Michal Rozsival Has Facial Surgery

On April 6 in Anaheim, Ducks pud/forward Nick Ritchie sucker punched Blackhawks defenseman Michal Rozsival in the face.

Tuesday, the Blackhawks announced that Rozsival had surgery “to repair facial fractures.” The statement from the organization indicates Rozsival is expected to make a full recovery.

Ritchie received a 10-minute match penalty for deliberate injury during the game and was subsequently suspended two games for being a piece of garbage.

15 thoughts on “Michal Rozsival Has Facial Surgery

  1. Damn! No wonder he dropped like a sack of potatoes. Could call the whole Ducks team a Pud.

  2. Very brave and intelligent kid to punch Rozi like that…5 games suspension should be the real punishment.hope we can see Tootoo take care of him someday …

  3. The two game suspension was ridiculous. At least 5 or more. Rozy didn’t even drop the gloves etc… Heck Keith got 6 games for going Errol Flynn last year on the Wild player. That was no where near to this. Hope the heck that Tootoo puts the guy in the hospital if they meet up again soon.

  4. Kinder gentle hockey boys,.,.,guess Rosy shoulda just turtled ,well the Ducks wanted to send a message that game and they did . Hawks were beat in every aspect of that game .

  5. This episode will not be forgotten in the grand scheme of things and will be addressed at a date and time chosen by the boys.
    Aptly said, Ritchie is, indeed, a ‘piece of garbage.’

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  6. He needed it!!! kind of resembles a caveman! looks like Lucic!

    all kidding aside- Can the NHL – go back and “lengthen” the Punishment… now that they know the amount of damage he actually caused ???

    I would be OK – with such a “rule” … especially in the case of “Intent” or “Non-hockey” behavior…

    And- Perry- Someone needs to really put that guy in his place… I can’t think of a more talented “cheap-shot” artist in the league!!! Guy- gets away with a lot of dirty shit!

  7. Perry and company (get away with it ) because they can,.,.it has been Cory,s style of play forever , As with any and all cheap shot artist in the league they have learned their trade at the cost of many players health . Now if an enforcer type player was to punch the teeth out of before mentioned type of dirty prick one would think a message would be sent . Most of us here see the officials getting plays like Rosy,s wrong,.,.how can that non hockey play warrant only 2 game suspension,.,.., it is beyond time for the players to take back control of situations like this on the ice .
    Bettmans kinder gentler hockey concept is full of bull shit .

  8. Bettman is absolutely ill-equipped to understand the full cause and effect of what he does.
    1. When he negotiates over money he fails the first rule of negotiating by not trying to reach deals the benefit both sides and ends up with 3 work stoppages and moves the NHL off the most available network so they can be on Outdoor Life Network.
    2. His “leadership” drives in the instigator penalty and implements is so that teams are A-rewarded with power plays for taking cheap shots and B – repercussions for dirty play are dimished…and then he pretends not to be able to understand why concussions rise.
    3. His leadership invokes an automatic penalty for a hashing if a stick breads. Result: players say, “OK I will break his hand instead of his stick.”
    4. He writes the first salary cap into the CBA short-sightedly leaving teams the opportunity to front-load contracts for cap circumvention. Then gets pissed off and threatens to cancecel Blackhawks contract with Hossa and even punishes the Devils for the Kovalchuk contract when it was really his own stupidity that caused the whole affair.
    It never stops with that arrogant little bastard.

  9. Tell us how you really feel Espo-
    The ‘nasty’ first round starts tonight-lets see what the refs allow. You know 19 will be a target starting tomorrow. (Subban’s stick work is unbelievable)
    Curious how they try to handle McDavid tonight-and how the Dirty Ducks attack Gaudreau etc. tomorrow

  10. @ NOONAN96
    The guys on NHL Network were talking yesterday about how Kesler et al will get away with more than they do in the regular season, because refs always allow just a little bit more crossing the line in the playoffs.
    They specifically talked about how McDavid’s “development” would be measured by how well he handled Ryan Kesler up in his face if that matchup were to occur.
    I don’t like any unnecessary fighting, but I’m in agreement with others that someone needs to give Anaheim a little payback, and more than just once. I expect Gaudreau to get the bejesus slashed out of him by that punk Perry. Bieksa fits in perfectly with that bunch.
    They may end up going far in the SCP, but I hope it’s made rough, really rough for them.
    Go Blackhawks!!!!

  11. @Espoforever: so Bettman is the one who does everything, including writing game rules? Ever hear of the BoG?

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