9 thoughts on “Opening Night Is Here!

  1. Excited for the season to be starting. Lets to be excited about and lots of questioms to be answered. Here are some of the things im looking for this season.

    Will Toews and Kane take another step? Is there another level of greatness from these two.

    Will Sharp, Hossa start showing decline? 31 and 33 respectively. Will father time start catching up to these two.

    Can Richards be a 2nd line center?

    Can Bicks contribute in the regular season & playoffs?

    What are the Hawks doing with their 3rd D pair? Are the current players the answer or do the Hawks need to go to RFD?

    How good can RFD be? The forth best minor league system in NHL should field a strong AHL team right?

    Has the rest of the league specifically the central caught the Hawks?

  2. **Correction Hossa is 35 and Sharp is 32 going on 33 in a about a month.**

    Sorry about the poor spelling damn auto correct/auto type on my phone

  3. Hoping for a healthy season. Everything else will fall into place if the main guys can remain healthy and in the lineup.

    GO HAWKS ! ! ! !

  4. LOS got pasted, with burlap 5-2 and 4-0 in ’13 and ’15 on banner/opener night. They showed no fight, no nothing. We showed guts when we won 6-4 against WAS.

    Another sign of character about us & them.

  5. Tab……did you use this picture on purpose?

    One advantage (or less of a disadvantage) the Hawks have coming into the season this year. Winning the Central and the Cup in 13 put a huge bullseye on the team. A third place finish in the Central and no Cup will relieve some pressure this year.

  6. All things considered, I’m pretty happy with how the starting lineup looks. I personally prefer Richards on the third line, with Shaw on the second. Can’t wait to see what that line accomplishes. I think the only question marks are Carcillo, and the 3rd D pairing, both of which could still work out…we will see soon enough.

  7. Actually just saw that Smith will be starting on the third, with Morin on the 4th. Little less excited about that. I’ve learned to trust Kruger and Smith together, but there will be little chemistry on the 3rd and 4th lines tonight.

  8. Pokka-Pokka-Pokka-Pokka-Pokka-Pokka-Pokka

    Richards- New-nick name Casper

    Runbad- Runfast- Run-away (and don’t comeback)

    TT- he is so good- the guy got the Hawks a point ( Kane used the exact same move that TT scored with in the Shoot-out during pre-season– way to go to school Kaner)

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