21 thoughts on “Mike Babcock Headed To Toronto

  1. Wow! A bit of a shock… maybe not so much since Shanahan is running the show in Toronto!

    If anyone can get the most out of his players, its Babcock!

  2. Well, the Red Wings job is now open. Gotta be dozens of guys standing in line for that one.

  3. Makes me think of Lone Star and Barf discussing the amount of money they’re going to get rescuing Princess Vespa and why they’re doing it.

  4. I knew that was coming. Babcock loves Toronto and loves Canadian players…..or I should say he has never had much love of the US or US born players

  5. Toronto?! Media frenzy time .. That market will chew him up and spit him out .., yolks!

  6. Have to assume Blashill will be the new Wings coach, When he signed his extension last year he couldnt negotiate with other teams. He sounds exactly like Babcock too, its weird

  7. Clearly Babs was using Buffalo for leaverage. That was the earlier rumor was him going to the Sabre.

    As for the Leafs, if anyone can solve that shit show its Babcock. Sucks for the Wings that they need to face him in the divison but hey those Wings have had a good run.

  8. I’m just pleased as punch he didn’t end up in St. Louis. Apparently St. Louis wanted to upgrade their cock from a Hitch to a Bab and came up a little short … nyuk nyuk nyuk.

    But seriously, last thing Hawks fans need is a coach in St. Louis who can maximize their talent.

    As for him going to Toronto – I give him credit for taking on the biggest challenge because there’s no doubt Toronto is a bigger mess than the suitors. Course the $50M may have had something to do with.

  9. Strange move. I guess the 8 year deal suggests how long they think it will take to get things right in Toronto. Big roster problems there.

  10. Had some time to think about this now….Babcock now working for huge multimedia conglomerate and unholy alliance of 2 monster companies…and viewership is down in key demographics or didn’t show up much at all ( youth )….and all of this in the sad state of affairs that the Leafs have become. Fans are very disgruntled to the point they had non sell outs and tickets available, an unheard of circumstance in the Big Smoke. This even goes so far as to affect the Cap in some ways. So bring in the credible guy with super human status and above criticism ….they mess he is walking into on several fronts could be his Waterloo…I think he’s flipped his wig on this but hey, 50 million buys a lot of therapy. He could end up like Wilson, still getting paid years later while living the good life in Florida. Good luck to him because he is going to require it in spades….and for that matter the whole Leaf hockey team. Damage control.

  11. Q is no doubt going to be a primary, maybe foremost, beneficiary of this contract very soon. It will take some time before this deal impacts more ordinary NHL coaches

    Detroit wasn’t showing much lately in the playoffs, Babcock is riding the international success he governed straight to the Leafs vault. I’m not convinced
    its a smart move.

  12. I have a quote locked up in my brain, no idea from where but it was that a great coach can make a team at most 10% better, a bad coach can make a team 30% worse. With Toronto’s roster, a 10% improvement barely moves the needle. They should have gone the tankapalooza route of Buffalo or Arizona for the McDavid sweepstakes. That team needs to be burned to the ground and then rebuilt and even that’s no guarantee (see: Edmonton). Babcock maybe has a contender getting toward the end of that contract.

  13. They did an excellent tank job after mid December. They went 11-36-5 from then on. They should have started earlier. They were in a playoff spot before that. I’d like to know what went on to cause such downfall.

  14. To Mike-this is what you said
    I knew that was coming. Babcock loves Toronto and loves Canadian players…..or I should say he has never had much love of the US or US born players

    He’s Canadian so his allegiance internationally is to team Canada-Detroit has been a team that has scouted heavily internationally, like trying outside of the box things like free agents, East Coast players etc. If a US born player was available with talent and the desire to play his way it wouldn’t be an obstacle. (Howard, Abdelkader, and Dekeyser to name a few)

  15. If Babcock eventually succeeds in Toronto then he burnishes his credentials as one of the all-time great coaches in the NHL. This is why he wanted an opportunity outside of Detroit…to prove that he can coach and preside over a winner club in another city. And what better place to do that than in Toronto, one of the birthplaces of hockey. And what better place for a man with deep Canadian pride running through his veins.

  16. Babs walked into an organization in Detroit that has been built to win year over year. He took a roster over that won a presidents trophy and won 50 games his 1st 4 seasons there. “Hockey town USA” is not crazy like Toronto. Toronto presents a lot of outside distractions that don’t occur anywhere else in the NHL.

    That being said I think he will succeed there but he will need to get used to losing because Toronto’s roster isn’t what Detroit’s was when Babs started.

  17. sorry noonan…..a few instances aside, he has more than once criticized US players and US youth hockey as inferior to Canada and Eastern European players.

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