NHL Deadline Day Blockbuster: St. Louis for Callahan

The first trade of Deadline Day breaks the ice in the big way! The Tampa Bay Lightning have reportedly traded captain Martin St. Louis to the New York Rangers for their captain, Ryan Callahan, with a first and second round picks.

martin st louis

Re: the picks involved – the first round pick going to Tampa is in 2015. The 2nd round pick in 2014 going to Tampa becomes a 1st if the Rangers get to the Eastern Conference Final. If Callahan re-signs in Tampa, the Rangers receive Tampa’s 2nd round pick in 2015 in exchange for the Rangers’ 7th in 2015.

4 thoughts on “NHL Deadline Day Blockbuster: St. Louis for Callahan

  1. It sure seems to me that Nick Leddy is on the move today. Interesting to see what happens.

  2. Rangers have sucked since they traded their 2nd line for Nash. Tried to get it back with Gaborik, too late. Now they put a dent in their future. VAN and RAG organizations are Awesome.

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