NHL Will Not Suspend Season – Yet

During the second period of the Blackhawks-Sharks game, the NBA announced the league is suspending its season because of the COVID-19 virus.

The NHL made an announcement during the third period. No games suspended – yet. But that may be inevitable.

7 thoughts on “NHL Will Not Suspend Season – Yet

  1. Agree Ian – I was going to go to the BUFF-CHI game in Buffalo March 21

    Don’t think that will be happening – at the very least I expect games to be closed to the public by then but probably the NHL will follow the NBA and suspend the season

  2. Correct guys, my guess is they will suspend like the wimps in the NBA….even though the NHL says they are consulting with medical professionals….it does not seem to be the case, they are going with the liberal media flow. Fact….in 2009,2010 the H1N1 virus affected 61.8 million Americans….was there a ban on sports, travel….etc ? No…..only 13k died, which is about the same numbers yearly on deaths from the Flu….this is all fear mongering…..nothing more, nothing less.
    And what really sucks, I am signed up for the Legends Cup Alumni Tournament next week and that may be cancelled as well….what a load of poop !!

  3. I agree, it’s the “chicken little” response….

    The economic damage will be lasting…

  4. Days the issue with this one is the incubation period. Look at the number of days and this is clearly a bigger issue. If you ignore that piece then yes you have an argument.

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