Official: NHL Expanding to Seattle

On Tuesday the NHL announced the approval of a 32nd franchise in the league, playing its games in Seattle beginning with the 2021-22 season.

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  1. Great hockey market with large population. Sorry, Quebec City. You will need to get a team to move to your new arena.

  2. Someone check me on this as I’m not sure on the rules of the expansion draft. I believe the Hawks’ prospects on ELC’s that haven’t played any NHL games yet – and therefore can slide the first year of their ELC – will be exempt and not need to be protected in the expansion draft. That will include Boqvist, Beaudin, and Enwistle. That would not include Sikura, DeBrincat and Jokiharju – those 3 will need to be protected. I’m not sure how it works with unsigned players like Mitchell, Kurashev, Barratt and others.

  3. As long as they don’t play at end of season and burn an elc year EB. Mitchell and Barrett, krys or anybody else too if they burn a year. So if they don’t be in good shape for draft.

  4. AHL only counts if it its a full slide year. Turning 20 before jan. 1st on a slide would trigger eligibilty too but no Hawks prospects in that category this year.

  5. Everybody under a professional contract is exposed minus 1st and 2nd year players. Which would be anybody thats a rookie next year. Players on elc and still in juniors this year, it doesn’t count as a year. So Boqvist, Beaudin, Entwistle unless they play 10 games at end of season won’t need protected.
    Toews, Kane, Keith and Seabrook with nmc recieve automatic protection unless they agree to waive them. So if long term any free agents signed still under contract for 21 22 season would also need protected. 7 forwards and 3 defence and 1 goalie or 8 skaters and 1 goalie.
    So forwards Toews and Kane by rule plus Debrincat plus 4 maybe Sikura free agent or 2 signed in next couple of off seasons and one or 2 others depending how many fas.
    Defenve Keith and Seabrook by rule and Jokiharju protected. Boqvist, Beaudin and Mitchell and Krys exempt and not exposed unless they burn an elc year at end if this season.
    Goalie an non issue.

  6. Forgot to say Saad a ufa sumner of 21 so would be able to resign him after draft and he wouldn’t be part of the draft or need protected, but may sign him earlier and add him to protected list too.

    Being compliant won’t be an issue this draft by looks of things either

  7. So the cap is going up 3-3.5m on its own.
    How much does it go up beyond that for, instant top 10 teams fees.

  8. No thats cba negotiated. No guarantees oo it. Nhl wants Bettman cup in summer of 2o but need a guarantee of no work stoppage from players union. Escrow payments the players biggest issue i heard about. Rfa big contracts by owners seems to be theirs. Not sure its longer elcs or what change they want. So buyouts were because of recapture rules last time so not sure if those issues would bring that again or not.

  9. Nevermind all that, Bowman needs to angle in ASAP get the GM’s job early to start building that team. Hawks can release him tomorrow as a courtesy and pay him while he works for Seattle until the summer before they start to play. It will be money well spent, the best money Rocky has spent since Hossa was signed.

  10. Bowman, if still around, will find a way to screw things up. That’s his DNA.
    Question of the day?
    How many goaltenders have been drafted by other teams since Bowman was named GM of the Hawks? Who are they? And how many goalies has Bowman drafted since Tallon drafted Crow? And who are they? Let’s exclude the soccer goalie from Belguim since maybe Bowman’s Euro scout was watching the wrong sport!

  11. Russia roster has no Hawks prospects on it. Kurashev still could be on Swiss roster.
    Wall your draft wish from ohl Kaliyev isn’t on it either. USA announcing theirs later today.

  12. My guess is we lose Forsling in the expansion draft. No one else really worth taking.

    7 Forwards: Toews, Kane, Sikura (if he shows he is actually good in the NHL), Dcat, Strome, Kahun, Kampf. This assumes Saad is still unsigned.

    3 Def: Keith, Seabs, Jokiharju.

    In this case pretty sure we lose Forsling, or Murphy, but probably Forsling.

    Could go with 8 skaters since not many forwards are good enough to fret about losing:

    Toews, Kane, Dcat, Strome or Sikura, Seabs, Keith, Joki, Forsling.

    In this case probably lose Strome or Sikura.

    I think it depends on how the young D look next season. Right now, I’d rather lose Strome or Sikura or Kampf or Kahun than someone who resembles an actual NHL defenseman with some potential upside like Forsling.

  13. Boqvist only prospect on Swede roster.

    Mike if they sign a big name fa to a long term deal in nrxt 2 summers , that would most likely be an add to list.

  14. If anybody wondering about goalie prospect Gravel, he is German and they aren’t in this years juniors tournament.

  15. I am sure Tab will make a list.

    This is arguable to most important world juniors (maybe next two yrs as well) since we havnt had and no other team in next 50yrs a chance to reload for a 4th Cup in salary cap era and in dynasty style. PIT doesn’t count because they had bookend and they snuck two in at the end when the league was watered down. LA was much better then them as they went head to head, with the dynasty team of this 10/20yrs, like COL did with DET. When the Chicago Blackhawks dynasty teams of this 20yrs won we had to beat other stacked/really really good teams teams, like SAN10/VAN10/LA13/ANA15/BOS13/TB15. Earned.

  16. Going to get excited about the young prospect we have and get next two drafts. Theres going to be lots and lots of really good players, not hopefuls.

  17. Why would Carter Hutton sign here to back up Crow when there were #1 jobs he could realistically compete for?

  18. I watched about half of the AZ/LA game last night, which was about as much as I could stomach, mainly to see how Schmaltz looked. My takeaway was more about LA – they are really a bad team, especially now with Kovalchuk out of action. They are slow and can’t score. I was hoping they would get on a roll and pass the Hawks in the standings so the Hawks end up with the best odds in the Jack Hughes derby, but LA is actually a worse team than the Hawks – they are awful, at least at this point in the season.

  19. Yea, I looked about a few games ago.
    It could happen but LA and it looks like VAN suck so bad were looking at 3rd most depending on about 7 other teams.
    We play in hardest division and that helps us for this.
    4 of 8 worst teams in hockey (not 5 because BUF) are in that division so they’ll get ‘free’ wins against each other. So would LA and VAN but not enough.

    Whats surprising is STL sucks that bad and they have a full roster, was suppose to add all these great big players during summer and what?

    We do have a good shot at 3rd most.

  20. Thing to remember is we might want 2nd 3rd or and not 1st because that might be the ball that comes up first.

  21. ER, if we stay close they could win a few more then us by playing VAN and EDM and such, while we play STL (when they play) and other better teams.

  22. Funny thing is I posted a wk ago about us going 20-8 six times in 7 yrs and no team might do it this yr. TB and TOR must have heard me, they both won 4 and 5 to get to 21-7 and 20-8, funny.

    Based on that TB wins Cup this yr.

  23. Prospects tonight.
    Kurashev 1g
    Beaudin 1a
    Nlimov 15 saves on 18 shots ot loss 1st game with new khl team yesterday

  24. Good Money on Tampa there; I put mine on Colorado.

    Did Goldberg score? no? it was Silfverberg? Either way it was #33

  25. Recliner on the 1st goal Crawford screened never saw it. 4th was in empty net, but 2nd was a whoops and Manning got caught on 3rd. He made some excellent saves though after being hung out on numerous occasions where defensively in front of him looked confused and sloppy.
    Debrincat played a good game, 19 and 88 also. Thought Strome maybe his best game as him and 12 looked dangerous last night, still not very visible on his own side of center though. Gus another Jeckel and Hyde game, goal and post but 3 giveaways.
    Four posts coulda made a difference, but so would a full 60 minutes of hockey.

  26. Even though Saader is the best for most return. Why.
    We would then need to add yet another top 6 FW.
    Were already adding one maby two this summer and next.
    I guess if we could trade and gain asset/good prospect and then just sign a good ufa top 6 FW, yea.

  27. @ian indeed Crow was fine
    @Morrison would have to be a handshake deal for him to return; otherwise what? risk losing him to free agency or have to protect him in the draft?
    What’s the Panarin offer plan? two years?

  28. I would say to land Panarin it takes 6 yrs in the 60-65m range. At 27 his agent will want a big payday for him. Possible he gets an offer a little higher than that too. If signs for 6 in the 50 to 55 range he’s leaving a good chunk on the table likely.

  29. Also this time Panarin would quite likely only come back with a nmc as he is a ufa now and is eligible to have one in his next contract.

  30. Bread Man might sign for long yrs nmc and give us a little break. But we donot really need it cap wise, overall. With enough moves, already done, and more to come to stack roster again, once Four Horsemen and others are past bridges, we still be ok. Its worth it.

    Its not cap heck, its lets get loaded and get to the cap again baby.

  31. It’s still kind of early to be talking protected and unprotected players, still 3 yrs away….plus nobody has mention Gustafson, probably the best D man on the team currently. Keith is horrible, I say take away the A and give it to Kane. Knock Keith down to 3rd pairing minutes. Trade Forsling and Murphy, bring up Raddysh.

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