11 thoughts on “Michal Rozsival Returns Saturday

  1. Rozsival in. Who is out – Tvr or Rundblad? Since Rozsival, TvR and Rundblad are all RDs, it would seem likely that Keith, Hjalmarsson and Oduya, all LDs, would remain at LD on D-pairings 1, 2, and 3 respectively, meaning it would probably be Oduya-Rozsival on the 3rd pairing, meaning Q will probably stick with Hjalmarsson-TvR, meaning Rundblad is out.

    Or Q could do something entirely different :)

  2. All that wind you just felt wasn’t from “the windy city”…it was from the collective sigh from all hawks fans. I would assume Rundblad is out. Meaning old and bad replaces young and bad. At least young and bad is only making peanuts in comparison.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Morin sit…

    Like Q did last year, he would have Rozsival AND Brookbank in the line-up at the same time.

    Maybe this time he sits Morin and has either Runbad or TVR on the 4th line…

  4. Q is going to play Keith 9 minutes and play Rosy 27-30 minutes Saturday. That in itself will solve our issue and result in LTIR for Rosy. Runbad will be waived and we can play our Rockford youngsters to get them established for the playoffs. :-)

  5. THANK GOD Q didn’t insert Cumisky as the fouth line winger! I was waiting for that next move but now that Cumisky is in RFD we should be safe from that mistake.

    I’m hopefully Rosy has something left in the tank this season. This year was a bad idea when he was resigned

  6. Boo – that’s a great plan, too bad it started with that letter that just won’t nurture the young players. And please save your breath about Saad, Shaw … geez I said nurture – those guys forced their way into the lineup. Some good young players need more of a chance.

  7. Interesting that rosy declared himself ready about 5 days ago, then Q said he believes rosy wants to be a regular in the lineup but “his play” would dictate how much and when he plays.

    Reading between the lines, and this is obvious. Q no longer is going to look the other way and cut him a ton of slack because he was such a key part of beating the Kings and Bruins in 2013.

    It appears the Rosy/Rundblad platoon is now underway. That should suffice for an 8 minute a night #6defenseman.

  8. Q said TvR will be on the left side and paired with Rozsival. Interesting. A little confusing may be a better way to put it. Maybe TvR has played LD in the past so it’s not a concern … but, he is an RD with about 35 minutes of NHL experience so it’s a little strange that if a right handed d-man would be moved to the left side that it would be the inexperienced guy instead of moving Rozsival or just keeping to top-4 the same (2-7, 4-57) and replacing Rundblad with Rozsival to by Oduya’s partner. But, admittedly, I’m just a fan who doesn’t have all the facts so I defer to Q and have faith he’s made the right decision.

  9. I am thinking Q wants to see how all of the options with the D will look. That’s why 57/32 (probably not going w 57/5 at any point, so its really the only option other than 5/32). I like it because we know the top4 are set for playoffs & we have a couple more D guys (44/34/deadline add.) that will be in the mix (for 3rd pair/depth) during the 2nd 40games as well.

    Heres to 57 to continue to getting better w/& experience.

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