6 thoughts on “Niklas Hjalmarsson Suspended, To Miss Opener

  1. Ok, I get it that the NHL is now suspending checks where head contact is made. Hammer certainly didn’t take a run at the the guy though. He took one step and actually just glides in before the contract is made. Watching that on tv I was thinking how long will this player skate with his head down laterally across center ice before someone drills him? Given that the Blues were taking “liberties” in a pre-season game, I guess Nick thought why not pop this guy? If the NHL is going to suspend checks like this, then lets see some consistency so that the players know when that line is being crossed.

  2. ^ It’s the NHL. Consistency in officiating and handing out supplementary discipline? Never has happened, never will happen.

  3. I have the utmost respect for Nick’ hes a clean player and in hockey somtimes these hits will happen

  4. Yup, he hit the guy in the head. Guess you get to keep your head down in the middle of the ice in the NHL now. Zero responsibility on the part of the offensive player? Oh well, enjoy your day off, ya big goon.

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