NHL Adds Las Vegas

On Wednesday, the NHL announced that Las Vegas has unanimously been selected as the only expansion team. They will begin play in the Pacific Division during the 2017-18 season.

11 thoughts on “NHL Adds Las Vegas

  1. Who’s down for a game in Vegas? Everybody, let’s go. Even wayne and Rufus. Y’all can just get seats in another section.

  2. LV is a horrible idea.
    The so called “season ticket” sales are a joke.
    There are a dozen US cities with larger population bases with larger than LV.
    Atlanta has had 2 tries without success.
    The population is based on service workers who can hardly afford the tickets.
    The population of LV is transient. The other major sports have stayed away.

    So, will it be up to the visitors to support the team?

    Bad idea, but the other NHL owners could not resist the “free money”

  3. Bad idea? There’s been a minor league team there for years and it get a shit load of support, … the kind of support that doesn’t happen in Columbus, and in LA ( unless the teams are headed for a playoff run ) , give me a break! bad idea! Here’s a great idea, let’s put another team in another seed picker town like Nashville! They’ve had a decent team for years and they can’t give the tickets away. Minnesota is another heart attack waiting to happen, if the new coaching staff doesn’t get their talent in gear you’ll have the locals going to watch the Gophers, and the high schools play a better brand of hockey. Vegas is going to be a great place to start a team, they have great facilities already, and they’ll definitely have the foot traffic! bring them on!, unless you marketing geniuses have a better idea …

  4. What in God’s are you talking about…..The LV Wranglers??? They folded 3 years ago, were a ECHL franchise and lost their NHL affiliate (Coyotes) in 2011. The team averaged about 4500 fans per game including playoffs. That’s fine but the tickets were $10-15 a pop. That has ZERO bearing on the success of an NHL team in LV.

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