NHL Announces Salary Cap At $73M

On Tuesday evening the NHL announced the salary cap for the 2016-17 regular season is set at $73.0 million.

The Blackhawks currently have the following salary cap commitments on the books at the NHL level:



  1. Jonathan Toews – $10,500,000
  2. Patrick Kane – $10,500,000
  3. Marian Hossa – $5,275,000
  4. Artem Anisimov – $4,550,000
  5. Marcus Kruger – $3,083,333
  6. Richard Panik – $875,000
  7. Artemi Panarin – $812,500
  8. Andrew Desjardins – $800,000
    Forward Total: $36,395,333

Duncan Keith


  1. Brent Seabrook – $6,875,000
  2. Duncan Keith – $5,538,461
  3. Niklas Hjalmarsson – $4,100,000
  4. Trevor van Riemsdyk – $825,000
  5. Michal Kempny – $700,000
  6. Erik Gustafsson – $667,500
    Defensemen Total: $18,705,961

Scott Darling


  1. Corey Crawford – $6,000,000
  2. Scott Darling – $587,500
    Goalie Total: $6,587,500

Overages: $3,070,000
Retained: $1,125,000 (Rob Scuderi)
Buried: $100,000 (David Rundblad)
Total Dead Money: $4,295,000

Vince Hinostroza
Vince Hinostroza

Some minor league players of note when considering a potential lineup for the upcoming season:


  • Nick Schmaltz – $925,000
  • Tyler Motte – $925,000
  • Ryan Hartman – $863,333
  • Vince Hinostroza – $717,500
  • Martin Lundberg – $692,500
  • Tanner Kero – $667,500
  • Kyle Baun – $625,000


  • Ville Pokka – $925,000
  • Gustaf Forsling – $872,500
  • Viktor Svedberg – $750,000

For more salary cap information and tools, check out either GeneralFanager.com or CapFriendly.com.

39 thoughts on “NHL Announces Salary Cap At $73M

  1. That’s nice, now we have a firm, lockdown figure. That being said, the above breakdown by Tab — specifically the Forwards section — makes it crystal clear that Shaw is worth (fair market value) somewhere b/w Kruger’s ridiculous cap hit and Anismov’s. He is NOT going to accept — nor should he — less than or the same amount as Kruger, his production and intangibles are worth far more than Kruger.

    Once again, I will advocate that the Hawks trade Kruger and Shaw’s rights, this will free up over $6M (aggregate b/w the two of them) in anticipated cap space (figuring Shaw is worth at least $3.5m per yr). Then, Bowman — w/ Q’s input of course — can decide whether to sign Campbell, Ladd, or some combination of others. Ladd is a far better player and worth the money/cap hit than Kruger & Shaw combined.

    We’ll see how it plays out.

  2. So about $7MM right now below the cap. At least it got bumped up a little bit. Let’s see what Stan can do with that.

  3. Has any team ever went with a 22 man roster? Even with that the Hawks only have around 2.75 for Shaw. In other words, yikes.

    Unless SB can trade one of the big contracts it looks like a truck load of rookies in next year’s lineup. Of course, trading a big contract just leaves another hole in the lineup. SB is between a rock and a hard place.

  4. I see Iceman’s point. Question ? Do the Hawks really want to pay Kruger $3/million per year and Shaw seemingly $3 Million + on multi year deals ? With Panerin due a big raise soon, that would give the Hawks 7 forwards making big bucks with cap hits that would be tough to move if their production waned. They just moved the albatross known Bickell and his contract.

    I almost think Kruger and Shaw is a one or the other situation. They can find a versatile type replacement like Trevor Lewis in unrestricted free agency for much less money and term.

    On defense, if Campbell truly wants to come back, it has to be a Rozsival deal.
    One year = $800,000. Florida has pretty much moved on. He’s 37. His wife is from Chicago. All this has been discussed already. If he does not want to come on a bargain basement deal, no problem, let Kempny get his feet wet. TVR continues to develop as a 4/5. Gustafsson and Sved can battle for #6. If Forsling or Pokka surprises at camp, great.

  5. What a nightmarish decision if it really is between Kruger and Shaw. Is there a position we’re weaker at than center? How can you get rid of Kruger? Did anyone show up in the playoffs more than Shaw (when he wasn’t suspended?) how can you get rid of him? What’s better for the team, the guy who actually goes to the net but is a complete loose cannon, or the lockdown fourth line center who happens to be a great leader? Both small, young guys that play big and get beat up, who’s going to stay healthier? Jeez.

  6. Well, Craig, I like that you are not sitting on the fence. This is a blog for fun so I’ll jump off the fence too. So, if I was SB, I would try to…

    1. Go with 5 kids for 4.5 m

    Nick Schmaltz – $925,000
    Tyler Motte – $925,000
    Ryan Hartman – $863,333
    Ville Pokka – $925,000
    Viktor Svedberg – $750,000

    2. Trade Seabrook on draft day for a top 8 pick or the best prospect I can get.

    That would leave over 9m in cap space (7m – 4.5m + 6.8m)

    3. Use up to 3m cap space to sign Brian Campbell to a 1 year deal. (Craig, if Campbell signs for under 3 I will be shocked.

    4. Use the last of the cap space to sign the best forward I can get that can play with Toews.

    5. In 2017, use the 4.5m freed up from Campbell’s contract towards signing Panarin and hope a prospect or young D can now fill the big hole left by Seabrook.

    I love Seabrook but getting rid of his contract is the only way I can imagine Panarin being able to be signed in 2017. I would rather have a 25 year old Panarin and a good prospect than a 33 year old Seabrook.

  7. Let’s worry about 16/17 before we worry about 17/18. Lots can happen. I agree with Iceman that Shaw’s value is between 3 and 4.55 which is Kruger and Anisimov. It’s just where is the question. Personally, I tender Shaw knowing he most definitely won’t accept. But if he does you have him for 2.5, if he doesn’t some team will send him a sheet that guarantees a pick. I don’t know if he’s arbitration eligible, but I don’t think the Hawks want to go that route. Best hope is to talk to his agent and tell him to do whatever it takes to get that 1st and 3rd tender. I somewhat agree with Craig that it’s most likely either or when it comes to Shaw and Kruger. One has a contract the other doesn’t so that kind of tells me where the team is going. We see rights getting traded, and other than the Buffalo pick for Vesey, which was nothing less than a waste and a steal by Nashville. Rights are fetching a mid round pick. Shaw is a little different because he won’t be lost for nothing if a team trades for him. But it’s still no guarantee they sign the player. Ask for a first at the draft. If you get the offer take it. Otherwise wait till he’s offer sheeted. Worst you can do is a 2.

    BLS- teams go with 22 all the time. Roster needs to be between 20 and 23.

  8. Seabrook and space for 1 year of Brian Campbell.

    1. Seabrook doesn’t get you a top 10. Teams can’t take that hit without salary going back. No chance getting a roster player and a top 10 pick.

    2. The scenario doesn’t work. You can’t have all what you’re asking. If you do want to trade Seabrook, it’d probably be Seabrook for Taylor Hall straight up. Gaping hole on defense. Gain .875 in space. I’ll pass all day long.

  9. As Stan Bowman always says, ” it’s a puzzle”.

    You’ve got $ 7 million to spend on 5 forwards and 1 defenseman.

    Let’s assume for a minute Schmaltz is on the team, roughly 6 million then for 4 forwards and 1 d. Sved at #7, means 5.2 million for 4 remaining forwards.

    Motte gets penciled in at wing, so 4.3 for 3 forwards. Lundberg because cheap and can play center or wing on 4th line. So 3.6 million-ish for 2 forwards.

    So Shaw at say $ 2.8 million and you have 1 spot left for about $800,000.

    I suppose it’s possible but it all comes down to how much of home town discount Shaw is willing to take. If he wants north of 3 million, he’s pretty much priced himself off the roster, unless somebody else is moved.

  10. 5-7 young guys on the team. That means Q will play them 3-6 minutes a game and have them ride the bench the rest of the time. His experienced core will play excessive minutes. Not looking good!!! However, I still believe Bowman is going to surprise us with a trade or two out of left field that addresses some of the concerns noted on this board. He will find a way to keep Shaw for 3.25-3.5/season.

  11. Ernie you have to worry about next year. Part of the job of being a GM is managing the future of your team. You have to because that’s when, hopefully, Panarin gets a new deal. Therefore, while there’s plenty of money this year for all sorts of options (thanks Bicks), guys like Shaw and TT are victimized next year and beyond.

  12. You have to plan for next year yes. But you don’t need to gut your roster now for next year. Not with the added uncertainty of an expansion draft.

  13. I don’t understand everyone freaking out. This is a dann good team and they still haven’t finalized the roster yet. Imagine if Schmaltz, Motte, Pokka, or Kempny develop faster than anticipated…no one will be complaining then!

  14. Yes you do Ernie, it’s called preparation for the future. It is imperative that Bowman facilitate room for Panarin next year, starting now.

  15. And, we’ll get the 2-3 short money hasbeen free agent signings come 7/1. Personally, I’d rather see them just give time to the young guys. I just question how Q will handle that.

  16. Shaw is most definitely gone. Which is going to be a kick in the nuts.

  17. A couple things jump out for me. 1 the retained money on scaduri goes back to the sharp deal and taking all that salary back instead of just getting picks however low and throwing in a solid defensive prospect. Ouch. Still absolutely hate the Tt trade Moving forward I say just go young and hope for the best. Hope I’m wrong

  18. Ernie, trading Crow, or Shaw, or AA, is hardly “Gutting” roster…

    as others point out- it is possible Shaw gives discount and Roster stays as is with several Cheap prospects…

    AND- it is possible at least one of Fore-mentioned get moved… in preperation for attempt to sign Panarin longer term…. in this case… guessing SB is going to have to really “Love” the return… my earlier example of- a Rubtsov or Luc Dubois Pick being there/traded for Crow + prospects…

    would be too good for SB to turn away (doubting if SB could get that deal)… but it would be too good for SB to turn away… allows SB to sign 72, and net great cheap ELC, and frees up $$$ for 1 yr. rental… probably a dream in my head… but would be great for Hawks both short/long term.

    wts- probably SB stays as is… cuz- “that great prospect/trade partner” never shows up!!!

  19. First, Kruger is not worth $3m. I think he got that much because he signed a low bridge deal before and they were just making up for it. There is no way Shaw is worth more than $3m. They both are 3rd line players at best. Kruger’s value is a PK’er. Shaw’s value is to annoy. This isn’t worth +$6m. These two are easily replaced and there shouldn’t be so much hand wringing over this. This is really on the low end of roster concern for this team

  20. Gravy Train…what would you do to keep Panarin?

    It sounds like several of us are on the same page because there are not a lot of options. To keep Panarin, either Seabrook, Crawford or Anisimov will have to go. I guess you shop them all and take the best deal you can.

    Seabrook is my choice since I don’t think he is a #2 d-man anymore. I can see the argument for Crawford but with no depth on the farm for goalies that is a huge risk.

  21. BLS- I agree with you… but -imo- I don’t see Seabrook- netting much of anything.

    and if “right” deal/prospect ain’t there… SB will take his chances with the team as is… which basically means- 2 of the prospects better contribute/perform… or gonna be another early exit!

    would love to see Hawks get Luc Dubois (never seen- but many say he is a “can’t miss”… or Rubstov- Kucherov type guy?)

  22. “…what would you do to keep Panarin?” — whatever it takes?

    “To keep Panarin, either Seabrook, Crawford or Anisimov will have to go.” — Maybe. I really don’t see Anisimov moving because of chemistry with Panarin (and Kane, and the Hawks haven’t had a big #2 center since they gave Esposito to Boston). It’s also difficult to imagine Crawford moving because uncertainty in goal…and if the return includes a different goaltender, for instance Cam Talbot, you’re not moving much cap space taking on his $4.2 (and Crawford is better). So, that leaves Seabrook – if you can find somebody willing to take the last four years of his contract?

    “Kruger is not worth $3m. There is no way Shaw is worth more than $3m.” — I agree. I like both a lot, but not at that cost. (And, I think Shaw may get an offer for more.) “To keep Panarin”, I would have no problem losing both, especially if Stan B. could get picks / move all of the salary. (If Q gave him the chance, Weise might be a cheaper alternative to Shaw? I don’t have a suggestion for filling Kruger’s PK role…)

  23. Shaw will test the RFA market with management’s blessing. If Shaw is offered anything between $3.36mm and $5mm, Hawks get a 1st and 3d rounder. I think most teams who offer him, say $4mm, will not be contenders and will render decent draft position.

    On the other hand, an offer sheet less than $3.36mm, Hawks will match and have their man for a reasonable Cap hit.

  24. Gravy Train :

    Shaw’s value is much more than to annoy!
    Last time I checked, his 4 playoff goals (in 6 games) led the Hawks this year.

    Several have commented that we have players in Rockford that can play the way Andrew Shaw does. But how many do play the way Andrew Shaw does.

    One final comment and I’ll start ducking the rotten tomatoes coming my way. Andrew Shaw should take the biggest contract he can get. We’ve all seen the physical punishment the guy (5’11”, 179 lbs.) takes. The next big hit may be his last.

  25. Stop with the Trade Crow ,give your head a shake,.,.look what Toronto just did ,.,.,paying Anderson 5 million a year ,he,s played about 150 n.h.l. games,.,.,has not won shit.
    Paying crow 6 Mil. a year is a steal for his pedigree.

  26. re: keeping Panarin

    The Blackhawks currently have a little under $58M in NHL contracts (including TvR & Svedberg) on the NHL books for 17-18. Add Schmaltz, Hartman, Hinostroza, Motte at under $1M each and let’s say the Hawks are at $62M for 9 fwds, 5 dmen & 1 goaltender pre-Panarin for 2017-18. A conservative cap number to use when looking forward would be $75M (a modest $2M increase from 16-17). So we’re looking at $12-14M to come up w/ at minimum 3 fwds, 1 dman and a backup goaltender. We aren’t considering the possibility that Kempny, Lundberg or any of the kids at Rockford (Dahlstrom, Norell, Pokka, Forsling, Luke Johnson) is ready to take the next step. We also haven’t considered losing someone like Kruger (and his $3M cap hit) in the expansion draft.

    How do the Hawks keep Panarin? Hand him $7.5M and fill the BOTTOM of the roster with affordable pieces. If Schmaltz & Motte are ready for top-9 roles in 2017-18 (which I am VERY comfortable assuming) the Hawks aren’t in dire straights financially as much as many are making out.

    Do the Hawks have room for another $5M defenseman? Not right now. But let’s not be so quick to assume they have to spend that much in free agency. Hjalmarsson was drafted and developed. Let’s give some of these kids a year to figure it out. And we don’t know what we’re going to see from Kempny in the next year.

    Point is, we’re a long way from selling the farm NOT to afford Panarin in 12 months.

  27. BLS- I’m not sure me not wanting to pay a lot for Shaw and Kruger means that Panarin can’t be signed. It actually means there is more $$ to pay him. I also don’t know how you think Seabrook would bring a top 8 pick. I know this is not a popular opinion other than Wall, but I’m fine with losing Crawford at $6m. I’m in the camp that you can make a average goalie look good with a decent defense.
    Drop the Puck – You know who else had a good playoffs and then got paid? Bickell. Don’t you think the Hawks have learned their lesson? I just think there are bigger guys that can do what Shaw does for a lot less money.
    Hawkhead – I think you need to give your head a shake if you use Toronto as a guide to making smart moves. I think Crawford is good, but getting older. I don’t value the position to eat that much of the cap. The $6m could be used for a couple of decent D-men. What happened to all the high paid goalies this year in the playoffs? Quick, Lundquist, Crawford, Luongo, Rinne all gone pretty early.

  28. Really having trouble with the “ trade Crow ” sentiment.

    What’s the value of a big game goalie? Ask the Dallas Stars whether Lehtonen and Niemi were worth the $10.4 M they were paid this year. Quick, identify one goalie whose name is on two of the last four Stanley Cups? How many Cups have Price, the King, Bishop, Rinne … hoisted?

    Looking forward to the Cubs repaying the visits with the World Series banner in tow this Fall.

  29. I enjoy everyone’s posts and think they all have merit. Glad I found this blog a few months ago. Thanks TAB!

    If Panarin is 7.5 then you have 63.5 locked up in 10 great to solid players (Toews, Kane, Anisimov. Panarin, Hossa, Kruger, Keith, Seabrook, Hjalmarsson, Crawford).

    A great core compared to all other teams if you ask me.

    If Tab is right about a 75m cap then that leave’s 11.5 m for 12 or 13 players. Yes, it can be filled with entry level type contracts. Obviously, no contracts much over 1m.

    Going with that type of team is certainly an option and if a few kids turn out to be good then all is grand!

    One worry here would be overages. If there are another 3m in bonuses then another big yikes for signing Panarin. We’ll see. Go Hawks Go!

  30. Ernie, theres that 1.2m in space I came up with for 2 .600m for 22 on 23man. Shit I wanted 74m. 73m is ok and none of that crap people were saying about cap not going up, etc.

    Soupy for .600m, lets go.

  31. Wall… I have have seen Dubois play for Cape Breton. He is a talent and big but I’m not sold on him. I watched every game between Cape Breton and Saint John and he was ok (however he is still young) Joly for Cape Breton was a beast (very slick smart player). I still remember a lot of experts bragging about Grigorenko the same way from the QMJHL and I never thought he was that great.

  32. The only thing that makes Keith a bargain is the longevity of the deal. Much like Hossa’s deal. Keith’s deal was the subject of much contention and it was agreed that any issues with cap circumvention with his deal be dropped.

  33. Drop the Puck – Quick & Crawford… What do I win?
    I’m not sure if you are arguing FOR or AGAINST an expensive goalie. Of the top 15 paid goalies, only 2 have won a cup and a 3rd won as a backup. (which kind of makes my point). You ask how many cups have the expensive goalies lifted, but don’t understand why some people would want to trade an expensive goalie away? It’s fine if you disagree, but don’t get the vapors because it is brought up.

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