New York Rangers Fire John Tortorella

On Wednesday afternoon, the New York Rangers announced that they had relieved John Tortorella of his duties as the team’s head coach.

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6 Responses to New York Rangers Fire John Tortorella

  1. Peter says:


  2. RyanDale says:

    AV or Ruff?

  3. Tab Bamford says:

    Has to be a tempting gig for any free agent coach

  4. Sr. Brad says:

    Tortorella is like a spicy meatball…good in the moment, but loses its appeal over time…his time is up in NY.

  5. Tim G says:

    I just hope he signes somewhere… I love his press conferences too much!

  6. RyanDale says:

    His act will never play as well as it did on Broadway…as an outsider I loved him there.

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