NHL Salary Cap Projected To Be $74M

Coming out of the general managers meetings in Boca Raton, Florida on Wednesday was word that the NHL is projecting the 2016-17 salary cap could be $74M if the escalator is exercised.

This could give the Blackhawks additional flexibilty to retain players, even with potential bonuses hitting for Artemi Panarin. According to GeneralFanager.com, the Blackhawks have approx. $64M committed to 15 players for next season.

2 thoughts on “NHL Salary Cap Projected To Be $74M

  1. Projected is horse shit!! If I remember correctly, they did not announce the actual cap until a day before or just prior to the draft. That information should be available much sooner. Projected means nothing. Make the actual announcement and do it in sufficient time for teams to make plans and think through their approach to the draft.

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