NHL To Debut Ads On World Cup Jerseys

At the SBJ Brand Engagement Summit in Chicago on Wednesday morning, NHL CMO Brian Jennings revealed that jerseys at this fall’s World Cup of Hockey will have a 2.5″x2.5″ ads on the front of jerseys. The League will gauge response – from the public and marketers – before serious consideration is given to ads on NHL jerseys.

28 thoughts on “NHL To Debut Ads On World Cup Jerseys

  1. Commercial breaks, boards, ice, glass and now jerseys. Talk about overkill. So many ads that none of them stand out. Next thing you know they’ll have them on the suits of the broadcasters.

  2. Looks like the Pens are walking to a Cup. Sharks can’t score against THAT defense?

  3. Just picture Duncan Keith with “Better call Saul” along the bottom and “Payday Loans” in the front…very classy…end times I tell ya!

  4. The icehogs have had this same size ad/patch for years. I don’t like it, but you don’t notice it.

  5. Used to hate it…

    but now I kinda like it… more “Bling” and color

    that Jokerit/TT jersey/Logo… is one of the Best Jerseys-imo

  6. As a collector of pro jersey/sweaters I will be very picky on what I’ll get. Probably go vintage more and only expansion teams as new ones.
    Though Boeing for the Jets, Bic Lighters or Kingsford for the Flames etc etc might be good ones.

  7. That Indian head sweater was not meant to be a billboard for some damn company. Same goes for Boston, Montreal or even the Redwings who all Hawk fans dislike. Maybe I’m just getting to old but leave the teams jerseys alone make your money some other way.

  8. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to “Cola Wars”. Not the Blackhawks vs. The Red Wings tonite, it’s the Pepsi Blackhawks vs. Coca-Cola Red Wings. This should not happen at the NHL level but it’s inevitable. I feel so manipulated by this whole thing. What a freakin’ sellout. Cheapens and mocks the whole thing. Baseball would hold out for some time at the MLB level. The NHL could lead the way if they wanted to on this issue. They already do plenty of endorsements as it is, why sully the sweater. That’s my 2 cents but it won’t change a thing.

  9. Who really gives a sweet flying F,.,.we are pummeled with visual and sonic b.s. 24 -7 .
    The more distracted i become the less i care. Where was i ,.,.,.oh yeah,.,.just lining someone,s pocket with dirty money,.,,.on the backs of suckers who think hockey is some kind of Savior to mankind. Guess what it,s not. This league is becoming so watered down it,s sad. League expansion will keep Bickell and Marc Andre Flurey in jobs but Christ,.,.enough is enough.

  10. Hey that would make a great movie…hockey ends up being the saviour of mankind. I like it..thanks Hawkhead.

  11. “This should not happen at the NHL level but it’s inevitable. I feel so manipulated…” (Mining Man) — “inevitable”? FUCK ALL THAT! And, FUCK ALL THE GREED!! Really??? These whores aren’t making ENOUGH profit??????????

    I’m old (had season tickets 1968-1988…go to one or two games a year since…), but this is just complete, total BULLSHIT. GREED. It started (and SHOULD HAVE ENDED!) with advertising on the “boards” — sorry, excuse me, that’s “wall”. But, we have shit-products painted on the ice…timeouts, power plays, hits, saves, shot blocks, replays, (farts…) “brought to you by…” — it’s fucking sickening. If these assholes can’t make a profit, that is, enough profit…without shit on the uniforms, they should first go fuck themselves, and then enter a field in which they can make a little money — selling shoes, cleaning toilets, making breakfast cereal, selling condoms…whatever.

  12. >>>> to be accurate, that should read “I’m old (had season tickets 1968-1988…”

  13. >>>> to be accurate, that should read “I’m old (had season tickets 1968-1998…” – third time is the charm

  14. Don’t sugarcoat it Dickie, tell us how you really feel! I’m with you all the way on this nonsense

  15. Yah, well I feel for you guys, but you’re not going to stop it…Rocky and Toews are not going to be cleaning toilets or selling shoes. Of course it’s a sellout and an insulting thing to the sweater. However, how come I get the feeling you will be purchasing the products they will feature. You going to lead a 3 man boycott of Verizon, McDonalds, or tires for your car? It stinks and it’s coming.

    MLB will holdout, many many purists, the fans will hold it off for a while but it’s coming there as well.

  16. The Good- The fans, who will cringe and have to take it.

    The Bad- Owners, Marketing departments, NHL HQ, NHLPA,

    The Ugly- Sweaters, jerseys, the look on ice.

  17. Arch – your “Good, Bad, Ugly” post sums it up, I guess.

    I don’t have to like it. (…microcosm of “Capitalism Saves The World Again”)

  18. Hey, i clean toilets for a living,.,.,not making 3 million a year butt,
    Good times,.,,.,.,.., an advertisement on the toilet seat would sure cause chaffing butt
    Plenty of room on the stall doors.

  19. Hawkhead-Don’t give them ideas such as on stall doors…can’t even sit in peace without being bombarded? I’m sure it already exists, seen it in bars and such. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the janitorial staff at the school where I teach. They sure keep it all together.

    Use a capital “I” when referring to yourself, no sense in promoting illiteracy.

  20. Morrison- Brilliant!

    Now that is your modern day self identified, gender non specific, way of the future.


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