NHL Concludes Patrick Kane Investigation

On Wednesday afternoon, the NHL released the following statement with regards to their investigation into sexual assault allegations involving Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane:

The National Hockey League announced today that it has completed its independent review of the Patrick Kane matter, the final stage of which included an in-person meeting between Kane and Commissioner Gary Bettman in New York on Monday, March 7. Based on its review, including the determination made by the Erie County District Attorney not to pursue charges, the NHL has concluded that the allegations made against Kane were unfounded. The League considers the matter closed and will have no further comment.

25 thoughts on “NHL Concludes Patrick Kane Investigation

  1. There ya have it. DA found the allegations unfounded. NHL thinks they were unfounded. Would someone care to help me out and define what unfounded means. I’m probably too “stupid” to comprehend.

  2. Unfounded- Definition ” not based on fact, realistic considerations or the like”

    Example: Anyone who would base an opinion on unfounded rumors is not someone you want as a friend.

    Example#2: Drawing attention away from that with petty unfounded assertions is childish and destructive.

  3. The idiot accusers on this board and other places are no where to be seen. Hopefully they are falsely accused so they can experience what it is like! Maybe next time they will not be so quick to judge and point an accusatory finger.

  4. Regardless of the NHL finding the charges unfounded and the DA not moving forward with a prosecution for lack of evidence that does not absolve Kane completely of whatever his actions were that early moring.
    Yes the whole case was ugly, however whoever is writing here that Kane is basically an upstanding and totally stand up guy is almost as bad as what they are alluding to with the judgements without facts by certain other commenters and writers who run blogs now still call Kane name like “garbag…”, and for some reason don’t allow comments anymore on their blog.
    Anyway, hopefully Kane learns from this experience and matures somewhat into less of a party animal who overindulges in hedonistic activities, and focuses on work, family, and community, and he and Bread and Arti play hockey together for the next 5-8 yrs.
    The lynch mob bloggers should grow up as well.
    Great game last night, excluding some dirty play, Reeves should be out of hockey, those kind of hits are malicious and dangerous, and the Blues would be better off also without him. Good to see Hawks standing up these days.
    That push of Toews into the open door by Blues was ugly as well, and luckily Toews didn’t lose a nut, although I’m sure he’s dinged up now.
    Crawford and Hawks need to stay/get healthy, (Crawford looked dinged in shootout,) and Hawks again are frontrunners for another cup run/
    Enjoy fellow Hawks fans!

  5. Evan, I believe the DA said “this so called case is rife with reasonable doubt”

    “Significant material inconsistencies” between the alleged victim’s account and those of other witnesses.

    “lend no corroboration whatsoever to the complainant’s claim of penetration, a required element of proof for a rape charge.”

    Physical evidence and forensic evidence “tend to contradict the complainant’s claim that she was raped on Kane’s bed.”

    So, it wasnt just lack of evidence Evan. It was also evidence that says the girl lied. This is the DA. Kane isn’t perfect. Who is? Well, besides Rufus and Wayne.

  6. Hey Ernie, you “a” hole, you’ll never get it, will you?

    6cups, I’m here. I’m not shying away from your stupidity. Kane is not ” an innocent. No matter what you or the other pea brain thinks

  7. What should I be getting? No need for name calling Mr. Trump. We’re all adults here.

    Kane may not be “innocent”, but he’s certainly not guilty of what you have convicted him of.

  8. Brokerwayne what gives you the right to judge somebody else based on your own preconceived non-fact related opinions. Perhaps you need to look in the mirror and use that same level of judgement on yourself.

    I am not foolish to think he is a model citizen but what we DO know is that he is not guilty of these false allegations. End of story.

  9. Someone has to let go of his past and stop projecting it onto others. The police, DA, NHL, etc are through with the matter and hopefully we are too.

  10. So this lying, money Grubbing chiseler gets to make allegations and we find out there’s none of Kane’s DNA below we waist AND she has a brew of multiple other guys there and Kane gets his summer ruined and you still hold it against him. Piss off.

  11. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this comes out the same day Kane appears on the SI cover. Not saying it’s a conspiracy or something, just that the league probably felt they needed to wrap this thing up.

  12. Espoforever. I couldn’t agree more. Idiots like BrokerWayne are a poor excuse for a human being. What a sad pathetic life he must live.

  13. I see why Rufus has so much fun…. You weenies are just so easy to toy with. It’s almost too easy.

  14. Still waiting for a reason why were wrong. Does Mr Trump have a reason. Or you just think you’re smarter or better.

    Everyone has flaws. I’m sure if I knew you on a personal or professional level I could find more than a few.

  15. I didn’t actually see any disapproval in the activity. Just stating thats what you went to do. Are you saying such an activity is wrong? Because that would then be considered homophobic.

    I ask again Mr. Trump. Why are we “stupid”,” idiots”, and/or “weenies”. You’re way more of a bully than mudturtle is a homophobe.

  16. I forgot. It’s OK for Trump to call others names. But when someone uses your words towards others to poke a little fun at yourself it’s not OK. If you’re gonna dish it. Be able to take it.

  17. Mudturtle, that’s the shit that pissed me off. Its like every now and then somebody/something brings it up again. When it was completed in the fall, nobody (news/league/etc) should be allowed to talk about it or anything else until off season. Its like their trying to get into Kaners head because hes kicking ass after that thing. Hes on a mission. Fucking distractors.

  18. Wayne, no and no. It’s just like Ernie said. I thought you were having fun but now you seem to be upset.

    Morrison, if that’s what gets Kane playing like an MVP then I want more… or moar

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