More Questions Than Answers In Patrick Kane Case

On Wednesday, Thomas Eoannou, the attorney for the woman accusing Patrick Kane of sexual assault, held a press conference during which he made claims of evidence tampering. According to Eoannou, the rape kit administered to the woman was found on the doorstep of her mother’s home, opened and empty.

“Something seriously has gone amiss,” Eoannou said. “All we know is that the rape kit bag, which has been authenticated, ended up on the doorstep of the victim’s mother’s house. God knows what happened to the evidence.”

However, a couple hours later, a statement was released by the Erie County Commissioner of Central Police Services, John Glascott. In it, he refutes the accusations of Eoannou.

Meanwhile, the NHL has not changed their stance on Kane.

The Blackhawks have not commented on Kane’s status on the roster.

Kane played in Chicago’s preseason opener at the United Center on Tuesday night, a 5-4 OT win against the Red Wings.

28 thoughts on “More Questions Than Answers In Patrick Kane Case

  1. This is one of the strangest stories I’ve ever heard. Given the above statement by the Erie Police, either her attorney is an idiot for not verifying what he thought he had, or he’s trying to game the system – probably both. Or maybe the Erie Police think they have the rape kit locked up and safe but really don’t. What a joke.
    And the “kick Kane out of the game” vultures are out again. Christine Brennan posted a story on the USA Today site which, to me, is totally full of shit. If the NHL wants to wait for this case to play out before they make any decisions, then that’s good enough for me. And the right thing to do, as far as I’m concerned. After what happened today, I think the lawyers need to go back to being silent.

  2. This whole thing is the stuff of a Coen Brothers movie. Incompetent police department, DA’s office that hardly is in control of anything, Kane’s sleazy porn industry clientele lawyer, Kane’s police pal chauffeur, a couple of shmuck Buffalo reporters trying to make look Woodward and Berstein, stolen lab results (or not), the accuser’s attorney coming public…

    You couldn’t make this crap up… But it sure seems to me that Kane is culpable for something.

  3. Some news leaked about how the Rape Kit indicated there was no Kane DNA was found below the waste, but the DNA of TWO other dudes was found. I think the accuser panicked and her legal team was looking for a way to press the reset button, possibly pivoting from a now doomed criminal case to a civil one.

  4. What a joke. This is what a shit ton of money does for alittle asshole lucky enough to be given a gift from God to play in the nhl.

  5. And it seems to RTF that Kane is culpable of something. OK – good enough for me so throw him in the clink and throw away the key.

    Meanwhile Kane’s attorney makes a salient (counter)point in saying that why would Kane’s side want to destroy or discredit the DNA evidence when the results of the DNA test showed Kane’s DNA on her shoulder(s) and under her fingernails ONLY – no Kane DNA was found on her genital area or on her undergarments. Quite the contrary, Kane would want that evidence available and to be believed.

    If there is one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that this is a truly bizarre story. I can’t imagine what will happen next … I just hope it happens sooner than later and we see the end to this circus sometime before the next ice age.

  6. Waist – not waste. Although “Kane’s DNA evidence was found below the waste” does put a humorous twist on it. :)

  7. “Looks like the rape case against Kane is falling apart as a few of us on this blog suggested it would.”…….

    Not even worth commenting on!

  8. EbonyRaptor is right on point unlike RTF and Scott Neville who are both clueless.

    Obviously the ambulance chasing attorney and his gold digger client are getting desperate. They are fabricating evidence in a futile attempt to extort money from Kane. Hopefully the police will arrest the attorney and lock him up for a long time. Karma is a bitch and it will bite both the attorney and the gold digger. In the end they’ll get NOTHING from Kane.

  9. @EbonyRaptor: That makes so much more sense. I was wondering how garbage figured into this. My mind wasn’t making the connection between the homonyms waste and waist.

  10. Kane’s accuser and her team of lawyers are now accusing the police and DA of failing to preserve evidence! Really? Typically that is what the accused does, not the accuser. I agree it seems the case against Kane is falling apart. Whenever the accuser is attacking the police and the DA for failing to preserve evidence my guess is that the whole thing is falling apart. Incredibly despite the fact that the accuser and the government authorities are now at odds some people think Kane is guilty and they are trying to morally browbeat and intimidate the Hawks into kicking Kane off the team. I congratulate the Hawks for following the rule of law and not giving in to these moral vigilante’s.

  11. First of all Kane has nothing to gain, but all to lose in making stupid moves like this. No DNA in the private parts of the accuser is game changer. It implies innocence. Now everybody thinks he’s guilty and trying to bully his way out of a jam.

    The only logical explanation for this is that the Police Lt who was working as a bodyguard for Kane feels that he has to make a move in order to keep getting paid and so he makes an identical forgery of the evidence bag that implies “look how connected we are…back off with your civil suit”. He then goes to Kane and says “I got rid of her, saved you a lot of settlement money, keep paying me”.
    I’m not saying that happened… that’s the only remotely logical scenario it makes minimal sense.

    From what I understand the rape kit is handled by hospital workers, it’s then sent directly to the ME, the ME takes samples and when it’s all done the Police gets the evidence and stores it. So the Police doesn’t touch the evidence before the ME has it. And the ME says there’s no private part DNA.

    So the Police in corrupt, the ME is corrupt. That’s the version the “Kane is guilty, arrogant, puck” people are saying ? Give me a break by shutting the fuck up.

    One thing is for sure. Even IF Kane is the victim of false accusations here, he’ll pay a lot of money in lawyers and settlement cash. The worst thing… he should do it, pronto.

  12. At a minimum what Patrick Kane needs to do is to sever ties with his hometown and move. Whether it be to Chicago full time or some other offseason home. Home has not been a healthy place for him given his celebrity and party intensive life style. He needs to lose the loser entourage of friends and hanger on’ers. He needs to dry out and mature. And he needs to do that NOT in Buffalo.

  13. @ “Kane is culpable for something”. What? Being young and dumb, OK. This case stinks of gold digging. I HATE arrogant men who take advantage of young women. BUT, Kane has not yet been charged with ANYTHING. Let the process play out and let us assume he is innocent of “Rape” until there is some evidence to the contrary.

    Even IF there is Kane’s DNA in her privates……who is to say sex was not consensual. The media loves putting athletes in bad light. And a lot of athletes oblige. But the sports writers who want to crucify Kane before he is even charged are simply wrong.

  14. Just read David Haugh’s article in the Tribune. He says Kane should be suspended even though in the same article he says it seems unlikely he will ever be charged. WHAT? So if no criminal charges are ever brought a person still can’t go to work. (And playing Hockey is Kane’s JOB) Just an accusation is enough?! These people arguing Kane shouldn’t be allowed to work should think about how they would feel if someone made an accusation against them. The rule of law protects us all.

  15. The civil case potential is melting faster than the UC ice in July. Maybe the accuser knows the results of the kit are a game changer and will muddy the water .

    I am waiting for the Hansen brothers to enter shortly, with their suitcases full of Tootsie Toys.

  16. If there would have been DNA on her private parts that wouldn’t have meant that there was rape,but that they had sex. No DNA instead in meaningful in my eyes…if the accuser said the rape did happen and it hasn’t an attempted rape.
    The way I understood it is that if a rape happened it wasn’t something premeditated, it was instinctive or something. So it’s not like he prepared before hand… i guess shave your hair or whatever the fuck.

    This case is pretty baffling. Some weird shit going around. It’s actually more fucked up that Ben Roethlisberger’s rape case which had a strong ‘WTF is this shit, why are you doing actual police work on this nonsense’ feeling.

  17. If Patrick Kane was not a famous multimillionaire, yesterday’s press conference would have never transpired.

    Let’s look at the facts that the public (all of us) are aware of: 1) Kane was out boozing and skirt chasing and brought at least three people to his house to party in the wee hours; 2) One of the ladies at the house called her brother after she left the house; 3) She then went to the hospital immediately thereafter; 4) Rape kit testing was completed at hospital upon the young lady; 5) The very same day, about eighteen hours later (that is due dilgence, they did not blow it off), the police department went to Kane’s house with a search warrant and combed it like a fine tooth comb; 6) Matter was referred to local state’s/district attorney to investigate whether to file charges or not re: whatever happened at Kane’s house — based primarily on police department search and whatever young lady told police; 7) In relevant potion, DNA testing was conducted, and {not refuted at all by young lady’s high profile (i.e. rich) attorney}, the results (which both “sides” have been aware of for a couple of weeks) appear to absolve Kane.

    If the prospective defendant — Kane — was a common folk/layperson without a lot of money, under the facts before us, the investigation (as to the prospective defendant) would be closed. The local authorities both confirmed the chain of custody and are in possession of the evidence. This case is being followed with a fine tooth comb by all media and the like. The likelihood of these departments tampering with anything is slim to none.

    Kane is guilty of highly poor judgment. I have only daughters and sisters — and no sons or brothers. I am 1000% pro-woman as to guys’ antics, bad behavior and the like. This is a financial grab by the young lady (who also has a civil attorney representing her, so a twenty-one year old has two hitter attorneys). When the law is against you, you cite the facts. When the facts are against you, you cite the law. When both are against you, you either give up or muddy up the waters. Case closed.

    September 23, 2015 at 8:09 pm
    Today’s developments smell of hijinks.

    Or even shenanigans…

    There is NO WAY this attorney has the “original” rape kit packaging.
    He’s being played…

  19. WELL SAID ER!!!!! They are literally trying to browbeat and intimidate the Hawks into getting rid of Kane when there isn’t even a charge yet and at the same time admitting its less likely that there will ever even be a criminal charge. I salute the Hawks and the NHL for standing up to this nonsense. GO HAWKS

  20. Pete – US journalists buy all the Sport Leagues should be part of the moral/cultural compass of the nation bullshit.
    So they want the Leagues to suspend players every time there’s a criminal accusation just in case.

    Ben Roethlisberger was suspended 4 NFL games (25% of the season) even if he was never indicted. That ‘rape case’ was incredibly baffling. It was a ‘what a fuck is this?’ case. He got 4 games and maybe lost a lot of money (millions), but I can’t remember if it was or wasn’t a paid suspension.

    Basically it’s a PR suspension and many sport journalists buy that crap because they’re bums and losers and prefer not to have their own opinions as they’re not smart enough. After all they’re sport journalists, as in they didn’t/couldn’t make it in real journalism.

  21. Just to add on the Ben Roethlisberger rape case and it’s baffling nature. The victim never accused Roethlisberger of rape. She went yo the hospital the next day to do some tests just in case she was raped. She was borderline passed out because of alcohol consumption. She went to the hospital because her 2 ‘friends’ she was with that night at the club told her she might have been raped (I’ll bet my house on the fact that those 2 were 2 scheming bitches who had it with her and were jealous the famous QB chose her and not 1 of them. Something like “How are you baby. Are you ok ? Did you call the police? What ? You don’t remember last night ? Ben Roethlisberger raped you. You’re a rape victim”).
    The police/da investigated. Didn’t press charges. He got suspended regardless and might have lost millions then and millions in future earnings.

  22. IMHO:

    Some knucklehead (with knowledge of who’s involved since he knows where the alleged victims Mom lives) is sitting back having a great laugh at the expense of the attorney & the media.

    Oh what a circus he’s caused… I even heard someone compare PK’s incident with Ray Rice’s wondering why he’s not on paid leave…. Hello…! There was video of Rice battering his wife, no such video exists (that we know of) of PK’s incident….

  23. …. the young lady’s lawyer hit the jackpot re: his news conference tactic — he shifted the public (i. e. media) pendulum into a firestorm against the prospective defendant. I am not pro-Kane, nor anti-Kane — I just deal with the facts as they have been set forth (see prior post of today).

    Since when did Julie DiCaro become the authority on all of this? Is she part of the young lady’s legal team — Chicago based? She is a female attorney who now works in the media. Good for her. God bless. Hypothetically, if the DNA results — which are NOT part of the rape kit, since Kane’s DNA was not taken by the nurse at the hospital immediately after the young lady departed Kane’s place of abode — placed Kane’s DNA in the garments/genital area of the young lady, and Kane’s lawyer pulled the same stunt as the young lady’s {rich} lawyer did, Kane would be getting crucified in the media/public firestorm as well. So the prospective defendant is in a lose-lose (i. e. no win) situation as far as the public outcry/media firestorm against him (post-press conference of yesterday).

    Once again, the undersigned SOLELY has daughters and sisters and no brothers or sons. I am pro-woman/female, but under the guise of the truth.

  24. What I don’t understand is how the accuser’s legal team was able to hang onto the alleged “tampered with” evidence bag for 24-48 hours. On top of that they called a press conf and flashed it around. Withholding evidence is a felony. I can not believe the accusers legal team escapes this.

    Apparently the authorities have the alleged tampered with evidence bag now and the Erie County DA is calling a press conf tomorrow at 10 cst. It will be interesting to see how the Erie County DA handles the presser tomorrow. He/ They can not be happy with the soap opera turn this case has taken.

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