NHL Puts Regular Season On Pause

On Thursday the NHL announced the 2019-20 regular season has been put on pause. From the league statement:

“In light of ongoing developments resulting from the coronavirus, and after consulting with medical experts and convening a conference call of the Board of Governors, the National Hockey League is announcing today that it will pause the 2019 20 season beginning with tonight’s games.,” the NHL said in a statement.

“The NHL has been attempting to follow the mandates of health experts and local authorities, while preparing for any possible developments without taking premature or unnecessary measures. However, following last night’s news that an NBA player has tested positive for coronavirus — and given that our leagues share so many facilities and locker rooms and it now seems likely that some member of the NHL community would test positive at some point — it is no longer appropriate to try to continue to play games at this time.

“We will continue to monitor all the appropriate medical advice, and we will encourage our players and other members of the NHL community to take all reasonable precautions — including by self-quarantine, where appropriate. Our goal is to resume play as soon as it is appropriate and prudent, so that we will be able to complete the season and award the Stanley Cup. Until then, we thank NHL fans for your patience and hope you stay healthy.”

Here is the statement from the NHLPA:

132 thoughts on “NHL Puts Regular Season On Pause

  1. At the end of last night’s game John Wiedeman said that the Blackhawk players are giving the fans an extra salute with all of the uncertainty of what may happen tomorrow.

    Wishing all of you and your family good health, with the hope that this nasty disease disappears soon.

  2. In 2009/2010 H1N1 virus infected 61 million Americans, did sports, airlines…etc cancel anything ? No…..13 k people died which is the average every year for deaths due to the Flu….but now the liberal cup cakes run the show and have to hide and quarentine whenever anyone sneezes…..un real !!!

  3. DAYS, by equating the death rate from corona with the flu, you must be suffering from Right-Wing Conspiracy Virus. If epidemiologists and health experts from around the world are just liberal shills, why trust a doctor?

  4. Hide in your basement and keep believing what they tell you. You have less of a chance of dieing from this virus than you do from the flu. That’s what the doctors are saying.

  5. Mortality rate for Covid-19 is at least 7 to 10 times higher than the flu although it’s still low amongst healthy relatively young people

    Another factor in this outbreak is it’s exponential growth and it’s ability as a result to overwhelm health care systems such as currently in Italy

    Also not to be ignored is the damage the outbreak is causing to the global economy

    Add it all up and cancelling sports/conventions etc. is the best way to try and control the exponential growth to ‘flatten the curve’

    Makes sense

  6. Agree with Days.

    Good news is I was just anointed Commissioner of the NHL.

    When play resumes in April all teams will be in the 2020 Playoffs.
    Higher seeded teams would decide if they would want the first three games or last three games at home in a best of 5 series in round 1.

    Round 2 and all following rounds would be best of 7 series with the format of 2 3 2 to reduce travel.

    Reseeding would be done for every round.

    President award winning team(Boston) will get a bye in the first round and play the lowest remaining seed in the Eastern Confrence.

    Det would be put in the Western Confrence. With match ups as follows:

    Ott vs TB Det vs Stl
    NJ vs Wash SJ vs Colo
    Buf vs Philly LA vs Vegas
    Mont vs Pitt Ana vs Edm
    Fla vs Caro Hawks vs Dal
    NYR vs Tor Az vs Winn
    NYI vs Colum Minn vs Calg
    Van vs Nash

    Thank you for your consideration.



  7. Am no longer getting my information from health experts, government, business, educational, and athletic leaders, and financial markets. This is one big conspiracy. From now on I will just ask DAYS.

  8. @Craig: on-the-ball comment. Your name should at least be in the conversation to replace Stan.

  9. @ days and jr

    thanks for your comments. two less opinions i will read on this website going forward. you just can’t account for stupid i guess. maybe the both of you should check out the definition of pandemic.

    find yourself a transcript of trump’s address to the media last night and one of biden’s address to the country this morning. which one sounds to you like a president and which like a lying moron trying to cover his ass.

  10. @ days & jr

    nba, nhl, mlb, mls, ncaa, & disneyland closed down. what fools. they should have talked to you guys and could have been assured that all is well rather than panicking.

  11. Leaked US hospital document to deal with Covid-19 estimates 96 million Americans will be infected with 480,000 deaths

    Not saying that will certainly happen but you’ve got your head in the sand if you think this is just the flu

    And the other thing is that it could be worse than the estimates

    The US is on a similar outbreak trajectory as Italy – in other words not good

  12. The REAL problem is the Morons here OUTSOURCED All drugs to be Made in CHINA for Max profits…. Now China Virus here and NO DRUGS here to be givin out to ppl infected… SURPRISE, Surprise, Surprise….

  13. 2 of the saddest meathead comments I’ve seen on here. Go lick door handles if you’re so sure.

    Politics over health. Aye yay yay. Sad!

  14. Wow-this is strange world and no wonder with some of the thinking displayed on this site.

  15. Simple statements that will make sense to the majority of the people who frequent this board;

    The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are neither conservative or liberal, or any other political faction.

    These organizations are made up of career health professionals who have dealt with epidemics and ongoing illness situations for many years. The treat each health crisis with guidance and direction based on existing science, spanning the most advanced knowledge obtainable from epidemiology, biology, chemistry, medicine, statistical modeling etc.

    The decisions being made are based on the guidance and best intentions of the CDC and the WHO. In this particular case with coronavirus, based on all of the factors involved, they have decided to guide toward no mass gatherings in order that illness transmission does not occur at such a rate that medical resources and personnel are overwhelmed. There is also ample evidence based on what has already taken place that certain risk factors put some of our population in jeopardy of having to overcome very severe illness if contracted. We have no natural immunity to this novel virus, and some people might die (as some already have) if they contract it.

    The situation as it stands now is not panic. It is calculated and based on science and facts as well as can be known by seasoned professionals.

    If everyone follows suggested protocols things will definitely be strange for awhile. However, what is happening with regard to postponements has potential to help this pandemic be controlled such that unnecessary illnesses and deaths can be limited.

    Here’s wishing the best to each and every one of you! Stay healthy, and we’ll hopefully have some hockey to finish out the season, and then enjoy some Stanley Cup Playoff action even though our Blackhawks will not be participants.

  16. TAB I have a great idea for you. Since we’re all going to be quarantined in our homes and there will be no new hockey news to think about, how about you repost some of your posts of the great Hawks moments / games from the last 10 years? It will be a balm for us Hawks fans as we weather this bizarre unprecedented hockeyless situation. Just a thought, thanks.

  17. The 12 Monkeys was to be funny. No way am I for the people who die because of this.

    You know I am a movie Buff.

  18. Where are the days of yesteryear where the Hawks were winning and contending for Cups and Rufus was posting….

  19. I sincerely apologize if anyone got/felt negative feelings/emotions after the 12 Monkeys ‘movie buff’ comment-was meant to lighten up.

    You people know I am not a dark negative-thinking person.

  20. Just to lighten things up a bit,I wonder what Ian Mitchell,s stance will be now that he can’t go after that National Championship.Will he stay at Denver?His last interview was not as definitive as earlier articles.If he stays for another year he becomes a free agent.The Hawks put a lot of work and man hours into getting him here.

  21. @ big indian

    nicely done. thanks for taking the time to lay out this situation for those who do not understand the process of containment of the disease, protecting the public, and mitigating the effects. hopefully the two neanderthals who commented above will extricate their narrow minds from wherever they have been keeping them and enlighten themselves to the seriousness of this world wide problem.

  22. Jordy. Thanks for the compliment. The Hawks gained a lot of leverage with the NCAA canceling tournaments. The Hawks can offer Mitchell (and Evan Barratt) a chance to sign and play with the Hawks when play resumes. Something they could not offer Mitchell if Denver made a deep run in the NCAA tourney.

    If Mitchell balks and says he wants to go back to Denver in the fall, due to “unfinished business “ then we have our answer. He’s likely going to free agency and the Hawks are in the same position as Carolina was with Adam Fox and Nashville was with Jimmy Vesey in which the player refused to come out after his Junior year.

    For what it’s worth, I think Mitchell signs with the Hawks. Waiting til next November to play more College hockey makes absolutely no sense for a player with NHL aspirations.

  23. One more thing on Mitchell. The Kevin Hayes situation is Not comparable. Hayes had a serious thigh injury his Junior year that required surgery and a hospital stay. He went back to Boston College his Senior year and dominated. Then the Hawks began chasing him. Had the Hawks offered Hayes a contract after his Junior year he would have taken it. But at that point he was damaged goods.
    . There was no reason to believe he would be a legitimate top 6 NHL forward. Once, he proved he was, he had all the leverage And much like many New England kids, he wanted to stay in the northeast and play for the Rangers or the Bruins.
    He missed out on a Stanley Cup ring but has cashed in big time.

  24. Yep, went for the money got it and was rewarded with no Cup.

    Hayes is a little biitch now because of that.

    Mitch has class, it seems to me. So I say he signs and with where we are with our Defensemen and trading Buck its a good idea he plays right off the bat unlike

    stairwell biitch. No wonder why Crow slipped on the stairs after the concert.

  25. Well if they cancelled college basketball and Wrestling. NBA NHL winds up cancelling entire playoffs. Whole thing just like college sports.

    Penn State can win Lacross. Kentucky cant win march madness.
    Iowa cant win win wrestling. Lakers cant win.

  26. mo & craig

    hayes was born in boston and stayed home to play college hockey. had to be a bruins fan and likely disliked the rangers growing up.

    let’s not forget the rough ride quenneville gave to jimmy hayes, brandon pirri, and other rookies. kevin wanted playing time off the get go and must have gotten an earful from his brother that playing time with the hawks as a rookie would be hard to come by.

    same scenario with vesey the following year. from what i read it was down to the hawks and rangers for vesey and he felt playing time would cone with the rangers.

  27. Don’t think any of those others said on multiple occasions they intended on signing with team that drafted them. Mitchell has said he intends on signing with Blackhawks, why doubt him.

  28. for what it’s worth:

    steve peters
    espn staff writer
    march 10th
    top 50 nhl affiliated prospects

    mitchell #50
    14th defenseman

    bowen byram #5 and top rated d-man

    not unhappy with dach, but this is the guy i wanted with the third pick last year.

  29. re: Bowen Byram – the Blackhawks had/have depth on the blue line in the organization. Byram would have been a terrific addition to the pipeline but he would have added to a surplus. As I wrote (the only person who predicted Dach would be the pick before the draft anywhere) before the draft, Dach adds a number of things to the organization that the Blackhawks didn’t have. The biggest needs he filled were size and skill – and he’s a tremendous combination of both. Kirby Dach is going to be a superstar. And I submit Ian Mitchell is going to be a star as well. Crying over the Dach pick is going to feel foolish in 2-3 years.

  30. One other note re: Craig Nigrelli’s comment about the Mitchell/Kevin Hayes comp – Hayes wasn’t a “guy” his first couple years in college. He had a very pedestrian start to his collegiate career. And he had a few off-ice issues & injuries that took away from his resume. Did it suck that he didn’t sign? Yes. But we’re now living in 2020. The Blackhawks could have used a big body center with skill and OH LOOK HERE’S KIRBY DACH (who, again, I firmly believe is going to be better than Kevin Hayes long-term).

  31. @ tab

    having numbers at a position does not equate to quality depth. who of the defensive depth you speak of projects to a second pairing d-man with the ability of those who played that position in the cup years? is their a potential keith or seabrook amongst the depth? if the depth you speak of plays out to be all that then they have a stable of excellent trade assets.

    i won’t argue that they are desperate down the middle and do not dislike dach. you announcing him a superstar, however, doesn’t guarantee it plays out that way. and many more than you projected him as an eighth pick or lower and did not project him as a superstar. he has had a decent year for a boy competing against men, but he has several levels improvement between his current abilities and superstar status. he is miles away from where toews was when he was nineteen.

    we can agree to disagree , but i would be much happier with jokiharju and byram and without dach and nylander.

    either way a team in dire straits with little hope to be a cup competitive team in the near future.

  32. March 11th-When asked directly if he would sign with the Blackhawks Mitchell said “I’d say likely but you never know what happens. I want to stick it out here,play as long as I can here and play for a National Championship “

  33. With Masters cancelled, obviously they would have good info no chance be anywhere near ready to start having events again before mid April, so not gonna be any games before May at least likely. One option thrown out there if nhl resumes is, having 12 teams in each conference make playoffs using winning %s. Top 4 have a bye, and 5-12, 6-11, 7-10, 8-9 best 2 out of 3 playoff for 4 spots. Then a 3 out of 5 series in next 2 rounds and 4 out of 7 final. Blackhawks be 12th team in west under that scenario and play Oilers in a 2 out of 3 series in 1st round, then Blues in 2nd round if they advance.

    I’d take Jokiharju 11 times out of 10 over Nylander. After watching Dach this year and the promise he shows i no way wish they took somebody who may be a star in the Nhl someday but a ways to get before that becomes a reality.

  34. Tim W there us speculation that Ncaa may let athletes repeat lost year next year. So that sounds like he is looking at who may return to Denver next year and what their team would look like.

  35. Bye Bye – to be fair Toews didn’t play in the NHL for a year after he was drafted going back to North Dakota so the comparisons between him and Dach will have to wait until next year – I’m not saying Dach will be a HOFer but they may not seem so far apart this time next year when comparing their abilities at a young age

    I also wanted Byram last draft but Dach has exceeded my expectations – don’t know if he’ll be a superstar but I think the potential is there – Byram has yet to play in the NHL so we have little to go on

    And thanks to Big Indian – great post

  36. Also I’m in the small camp that feels that the Nylander trade may yet prove to be a good one

    Let’s re-visit in 2 years – I’m prepared to be wrong but Nylander’s skills are elite and I don’t think Joki’s are but can 92 put it all together? – that’s the question for us Hawk fans

  37. I get a kick out of these writers for ESPN or the Athletic acting like top pro scouts. If their talent evaluation skills were highly sought they would have senior positions with an NHL team. Not saying that Byram won’t be great but I’m not paying a lot of attention to a writers opinion. I am very happy with the Dach pick and would make it again in a heartbeat.

    Wrap – completely agree on the Nylander/Joki deal. Joki has had a decent year although he was better early in the year than lately. Nylander has shown more potential lately but goals like the other night are pretty high level stuff. I’m still rolling the dice that we will ultimately be pleased with that deal.

  38. Astounding and interesting how so many of the hockey minds I respect here who seem to be able to think with their own mind as to the problems and solutions for the hockey club but defer immediately to so called “authorities” in the political sphere. And you are kidding yourself something harsh if you believe the CDC, WHO, FDA, EPA etc are independent from Political and Industry ties. Before sticking your hand in the sand and running to buy as much toilet paper and masks as you can fit in your car, maybe ask yourself why these super viruses seem to appear every few years, create a mass hysteria, move financial markets around for awhile making some people very wealthy, and eventually a miracle vaccine or drug – tamiflu amyone pops out and can be traced back to patents being held by someone intricately involved with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies that stand to make billions off the “cure”. They are all manmade or genetically manipulated strains too. Playing frankenstein these so called biological specimen experts who dig up old viruses to splay into current flu strains to make them more immune to our body’s natural defenses and more dependent on their drugs. Regardless keep your immune system up especially if you are elderly, take some bee propolis and coated or colloidal silver and get extra rest during flu season. The rest is hype and control mechanisms. Hive mind, sheeple. I expected better from wise creative thinking hockey people like I read regularly on this site. Minus a couple exceptions which you’ve already attacked for thinking on their own. Don’t forget. Swine flu, Avian Flu, Ebola, Sars, they were all supposed to kill us all too. Take care, be healthy.

    Go Hawks – eventually. And no because the large businesses of the world are cancelling events or closing doors does not mean this is an actual deadly threat for the general healthy non immune compromised public, simply a perceived one. This virus affects cognition more than anything else. Love over fear. Maybe look around and watch more than 5 channels of news run by the same parent companies. Just my 3 cents.


  39. Agree that Nylander is trending up and it seems has worked harder in the second half. His high end finishing ability is rare – he can snipe. I’m wondering if the new coach (we’re getting a new coach right?) might be able to connect with him and get him to raise his game even further. Then we might really have something.

  40. As to hockey, Dach is a full fledged stud that could turn into a superstar captain. Amazing pick. I’ll admit I was wanting Turcotte. I was wrong. Dach could be best of entire draft. Nylander has serious high end passing, puck control, offensive awareness, and shooting abilities but often looks lost or like not trying much. Reminds me a lot of the Sedin twins first 5-7 years in the league. Give him a few years. Yes I loved Joki but that’s gone now though all for gettinb back Joki and somehow Sam Reinhart from Buf at some pt and going with Dach. Reinhart, then Strome down the middle moving forward once Toews hangs them up though Strome isnt ideal 3rd line center and prob cost too much for that role anyways.

  41. Shoutout to Hull for pushing for Dach from the beginning too but no that doesn’t mean I ever wanted James real fake news deal Neal on the team. :)

  42. SIGN Ian Mitchell NOW!!!!!!!
    SIGN Evan Barrett NOW!!!!!!

    Season was over in December, let’s start moving forward. Besides the veterans on the team her is some comments about the kids

    Positives from the Season
    Kubalik OMG WHAT A SHOT!!!!!!
    Kirby Dach

    Negatives from the Season
    Boqvist sorry bud but I think you suck, use this guy as trade bait.
    Needed to get a first round pick for Lehner
    Gustafson should have got a second round pick
    De Haan’s shoulder exploded, that acquisition didn’t work out
    I love Shaw but he was damaged goods, that acquisition didn’t work out
    I love Seabrook, but Bowman if your going to sign a guy to one of the longest contract on the team you might want to make sure he takes care of himself……
    Blackhawks have not made the playoffs in 3 years.
    Strome in my opinion did not make any steps forward this year….. Third line center at best…..
    Blackhawks are 19th in GF…
    Blackhawks are 14th in GA..

    Bottom line is we need younger assets. The Kane & Toews window has closed. Both of these guys had great season but even with the addition of Kubalik, Debrincat, Strome, & Dach we are not a playoff team…. Who from this list besides Barratt Mitchel are game changers? We also have some contracts to figure out with Strome, Kubalik, Koekkoek, Caggiula and Crawfrod.


  43. No offense Darren – you’re entitled to your opinion but that’s all it is – an opinion

    That link you sent is also an opinion from a conspiracy theorist – it’s not facts

    How did it get to this point where someone’s opinion equals facts? If you think that’s an example of critical thinking and others who defer to CDC or WHO are sheeple then like I said to JR and Days it’s no wonder the there’s a shit storm waiting to happen in the US

  44. Of course the article is not facts. It’s a link explaining how something this big could be faked. Meant to make people stop and think for a second before accepting news at face value that’s all.

    The second link is a podcast by one of those credentialed experts people seem to like to give their opinions over to. Except he is saying people are not very good at judging potential risk in these types of situations. Listen to the podcast. Meat of it starts about 15 mins in. I think you’ll agree at least with his research.

  45. wrap,

    I doubt henri made a difference this year. or would make the team next year with Murph/Mitch/Boq on the right side. Nylander has certainly looked better as of late. It is a bummer the season has been put on hold because Beaudin, Carlson, Hagel were just getting their looks. Liked what I saw from all three. the Off and Def have quality pieces, now we just have to hope Crawford and Dalia can be the duo.

  46. Darren – agreed the second link seemed like probably credible research without having listened to it

  47. One thing i do know about this pandemic, is they shut down all events to prevent having crowds and paniced everybody into filling department stores to overfilling with crazy buying frenzies. Doesn’t make alot of sense defeating the whole purpose of it all it seems.

  48. i certainly don’t agree with everyone’s opinion on the hawks, but i respect their right to it. and i typically am one to look to the future and work with what i have.

    i was a soccer coach for many years. a sport where, at a high level, you don’t want to give up that first score because it might beat you. so i look to build defense first and thus would rather have byram and jokiharju over dach and nylander. i certainly understand the opposing argument and it definitely has merit as well.

    my main thought is bowman must go and mc donough must go as well or be taken out of the equation when personnel decisions are made. this franchise needs new eyes on the players and unbiased assessments of the talent.

    i want to be a blind, devoted hawks fan again and not a constant critic of bowman. the last five years have been terrible. if we will be losing or falling short i want it to be with a 2007/2008 and 2008/2009 type roster. not what bowman has foisted on us with middle of the road band aid acquisitions and very raw rookies not ready for the nhl dominating the roster in a vision of making the playoffs in the current season. there needs to be a five year plan and patience with it or this recent spate of failing teams is going to continue. that means future success sans 19, 88, 2, & 50. that ship has sailed.

  49. Ian, One thing i do know about this pandemic, is they shut down all events to prevent having crowds and paniced everybody into filling department stores to overfilling with crazy buying frenzies. Doesn’t make alot of sense defeating the whole purpose of it all it seems.

    Hahahaha. Thats funny. Thats why I get grocerys at 11pm or 6am now, have for yrs. No lines and some good looking college babes working then.

    I could use some insider trader information during these world-events.

  50. One things for sure since we added a player thats prob better then Getslapped from ANA.

    We need to add a toppair Dfensemen now, so lets do that.

  51. 19 88 will be part of the another Cup here. 50 2 7 prob not.

    To me 19 88 window is when they retire at 40 or 43 for Kaner. Not when they are done with prime yrs. DET Defensemen snuck another one in there before he retired. These guys will do the same. DET won another one 10 yrs after there 3rd in 5/6? yrs. Same with us 2015 2025.

  52. IMO – I tend to agree that 19 and 88 will win the Cup in CHI again before they retire

  53. Statistically that is quite an opinion Mo and Wrap-it would be nice but a lot of very talented teams, and teams on the rise might interfere with that.
    Here’s hoping!

  54. DET did it with older part of core and younger players. Its the same thing same odds/statistics/other. Same thing. It took them 10 yrs and that looks to be about right now-as appose to the 2-5 yrs thing which we have seen.

  55. I know theres more good teams now and always some on the rise. Thing is we ll be on the rise to. Be one of the top teams again and with salary cap keeping teams limited we wont have to play as hard of teams as there was in 2007-2016. Its watered down now. We need some luck and things to go our way-that happens when we prepare ourselves, roster wise, system wise, org wise, we need everybody here.

  56. PIT didnt ahve a dynasty-not even close. My point is even PITY snuck one/two in there (once league was watered down & goaltender interference) about 10 yrs later from when they deserved to win in 2008. 8 yrs later they snuck another one in there. Its the same thing.

  57. Mo alot of questions need addressed soon. First and foremost are McDonough, Bowman and Colliton staying or going.

    There is number of elc possibilities. Mitchell the big one, but Barrett and Shea in Ncaa, Nalimov was brought over to get some games in Rfd and earn an elc, maybe Shalinov who knows and other possible fas in Europe on radar. Gravel and Teply in Chl could get consideration too.

    Salary cap obviously an issue, regular season not likely resumed but how much of playoffs can be saved will have an impact on what happens with it. Revenue from Seattle and new tv deal coming should help too.

    Where they end up picking in the draft, plus who is picking. Bowman not known to pick goalies high, but fill there from elsewhere, a new Gm may take Askarov for future there if picking around 8 to 1o area.

    Who is coming back next year and who isn’t and how much the roster is tweaked to address areas help is needed. Filled from in house or with acquisitions? Should be hearing some answers while on hiatus.

  58. Yea thats right on that stuff. We have to do what we need to do and make those decsions-which prob make themselves based on other things.

    I fully expect the org-Wirtz to get this shit together by doing a reset. If the same higher ups, gm, coach, system are here in 2025-we cant win.

    We can win again as soon as Wirtz does the reset. That is what I am banking on because its the only way.

    For the roster, we have good young wavers coming no matter what and have some good players now-even if players like 17 go. Its about getting quality deep HHNL top 9/4 deep is what matters/the key and really when you think about that, those posisitons should be decided by new gm/team system. Not this draft if Wirxt waits to do reset, say next season-midseason so were on our way to another top 5 skill draft player, which would be 4 and really be best for loading up of young wave.

    You know what I mean. I know we need to do those things you mentioned. They will be done or people shold go on strike.

  59. For salary cap and roster stuff, I would say were not doing this in one draft/summer/season. In terms of top 5/10 deep team. So we ll get some of it done, trade some players, add some ufa, have more young wavers ready, get another Euro stud-which we do every couple yrs-which means next yr/22 season, ltir the guys who are injury prone 7 65 44 15.

    Then in a yr from now we only have a couple/few adjustments to do and were ready for the 22 season and on.

  60. @ Ian
    I have my own opinions on what I think “should” happen with Colliton, Bowman etc., but do you think there is a chance that any of the three you mentioned might not be in their jobs next season?

    It just seems to me that McDonough would not go anywhere, ever. I’ve expressed that I don’t like what appears to be his influence on coaching and roster stuff, but I guess I just don’t see Rocky giving him or Blank the axe.

    Bowman and Colliton, I think, are going to get passes because of the injury situations, and possibly for some things that look good on Stan’s resume like Kubalik (although maybe scouts should get more credit than Stan … I don’t know).

    I’d like to see changes, but I just don’t think they are forthcoming. Your thoughts? (Ian and anyone else)

    Go Blackhawks!!!!

  61. in the above post ….. I meant to say “Blunk” as in Jay Blunk. Not Blank. Wasn’t trying to make a joke there.

  62. Other then who we would draft,it doesnt matter if these guys are here for another yr. It would/could get us another top 5 skill draft pick. Although we prob make playoffs with not soo many rookies and out for season injuries. We were this close again, and withou crazy sch in forst 10-15 games, not ‘playing’ for more then 50/50% of the time for 30 games, theres just too may things that went agasint us for us not to make playoffs next yr with same roster, gm, coach, team system.

    Whats good about that is, we have to wait for the young players to become more estyablished anyways, for us to trade the extra players we realy donot need-once were deep again, 15 6 other.

    We cant do everything we need to in 1 yr. So it doesnt really matter and could help in a better/more specifically top 5-10 pick again. Which would be 4 top elite players to load up young wave. Which that could be difference in winning again.

    Then in 1 yr from now or after we need to adjust the team system and gm if still needed.

    For one more yr, nothing makes a difference. Whats the better good. Its another top 5 skill draft player.

  63. Big Indian, agree there’s a good chance all 3 may be back, not my hope but in reality wouldn’t be surprised if they are. As i mentioned in another post, do you see a scenario where McDonough retires in a year or so and Bowman moves to President and Colliton maybe becomes director of player personnel type front office role and a new Gm and his coach brought in that kind of situation.

  64. Big Indian-To answer the questions you put out there I think we would have to know what Rocky Wirtz has taken seriously this year and what factors is he going to allow to be convenient excuses.He is at every home game so I am sure he knows the attendance shell game that McDonough and his staff are playing.The last couple of years the Ticket Exchange Market has tanked with season holders complaining that they can not get face value for their tickets.Obviously going on 4 years without any playoff money has to be staring him in the face.The constant screams for Bowman,s head has to be heard and read by him.Finally,he has been a part of NHL Hockey his whole life.The eye test has to tell him that his organization is not competitive.I tend to be in Ian,s camp where I know what should be done and realistically know that it wont be done with all 3 coming back.Until Rocky Wirtz wants this mess fixed at best this organization will be treading water.

  65. Ian hadn’t thought of Bowman moving up-it’s possible. He should be be gone from the Hawks. Can’t see, for sure, the J.C. move in the system. He is the youngest coach in the league and he will want to stay in the NHL in a coaching role-perhaps he needs the experience of another system as an assistant coach.
    Let’s reset.

  66. Kevin Hayes took a shit in a stairwell one year. Then the next year needed his leg ripped open by the jaws of life to keep it from being amputated.

  67. I don’t like to be too critical of players. Nor do I get to see all the games. I’ll say this, to me Nylander is a liability far too often(StL last week). I would be shocked if Sabre fans are saying the same thing about Joker. I’m sure both guys will improve and we’ll see what Stan’s move looks like down the road.

    I’d relieve JC of his job immediately, why wait?

  68. Ryan – I agree – if one person is going to go I’d pick Colliton but I also think there’s a strong possibilty that Stan and JC are back – partly due to the injury situation and partly due to some signs of hope with young players such as Dach, Boquist, Kubalik even at times Nylander and the potential of Mitchell, Beaudin, Highmore, Hagel

    It just seems if they can find a reason not to fire any one they won’t

    There were better reasons to fire JC earlier in the year and they didn’t so I get the feeling that they’re all coming back and the spin will be the youth movement and how the vets have bought in

    A possible plus side to the suspension of the season may be that when the NHL does come back the salary cap will be affected to such a degree that perhaps a couple of amnesty buyouts will be allowed – Seabrook anyone?

  69. On Nylander: this was his first full year in the NHL. The Hawks like his “ceiling”.
    I think this year we got his floor : 10 goals, 18 assists in roughly 70 games. It was a total development year. If he grows into a 20 goal, 30 assist, 50 point guy in this day and age that’s a pretty good player.

    I’m not sure the Hawks loved the talent available in the bottom end of the 2017 draft. Stan traded back and took Jokiharju. In fact, when Chicago was on the clock, the camera and audio picked him up asking if staffers at the table wanted Tolvenen( who eventually went to Nashville) or Jokiharju and on pretty much a voice vote most yelled out Jokiharju.

    Nylander is way ahead of Tolvenen who has had trouble jumping from the AHL to the NHL.

    On Mitchell. If he wants to go back to Denver for “unfinished business “ that’s problematic. He’s now 3 years removed from his draft year. And if his mindset is he wants to keep playing college hockey, move him for a draft pick. His value as a prospect is pretty high but if he does not want to play NHL hockey this Spring or Fall then let’s move on. KAndre Miller signed with the Rangers today. The kid wants to play pro hockey. Plain and simple.

  70. Makes sense about Mitch. He is good so we would be able to get a very high end prospect for him or Mitch + for a toppair Defensemen.

  71. Tim see it as trickle down effect, Colliton is safe unless Bowman is fired, Bowman likely be safe unless McDonough is fired and Wirtz probably isn’t firing McDonough.

    Craig more than just goals and points, really want to see that Nylander is more than just a now and again player, when he wants to. Even last few games had his ice time reduced at times because of his effort, that is what needs to be addressed.

  72. I agree on Mitchell. We have to have him or equal collateral asap. The signs of younger players improvements are encouraging, (Dach is on a path to stardom), but I don’t think overall it’s on an overwhelming level that would lead me to think JC is our answer either. I think the old guard deserves to see changes made before we’ve pissed away another season of their careers.

    I cant be certain without looking it up but I feel it’s a somewhat unusual roster of young and old with a gap in the middle. I’d like to see 1-2 more mid-range guys playing big roles; Maybe it helps in keeping more of a season to season success pattern…but hell, that’s just me.
    Last time I looked I wasn’t listed in the NHL database for a damn thing.

    having no hockey stinks!

  73. on an off ice note…its too bad that the meet and greet with Brian Bickell scheduled prior to the Pens game won’t happen now. Brian is a class guy from every angle and it would have been nice for folks to show their appreciation.
    Brian was/is a great Blackhawk

  74. Regarding Mitchell, I don’t think he has very much trade value right now. If he is determined to finish school and be a free agent, nobody is going to touch him in a trade without a guarantee of signing.

    I definitely wouldn’t want him going back to Denver again…that’s a red flag. Problem is they aren’t getting much for him either

  75. Chuck, when Jimmy Vesey told Nashville he was not signing with them, Buffalo traded a 3rd rounder to get his rights. When Adam Fox told Carolina he was not signing with them, the Rangers gave Carolina A 2nd rounder and a 3rd rounder(which upgraded to a 2nd rounder), but that’s worse case scenario for the Hawks because ultimately you are drafting the next Ian Mitchell, 3 years later, in this case 2020.

    Ultimately we are just speculating and he might end up signing with the Hawks this upcoming week. I hope so.

    If and it’s a big IF, Mitchell spurns the Hawks overtures for a second off season, much like 2019, move on. Trade his rights.

  76. The comments the other day about winning a national title, what was the context of conversation with Mitchell. Could he have been just meaning he wasn’t sure at that time if there was a chance he could still play for title this year or not. The guy said he wants to sign with Bkackhawks, players that don’t want to sign don’t make those type pf statements.

  77. One more thing. The Hawks outlook on defense looks a lot brighter than it did a month ago. Lucas Carlsson looks like a finished product, meaning his time in the Top Swedish League and then the AHL, has prepared him to play in the NHL. It’s only a half dozen games, but he looks like he’s an NHLer.

    Beaudin also looks like he’s close. That’s fantastic. Many hockey people believe the NHL can be a less complicated league to play in because it is so structured and players are in the correct place, most of the time whereas the AHL is much more helter skelter, like College Football (lots of mistakes and turnovers)

    This difference often suits guys like Beaudin who are fundamentally sound.

  78. Ian-My concern with Mitchell is that 3 days ago he was directly asked about signing with the Hawks and changed his response to more of a vague we will see type of answer.There is something going on there

  79. Wonder if he thinks he might get traded eventually, after signing with Blackhawks like Buckaroo did. Then not being able to choose where he can play.

  80. Carllson and Beau look like they can play and we need bigger sample. Say they are good and anywhere 3456 spot. With BoQ being a 23? kind of player we have 3 of 6 spots. Theres no reason 5 and ? cant be good 345 players. So were looking at what, a player just like Mitch and a toppair player. 6 for 6.

    Mitch is important or another equal Defensmen like him is.

  81. @ ryandale

    i have no axe to grind with bickell, but he was far from a great blackhawk. he was at best a middling third line winger who had the best 23 games of his life in the 2013 playoffs. that playoff was a substantial outlier compared to his regular season production throughout his career.

  82. BBB

    You don’t get it. Being a great Blackhawk goes way beyond anything you just referenced. It’s so much more. I doubt I can change your perspective.
    I do respect your input here.

  83. Tim W. – I read Mitchell’s comments as well – although I would have preferred he would have just said I’m signing with the Blackhawks asap I took his response to be a standard scripted reponse (probably fed by his agent) – nothing has been signed so don’t act like it’s a done deal

    His response also happened before the cancellation of NCAA championships so it was in reference I think only to this year’s possibility of winning not that he would want to come back next year because this year’s championship was cancelled

    He’s come as close to saying I’m going to sign with the Hawks as his agent would recommend so IMO he’s almost certainly going to sign in CHI – at this point I would be shocked and disappointed if he didn’t

    To go back for another year to try and make up for an unprecedented cancellation of the season just seems very unlikely

  84. @ ryandale

    you say i don’t get what being a great
    blackhawk is like you have some understanding of greatness that supersedes what others might understand. feels very condescending to me. most people look at statistics in defining greatness in sports. i have seen the entire careers of the likes of lou angotti, eric nesterenko, cliff koroll, and many of their ilk. much, much better performers on the ice than bryan bickell and all well loved blackhawks. not great players, but fan favorites.

    i have been following the hawks for 65 years and by what appears to be your standards i have seen many hundreds of great blackhawks. would love to be enlightened. what are your standards that qualify one as a great blackhawk that i don’t understand?

  85. bbb

    I didnt offer up my process of evaluation for that very reason, i feared it would seem condescending. Perhaps I erred in that regard. We can have differing views. I wasnt nominating him for the HOF. I believe he was a great Blackhawk . You’re of a different view, which i felt was a bit shallow and narrow in scope. Call it offsetting minor comments.

  86. bbb and Ryandale,
    In my opinion, which don’t count for much, I think Bickell is a commodity we’ll never know the ceiling for. The whole MS situation plays into any assessments. He could have been developing symptoms progressively during, and most certainly after, his high quality output. With MS one of my doctors told me (when I was being treated for MS) that the eyes are one of the first things usually to be impacted. Therefore I’ll leap to a conclusion and say that his eye/hand coordination MAY have began to suffer, followed by muscle etc. problems. Okay, I’ll quite blabbing.

    I do agree though that it’s a good call to have offsetting minors. Bickell will be a favorite for a lot of people due to those good memories we have. He also seems to be a solid citizen. While outside of that being in the specific realm of hockey, he’s done nothing to shed bad light on the organization. All around good dude.

    Go Blackhawks!!!!

  87. Wrap, that makes the most sense. Like Craig said if for any reason he doesnt sign before summer/after college, then trade. I guess the draft? would be the deadline for this. With Buckaroo not here and needing good Defensemen and having a young wave like we do, he would be crazy not to sign here and I would be shocked to.


    Speed and good on DEF

  88. With the Cap increase not being implemented next season it would seem the Hawks are going to have to go even younger next season.I would think you would have to look to trade or buyout Maata and Smith.Hope that Shaw retires and Seabrook at minimum stays on LTIR.Dehaan would be solved at training camp.Gut tells me he would attempt to come back in January.Strome and Kubalik have to accept bridge contracts and Crawford a 4 Million a year 2 year contract.Boqvist,Carllson,Hagel,Beaudin,and possibly Mitchell and Barratt would be your team along with Kurashev and Entwistle.

  89. Gotta make a correction. I typed in the word “treated” when I should have said “tested”, referring to MS. Fortunately for me, I DO NOT have MS ….. just got tested for it. Don’t want anyone to think I’m posting saying I’m an MS expert because I have it. Just stating what my doctor told me during the testing.

    I really need to proof read the crap I put on here before I hit the post button. Sorry.

  90. Good post Big Indian on Bickell, honest mistake, agree with your take on him.

    Tim W, gotta think there is a good chance that Shaws 3.9m will be ltir that can be used and cap not going up could even the playing field some.

  91. No need for proofreading everybody spells things wrong and run ons and stuff. It makes people think for a sec when someone types can when they meant cant but you usually can figure out what they mean. Heck I take enlish as a second laguage and I odnot gicve a shht.

  92. With possible ltir space and friendly buyouts available with Maatta and Smith ( 1.7m buyout vs 7 15m in normal cap) to create cap space if needed. Cap ceiling not going up and other teams possibly alot more desparate to create cap space, plus with the expansion draft looming. The cap ceiling not going up could actually create an opportunity for the Blackhawks. Maybe land a good player(s) with a little creativity.

    Big Indian forgot to say, glad to hear you don’t have MS.

  93. @ ryandale

    i think i owe you an apology. my angst is a little ramped up these days. perhaps nit picking on my part.

    never had anything against bickell although i do feel he was an inconsistent player and his physical game would disappear for several games in a row. he was certainly a monster in the 13 playoffs. i do believe it was craziness on bowman’s part to offer that contract, but i think mc donough pressured him to sign bickell and keep the “hero in the fold.” believe the “keeping the hero in the fold” pressure from mc donough was also a factor in seabrook’s contract. bowman couldn’t have signed off on that deal alone.

    mc donough had to have heroes to sell to fans to sell 40,000 cubs tickets 81 times a year. the only thing you need to sell 21,000 hawks tickets 41 times a year is a competitive team that plays hard. bickell or no bickell, seabrook or no seabrook the hawks fans are going to show up for a worthy team.

    hope we can talk about better times sooner than later, but i believe bowman and mc donough need to be gone for that to happen. have my fingers crossed.

  94. BBB..no harm done from my place on the bench and i appreciate your willingness to make sure things are square. It’s a bit odd these days with all that has been thrown in our laps. I enjoy it here and try to be respectful(have failed at times).

    Bicks career has often brought some debates to hash out here. I usually am pretty lenient with my grading curve. I cant say he was a great nhl player but He delivered at a very crucial time,..His peers would gush about what a great teammate he was. High character guy. Media dug him, great community precense ..It adds up to being a great Hawk to me, but i totally get the other side.
    I think our minors are expired, see ya around the rink !

  95. BBB- completely agree that the Bickell and Seabrook deals had pressure coming above Stan.

  96. Shaw’s status can have a significant impact on how things work in terms of LTIR, moves, cap etc. Seems from afar that he should contemplate retirement.

    But what happens in a case where he technically passes concussion protocols going into next season and wants to play? Is it absolutely up to Shaw alone to make that decision? Does the team have an ability to bring in other consultants to weigh in? Sounds like a scenario full of land mines, but are there measures to protect a player (potentially from himself) AND a team in such situations?

  97. A quarter of the way throught the 13/14 season Bickell had to wear 2 knee braces. He talked how clunky they were and how his skating suffered. It wasn’t until the 2015 playoffs that he missed his first games due to what we now know we’re MS related. The 2013 playoffs was an anomaly and a regression to his mean should have been seen, regardless of his health.

  98. Big Indian all players hace to pass physical in camp, anx in Shaws case, team doctors could not clear him from concussion issues even he wanted to play and fail his physical which basically takes it out of his hands. Seems unlikely but they could clear him to play if he is symptom free.

  99. Yes that should screw a lot of the top teams that have full rosters. We need to get a good young player from one of those teams.

    This is our time to get Nemo and Teuvo kind of player.

  100. Postponing games for mths is good for us. Those teams will have less training time in summer. Or if were going for another top 5 skill draft player thats not what we want then.

  101. The only thing that could make this overall situation worse would be the Blues and Bruins back in the finals again once the NHL restarts.

    @Morrison, thanks for the 17 sec, that helped. Hope Bick is doing well.

  102. @ big indian

    can’t help myself. a sarcastic guy by nature and a bowman hater because, well …….

    you can protect the team going forward by firing the moron who traded for players in a contact sport with a history of concussions and shoulder injuries. not to mention taking on $8.5 million a year in cap space for three years and giving up a second and third round draft pick for the privilege. yes the hawks also ended up with mc coshen in the deal. so i rest my case.

    with the recommendation by the cdc of no public gatherings of fifty or more people for the next eight weeks the hawks are effectively done for the season. if there is a truncated playoffs there certainly won’t be time to finish the regular season. no reason not to fire bowman right now (and mc donough as well) if rocky has decided on that course of action.

  103. HHNL would say there is real possibility of when everything begins to blow over, that we may only see awards presented and go ahead with draft, fa and buyout periods, then on to training camps in September.

  104. I have a funny feeling that “IF” the NHL & NBA seasons resume (most likely late spring) I think the rest of the regular season will be cancelled.

    Play will resume for playoffs only….

  105. @ rusty

    i think there is an elephant in the room that no one throws into the equation and that is the bowman/quenneville relationship. in a normal gm/head coach relationship the gm calls the shots. but quenneville came to the hawks with tremendous street cred and won a cup in his second year. bowman had no street cred for anything, didn’t put together the cup winning roster, and thus never was in position to tell bowman to follow through on what his vision was.

    i am not saying this is what bowman wanted to do after the 13 cup, but say he wanted to let bickell go and have jimmy hayes replace him for less than a million a year. i, of course, have no idea that was the situation, but if in fact it was i believe he never could have gone in that direction because mc donough wanted his cup hero to promote to the fans and quenneville hated rookies (inexperienced players) in general and perhaps hayes in particular. so i believe there was pressure from quenneville and mc donough for bickell to be signed.

    imo, that signing, was the beginning of the trek back into cap hell. the seabrook, anisimov, and kruger signings were also terrible signings. and please, no one try to make a case for anisimov. his production between panarin and kane was marginally better than with the losers he played with on the rangers and blue jackets. each year he scored less than fifty points playing with those guys. as a comparison, strome had 51 points in 58 games last year and he wasn’t playing with the likes of panarin and kane.

    okay. done bitching for now. everybody stay safe and have a good week. i reserve my right to bitch about stupidity at a moments notice.

  106. @ rusty

    correction to last post. end of first paragraph.

    bowman wasn’t in position to tell quenneville to follow through on what his vision was.


  107. Morrison…thanks so much for the 17 seconds post. At a time when so many negative things are happening and uncertainty flourishes, it is good to revisit good memories. Thanks again Morrison.

  108. Zamboni, man I got to find that girl who drives the zamboni in the movie youngblood. Shes a beauty! He love her.

    They, should, skip last 10-15 games in regular and play a full 7 game 4 rounds. I do not want to ever see any team win the Cup with a bi.

  109. Greg M R,
    With the, talk, about Bicks I just had to see his face again afetr he scored that 2-2 goal. My niece I showed her that summer on dvr and see giggled when she saw his face/smile with those nice teeth. I do rememeber it was after he got fancy teeth when he started to not do as good. Must have been those fancy teeth.

  110. I wonder how the stoppage of the seasons is going to effect next year’s salary cap. Salary cap is directly related to hockey related revenue. Tough to make revenue without games.

  111. They should at least have a no-drop guarantee on cap. If they do something stupid, like have more then 16 teams or less. The draft lottery has to remain at 15 teams.

    I would say like Ian is, theres no season left. Right to draft ufas and next yr. Were looking at 8 wks so thats half the playoffs. Mid MAR-mid MAY.

  112. I think if the season is cancelled or resumed late and the HAWKS are out of the playoffs, Peter Laviolette should be named the next coach. We all know what most of us think about Bowman.
    Question for Stan: When will any of those drafted Russian forwards ever come to the NHL? They were high picks and if they stay in Russia, again these become wasted picks. Not many Russians drafted by the Hawks ever come to the NHL anyway! This is a problem because then Bowman rolls the dice on KHL players or a guy like Kubalik that he cannot afford anyway after season 1 because if they do have a great season, bonuses and ridiculous new contracts sink the Hawks and then he trades them. Thus, these 2nd or 3rd round picks from Russia that he may have wasted hurt the team’s depth if they never pan out!
    If Dach can emulate Getzlaf of Toews then we have a bonifide 2nd line center after number 19.
    It seems obvious that Mitchell dreams of playing with the Maple Leafs and with Boqvist here, I am not sure he’s too excited about signing with the Hawks.
    Everyone be safe, stay home with your families and cherish this time together with the hope that this Coronavirus subsides.
    Go Hawks.

  113. If it’s true that players have been released to return home, how can you ramp back up in time to do anything? Many of the players will go to Europe or farther and we know what a mess it is over there. I will not be shocked at all if this season is done entirely

  114. Yea, this season is cancelled because of all the people overreating. Theres no need to do more then the 4 or 8 wk timeframe. Then everything back to normal.

    I would say season is cancelled. Like Ian said just go to draft and july 1 ufas.

    If any player goes home to euro, they might ne be able to get back until july 1st.

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