Team, period, but 43 shots mean ya don’t control the puck enough! Hold the Puck and win the game . . . sadly simple stat. But possession is the hardest part of the game, Kane is the master, holding the puck really lets the air out of the building, slows things down and as said before walks the MOMENTUM out of the building, even if you don’t get a shot off! Think 4 corners in ye ole college basketball days!

    Go Hawks

  25. Anisimov is KEY to the chemistry on the Maestro line. No replacement! None, he and the ARTIST have the past experience together and KANE can play on Mars with Chewbacca and Rodney Dangerfield.

    Come April Shaw will not be on the top line even he scores! But as shared, SHAW makes that top line the BEST Defensive LINE In the NHL, no line even close! NONE!
    So Shaw makes them a LOCK DOWN LINE, also why their winning and why Coach Q sometimes has it easy . . . score first then LOCK IT DOWN and don’t look back!

    Team Defense is a bitch and Hawks don’t give ya many “breaks” ( mistakes) in fact only one sort of kind of two on one last night?

    go hawks

  26. I saw Panik a few times and he is big and fast. Don’t know about his hands, but he looked good to me on the skating and hitting.

  27. Friedman wonders if the Hawks find a way to reacquire Saad. Second time I have heard that sentiment. First from Glen Healy. I find this laughable. How could they fit 6 mill in cap. Why would the Jackets give up a 23yo under control for a while that has never been a problem.

  28. Hawks will need a very good effort tonight to beat the Habs. The Habs are desperate for points and this could be a very physical game. I think Florida found out last night how a team desperate for wins can play. Then on to Toronto tomorrow against Leafs team that plays well at home……and you can be sure Babcock wants to beat Q.

  29. @ ERNIE

    Because Friedman realizes how stupid it was for them to trade him there to being with. Add in the fact that Columbus is a wasteland and there you go. I dont think that trade ever happens, but I didn’t think Saad would have got traded to begin with so what do I know?

  30. Montreal has taken a precipitous fall from their league leading start to the season that saw them go 9-0 out of the gate while outscoring their opponents 35-12. They then went 9-4-2 during a period when Price was injured, came back for a few games and then got injured again. Price has been out since late November and Montreal has gone 5-13-1 since then. Obviously who ever has been playing goal while Price is out is no Carey Price.

    However, the problem Montreal has had since the early part of the season is scoring more than stopping the other guys from scoring. When their record was 18-4-2, they had scored 86 goals, an average of 3.6 goals per game. In the 19 games they’ve played since then they have scored only 36 goals, an average of 1.9 goals per game.

    Most likely there will be an uptick in Montreal’s scoring and Price is skating again so his return is getting closer. The Hawks play Montreal only twice this season and both of games are in the next few days, a decided advantage to play them when Price is out and they’re in a scoring slump. Let’s hope the Hawks can seize that advantage and come away with all 4 points available.

  31. Agree 100% with Ebony…take full advantage of their offensive weakness right now with smart defensive play while producing on ongoing offensive onslaught…it time, way overdue, for Patrick Kane to get a hat trick. Seems like everyone and his dog is getting them these days and the time has come. I see it, hear it, smell it coming…do it Mr. Kane!

  32. Mud- and I still would!!!

    IMO- Saad/ $$$+ Condon… are better than Crow… just my 2 cents… works for me… Yes- I know Crow/Hawks won cup last year…

    Add- Condon’s Numbers are still decent and He IS NOT playing for the Hawks… who are Better than the Habs- imo

  33. M.T.- I thought it was the great Anders Nilsson, with his 2.95 GAA and 906 SV. I suppose if you keep throwing spaghetti against the WALL every other day, sooner or later one has got to stick. (that is if it isn’t half baked)

  34. Montreal has been in quite a tailspin since their early 9-0 run. Price being out for sure hurt them but even more so (believe it or not) was the absence of Gallagher. As much as I hate that guy for diving and falling all over the ice he is effective in going to the net and The Habs scoring dried up when he went down.

    The Leafs (although a cellar dweller) cant play very hard and have proven they can beat good teams (Dallas twice and smoking the Kings). Both the Habs and Leafs will want to beat the champs as that will be their Stanley Cup

  35. I knew you would, Mr. Wall. But I still stick with Crawford and Stan will. I don’t think you roll the dice when it comes to a starting goalie. Then if you’re lucky and you find a strong goalie, evetually you’ll have to pay him big money or start over again. If it ain’t broke…

    Jax – I believe it was a tandem of Darling and Nilsson.

  36. M.T. -I think your correct, my mistake. I do agree with your post, can’t remember the last SC winner with average to poor goalie. Hawks won with Neimi, but I would say he is above average.

  37. Wall’s argument is that the hawks are so defensively sound that the defense makes the goaltending better. It’s a solid argument to make. What’s Ray Emery done since he left the Hawks? Going back to 10/11 when Crawford took over for Turco. It’s seemed whether it was Raanta, Emery, Darling, I think even Carter Hutton saw half a game. The Hawks have had solid goaltending. Is Crawford better then the others mentioned? Absolutely. Is he 5.5 million dollars better? That’s Wall’s argument. You can find a reasonable replacement for cheaper and fill holes with the gained space to make everything in front of the goalie better.

    In Walls defense. I tried to bait him when Arizona said they’d pay up for a top notch goalie. And he wouldn’t bite midseason. Look at what Arizona has done with Louie Domingue. Hell, look at what Arizona/Phoenix did with Mike Smith, and Ilya Bryzgalov, and Devan Dubnyk. They made guys that were waiver pickups. And a guy that passed through waivers rich. Did the goalies learn how to play in net out there? Or is it possibly a system? Did Pekka Rinne forget how to play all of a sudden? Or…is it perhaps that Laviolette wants a more open game than Trotz?

    I’m not completely in Walls corner, but I do think goalies are becoming like running backs. Can find reasonable alternatives cheaper.

  38. Who is the last goalie that made 5.5 mill. less than CC to win SC. Louie Dominique, Igya Bryzgalov, Devan Dubnyk, Pecker Rinne makes more. Could be outstanding team model. Let me know when a team with below average goalie wins cup. As for now, I agree with the Bowman model, here to win it all, below cap, with 2 time SC champ goalie. I will always admire Emery as I have had hip replacement, incredible that he came back. Should have stayed with Hawks as back-up. (was not starter with Hawks.) can not blame him trying to be starter with Phil.

  39. There are 5 goalies in the NHL that have won a cup. Fleury, Ward,Niemi,Quick. Cam Ward won a Conn Smythe, but hasn’t done crap since. Half of Pittsburgh wanted to run Fleury out of town 3 years after they won a cup. Some still do. I can name more goalies that are way better than Crawford that haven’t won a cup.

    Niemi had a salary of 826 k in 09/10.
    Quick 1.8 in 11/12
    Ward .684 in 05/06…on his ELC.

    I’m not saying throw any shlub in net and win cups. I’m saying you could probably put a cheaper guy and get above average goaltending on this team. Mike Smith brought an inferior Yotes team to the WCF before the better team beat them. How many teams are looking for a goalie? You can probably count on one hand at how many teams are looking for a goalie. When 25 teams in the league are satisfied with their goalie, the goalie has less bargaining power. It’s a matter of time before you see goalie salaries decline because they’re all good.

    Again I’m not saying throw a below average goalie in net. I’m saying I can see why Wall thinks you could get a cup quality goalie at a fraction of the price. You see backups put up stellar numbers on teams with a solid system. They go to a bad team and the goalie suffers. Bernier, Talbot, Scrivens…the list goes on. You throw the starter into the bad situation and the starter would post similar numbers. Goalies have become more of a product of what’s in front of them.

  40. Being a starter is obviously different than being a backup. I also get the salary issue and Wall’s logic but I think it’s easier said than done and I don’t think one should have a revolving door type scenario of goalies to save money. Goalies seem to be like starting pitchers to GMs. When you have something good, reward him and stick with him.

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