NHL Mourns Passing Of Al Arbour

On Friday, the NHL released the following statement regarding the passing legend Al Arbour:

Arbour Release

Arbour spent three seasons with the Blackhawks, from 1958-61, and was a member of the Stanley Cup championship team in 1961.

He would lead the Islanders on their journey to becoming a dynasty in the early 1980s, coaching the team from 1973-94. In total, Arbour coached 1,607 games and is currently second all-time with 782 victories behind the bench.

Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville needs 29 wins to pass Arbour into second place.

RIP to one of the game’s best ever.

4 thoughts on “NHL Mourns Passing Of Al Arbour

  1. Those glasses he wore on the ice always fascinated me as kid…just didn’t know how that was possible…How did they stay on?, Why didn’t they break all time? What would happen if he lost them? Every hockey card I had pictured him with the glasses. I do believe he was the only NHL player that ever wore glasses on the ice.

    Luv the video where, upon scoring the winning goal to win the cup, everyone goes nuts on the bench except Al, who is scribbling away some notes on paper…then looks up and has a delayed reaction, seconds behind everyone else. Like ” Oh we won? Oh great”

    Fort Never-lose

    Quintessential in our 60-61 Cup win.
    Man, am I getting on…all my childhood heros are leaving us.

  2. Some interesting quirks about Arbour’s playing career and his name on the Stanley Cup … in 1954 he played 36 regular season games for Detroit, no playoff games, and his name is engraved on the Cup for the 1953-54 Red Wings.

    His name is engraved for both the 60-61 Blackhawks and 61-62 Maple Leafs.
    Toronto won the Cup again in 62-63, Arbour played in 4 regular season games but no playoff games and his name is not engraved on the Cup for that season.

    Toronto won again in ’63-64, he played 6 regular season games for the Maple Leafs and 1 playoff game but his name is NOT on the Cup for that year. Odd.

    He was also in the Toronto organization when they won in 1966-67 but played the entire year in Rochester, their farm team.

    The only thing I can figure, and I have a vague recollection of this, is that years ago you had to play at least 1/2 the regular season games and/or one game in the Stanley Cup finals to get your name engraved.

    Chico Maki, for example, did play briefly in one game of the 1961 finals. It was the only time he suited up for the Blackhawks that season and his name is on the Cup.

    So Al Arbour’s name is engraved on the Stanley Cup 4 times for the Islander teams he coached, the 1962 Toronto Maple Leafs, the 1961 Blackhawks and the 1954 Detroit Red Wings. I saw his name is engraved Alger Arbour for ’54 and ’62.

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