May 29: A Special Date In Recent Blackhawks History

On this date in Blackhawks history…

Chicago hosted – and defeated – the Philadelphia Flyers in Game One of the 2010 Stanley Cup Final.

In 2013, Chicago hosted – and defeated, in overtime – the Detroit Red Wings in Game Seven of the Western Conference Semifinal. It was the last game as a member of the Western Conference for the Red Wings, and propelled the Blackhawks to a second Cup victory.

19 thoughts on “May 29: A Special Date In Recent Blackhawks History

  1. That’s what Anderson’s face is going to look like on Saturday night when the boys beat the Ducks for their third straight season ending game seven loss!

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  2. Off topic but I have to say I’m glad John Paxson isn’t the GM of the Blackhawks.

  3. The one thing that I think of when I see that picture, Tab, is that for some reason all of us Hawk fans are a “family”. Whether the Hawks win, lose, shootout, O.T. or the Zamboni breaks down………we are a “family”

    Let’s shoot down the Ducks tomorrow night, boys!!


    May 29, 2015 at 12:19 pm
    Any of season ticket holders/CI posters in that pic?

    See the hotter blonde on the upper right hand side of the pic? I’m sitting directly beneath her.

  5. AlbertaHawkFan… so are you the guy with the beard, or the one with the big gut?


    May 29, 2015 at 3:32 pm
    AlbertaHawkFan… so are you the guy with the beard, or the one with the big gut?

    Ummm. Neither. I’m not visible. Even she didn’t know I was there until she sat back down……

  7. Off topic but why is there a dude with a Hawks jersey and a Weber nameplate?

    Looking to get his ass kicked or just wishful thinking?

  8. Great day for was the beginning of the end of a 49 year drought for me. A person could just feel it and know it at the time as well but was it real? ..really had a hunch we would win the Cup the one year before but we fell short against Detroit. Didn’t make any more mistakes after that though. Big Buff, Bolland and all the rest. Great stuff. To do it again in ’13 was amazing. That team had heart. Kane dancing past the blueline, Toews digging it out of the boards that set up the tie goal and the sneaky Bolland and his tricks. Bolland was one of the only guys actually gettting healthier in the series. All that magic and teamwork is still with us and we have the right stuff to do it again. Great picture.

  9. I turned the game on last night and I was wondering if Hayes was hurt because it seemed as though I was not hearing his name. I guess AV shortened his bench. Hayes was only given 12 mins on the ice last night. Only two guys had less TOI. Even though I wanted a Hawks/Rangers final, I hate the Rangers so much that I was still glad they lost. It was especially sweet that it was at MSG. Glad we won’t have the east coast media pushing the Rangers down our throats for the next couple weeks.

    Go Hawks!!!! In a very tight checking game, Hawks score an empty netter to make the final 4-2. The highlight of the evening happens in the trophy award ceremony. Ryan Kesler skates over and grabs the trophy crying it is supposed to be mine, it is supposed to be mine!!!! To cap the series, Toews slashes his ankles and Kesler drops the trophy to allow the ceremony to be concluded. Toews uses his stick so he did not touch the trophy. Boudreau announces after the game that Kesler played the series with a broken heart.

  10. We need Crawford on top of his game and a push from all our lines. Defense will need to pressure. Go Hawks let’s go to the Cup final!!!

  11. I hope it ends that way Booman. I have two concerns tonight- 1. Will the Ducks continue to be allowed to blatantly interfere with Crawford and 2. Will our special teams at least play the Duckies to a draw. I want to see the look on Perry’s face when he loses.

  12. 1961-Hawks will play their best game of the series tonight.

    I too would love to see that losing look in Perry’s face.

    Go Hawks!!

  13. 19 is poised to become the greatest captain in the history of hockey at age 26. I hope he lives up to the non-existent hype.

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