Poll: Would You Reserve Blackhawks Playoffs Tickets Today?

Here’s the skinny. A new service provider, OptionIt.com, is wondering if Blackhawks fans would have interest in the ability to purchase the option to buy tickets to specific Blackhawks postseason games in advance. OptionIt offers fans who are not Full Season Ticket Holders* a safe and secure way to access to a limited number of tickets for all potential home playoff games at face value.

What does that mean? You go to their site, and can pay to reserve tickets for playoff games. For an example, you can view the page where they are currently offering Washington Capitals postseason tickets here.

Why would you consider this service?

Flexibility and Convenience: By purchasing an option, you can Reserve Now and Decide Later by either exercising your option and purchasing the ticket at face value, or selling your option to another fan at OptionIt.com should you not be able to attend.

Worry-Free Solution: Guarantee yourself a ticket at face value without being forced to shop in the secondary market, where tickets often sell for many times over face value

Peace of Mind: OptionIt has an official relationship with the team, so you can buy with certainty knowing that the option corresponds to actual seats

So, the million-dollar question is simple: would you be interested if the Chicago Blackhawks offered the same service the Capitals do through OptionIt?

Respond through the survey below, and please leave any comments you might have. One lucky fan that responds will be selected to receive two (2) tickets to an upcoming regular season Blackhawks game!

Vote here!

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Again, please don’t forget to comment for a chance to win a pair of tickets to an upcoming regular season Blackhawks game! For other great promotions, you can also follow OptionIt on Twitter or Facebook.

36 thoughts on “Poll: Would You Reserve Blackhawks Playoffs Tickets Today?

  1. Sounds like a great idea and would save fans money by not having to shop in the secondary market, as mentioned above.

  2. Seems like a great idea; I like that if you end up deciding not to purchase the tickets you can sell your option to someone else (it’s not like there won’t be a line a mile or two long to get those!).

  3. I definitely think this would be a great idea. I love the idea of it being face value. I would definitely be doing this and I can guarantee a lot of others would too.

  4. I could see where you might not want to risk it if your team was an “on the bubble” kind of team. But, these are the Hawks we’re talking about! They WILL be in the playoffs! And I want to be there to see them in the playoffs! It’s as low of a risk as you can make.

  5. Oh definitely would love that option. I hate paying broker price and or outrageous stub hub prices. Be nice to pay no more then face value.

  6. I’m sure there are fees that they have not informed us of.

    My guess is between 18% to 25% in fees.

    I could be wrong….just sound too good to be true.

  7. I think this is a great idea and I would definitely put some money down today if I was guaranteed Hawks Playoff tickets at face value!

  8. this seems like a no-brainer if you are not a season ticket holder.

    i also think a profit-minded fan could probably try to make a little dough by buying playoff ticket options on the teams they think will perform well early on in the season, let the ticket option value go up as the team does well, and then sell ticket option out for a profit (hopefully) later in the season.

  9. This would be awesome – especially if you live out-of-town (Kansas City) and want to make some playoff games. Three people voted no? Can’t wait for my book to arrive!

  10. I like the concept. Of course, whether or not I were to purchase an option would depend on: (1) the cost of the option and (2) the likelihood of the Blackhawks making the playoffs so I could either exercise the option and purchase a ticket or sell the option.

  11. Martina – Your question is answered on the FAQ section of the OptionIt webpage http://www.optionit.com/help-and-faq: “If I buy an option for a playoff game and my team does not make it, what happens to my option? In a Playoff game scenario, if your team does not qualify, your option automatically expires. Because Playoff game scenarios are TBD events that involve some risk, prices of these options are often considerably less expensive.” In other words, the money you pay for the option is lost. That’s the downside. So if you buy an option for a first round playoff game, hopefully the Blackhawks will be one of the 16 teams (out of 30) that make the playoffs. But buying an option for subsequent playoff rounds may be less certain and therefore the opportunity to exercise your option may never materialize. Just like in the stock market, options have great benefits but do involve some risk.

  12. A great idea for Blackhawks Fans! this would eliminate the high priced ticket brokers and the inflated prices on Stub Hub. I would think that the cost of the option and face valued ticket would be a lot less than going to a ticket broker.

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