NHL Names Joel Quenneville Coach of the Decade

The National Hockey league will announced the league’s First and Second All-Decade Teams on Jan. 24 on NBCSports Network.

On Thursday, the league announced Joel Quenneville has been named the Coach of the Decade.

One selection, chosen by NHL.com and NHL.com International staff members, will be unveiled on NHL.com each day in the runup to the release of the all-decade teams.

16 thoughts on “NHL Names Joel Quenneville Coach of the Decade

  1. Well earned and deserved honor for Coach Q.Absolutely hated to see him fired and leave here but thoroughly enjoyed his leadership of my team.Or should I put in Coaches words,I really didnt mind him for the last decade.

  2. Right coach put in the right situation. He took full advantage and earned the honor.

    Congrats to Q.

  3. Good for Q. He was awesome. The grind of winning 3 Cups is massive and he and the core were able to do that. Just remarkable. 10 years with one team is very close to impossible to do and he did it.

    The magic wore off the last year or two and he was “Just OK.” But it diminishes nothing. Any other choice would have been a travesty.

  4. NHL can go father then decade. Try last 3 decades. Since NYI EDM, DET had a 95m payroll dynasty when all other teams had 25m?

    Blackhawks and Coach Q are team and coach of the last 30 yrs.

  5. Only an idiot fires the Coach of the Decade before the decade is over!

    Wonder who the GM of the decade will be?

    We definitely know who it will not be, don’t we?

  6. Coach Q is a perfect example of an awesome everyday kid who worked hard his entire life and rose up the ranks. So respectful, nice, kind compassionate, hard working kid next door. He deserves this honour and he is so inspirational to all who know him.

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