NHL Phase 1 Draft Lottery Set For Friday

On the anniversary of the Blackhawks selecting Patrick Kane with the first overall selection in the 2007 NHL Draft, the league announced details for the first phase of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery.

On Monday morning the NHL announced that Phase 1 of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery will be conducted at NHL Network’s studio on Friday, June 26, at 7 PM CST. The first phase of the lottery will be broadcast live on NBCSN and NHL Network in the U.S.

The top three picks in the 2020 NHL Draft will be awarded via the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery via three separate drawings. The first Lottery draw will determine the team selecting first overall, the second will determine the team selecting second overall and the third will determine the team selecting third overall.

Fifteen teams will be eligible in Phase 1 of the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery, seven with their established odds. Those seven teams, which were previously eliminated from the 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs, will remain ranked in inverse order of their points percentages at the time of the pause in the regular season. There will also be eight “placeholders” that represent the to-be-determined Qualifying Round teams that do not advance.

The Chicago Blackhawks face the Edmonton Oilers in the Qualifying Round.

The Blackhawks selected Kane with the first overall pick on June 22, 2007.

63 thoughts on “NHL Phase 1 Draft Lottery Set For Friday

  1. 5′ 10″ !!!! He’s way too small, gets pushed around too easily. We need big tough forwards that can go into corners, win battles and intimidate other teams. He’ll never amount to much. Oh wait, never mind. How about we draft a few more like him!

  2. Puck logic don’t be surprised if that happens. There is alot smaller forwards with high upside in this draft. If they pick 8-10 and Perfetti or Rossi still there, they would be solid candidates, plus be lot of others in their next 3 picks territory as well.

  3. props to tallon on kane and toews. there were certainly other options.

    let’s hope it plays out that we get another miracle drafting position.


  4. Link to Bob McKenzie’s draft rankings:


    I like the sounds of Lundell whom Craig Button likens to Danault. So if we draft him we are picking up a guy that could turn out to be as good as a guy we already drafted and developed and then gifted to Montreal. Of all Stan’s blunders the Danault deal is the one that irks me the most — there was just nothing about it to ever like. Nothing.

  5. @ jordyhawk

    surprised to see that opinion. can’t believe you feel trading a young promising center who had two full solid seasons at rockford, could win face offs, kill penalties, and anchor a solid fourth line for two veteran losers is a bad idea. quenneville loved the trade so much that both losers only played four of seven games in the playoffs that year. at least we were fortunate enough to throw in a second round draft choice as well for renting those two bums.

    losing danault, terravainen, and schmaltz still gives me nightmares. as does baby bowman still being employed by the hawks.

  6. So … you’re telling me there’s still a chance … for the Hawks to draft Lafreniere #1.

    Still have visions of Lafreniere being Dach’s wingman for the next decade. Put Kane with them until Kubalik or Nylander or another young guy is ready for the spot.

    Yeah baby!

  7. Why B.B.b do you just keep spewing items of disinterest on this forum ?
    We ALL know of Bowman`s poor trades, give away`s and throw in`s …Why do you have to keep beating a dead horse ?

    That all ya got ?

  8. @ hawks2015

    you know the definition of insanity, right? continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results. why would you read anything i post?

  9. BBB, it’s so tiresome and boring. It’s been a long while since I read one of your posts, months. Having read your last 3, well, you’d think time stopped, nothing has happened in the sports world and the Blackhawks aren’t on the verge of a weird playoff and draft.

    I’m going back to not reading again which is too bad since I have a feeling you might have something to offer. You might consider changing your handle. BBB really locks you in.

  10. Typical mob mantality if they don’t hear what fits their narrative they attack.
    If you don’t like what a poster has to say don’t read their posts.


  11. Here’s the part I am still unclear on. What happens if the #1 overall pick is one of the “placeholder” teams? Do they then have to wait until the play-in round is over and re-draw to see which one of the eliminated teams gets the pick, or is it done the same way as the lottery, where the lower you finished, the better your odds?

    And what happens in the extreme case that they are not able to play any of the games? What happens to the placeholder teams? Do they get “secretly” attached to one of the teams that would have missed the playoffs under a normal format? So like the Hawks would be placeholder #1, Canadiens would be #2, etc. based on the inverse of their finishing order….

    I know they want to have something to draw fans’ attention in, but it seems like this methodology is a little too complicated. I think it is relatively low risk to just maintain the order that would have been in place when the season was halted, and just roll the dice that none of those lottery teams goes on a dramatic run to the Cup.

    Or, you use the same order as when the season halted, and as an example, the Hawks gamble their pick against the Oilers’ pick in their play-in series,but a top 3 pick would be protected like in trade conditions. So if the Hawks end up where their odds say they would, and are 9th or 10th, they put that pick up against the Oilers’ pick in round 1, and the winner of the series gets the later pick because they are moving into the SC playoffs.
    I don’t know, just trying to think of something that is not so convoluted.

  12. Jordy, thats the trade that bothers me. So getting a equal quality player to 24 wil make up for it going forward.

  13. Need to just do it the most simple way and that is the same way as before. Wait until the ‘worlds’ tournament is done/play in-tie breaker round and you have your top 15 picks then do ping pong balls.

  14. I do think though the 15 worst record during the season deserve the ping pong balls and none of the others-based on who wins more less in tournament.

  15. Joe F another lottery after play in round involving the 8 eliminated teams will be held if one of top 3 picks goes to a placeholder position. The awarded odds of getting that pick are based on where they finished after regular season and play in round winning % formula is calculated. If all 3 spots go to 7 teams not involved in playin/ playoff picture no 2nd lottery happens, just place eliminated teams from 8th to 15th by winning % calculation above. If not able to play and everything cancelled for this season then i am just assuming current seedings are where teams pick likely.

    Jordy, Mo agree the Denault trade is the one that really got away.

  16. If one or more of top 3 picks goes to a placeholder team, is what should have said above.

  17. We have to have another Bolly and a krugs. So 24 was half right there now we still need both. By the time were deep again. So draft or ufa it. They also need a wingwman like Frozal/67.

  18. Makes me wonder what/who Barratt is going to be like from who weve had. Who does he remind us of the most from our teams.

  19. What do you think


    Shaw or Bolly or Krugs or Frozal?

    Who does Kurachev remind you of the most?

  20. Kurashev -> Tarasenko.

    Strong on skates, pure release, natural scorer. Rare package.

    Obviously Kurashev is highly unlikely to reach the same level but style wise I see similarities even though he is a center. Of all of our (mostly middling) non-roster prospects I think he may have the highest ceiling.

  21. I watched Kurashev play and I said it in a previous post, he reminds me of Martin St. Louis.

    I have watched YouTube videos of all the top prospects; I know, I need to get a life. But, the guy that I like the most in this draft is: Cole Perfetti
    Super smart, not too big and not too small, great passer, and some grit. Knows how to score and comes back and gives effort on defensive side. Just looks like a Blackhawk!

  22. If I were to pick the “one that got away” – it wouldn’t be Danault – it would be Teuvo. Danault may be slightly better defensively but Teuvo is no slouch defensively and is far and away a better offensive player with a career 0.72 ppg versus Danault’s 0.51 ppg. You can make a case that both players had their best offensive years the last 2 seasons but even then Teuvo’s ppg was 0.91 versus Danault’s 0.66.

  23. Teuvo was cap casualty, different circumstances, may not like it but see why it happened, it was him or somebody else, not alot of love for Teuvo on here at that point. Danault was a native son the Habs coveted and got for a couple of rental benchwarmers, just coulda been avoided, was the way i looked at it. Good to see you back Eb.

  24. Cole Perfetti
    Thats funny Cole with the 12 monkeys virus going on.

    Super smart, not too big and not too small, great passer, and some grit. Knows how to score and comes back and gives effort on defensive side. Just looks like a Blackhawk!

    Thats our new identity right there?

  25. Yeah Perfetti compared to Gretzky in how he sees the game and creates from nothing too, be hard to pass up if he’s there.

  26. ER, I love king of the roads/Teuvo to. We watched him in lake placid in the summer at world juniors and I talked to other GMs/ass GMs and they didnt like that ther Blackhawks got another player of that quality. The NAS guy told me ‘yea thats exactly what Chicago needs is another Kaner’ After saying the GMs/ass GMs scouts there were all saying that Teravainen was the nbest player they have seen at world juniors since Kane.

    For us Danault was a trade that didnt need to happen thats why people say that one. I know why Bowman did though and not made that he did just that it was horrible for our roster going forward. he did it because in 14 he didnt add ‘more’ then we needed to win 2 in a row so to not make the same mistake twice he added ‘more’ then we needed in 16 and thats why I was ok with it but it was horrible.

    With 86 it was an expansion thing it was 86 or another core player I think.

    I same with you that 86 is the better player even though players like 24 are rare to.

    Thats why I like BoQ alot because he has that mmmm that 86 has. Crazy sick skill thats rare.

  27. @ aurora hawk

    i don’t necessarily disagree with you. sometimes i definitely get on my own nerves.

  28. Ian / Mo – yep, the Teuvo and Danault trades were different circumstances so I see your point that it was more than “the one that got away” – it was “the one that got away that didn’t have to”.

    Realizing it’s fruitless to play the “what if” game – I still do it now and then and in this case “what if” Danault and Teuvo were never traded and still Hawks. Teuvo and Danault together would make a nice PK pair – both play excellent anticipatory defense and have enough lateral quickness to get the job done. Teuvo could slot in pretty much anywhere in the top-9 and Danault in the bottom-6.


    Just sayin …

  29. The thing that helps get players like 27 77 20-draft quality of players though is having a few off yrs like we just did. Were not looking good for the future if we had good yrs record wise the last 3 yrs. Like PIT and others did they shot themseleves in the foot for the future by having good records recently to do what make themselves feel better.

    I would much rather have 27 77 20-draft players in exchange for a few off yrs. Now were going to have more good yrs again and better ones. Gets us over the hump of being a top 6-10/midteir team to being a top team again. Got to have those top 5/10 picks to get tehre.

  30. It’s amazing the above Kane photo was 13 years ago.
    Can’t name all the young guys in the photo but it looks like McD0nagh and Pacioretty in the stands?

  31. Noonan think that might be his father to right of Kane.

    EB i think with cap issues if both Danault and Teuvo stay, it’s probably more of a trade off to have them instead of Saad and Kubalik, the ability to extend both and bring Saad back is remote. If Teuvo stays giving Panarin his deal and extending Teuvo doubtful too, as is the same interest in Kubalik as his appeal was to fill a void tgat may be viewed differently.

  32. Bowman did make it work through that stuff. To stay deep and under cap. It wasnt best for future like Danault trade but it was best for winning Cups when we were still in a dynasty.

    You have to keep it going while your in it. Now its top 5 or top 5 skill draft player.

  33. Ian so in the big picture we could have kept Panarin, Teuvo, or Saad? And we ended up with the $6 million third line winger, instead of either of the point per game, top ten or 15 NHL scorers annually.

    More than supports BBB’s continual point about our GM.

  34. Not going agasint what your saying 20 was the player that was able to shutdwon BOS 1st line in 2013 not 10. Saaders not? as good as that anymore and maybe Hoss and 19 the combination but the scoring 10 or 72 cant stop that BOS line 20 did. We need both kind of player to be HHNL deep. 12 can be that scorer but we still need a 20 kind of player to.

  35. Sorry Noonan thought you meant John McDonough.

    Hereismike don’t believe i said that at all, Panarin deal i meant was his elc with him collecting max bonuses and playing havoc on cap when did those first 2 years.

  36. Ian, don’t try to poke a hole in my fantasy by using facts and reason … I won’t have it I tell you. :-)

  37. Kane is pictured with his father (former owner of Kane/Doyle Jeep in Buffalo) and his mother Donna to his left.

    On a different note, much scuttlebutt on HB, that NHL Tankathon now has the Hawks taking Jake Sanderson in the 1st round and the goalie Askarov dropping out of the top 15.

    Here is what I know. The Hawks love Sanderson. They think he is a Stud.
    HOWEVER, the same people tell me that if Askarov is available, you cannot pass on his talent. So I’m still convinced we would take Askarov.

    This is all just mere speculation because if the Hawks beat Edmonton, we are not picking until 16th at the earliest.

  38. That would be a glossal mistake picking 16th or worse when we earned a top 9 pick.

  39. Make up your own mind on how much of an advantage drafting 9th vs 16th is, the last 10 drafts are:

    2010 9th Granlund 16th Tarasenko
    2011 9th D. Hanilton 16th Armia
    2012 9th Trouba 16th T. Wilson
    2013 9th Horvat 16th Zadorov
    2014 9th Ehlers 16th Milano
    2015 9thT. Meier 16th Barzal
    2016 9th Sergachev 16th Chychrun
    2017 9th M. Rasmussen 16th J. Valimaki
    2018 9th Kravtsov 16th M. Kaut
    2019 9th Zegras 16th Newhook

    The last 3 drafts are still not a very clear picture yet, of 18 and 19 only a quick 9 game look for Kaut is only Nhl games played by any of them. The 17 draft the Red Wings kept Rassmussen in Detroit 1st year for 62 games and he spent this year in Ahl. Flames Valimaki split 1st year between Nhl and Ahl basically 50/50 and was in on ltir all this season.

  40. Should read for 17 draft 1st year of elcs not their draft year spent with their pro teams.

  41. Thanks Ian, it looks like a 50-50 coin flip on which is better, 9 or 16.

    Would the Hawks draft no lower than 16 if they beat Edmonton and lose the next series? Of course if they beat Edmonton, and win the actual first round of the playoffs, all bets are off on the draft, but they will have everyone’s attention wondering how far they can go.

    I think your work points to the added value of trying to win in the play-in, and in the playoffs, versus worrying about draft position.

  42. True but the 9th is 100% better then the 16th or higher for the lottery.

    From those drafts there are some good at 16th more at 9th though.

    Big difference in those drafts and maybe before those as well is a top goalie available around 9th and prob not at 16th.

    So normally 16th isint much different then 9th but this draft it is. Plus when its a deep draft yr like this draft is that is big difference.

    Other yrs drafts yea.

  43. The difference between picking 9th and picking 16th is huge.

    If you are comparing these players that Ian has listed would it not be better to have the choice of picking either player? Picking 9 gives you that choice.

    What about all of the players that are picked before the 16th pick that you could pick if you had the 9th pick? Picks 9 – 15

    So if you have the 9th pick you don’t choose between the 9th pick “or” 16th pick.
    You have a choice to pick any player from 9 – 16

    Lots of the prospects that Hawk fans have talked about drafting at 9 will be long gone when the 16th pick comes around.

    I have made up my mind…picking earlier gives more options so its defenately an advantage to pick earlier.

  44. I thought it was. Besides the players were predicted at the goalie of the decade is there at 9th prob and prob not at 16th or more.

    I also think this draft is different then other drafts because of the goalie thing and being deep.

    I realyy care about he next 5-10 yrs and not this yr. I want a top 5 skill draft player to add to the young wave. I donot want another Hartman.

  45. Nobody is saying it’s better to pick at 16th, obviously more choices at 9. Point is having that advantage has brought mixed results. By this time tomorrow night lottery may be a moot point if all picks go to top 7 teans. What is so bad about going out and try hardest to win and chips fall where they may and if you win a round still get a good player, maybe as good or better even than you would have taken at 9 and gain that experience for young guys. Hard to see saying lets be losers for what may or may not be an advantage being worth it. If there was some kind of guarantee of better player be a little different.

  46. You asked us to make up our mind on how much of an advantage it is drafting 9 or 16
    The obvious answer is the advantage of drafting 9 is huge.

    The goal should be to win the cup not win a playoff round.
    I think the hawks are not a good team and could use a top 10 pick a lot more than winning a playoff series with no chance of winning the cup.

    Last year the hawks had the 12th pick…Win a lottery spot and all of a sudden pick 3rd.
    If the hawks were 16th last year no lottery chance and forget about picking Dach.
    The hawks didn’t win three Stanley Cups by not having high draft picks and building powerhouse teams because of their picks.

    Professional athletes always try to win….Always
    I’m sure no player would rather lose to get a higher draft pick.

  47. I believe the draft will dictate the intensity of the first round of playoffs. If a place holder gets a first 3 spot it will be luke warmer. If a place holder gets the #1 spot you know there will be a rona outbreak on those teams in those first games

    Stape you are correct that every player plays to win.(except 1919 white sox(dig)) It is us the fans that want them to lose for selfish reasons of possible future success.

  48. Hopefully it was tongue and cheek–So JR what you are saying is that someone other than the players will conspire to get an outbreak going, causing disappointment and possibly sickness to get a higher pick? Or at least influence the intensity level of the team so they play not as good?

    The players DNA is about winning as they always know it might be their last chance,
    If they are going to play they will play to win.

  49. Of course they want to win so why suggest that they would ever consider doing anything else, as i said before if picking 9th vs 16th is going to make or break the next decade for this franchise, then it’s probably all a pipedream anyways. Learning how to walk so they can learn to run is something that needs to happen and in their control,

  50. What’s all this jibber jabber about picking 9th or 16th? The Hawks are winning the lottery and will pick 1st … ye of little faith.

  51. Step 1. Put up a valiant effort but lose to Edmonton.
    Step 2. Win the lottery for 1st overall pick.
    Step 3. Draft Alexis Lafreniere.
    Step 4. Change slogan from One Goal to Happy Days Are Here Again.
    Step 5. Plan parade.

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