15 thoughts on “Nashville Blockbuster: Preds Add Franson, Santorelli

  1. Woa-ah..holeee…Preds got a good thing there and serious about winning it all which of course they just well might. Next thought that immediatly came to mind is we should pick up Winnik before all the Toronto pieces are gone. FYI ..Toronto Board of Directors gave Shanahan the go ahead to blow up the team….complete teardown and rebuild. Not terribly freaked out about Les Pred-A-Tour because we seem to have their number and a ton of Blackhawk fans at their games. Still we should go shopping in Toronto before the shelves are empty.

  2. ….and I imagine Franson and Santorelli got out of there so fast they knocked down a few trees and a couple of joggers! Imagine going from that media circus hotbed and despair to a contender …just like that. Its winning the lotto!

  3. 2 very solid additions that makes a good team deeper. On paper Nashville might have one of the best rosters in the league. Solid not elite top 6, & 4 solid Dmen & the best goalie in the league that is still waiting for his playoff resume to expand.

  4. WOW- and as I think I mentioned before… AHL affiliate -Milwaukee- has some nice young pieces in the pipeline that are near ready- to be effective/compete!

    Arvidsson (Hawks were rumored to like him from Liiga)
    A. Watson

    Preds will be tough

  5. Steve Montador was found dead at age 35. Horrible news. He suffered a very serious concussion a few years ago. May God’s eternal grace and love be with his family and friends.

  6. Thanks Rufus…very very sad. He was a major force in Buffalo and I was pretty happy about him coming here…devastating news.

  7. My Hawks brothers, Habs fan here from way back, the BHawks have always been my second fav team, Original Six, baby..Two things, I know Montreal isnt winning the Cup yet, but if you are to, I think you need to make a move,,Team looks a bit stale..BTW Watched todays NBC Blackhawks vs Pens game, I thought Sindy tripped your player but they reversed the call..Watch Pierre McGuire though, did you see him yelling “Bad call there”?? He interferes too much and is a Sindy lover

  8. Pretty solid trade to help the Preds. Just like the Jets helped themselves a few days ago. Both those teams would be tough to beat for the Hawks and it just got tougher. Both os those teams had cap space, which the Hawks don’t have – but hopefully Stan isn’t sleeping at the switch and figures oud a way to improve the team and does so quickly before other teams gobble up the available players.

  9. That’s ok, Penis oops Pierre does his part and in the politically correct way Eddie O. told the Nation/World that 19 is a better hockey player then 87. He might not have any scoring trophys if he played Campbell conference sch.

    Heres to 5 he was a scoring PP 1-3-1 machine.

  10. Note to all, especially Tab…post @3:00 pm was not Mining Man..someone used my name …that is identity theft not to mention pure stupid racist remarks. The other posts under my name were genuine.

  11. Twitter: Jonathan Bernier ?@JBernierJDM
    Bergevin’s name is on the seating chart in Chicago (Penguins vs Blackhawks). #CH #habs

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