NHL Draft: How the 2009 Draft is Shaping the Blackhawks Future

While most scouts are looking forward to the 2011 NHL Draft, Blackhawks fans can look back just two short years to a draft class that will play a major role in the future of the franchise.

In that draft, the Blackhawks made some strong choices:

Of those eight selections, two (Pirri, Krüger) have seen NHL action already. In the last month, Froese and Gilbert signed entry level contracts with the Blackhawks, and will likely join Pirri and Olsen in Rockford this season.

Meanwhile, Pacan is no longer with the organization; he was dealt to Florida in the deal also sending Jack Skille to the Panthers for Alexander Salak and Micheal Frolik.

But these aren’t the only members of the 2009 Draft that are on the Blackhawks’ radar. Consider the other players selected that year that are now members of the organization:

Among our rankings of the top 20 prospects in the Blackhawks organization (rankings that no longer include Leddy), seven were selected in the 2009 Draft, including five of the top six. Morin and Krüger might be part of the NHL roster in 2011-12.

As fans look towards the future, there is no denying the impact this year’s class will have on the Blackhawks organization.

3 thoughts on “NHL Draft: How the 2009 Draft is Shaping the Blackhawks Future

  1. In my opinion Tab, this organization is loaded with talent and will have the ability to secure their core players, including Sharp, for the long term by flooding the NHL roster with new faces over the next 3 seasons, and likely beyond.

    No one truly knows how they will pan out until they have had a couple of seasons in the show to measure their worth, but getting them there in the first place is the difficult task. The Hawks organization (one of the best in the NHL) clearly possess at least 10 kids that are no more than another season away from playing with the big squad.

    A very enviable position to be in…

    As for this season, I see Leddy, Ben Smith, and Marcus Kruger all making the final roster, with Stanton and Klinkhammer having very good opportunities as well.

    Thanks, as always.

  2. Brad I agree and Tab great article & thanks. I luv reading your stuff & keeping me updated. We have a lot of young kids and will be obtaining more from the draft i hope. You’re right, great position to be in because if these kids along with the Hayes brothers make it, the Hawks along with our spectacular core of guys, which are still young i might add & getting better and stronger, will be a huge force to reckon with and we shall see anothe Cup back in Chicago. I want to to grab the damn thing this time and kiss it, so Kane, work hard and bring another Cup home baby! We want another messy parade and more drinking to do for the summer. Go Hawks!!

  3. Tab, who ran that draft? By that, I don’t mean Tallon, because he was the GM, but who is regarded as being the man responsible for shaping the draft strategy and the scouting.

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