NHL Sets Salary Cap

On Tuesday, the NHL announced the salary cap’s upper limit for the 2015-16 season will be $71.4M.

As it stands prior to the NHL Awards, the Blackhawks have roughly $64.84 million committed to 14 players for next season. Those numbers do not include restricted free agents Brandon Saad or Marcus Kruger.

ESPN’s Scott Powers offered a few updates to the cap figures for some of Chicago’s top prospects.

  • Artemi Panarin, forward – $3.388 million (includes $2.575 million in potential bonuses)
  • Ville Pokka, defenseman – $1.775 million (includes $850,000 in potential bonuses)
  • Mark McNeill, forward – $1.4 million (includes $537,500 in potential bonuses)
  • Stephen Johns, defenseman – $1.1 million (includes $300,000 in potential bonuses)
  • Phillip Danault, forward – $1.038 million ($175,000 in potential bonuses)
  • Mike Paliotta, defenseman – $925,000
  • Kyle Baun, forward – $925,000
  • Ryan Hartman, forward – $894,000
  • Antti Raanta, goalie – $750,000
  • Tanner Kero, forward – $650,000
  • Garret Ross, forward – $636,677

Some of these youngsters will impact the Hawks this season, especially on the blue line where the team expects Trevor van Riemsdyk ($925,000 cap hit) to fit into the mix as well. GM Stan Bowman will undoubtedly be aggressive between Wednesday night’s NHL Awards and Friday evening’s first round of the 2015 NHL Draft to find enough cap space to accommodate Saad and, hopefully, Kruger and look to add veteran depth wherever possible when free agency begins on July 1.

29 thoughts on “NHL Sets Salary Cap

  1. This is good, not 72 but is way better then anything less. We will be able to make this work and be able to have the option of keeping more guys then people think.

  2. Interesting according to the Powers article (Note: All potential bonuses for players who make the opening roster are counted towards the salary cap. Once the criteria for the bonuses are not met, the bonuses come off the salary cap.) Is that a new part of the CBA?

    So the Panarin deal isn’t a 813,000 2 yr deal the an RFA option after 2 yrs its more like 3.388 with 2.5 decelerator if clauses aren’t meet? That doesn’t make any sense??? So if those bonus aren’t met does that money carry over??? Tab you are the cap Guru is that accurate?

  3. I’m sure it’s fun for people to pretend to sit in the GM’s chair and conjure up trades however it seems a little insensitive to me, but them maybe I haven’t totally bought into social media yet. Of course changes need to be made because of the cap, but for grins can anyone name which current Hawk leads the team in the catagories of total goals, shots, overtime goals, shorthanded goals, and powerplay goals? Hint… it’s not Kane, Toews. Keith, or Hossa.

  4. $71.4M is a whole lot better than the $68M it would have been if the players had elected to not allow the escalator. Happy the NHL and NHLPA could agree on that one.

  5. Sharp, Bickell and Versteeg all gone and most of their money gone too might will enable Saad and Kruger to come back. Those two are the imperative. I was hoping Oduya could come back but that won’t happen with some team surely willing to give him $5 M per. And good for him because he earned it. I don’t understand the Panarin contract at all, but I’ll leave that to Bowman and the bean counters. I fully expect Sharp to go to Toronto. Thunder Bay native returns to Ontario and helps a franchise in desperate need to reshape its misguided ways under their new General Mike Babcock. Sharp will be an instant fan favorite.

    June 23, 2015 at 8:59 pm

    We will be able to make this work and be able to have the option of keeping more guys then people think.

    I would respectfully disagree. The cuts are going to be a lot deeper than most think they expect and I would strongly suspect the returns for some of the rumoured departees a lot less than most expect. Either way there’s going to be a whack of “kids” on the team next year. Bowman won’t have much choice.

    Maybe Toews and Kane will bend the PA regs and renegotiate their bloated contracts.

  7. …Nope…I think Morrison is right, …Take out $’s Bickell, Sharp…darn near 11 Million right there. Not sure what we get for Bicks but something for sure….Sharp has great value and brings winning aura…lots of interest in Sharp. Maybe Versteeg goes as well….Rozy, Timonen, Richards, Vermette, Cumiskey, Raanta. Rundblad, Carcillo likely all off the roster.

    I hope to heck we can keep Desjardins and Richards. Vermette would be a pipe dream because he is going to get 5 million somewhere.

    Damn stupid cap has no buisness in a free market society. You put together your team and we put together our team and its no ones buisness who gets what, just the owners ,the agents and the players.

  8. Forgot Oduya…another 5 million he will command, so too bad for us, such a silky skater. We have to give the Rockford kids a chance on the D and we will be OK back there. They will learn a ton from Keith, Seabrook and Hammer. Going to be a super exciting weekend with all the wheeling and dealing. Really interested in where Kessel and Phaneuf end up.

  9. If 27 signs for 5or more then he probably leaves but 4.5 will work (same with 80 above 5 is too much but between 4.5 could work). We can keep one of these two if we want. It just depends on 20/16 caphits. 91 can also stay for 1.5 or something, so theres guys that can stay. Were not going to have too many rookies in at once.

    20/19/81 (4.0/10.5/5.275) 19.775
    P/91/88 (.813/1.5/10.5) 12.813
    38/80/86 (.863/4.5/.894) 6.257
    11/16/65 (.800/2.5/2.0) 5.3
    61 (.637)

    2/7 (5.538/5.8) 11.338
    27/4 (4.0/4.1) 8.1
    34/57 (.800/.925) 1.725

    50/33 (6.0/.588) 6.588


    This is 1.1 over with 21man but cut a little off this and (say 27 or 80).

  10. Stan B. was quoted as saying that if the cap is 71.5 MM vs. 69.5 MM, that would make a big difference in what they do. What is that big difference? I’m afraid until it’s all over, NO MAN CAN SAY!
    It will be really interesting to see what he will be able to get in return for Bickell. I’ll wish him well wherever he goes, but whether it’s hits, scoring….it’s all so inconsistent over the last couple of years. I’m wondering what team would be interested in his services. I’m looking forward to seeing what Stan B. can do to make that situation work.

  11. RTF-
    no way Sharp goes to Toronto unless they can unload Kessel first-which I think they want to do-
    Kessel-elite speed and shoot-heart and head?????? not so elite-some team may bite on him, but it will be buyer beware

  12. MM, while I sympathize with your feeling about the Cap, I think the Cap has literally saved the NHL. I also think that the Cap Floor was a brilliant move.

    Bonuses: I thought Cap hit for a bonus depended on when it was earned. For example: Bonus if the team wins the Cup. I think that counts against the next years Cap. Is that correct???

  13. Columbus is interested in Sharp…. Sharp is a sniper….. so is Morin…. what do you think Mr. Rufus, bring back one of your favorite players, Morin, @ $800k a year, that’s a steal for a highly prolific goal scorer. Let us know your thoughts. Thanks.

  14. ….. or the more realistic trade is a 3-way where Morin goes to Florida to play w/ Mr. Rufus’ other favorite player, Pirri, Sharp to Columbus, and the Slavic guy who broke Kane’s collarbone comes to the Hawks and is honored after the Stanley Cup banner is raised on opening night…. then promptly waived…

  15. I might be crazy (I’m crazy) but I think Kruger’s RFA rights could bring back something decent. Depending how much money he wants, he isn’t worth much more than he is currently making as he’ll never be anything but a checking line center. I also don’t anticipate him having that long of a career the way his body gets broken every game.

  16. Kessel in last five seasons is top three goal scored in league, like him or not. I watched hi. Play college for gophers, he’s a stud, but will be tough to move at 8.1M a year ….OUCH. We’re gonna miss Sharpy, three teams mentioned are Florida, Dallas and Pittsburgh, I think Florida is natural match, but bowmans going to lower asking price. Bowman has said he’s bringing desjardin back, I think bowman wants richards back too, although I think it’s mistake, he had great playoffs but was very average over the year. I’d prefer vermette, but probably out of our price range. Bickel name has been linked to Arizona, hopefully steeger is out too. I like paliotta big D man signed from Vermont. Big boy 6’2″ 220 beast in D zone, discovered his scoring touch in senior season. Russian kid was signed to play in NHL not AHL , so I can see him on wing with kaner. Maybe we sign Matt Erwin from sharks, solid d man. Should be interesting.

  17. Let’s hope Sharp can get us a 1st round pick + and lets hope Bickell and Steeger can fetch us a 2nd or 3rd.

    After looking at the numbers Vermette and Oduya are clearly moving on no doubt. Richie can be retained at a similar number and Desi for about 1.5 that be good. Alot will details will depend on Saads and Krugers numbers.

  18. David Perron was traded last yr for a 1st rounder and a player so SB request for Sharp isn’t completely outrageous. Granted Perron is younger but nearly as accomplished.

  19. Re: Sharp–what a game of “chicken”… the longer other teams wait… the more “pressure” for SB to dump… the more the Price should go down!!!

    Re: Bickell– IF Yotes take him,,, I would be crying “conspiracy” if I were the rest of league– Yotes — Unlocking the “Handcuffs” from the Hawks- to be Great again!!!

  20. SSHM- I was with you on ELC excluding bonuses. I always thought bonuses were excluded and after the year any overage caused by bonus money is removed from the teams cap for the next season. This is called the bonus cushion. So while yes, the numbers are part of the cap, any overage caused by bonus money is applied to next year.

    “Bonuses count against the cap if met. If the bonuses are met and pushes the team’s Cap Hit over the upper limit, the overage is added on to the following year’s Cap Hit.”

  21. Also fwiw, besides general fanager, capfriendly is another site out there. Both pay a nice homage to Matthew Wuest. GF has more information, but you can compare the two to see any discrepancy

  22. Bickell+ Palliota to Columbus for Kerby Rychel.

    Sharp+Rundblad or McNeil for a mid/late first. Waiting isnt a terrible thing, as they don’t wait too long.

    Washington sent the Hawks their 1st (Danault 26th overall) in 2011 for the RIGHTS to Brouwer. Washington then signed Brouwer a few weeks later to a 2 year deal.

  23. Isn’t this awards deal tonight? It would make sense there’s a moratorium on trade announcements if so, they don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder.

    I actually wouldn’t expect any moves until tomorrow.

    As for games of chicken, some of the deals may already be done and they’re just delaying the announcement. They know the cap # so that’s probably the biggest hurdle out of the way.

    Remember last year though the Leddy deal wasn’t until September, so some of this may be unresolved for a couple months. That’ll make for fun times around here …

  24. Ernie, thanks for posting those cap websites. Good references for folks who like to massage the numbers.

    I don’t think they’ll be trading Paliotta any time soon. They think he can eventually be a top 4 type guy and they worked long and hard to develop him and ultimately sign him. Plus to be honest it sets a bad precedent.

  25. Similar to a comment in a previous thread, I also wish that teams could designate one player whose salary would not count against the cap maximum.

    However, I would label this player as a “franchise” player and add a couple of twists :
    1) “Franchise” player must have been with the team for the past, say five, seasons.
    2) Team cannot sign any FA for more than the “Franchise” player’s salary. (Consider variants like average salary, total contract, peak projected salary, …).

    This concept would prevent teams from simply slapping the franchise tag on their most expensive concept and would allow a team to retain their recognized, yet now too expensive, player.

    Obviously, I’d label Capt. Serious as the “franchise” without a second though.

    And I’ll keep my line open expecting Mr. Bettman’s call for more details any time now …

  26. Remember 44 has a bonus of .750 for playing between 11-20 games. I have not heard from anyone yet if PHI is paying that or not.

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