NHL Announces Winter Classic Contingencies

On Monday morning, the NHL announced the 2017 Winter Classic will start as scheduled at noon CST.

The league also announced the following contingencies for the game:

  • Once the game has begun, it may be subject to one or more temporary stoppages due to unplayable weather conditions, at the discretion of the Commissioner.
  • Period and game format may be reconfigured to accommodate temporary stoppages as determined appropriate by the Commissioner.
  • In the event of high winds at the ice surface, the clubs will switch ends at the 10:00 minute mark of the third period as signaled by a “hard whistle.” The face off will take place where the play was whistled dead. This identical procedure will take place at the 2:30 minute mark of an overtime period, if needed.
  • In the event of a shootout, each club will determine what end they prefer to defend, which could be the same
  • If the game is started, then stopped permanently due to unplayable weather conditions, it will be deemed “official” once two periods have been played. The team leading at the time play is stopped will be declared the winner and will be awarded two points in the standings.
  • If the game is tied at the time play is stopped permanently, any time after two periods of play, each team will be awarded one point in the standings, with an opportunity to earn an additional point in a standard shootout format.
  • If weather conditions permit, the shootout will be conducted at Busch Stadium immediately after regulation play has been stopped.
  • If weather conditions make it impossible to conduct a shootout safely at Busch Stadium, the shootout will take place at United Center on Sunday, February 26 prior to the regularly scheduled St. Louis-Chicago game, with St. Louis deemed the home club for shootout purposes only.
  • If the game is started, and stopped permanently due to unplayable weather conditions, and fewer than two
    periods of regular time has been played, the game will be officially “postponed” and, if possible, will be played in its entirety at Busch Stadium on Tuesday, January 3.
  • If the game cannot be replayed at Busch Stadium on January 3, it will be rescheduled at Scottrade Center for a date to be determined later in the season.

8 thoughts on “NHL Announces Winter Classic Contingencies

  1. Special ,.,.,..,Any word on why Kruger is out,..,i read out week to week .

    I will be playing music with friends this afternoon and am quite happy to miss the upcoming spanking we receive . Ever the optimist !!!!,.,.,Happy New Year folks .

  2. Hawkhead – check the previous piece on the site, where we note he was put on IR yesterday & is expected to miss at least two weeks w/ a upper-body injury.

  3. Hawkhead you were right on, final horn and again they don’t play a full 60 min game. Not going to win many games scoring 1 goal a game. Still say this team is in serious trouble.

  4. Nope.

    Am I the only one annoyed with the camera use today? NBC broadcasts with the exception of a few play by play guys suck. But whoever made the decision to use the camera on the wire…the one that had water on it that was 60 feet away from the puck and made you dizzy should be shot. I’ve got a 75inch tv, you’d think I could see a couple of the goals. And no my daddy didn’t buy it for me.

    I will say thank you to the audio guy who couldn’t get JR’S mike to work. Wish he had done the same for the talking penis with glasses that is Pierre McGuire who’s only job apparently is to report on ice conditions.

    As soon as Emerick said, “we have 35 cameras and we’ll use all of them” i should have turned it off. Stick to the standard camera. The ref cam. The cameras at the corners and the most under utilized angle, the ones behind the net for powerplays.

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