NHL, GMs Discuss Expansion Draft Scenarios

A potential salary cap for the 2016-17 season wasn’t the only piece of significant news to come out of the general managers meetings on Wednesday morning.

The league also talked about expansion.

NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly told reporters that the league will let teams know the final determination regarding expansion before the 2016 NHL Draft at the end of June. Teams will find out whether or not a potential expansion draft would occur for the 2017-18 season; that would be the deadline for new franchises to compete during the 2018-19 season.

Based on information tweeted out by insiders like Darren Dreger and Pierre LeBrun, here’s what we know so far:

  • The maximum number of players lost by existing franchises would be one per expansion team. If the league chooses to only add one team, current teams could only lose one player.
  • First and second year professional players would be exempt. This does not mean first or second year NHL players, however.
  • A number of protection scenarios were discussed.
  • re: protection scenarios – one positional breakdown included seven forwards, three defensemen and a goalie.
  • re: protection scenarios – each scenario included only one goalie being protected.
  • There wasn’t a concrete answer given regarding players with no movement clauses, but expectations appear to be that those individuals would also be exempt.
  • According to LeBrun, teams must expose players which total at least 25 percent of previous season’s payroll.

If the league expands, it would be the first time new franchises are added to the NHL since Minnesota and Columbus joined 16 years ago.

18 thoughts on “NHL, GMs Discuss Expansion Draft Scenarios

  1. Current No Movement Clauses on the Blackhawks:

    F: Toews, Kane, Hossa
    D: Keith, Seabrook, Hjalmarsson
    G: Crawford

    If NMCs are exempt, great. If the Hawks have to include them in the protected player list, so be it; I don’t think the Hawks would expose any of these guys anyway. Hossa’s cap recapture penalty is something the Blackhawks will want to control either way.

    BNo way the Hawks protect Shaw. There’s a good chance nhe isn’t here by the time there’s an expansion draft anyway.

  2. Read an interesting article on Hossa recapture penalty. The dollar amount is basically years remaining divided by total salary. The cliff notes version is, the penalty basically sticks with the Hawks, regardless if Hossa doesnt(Retirement or Trade). The Hawks might be able to LTIR him but then they are circumventing a circumventing penalty. So consider Hossa here until the end.

  3. Hossa does have a NMC. Cap recapture if he retires. Hoops to jump through for LTIR.

    Elevated cap hit compared to real dollars. Attractive player for a team trying to reach the floor.

  4. Players that you would need to protect would be 15,86,72 and I would protect 81 as forwards and 57,52 Sved/Pokka. Goalie 33

    The others have no movement clauses. You still have 3 more forwards you can protect.

  5. again, we don’t know how NMCs are going to be treated when the time comes for an expansion draft. But I don’t see a reason right now why the Blackhawks would protect any defenseman in the organization other than 2,7 & 4. Forsling is coming, Pokka is nice, and the Swedes will be over here next year but I’m not seeing anything better than Nick Leddy in the organization right now that the Hawks should be afraid of losing. Up front, there are decisions that will be made between now and next summer that will likely impact which players are made available for the draft.

  6. So are we going to see a lot more signings with NMCs in the next 2 seasons? You would think teams would plan ahead and take advantage of this.

  7. I could see protecting 2 and 4. Not sure about 7. In two years time it may be convenient to have him gone for free. Especially with the trading Sharp fiasco.

  8. Except when a player craps out and he wants to stay, your screwed. I would imagine a player can be talked into waiving his nmc just like when they waive their NTC.

  9. Interesting line combos tonight.


    I like the 2nd and 3rd lines, Although, I prefer Ladd as 1Lw. But I like Shaw with Teuvo. Having Ladd there could be great.

  10. @ AJ

    Good call on 7, hadnt thought bout leaving him unprotected but i would absolutely do that. Thats exactly when the bad money and decline will likely occur.

  11. Its smart because Q can have 12 and 16 switch at anytime. Also same thing with 88/81.

    This reminds me of game 5 against PHI when we did this to the lines for moar balance.

  12. Because this apparently hasn’t sunk in, players with a NMC will likely be exempt from the expansion draft. Seabrook has a NMC. So does Hossa. So roll up those hypotheticals, light em on fire, and toss em out the window…

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