NHL Fines Oskar Sundqvist

On Monday morning the NHL announced St. Louis Blues forward Oskar Sundqvist has been fined $5,000, the maximum allowable under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, for roughing Blackhawks defenseman Adam Boqvist during Sunday night’s game.

Boqvist was hit at 14:54 in the second period and left the game immediately. He did not return and is currently in concussion protocol. Sundqvist was assessed a minor penalty for elbowing as well as a minor penalty for roughing on the play.

25 thoughts on “NHL Fines Oskar Sundqvist

  1. Glad to see he was fined, but the Blues move on and the Hawks are down a defenseman and possibly hurting his career. I know it will never happen, but I would like to see either the accuser pay a fine that equals the salary of the player that is injured for as long as he is out, or the accuser sits out as long as the player that is injured is out. I know it will never happen , but maybe it will stop this “I was just making a play and did not realize what happened” from players…..Just a thought.

  2. found it disturbing that the call was only a minor, the elbow seemed to be clearly intentional

  3. After reviewing the play the on ice officials still got it wrong! I think Morrison might be right the refs might have it out for the Hawks. Hope the kid is alright and hope the Blues lose every game.

  4. To be honest, I didn’t see the elbow really hit him. What I saw was the butt end of the stick catch him in the mouth area. The announcers yesterday blamed it on Boqvist sweeping his legs. That was utter hogwash and the point I turned the game off. I haven’t read what others have thought about the broadcast.

    I’m all for a female crew. What I disliked and dislike regardless of what gender is calling is a 3 person crew. Too many voices, too many talking heads. Just call the game. That’s the most important thing. That’s why radio guys are so good. They only use color guys and gals during a stoppage.

    The other thing I disliked was more to do with NBC as a whole. The female voice is quieter, lower octave. Unless you’re Kaitlyn Jenner. The audio from the game made it difficult to hear the ladies calling the game because the action of the game and noise of the fans drowned them out. They really needed to turn down the parabolic mics.

    That play with Boqvist and there reasoning I vehemently disagreed with their analysis as well as the refs…and the league agrees.

  5. I agree I couldn’t really hear the women but other than that they were great u have to realize this might’ve been their 1st times in front of the cameras also so temper the criticism as such and yes the refs do seem to get it wrong alot against the hawks

  6. We might want to think about having the skilled players be healthy scratches until next yr when we ve added a bunch of players with size and physicality when playing the ‘cheat’ teams.
    We might not have a young wave in a couple yrs-when they would be ready.

  7. The good thing is if the league doesn change the way they ref suspend and allow thse cheap shots teams like BOS STL other might damage other teams good players on teams like COL WAS VEG TB and themselves BOS STL, so that by the time were good again in a couple yrs-with young wave these teams will all have had players out and wont be as good of teams then.

    They bang each other up.

  8. In watching the video I didn’t see an overtly dirty play by Oskar. Definitely out of control but I’m not sure there was intent to injure. Feel bad for Adam. He has progressed this season and was playing decent hockey recently. Hope he feels better and can bounce back from yet another concussion.

  9. @ ted langly

    ten minutes ago you opined that you must remember not to visit this website any longer. what changed your mind? or was that a different ted langly?

  10. Kenneth, I overall thought the women were great. My main criticism was directed at NBC. I don’t think a 3 person broadcast works. Whether that be baseball, hockey, or Nascar. Too many voices. It’s why Vin Scully was so great. Or maybe he was great because he’s Vin Scully and didn’t need anyone else.

    My only criticism of the ladies was the take on Sundqvist. That was a hockey play. That motion wasn’t created by Boqvist sweeping Sundqvist like they alluded. That was a spinning back fast that started prior to Sundqvist going up. Overall for that being the first time together it was pretty damn good. Kate Scott does some college hockey. AJ Mleczko does some analyst stuff, but Kendall Coyne I don’t believe has ever done any broadcasting.

    Overall they made accurate calls. Correct players and correct pronunciation. Very little dead air. All things Kenny Albert struggles with. Albert I like in the NFL, but I can not stand him calling hockey

  11. is anyone standing up in “the room” and calling the players out? where is the leadership the almighty captain is allegedly providing?

  12. Good God,even the LA Kings kids look miles ahead of the Hawks.They have some fast,big,physical players

  13. Toews… the annointed one? The Capt that Saad was brought here for to make the Capt a better player?
    BLOWMAN Years ago had chance to get Ryan Kessler from Vancouver (before they had firesale).. Askng price straight up was Terraveinan.. Blowman said, “ No thanks, he is our future”. enuf said….

  14. It was a dirty intentional hit. He backed into Boqvist and left his feet behind the play. That is not just ‘finishing his check’. should have been suspended. There is no room in the NHL for that kind of

  15. The Sundqvist hit was dirty – he had Boqvist lined up for a hit and when Boqvist pulled up a little bit, Sundqvist adjusted by lunging a little bit and that motion along with his legs coming in contact with Boqvist’s stick caused Sundqvist to rotate and swing his left arm in what was done as an excuse to catch his balance but was really a way to get his piece of Boqvist by spinning his body into him including whipping his left arm into Boqvist’s head. He probably didn’t intent to catch Boqvist with the butt end of his stick but the play was reckless and the victim ended up in concussion protocol so conjecture is not required.

    By the way – Billy Reah, I know your comment on the story Stan turned down a Kesler/Teuvo trade was meant as a knock on Stan – and I’m not defending Stan here – but I remember being happy at the time that story was circulating that Stan didn’t make that trade because I detested Kesler and did not want him on the Hawks. My point is you could have picked any number of Stan stuff with which to knock Stan – not acquiring Kesler, IMO, isn’t one of them.

  16. OOPS – Billy Reay – not Reah … we really need edit function because apparently I can’t train myself to proof read before posting.

  17. So one of the Blackhawks top two prospects is potentially hurt. Wonderful.
    All these prospects elsewise seem so far away….

    Oh Sikura was in a save of the game highlight this weekend..save not goal or play…once again standing next to the net unchecked. If he elevated it a foot would have been in,but no right into the pad. So many of his goals have been a wide open net unchecked. Not exactly the gritty hockey this team needs. But hey I may just rewatch the slow motion contract signing again….

  18. Personally think Sundqvist got his money’s worth and then some on the extended Boqvist ‘hit’…knew exactly what he was doing, and succeeded in making the cheap part of it look almost innocent.

    If a hand is truly the extent of 91’s injuries, we should all be very thankful. When his jersey was pulled, he was already reeling/exhausted, then two straight wide open NHL-enforcer-strength uppercuts to who knows where on his face/head. He had no time to even duck. We all saw Dunn’s facial reaction and Caggiula struggling to get to his knees. About as dangerous as it gets in the NHL.

  19. Give Smith and Soderlund to Win for Lowry and a 6th rd
    Sign Martin and Vesey

    8 19 20
    88 Lowry 92
    12 17 Vesey
    22 77 Martin

    2 5
    27 44
    6/46 68/55

  20. If the league cared, it would not really matter whether the hit was intentional or not. If damage to the player ensues, the penalty must be severe. If you get a concussion because of a hit that goes bad, does it matter if the hit was intentional or not? No it doesn’t. ZERO tolerance would stop a lot of it. A $5,000 fine is beyond pathetic. Sundquist makes over $30,000 per game. If 1000 people watch the video of the hit on Boqvist, 500 might think it’s intentional and 500 might think it isn’t. It is irrelevant! Sundquist was not careful and players are not going to be careful as long as this is tolerated and only costs them lunch money. Given that the players’ association is apparently OK with hits like these, given the fact that the max fine is $5,000, the league needs to lead the moral charge on this with major penalties and suspensions. We’ve seen how seriously they take it. Not by league rhetoric, which pretends to take it seriously – but by the lack of penalties, suspensions and fines.

    The league took a step in the right direction protecting players’ hands from slashes and hooks. Apparently, protecting the head is dependent upon how they feel on any given day.

    There have been some really bad hits that were let go in the league this year. DeBrincat was victimized by at least two of them. If bad hits cause teams to lose games because of major penalties, that is too bad. The Sundquist hit was a major penalty and it does not matter if it was unintentional. I would change the rules for major penalties. If a team does not score in the 5 minutes, the penalty is extended for 2 minutes more. It would stop most of it. The penalties have to be punitive.

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