NBC SportsNet Releases College Hockey Schedule

On Friday, NBC Sports Network released their schedule of college hockey games that will be televised nationally, and there will be a number of opportunities for Blackhawks fans to see some of the organization’s top prospects in action.


There are a handful of prospects back in college this year that have been drafted by the Blackhawks over the last few years. To recap:

  • Boston College – Kevin Hayes, Chris Calnan
  • Notre Dame – Stephen Johns, Vince Hinostroza
  • Michigan – Tyler Motte
  • Yale – John Hayden
  • Minnesota – Justin Holl
  • Vermont – Michael Paliotta
  • Ohio State – Sam Jardine
  • North Dakota – Nick Mattson
  • Miami (OH) – Anthony Louis

Here’s the schedule of college games coming up this season on NBCSN.


The Big Ten Network (BTN) will also be airing a significant number of hockey games this season. Click here for the BTN schedule, which features a couple non-conference games including Boston College at Minnesota (Oct. 25).

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9 Responses to NBC SportsNet Releases College Hockey Schedule

  1. Garbage says:

    Bullshit. Not a single Miami game.

    Calling it now. Frozen 4 appearance.

  2. LovenHonor says:

    #2 team in country doesnt get one game……….. Well played NBC well played…..

  3. Ryan says:

    CBS Sports Net has exclusive rights to the NCHC this yr. Miami will be on plenty.

  4. EspoForever says:

    Agreed Garbage…I think it is time to have limits to the number of times any one team can be on national TV…not a single game for either of last year’s NCAA finalists. Miami who was in the frozen 4…nor (selfishly) my Michigan Tech Huskies.
    In a “recruiting game” TV coverage is huge for the future marketing of your programs to the next generation of talent.

    The NCAA worries tremendously if a kid sells an autograph but cares zero about a level playing field in any sport though.

  5. StanIsTheMan says:

    whose $*&# did Notre Dame suck? They are showcased in over HALF the games.

  6. Tim G says:

    Stan- Nobody’s… “They’re Notre Dame”…. *rolls eyes*

  7. Tab Bamford says:

    More shocking: people are surprised that an NBC property is featuring a Notre Dame team. Turn your television on tomorrow afternoon if you’ve forgotten their relationship…

  8. RyanDale says:

    ^ yep, bedfellows for long time now. NBC probly got the worst run of ND football ever until last yrs ride, haha.

    NBCSN/NBC are my only available source for NHL games on TV, rather see more of those being shown but will check out some of our kids if possible

  9. wall says:

    Nice to see-

    Hayes, Calnan, Hinostroza, Luke Johnson off to good starts…

    Especially the last three – who are College rookies.

    Really think Hino and Calnan will be good- Calnan blew away all of the prospects in testing a few years ago- kind of like Saad did…

    haven’t seen Calnan skate yet- anybody seen him skate?

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