No More Blackhawks Tickets?

Over the last week, Blackhawks season ticket holders have received a package in the mail from the team.

This is expected this time of year. Usually, it comes via FedEx, and feels like Christmas. Inside are the physical tickets for each seat owned. A new design, the logo, the opponent. It was a fun day for folks fortunate enough to have tickets to Hawks home games.

But physical season tickets are now a thing of the past in Chicago.

No longer will season ticket holders have a memento to share with their kids or something to hand to business associates. Now, everything is digital.

The letter sent out by the team was outlined by Danny Ecker at Crain’s earlier this week.

“In keeping our fans’ best interests in mind and after extensively reviewing the new ticketing technologies available, we collectively made the decision to move to digital ticketing,” Chris Werner, Blackhawks vice president of ticketing and customer relations, told Crain’s in a statement. “Digital tickets will allow our fans to transfer their tickets more efficiently, access and view their tickets on a mobile device and provide increased security for single-game buyers compared to paper tickets.”

Now, the only tickets purchased at the United Center box office will be sold as physical tickets. Season ticket holders can either display the tickets via a smartphone or print the tickets from their computer.


19 thoughts on “No More Blackhawks Tickets?

  1. As a season ticket holder I have always liked the physical aspect of having those ticket books. It was a personal thing. The tickets were mine to do with as I would choose. Of course , we have been able to transfer tickets with ease via the internet through email for years. This was enough for me. I rarely used my smartphone to present the digital ticket entering the UC.

    My initial reaction to this notification of change was WTF? Are they doing this to save money? We spend huge money on these tickets. Why not ask season ticket holders if they would prefer physical or digital tickets? Give us a choice.

    The next indignation will be advertising on the uniforms.

    It’s all about the money. I just want to watch a hockey game. The other marketing BS is just a distraction from why most of us are there, to just watch quality hockey.

    For whatever reasons I am just not as excited as usual about this upcoming season. I just can’t figure out why I feel this way. Anyone else have similar feelings?

    Lets Go Hawks!

  2. I guess the other thing that comes to mind with this new ticket system is what if people that are season ticket holders don’t have smartphones, computers at home, or where they work? What do these people do, line up at the will call windows for every game?

    I don’t see anything in the info booklet about that possibility?

    Lets Go Hawks!

  3. I used to save all my tickets since the 1960’s. When the Hawks won their Stanley Cups I framed the tickets from the playoffs.

    I am wondering how much longer the lines are going to be, since you have to empty your pockets to enter the United Center, then then get you phone to show your ticket,

    Hawks owners are really pissing me off. First when the team moved to the United Center, my seat was moved away from center ice. Then they move me again so they can build the dumb bars. Then I lose my parking, because they told me they were going to use it to build additions.

    Hawk owners do not care about the long time fans.

  4. This is a money saving decision, no doubt about it.

    The Hawks have been years ahead of other teams, specifically the Cubs, with their online ticket management for STH’s. Last year they really made an effort to upgrade their phone app to make it very easy to transfer tickets or just walk in using a barcode on your phone.

    I actually like not bringing my tickets down…not because I don’t like the hard tickets, quite the contrary, I like keeping them pristine and not torn or bent.

    I think this was a mistake. They definitely didn’t ask for STH opinions.

  5. It’ll definitely cut down on fraud and the resellers business, obviously there’s huge margins to be made scalping tickets. I’m sure this comes from the league regarding security, … only thing I’d be skeptical about is that ownership or the league is controlling the ticket resale prices.

  6. Ticket holders should have been asked their opinion or choice. Honestly, what do they cost, $25 per seat? I would have been happyto pay a few dollars extra to get the hard copies. Saving that printing cost didn’t stop the $5 per ticket price increase on 300 level seats from last year. Just proves they really don’t care about the fans. There will always be someone else to overpay if we don’t want to.

  7. Phil- I am excited about this season as usual because I believe we still have a top notch nucleus. My big concern is that Moose, Mash, Tutu and Desi all make the team. I am ok with Desi spot starting on the 4rth line but the other three guys are not NHL talents. I hope Schmaltz, Motte and Kero get a serious look and are able to displace some of the above mentioned players. My other concern is who will be playing with Toews. Wouldn’t it be fun if Motte and Schmaltz excelled in camp and got a chance to play with Toews. Probably wishful thinking.

  8. I am just as excited as normal. The defense is back to where it was for those and the young guns are going to get plenty of playing time for Whoo earns it. We are going to add a good FW at deadline. What I like the most is the defense is set from the start. It’s harder to add Dman then FW like center then LW/rw. Which is we have a chance to do something special.

  9. I think every season ticket holder should be allowed to request the 41 games in tickets and they have to print them for those who want it. Still saves money that way.

  10. It’s 2016. While I appreciate mementos, I think the privilege and memory of going to 42 home games plus playoffs will outlast the ticket stubs.

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  12. Ernie, building a timerframe (company) by myself (a couple friends) in about 5 yrs, how long did it take you.

  13. I had to tear down a house that was here foundation and all. Started fresh. The new footing was poured almost exactly 2 years ago. Having a regular job and doing everything myself made it difficult. Work til 5. Come home. Work from 6-10. Tough to get a lot accomplished. Put every nail in the framing, windows, doors, plumbing, lap siding ,standing seam roof,tile,shower,trim all myself. Subbed out the HVAC,insulation and drywall, and solid hardwood floors. Floors took longer because I used a couple hickory trees from my own property. They had to come down anyway so I thought it’d be a shame to turn into firewood. With help and without losing a month to an appendix that wanted out it should have taken substantially less. But I’m proud I did it the way I did. How many people can say that

  14. Kudos, Ernie. I’d be proud, too!
    Betcha you saved some good coin on the deal, although time is certainly money.
    Go Blackhawks!!!!

  15. You have no idea. Haha. Couldn’t afford what I got without everything working the way it has. I now have 2 homes on 5 acres. I need the rental income to pay for the 11k property tax bill. This adult stuff kinda sucks.

  16. When I got my package I called the Hawks about it. Bottom line is you can still print out the tickets and use them like normal. They just don’t look like tickets any more, but you still have something in had with the bar code. My philosophy has always been if its not broke don’t fix it. It was fine the way it was.

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