NHL, Adidas To Introduce New Jerseys June 20

Adidas will take over making NHL jerseys for the 2017-18 season, and we’ll get our first look at them in less than two weeks.

The League made the switch from CCM jerseys to Reebok EDGE jerseys between the 2006-07 and 2007-08 seasons. The hockey manufacturing component of CCM is currently a subsidiary of Adidas.

Reports indicate that 12 teams will have their jerseys “tweaked” for next year by Adidas. The Blackhawks have never been mentions among those in line for modification.

As was reported in January, there will be no alternate third jerseys across the NHL next season as Adidas takes over for Reebok; Reebok is also owned by Adidas.

Eight teams – Boston, Anaheim, Calgary, Colorado, Edmonton, the NY Islanders, San Jose and Washington – had introduced new alternates since the start of the 2015-16 season.

5 thoughts on “NHL, Adidas To Introduce New Jerseys June 20

  1. Don’t touch the Hawks’ main two uniforms. They are classic and awesome. BTW the Black Hawk Indian tribe is two words…..Blackhawk as used by the Hawks is one word. The Black Hawk tribe has little concern and the name Blackhawk as used by the Hawks was an infantry battalion in WWI.
    Go Hawks

  2. PLEASE PLEASE leave the Hawks jerseys as is.,..that one is by far the best in the NHL. If it isn’t broke there is no need to fix it!! Go Hawks!!

  3. Totally agree. If it isn’t Broken, why try to fix it.

    It is the Best Looking Jersey in the NHL and In my opinion all of professional sports. All other teams are envious of the Blackhawk Logo and most have been trying for years to come up with a logo that will stand out more. To this date I have yet to see any new or old team including the remainder of the original 6 teams that have a jersey even close to comparison.

  4. What if the NHL tried the color rush thing? Blackhawks all red? Yes the logo is the best in sports and some jerk rated the Red Wings ahead of it. Beats me how one can truly think that way.

  5. Mike there is no Black Hawk indian tribe. Black Hawk was a great indian Chief of the Sauk tribe. He led the Sauk and Fox nations in battle in the War of 1812 and the Black Hawk War. Blackhawks the way we use it is basically chiefs. The Blackhawks organization has done a great job respecting Chief Black Hawk and the Sauk tribe and I dont think anyone will ever touch the logo nor should they.

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