Panarin And Kane Stay Hot, Blackhawks Fall in OT

The ongoing dominance of the hottest line in the NHL kept the Blackhawks in the game. Unfortunately, it was Ottawa who took the second point in overtime.

Chicago had a first period that was… bad. Mike Hoffman gave the Senators a 1-0 lead only 92 seconds into the game, and Bobby Ryan added a power play goal six minutes later to extend the lead. Ottawa was playing physically and took advantage of the Hawks. Marian Hossa took a dumb penalty for retaliating after he got hit hard in the corner by Mark Borowiecki, and was in the box when Ryan scored. Andrew Shaw also took a run at Borowiecki and headed to the box as the first period ended.

Between the first and second period, however, the Hawks woke up/turned it on/started caring/whatever you want to say. They showed up big time in the second period, led once again by their best line.

With a two-man advantage early in the middle frame, Patrick Kane scored his 16th of the season. The goal tied the Blackhawks record for consecutive games with a point. But Kane wasn’t done.

Late in the second, Artemi Panarin accepted a pass from Kane, navigated his way across the ice and rifled a shot past Craig Anderson to tie the game.

The Hawks out-shot the Sens 16-6 in the second and, most importantly, stayed away from the penalty kill after Shaw’s late-first period penalty expired.

Chicago didn’t stay out of the box in the third, unfortunately, and it cost them again. Jonathan Toews made a terrific defensive play, but passed the puck up the ice and caught his teammates mid-change and the Hawks were called for having too many men on the ice. For the second time in three opportunities, the Sens made the power play count as Mark Stone found the back of the net.

Thankfully, Kane’s night wasn’t over yet.

That is Artem Anisimov’s 11th goal of the season and Craig Anderson had no clue where the puck was when it hit the net behind him. Anisimov had two points in the game but won just four of 13 faceoffs as the “second” line once again accounted for all of the Hawks’ offense.

On the first shift in overtime, Hoffman finished a 2-on-1 breakaway with Erik Karlson; Kane was alone defensively and Ottawa’s hottest scorer ended the game 30 seconds into free hockey.

Kane, Toews and Marian Hossa finished the night with two takeaways each while Tanner Kero led the way with three hits. Kero also struggled at the dot, winning only one of five draws on the night. Toews (11 of 19) and Marcus Kruger (six of nine) were the only Blackhawks to win more than half of their faceoffs.

Teuvo Teravainen got the start with Toews and Hossa and had a couple good moments, but didn’t blow anyone away. He was credited with only one shot on net in 15:53 and skated himself out of position on a couple occasions. Marko Dano was involved physically the entire night, but disappeared down the stretch. He finished the night with the lowest ice time on the Hawks (8:25).

Niklas Hjalmarsson led the Blackhawks with five… shots on goal. Trevor van Riemsdyk led the Hawks with two blocked shots and Duncan Keith picked up an assist to give him 10 points in 10 games since returning from injury. Keith skated 29:14 in the game.

Corey Crawford made 23 saves in the loss, while Anderson stopped 35 to earn the victory.

Kane now has 35 points during his 21-game point streak. But, at some point, offense has to come from somewhere else in the lineup.

The Hawks are back on the United Center ice on Sunday afternoon against the Winnipeg Jets.

60 thoughts on “Panarin And Kane Stay Hot, Blackhawks Fall in OT

  1. Those 3 make it look so easy, like they are playing against a squad of tykes…Harlem Globetrotter Line…they are dynamite. Just show/ make it madatory, everyone else on the team the Hoffman/Karlsson OT goal 350 times and tell them to do “that”. Ottawa 3rd goal ( Stone) was weird, in slow motion with everyone gawking, someone needed to lnock him out of there instead of giving him all that time to watch the puck come down. Still like the OT format, its fun to watch…it might get old after a while but I think specific strategies will develop over time, especially with goaltending.

  2. A lesson to be learned for 3 on 3 play is to be sure there is always a man high in the zone. When Keith took the puck low, neither Kane nor Toews cycled out high and that has to be done – ya can’t have all three guys below the dots.

    Another lesson is for the puck carrier to have an outlet – don’t get caught in a corner, like Keith did, where a bobble of the puck leaves you no options and let’s the opponent put a body on you and now it’s a 50/50 physical battle which generally means a lost battle when it comes to the physically inferior Hawks.

    This was another game where Crawford was the 2nd best goalie on the ice. He has stood on his head a few times this season but there have been more times when the opposing goalie has outplayed Crawford. Crawford’s .852 save percentage versus Anderson’s .921 was the difference in the game. His season save percentage is down to .911 which plain and simple isn’t good enough. I know Crawford has been and can be better … but goalies have up and down years and maybe this just isn’t one of his better years … at least not yet.

  3. We have one line that csn generate anything offensively. One. And this has been mostly the case for the season so far.

  4. Same song, different band. Are the Hawks 11-0 w/ Mashinter in the lineup? Kero no great shakes either — slowly regressing (nevermind the fact he was brought up from minors to add offense) — penalty klling, faceoffs, confidence all on downward slope. A trade would be nice, but we understand it may not be feasible b/c of salary cap constraints. Ok fine. How about a fresh two or three forwards from Rockford? There is NO way that Rasmussen Morin & Hartman are worse that Mashinter Kero and Desjardins/Garbutt/even Kruger. And dont tell me Jake Dowell is not more useful than Mashinter. Please. Give me a break. Tikhonov either needs to play or be waived/sent to Rockford. This is wasting precious salary cap space.

  5. The defense in front of Crawford is not remotely as good as last year Ebony. Daley once again shat the ice tonight and is an abortion in the defensive zone. We all know that and so let’s no longer pretend. TVR works hard but cmon, he’s a 3rd pairing. And Rosival is being relied upon to play too much. So get off Crawford’s back.

  6. Iceman, Ryan Hartman has played poorly in Rockford. Morin? He’s had a boatload of NHL trials and failed at each. To include during his time with lowly Columbus. He can’t crack the Blue Jackets roster and he is supposed to be the answer here? He sucks.

  7. Ebony, I feel the same way about Crawford. I don’t criticize him. He’s a gamer. But we’re in a tough transition (blame it on the cap, blame it on anything you want) and so far it’s been a difficult one. Crawford’s a core guy now and he needs to be better, but so do they all. Lots of mistakes lately.
    Watching the Stars Canucks game right now. Really depressing. The Stars look like we used to.

  8. Dano skated a few of his shifts on the Right wing… Looked tons better!!!

    TT- did look like he had a little more “Jump”… so that was a positive…
    chipped the puck up and out a few times

    Daley- wasted $$$ for the minutes/D he plays

    ER- thanks for bringing up the “Goalie” thing… I agree with Rufus… Crow was not the blame… Just some well placed shots/By shooters with time and Plenty of space…

    BUT- That has been my argument the last 2 years… The team/system in front of the goalie is as important or MORE important than the Goalie in the success/GAA.

    Lots of stats/Goalie #’s show this…

    So I am still in the “pay the skaters” camp

  9. I forget, we won 4 of 5 3on3/so with really good plays, etc. then the last two the other team got with ease. Thinking the 3on3/so goes in waves we got 4of5 then drop two, so a were going to catch another good wave with these again.

    We need to bank cap space and not have as many extra guys on the 23man.

  10. Unfortunately, it appears we have no personnel options available to improve the offense on this NHL roster. Something has to be done soon or this season my be going down the tubes. Q can blend all he wants, but nothing is working to fit players into productive roles. Only one line produces offensively. For all the speak about the Hawks depth, Q keeps playing Mashinter. Obviously the depth isn’t here or in Rockford. I see no options but to make some trades to change up the pieces. However, we have useless Rundblad and Tichonov sitting in the press box, we have a couple of 4 yr first rounders mired in Rockford, we have Bick’s big salary buried in the AHL, and we are tight against the cap. I am trying to see light in this bleak picture and have my fingers crossed that Bowman can perform any kind of magic to make another cup run this year possible.

  11. I know the #6 d-man is not the issue but why is Rundblad still taking up a roster spot? Rosy has had to play every game since he returned and even if someone got hurt there is no way you could put in a guy who hasn’t played a game in two months. I am a huge SB supporter but this one is really a head scratcher.

    Count me as a Crow backer. Amazing the short memories some folks have .

  12. Tony- ” The Stars look like we used to”….. That is so very true. After our cup win in 2010 it was all about 2 way play and defense responsibility and that philosophy just got stronger as we went along. Now if a newer Blackhawk makes a defensive mistake he is immediately in Q’s doghouse and “stapled to the bench”. The team in 08-09 was sure exciting to watch. Many of our best plays came shorthanded and we were a pretty freewheeling offensive minded team, much like the Dallas Stars are now. Game 6 vs LA overtime was pure hockey magic, back and forth, because the players took over the game at that point. We are far from the worst offenders of choking the life out of the game though. Everyone has tried to emulate our defensive backplay, some to more extremes and that is likely why scoring is down so much. Cannot argue with Q’s winning formulae but it would be nice if we just let them play offense and to hell with it…without the coach calling a time out to yell at everyone not to do that again. In my opinion,and what Tony pointed out, we could try a little less of a short lease all around and a wee bit more letting them go. Just a little.

  13. Mr Rufus, you can’t seriously maintain Hartman is a worse option to play regularly than Mashinter. That is absurd. As for Morin, I’m not going to start flipping coins about him. I stand by his ability and potential. He has an offensive skillset that is hard to find. He never received a fair shake to play like Toffoli or Pearson on Kings did. He barely played last year in Columbus before he had “Fred Sanford” problems. He only got one fair shake to play REGULAR top six/nine minutes in Chicago, and he produced at the end of the ’14 aeason. That is a fact. It’s human nature to get down on yourself when things aren’t progressing well. He may never succeed in the NHL — if he never receives a fair shake.

  14. Was at the game tonight so finally got to see the Hawks live. From my viewpoint on the second level all of the lines (except Kane’s) looked lost out there. Just a bunch of guys with talent playing as individuals. Maybe it’s just hard to compare the thing that Kane, Anisimov and Panarin have going but the other lines just don’t click. I saw a lot of bad positioning and uncertainty. I think Quenville has to firm up the lines and let them play a few games together to develop some familiarity and confidence. Turn off the line blender and let the lines set.

  15. I believe that Keith is the best defenseman in the NHL (- props to Doughty, Hedman, Karlsson, and maybe a couple of others (Ekman-Larsson? Subban?)), but this one is on him. I know…harsh/critical/judgmental/etc. but, he was guilty of too much f#ckin’ around on that OT deciding play. And, it’s not just this isolated incident – at times, several of his team mates dazzle/cycle themselves out of opportunities. OK, it happens. It’s WAY TOO early to panic!! Hopefully, they’ll get it going against division/conference teams the next seven games.

    If we’re voting, I’m for either Desjardins or Tikhonov playing in place of Mashinter.

    GO HAWKS!!

  16. If Hawks had awakened from their pregame naps before the second period they would have had 2 points tonight. Same with Game vs Wild.

    Anyone know what tv station is carrying game Sunday vs Winnipeg ? Is it only WGN ? I don’t live in Chicago so can’t get Hawks games on WGN . I cannot even find this game listed for the Jets’ broadcast.

  17. Same lineup. Same result. 3 one goal losses in a row.

    I think Tab was right a few weeks ago after the Winnipeg game when he surmised that Rundblad has played his last game in a Hawks uniform.

    If the Daley giveaway tonight did not earn him a seat in the press box, nothing will and it won’t.

    Rosy playing every night is borderline unbelievable, seeing that he was not an every night player the previous 2 seasons and now he’s 2 years and a brutally broken ankle older.

    What Q does not like about Tihkonov is beyond me. Hard on the puck, defensively responsible.

    I will say this about Dallas. They might be fools gold. Fun to watch and tons of goals in the run n gun regular season, but we shall see about their goaltending and defense when the rink shrinks and every inch is fought for come playoff time.

  18. It’s getting tough to watch the combination of brilliance and stupidity when the Blackhawks hit the ice. Talent is on display, and dazzling at times. However, guys not having their heads in the game at crucial times (read dumb penalties combined with poor first periods) just kill the “on paper” advantage.

    It was fun to see the D-men cycling in and getting involved in the offense. As far as TT …… the puck seems to find guys who want the puck. TT has a lot of practice talent, but it seems like it doesn’t translate to the show. It might not be a fair comparison, but Panarin wants the puck, he gets the puck, he distributes the puck (sometimes at the expense of his shot) and does shoot the puck. It just seems like TT disappears, and gets beaten like a rug and tossed around like a rag doll.

    I think Tab hit the nail on the head when he described the Hawks in the second; “(they) woke up/turned it on/started caring/whatever you want to say”. The guys at this point turn it on and off, and then back off, and then on, and then off for again. I look at the end of regulation in a game like tonight and I think “well, it’s good that they’re getting at least a point out of it”. But, 82 points over the course of the season isn’t gonna get them jack squat. I’ll never stop watching, but it’s wearing on me a bit. Here’s to better times ahead!

  19. Very entertaining game last night.
    I like the way the Blackhawks have been playing. They’ve built a lot in a very shot period. I’d give the Hawks a very good grade for this start of the season.
    The only problem I see long term is the lack of face-off productivity. That’s a key area in the playoffs and Anisimov seems like a weak link.

  20. At least we got 1 point!

    Myself was playing NHL 16 in the basement, (NOW WITH THE UNITED CENTER). I got a win and two points!

    If you want something done you sometimes have to do it on your own.

    On to the next game vs winnipeg at the UC. I hope that guy, Hutch the clutch against the Hawks won´t be the starting goalie….

    Go Hawks!

  21. Tikhonov should be playing, not Mashinter. I think the team misses Vermette more than people realize in terms of depth and utilizing four lines/matchups. Hopefully TT and Dano step up as the season progresses. Maybe I am an optimist, but I thought that overtime goal against was a bit of a fluke. I think if the Hawks play Ottawa 3 vs 3 overtime 10 times the Hawks win 8 out of 10 games. That’s my opinion. Beating Winnipeg in regulation on Sunday is important.

  22. Craig N- good observations on Rosi and Tiko… speaks VOLUMES on Q’s hate for Runbad…

    Big Indian- Re: TT- I completely agree on the TT/Ragdolling…
    Furthermore- many here talk about “wait a little while” for TT to mature/get stronger… so he can be a better board battler…

    I completely disagree with that… imo- it is not in TT’s DNA/game to win battles/play Physical… TT would be much better off working on his skating in tight areas… The guy looks like “RoadRunner” … his wheels are spinning… yet he moves 3 feet… in the opposite- watch Hoss or Saad… those guys take one stride and move 20 feet…

    Can any “real X players”- please tell me if they see the same issue with TT’s skating… Perhaps TT needs some more strength (but it needs to be his lower body)… But – I just don’t see a lot of NHL players taking those choppy steps and going no where… a little Odd to me… almost like he skates on his toes… versus Panarin- who is skating/juking on the edges of his skates.

  23. Was at the game tonight so finally got to see the Hawks live. From my viewpoint on the second level all of the lines (except Kane’s) looked lost out there. Just a bunch of guys with talent playing as individuals. Maybe it’s just hard to compare the thing that Kane, Anisimov and Panarin have going but the other lines just don’t click. I saw a lot of bad positioning and uncertainty. I think Quenville has to firm up the lines and let them play a few games together to develop some familiarity and confidence. Turn off the line blender and let the lines set.

  24. Tab- LOL!!!

    A wise person said last year that Hoffman was a STUD (after seeing him play once)…
    Kid can fly/snipe… He is going to make some fat $$$

  25. I don’t know why teams don’t just use three forwards during OT. It’s basically a game of keep away at that point and Kane, Toews and Panarin would be great. Keith was the furthest from his own goal last night on the Ottawa winner so his defensive abilities were of little use.

  26. Wall… I used to watch Hoffman in the QMJHL when he was with the Sea Dogs and he was sooooo much faster than anyone on the ice and you could tell he had elite skills and was going to be a good one.

  27. Another weak game by Crawford (1st goal poorly played, whiffed the second, last second shot in regulation beat him short side and luckily hit the post, etc), killer TO by Keith in OT cost the game, team is napping in many 1st periods, Q’s blender is insane… 1st line Toews combo’s have been borderline stupid.. Other than “2nd line” (which is worth the price of admission alone), team is currently frustrating to watch…

  28. Bickell / Toews / Hossa (Yes, Bickell)
    Kane / Anisimov / Paranin
    TT / Kero / Dano
    Shaw / Kruger / Desjardins or Tik or Garbutt
    Send Mashinter dddddown

  29. Gbladz- There was another kid I watched last year during Jrs/PO’s… Zach Senshen (or something like that)… Boy that Kid could fly… I don’t know where he was drafted… But man I would like to see him in a Hawks jersey…

    Said the same thing last year (after seeing Hoffman versus Hawks 1st time)… Larkin too!!! Don’t know how the kid didn’t go top 5-10 (unless his skating really jumped from year after draft)

    Anyways- great pick for Sens

  30. Speed Kills . . . Senators pretty fast north and south and bringing three guys fast! Not one and waiting a la Hawks.

    Not a bad game and another game Hawks could have won. This “invisible” third line is throwing off this team as it impacts the top line and the bottom line and the entire team.

    Here are the lines I would stick with now. Coach Q is a master at it but is still in experiment mode

    Toews, Hossa, Shaw ( Shaw adds net front presence and strong fore check and speed adn makes this a productive line )
    Artist, Kane, Anisimov ( hands off best in nhl )
    Marcus, Garbutt, Tikhonov ( This line will elevate Marcus’s game, how Viktor Tiki is not on the ice is a mystery, this line is fast, forechecking and can at times score, Garbutt is fast and aggressive to the net, this line would WORK)
    Dano, Desjardins, Teuvo ( some speed some size and Dano is a player, Teuvo needs to play now or get traded )

    I would even try to recall Viktor Svenberg . . . even though the current D is playing well, I would let Rozy sit and play once a week.

  31. I think Bick will be back next week! Time is up! Bick on our 4th line could add some stability, even if it’s 1/2 a Bick!

  32. Hoffman is a stud . . . funny how many here saw him play years ago and could instantly see he was a star! Now we have all these “average ” AHL Hawks who keep making the rounds here and everyone can’t figure it out, that they are average at best! Real talent is often easy to see, the average sometime can fool ya!

    I think Dano is going to be very very good, kid is always in great offensive position, stays on his skates, net front presence if he played next to the ARTIST he’d be a rock star!

    go hawks

  33. We have ONE line that can generate offense. One. We are overpopulated with grinders and specialists (Garbutt, Des Jardins, Mashinter, Tik, Kruger, Shaw). Hossa is in obvious decline in terms of the minutes he can play and the offense he can deliver. Dano is very raw and I’m just not seeing what is so special about him. Teuvo is fully useless and restricted to RW.

    Meanwhile on defense we are asking TVR and Rosival to play much bigger roles than really makes sense otherwise.

    We are in some trouble.

  34. I would like Hof to weigh in on how Bickell is playing in Rockford, but reading comments from other Icehog fans on other websites leads me to believe Bickell should not be brought back to the Hawks until possibly the playoffs where he can produce in short bursts like he has in the past. According to those fans who regularly watch Hog home games, Bickell is the exact same player he was in Chicago – not consistently physical, floats, falls down a lot, fires that good wrist shot as soon as he crosses the blue line, etc. The difference is that he’s playing in the AHL against AHL players and at AHL speed which allows him to score at a better clip than he could at the NHL level.

    He’s a nice guy and I wish him well, but he simply can’t skate at the NHL level anymore.

  35. ER- to add… a lot of 29 goals have come on PP… he doesn’t score those in the NHL,,, and yes, he does still fall down as much as TT does… and it’s usually after Bicks tries to hit someone…

    Lastly- 29 is still better than Mash… but perhaps the plan- is to wait for some other team in need to PU on 29’s AHL scoring prowess!!!

  36. Turtle- Huge Fan of Hoss!!!

    But – ya would think a HOF guy would be able to do a back-hand elevated shot for a goal- once in 100 tries… never seen him try… Not in his DNA (much like asking TT to grow and take the body– NOT in his DNA)

    Hoss has that Quick 5 hole release (with minimum back swing) and the “water bottle” slappper on the PP… as far as His shootg talents… still GREAT 2 way player/skater… with Instincts of where the puck is going.

  37. Here’s hoping that being in Ottawa ignited the Daley trade rumors to Ottawa and the Hawks can fill a need and ability to bring either Guf or Sved back up.

  38. Good comments everyone.

    Kane’s line has scored 35 goals and the rest of the team has scored 36. Saw parts of the game yesterday. I did see where Eddie O called Teuvo out for moving out of prime scoring position. Instead of moving into the shooting lane or toward the net for a rebound, he moved higher in the slot and away from the net where he might sustain physical contact. I also saw Teuvo totally pull off the puck along the boards when he saw the Sen’s point man pinching to keep the puck in the Hawk’s zone. He just let the point man have the puck. In my mind, both of those plays were and are totally unacceptable. I have been supportive of keeping Teuvo on the “trade him” debate here over the last couple months. The more I am watching him, the more I think he is just a pussy and afraid of any sort of contact. The only other player I recall with that level of aversion to contact was Nick Leddy. I am not buying the need for him to gain weight. Weight will not put guts in the kid. That’s not the type of player it takes to win Stanley Cups. With more plays like that and the lack of trading chips we have, I think my opinion may be changing on the trade Teuvo debate. We need to do something to get more balanced scoring from the rest of the team. Given the state of team, this may be the first time Stan Bowman will have to pull off some sort of blockbuster trade rather than just adding role player. We are almost a third of the way through this campaign. I am not sure how much more patience we have to let them gel.

  39. Hossa pure scoring day shave passed, BUT his ability to get the puck, hold the puck and play incredible defense, hustle plays and flat out skate under control make him anRock Star, don’t look for too many goals maybe 15 even though he gets a lot, a lot of great scoring chances. One of the most valuable Hawks, with out him our defense struggles,

  40. You can’t have 1 line doing everything. Ottawa is not a very good team and the Hawks got out played and out hustled. This team is just sad to watch lately, they have regressed to a very average team. Their shots are down, possession is down, 5 on 5 numbers are way down. This team is a shell of the team that won the cup in June.

    My hope is that Tuevo and Dano continue to develop, both of them need to matter in order for the Hawks to be successful moving forward either on this team or as an asset for another team. Unless some other prospect comes out of no where and turns into a top 6 winger, which I don’t see. The Hawks prospect list at forward has looked as poor as it has in a a long time.

    Also saw rumblings the Hawks should call up Bickell,..why???

  41. Teuvo is a terrible fit here. Last night sadly showed that once again. He can’t play with the puck off his stick and is strictly a RW. He is insanely overrated. And to me the quintessential soft Euro player who needs that big ice surface and open play. He isn’t NHL material. And my patience has worn out completely for the experiment in Chicago. He needs to go away while he maintains any shred of trade value too.

  42. Bickell is done in the NHL. His career has ended for all intents and purposes do to the compilation of physical and mental injuries. It happens in this league. Guys like him who do keep trying for another chance end up dying prematurely. Let him skate it out in Rockford. He’s a good guy.

  43. Sorry to sound all doom and gloom so here are some positives at 1/3 into the season. I was re-reading my last post and felt this comment was necessary.

    Kane is on a torrid pace and has given the middle finger to everyone,.. off ice issues aside good for him!

    Crow continues to play at a very high level and is among the best goalies in the league.

    Artemi Panarin & Anisimov, SB deserves a TON of credit for both these moves. Anisimov has more pts. then Saad at this stage is costing the Hawks considerably less money. Panarin is the leading Calder candidate, which going into the season was unthinkable. He went from a guy I wasn’t sure could play into a guy who CAN flat out play at this level. Excellent signing.

    TVR-Quietly has turned into a reliable top 4 D-Man. His growth can not be understated. He has eaten up hard PK and defensive minutes. Also he has also stayed healthy which has been a knock on him for a while.

    Stick tap for Seabs in his 1st season wearing the “A”!

  44. Further to my point about the Stars – I’ve been keeping a close eye on them and, barring any major rash of injuries, they are for real. Someone else pointed out that the playoffs and the tighter style of game will be their big test, and I agree, but I’m guessing they will pass it.
    If not for an incredible game by Ryan Miller, the Canucks would have been crushed. As it was, they lost 4-2, but it could have been 10-2. They had only 10 shots on goal on home ice after two periods. The Dallas D still has it’s lapses (Oduya had a couple of bad giveaways but nothing came of them), but they’re more solid than they’ve been in the past. Oduya and Klingberg the main reasons, especially Klingberg. Sharp has been dropped from the first line to the second, but he’s been very effective on both. He got stoned by Miller on a couple of breakaways last night and also had two more great chances from the slot. Don’t think he misses Chicago very much right now.
    Sorry about the recap of a rival’s game, but watching it just reminded me of where we need to get back to. And the stark reality is that we don’t have the bodies on the ice right now to do it. Our cap situation has set us back, as we all know, and one of our hopes is for some of the new guys and the young guys to step up which, as we also all know, has been a mixed bag so far. Thank goodness for the brilliance of Kane’s line and Crawford’s play and Keith’s fast recovery and other high points that Southside summed up above.
    We’re still in the race, and I feel confident that the front office is well aware that many of our questions marks need to be turned into exclamation points if we’re going to make the playoffs.

  45. Can I throw this in about the Rockford team. I checked the AHL site and to subscribe to a Hogs season package of online games costs 199$, that’s much more than the whole NHL Centre ice package, WOW, how many of those can they sell. But going to the Rockford Ice Hogs website you can view highlights of all games after the fact. I do like checking those to see how things are going, not exactly HD quality but OK. Just FYI.

  46. I think it is commonly overlooked, but perhaps part of the reason that Mashinter is up is because of his cap hit. I believe it is 550,000 or something close to the minimum, and I believe the Hawks are like 47,000 UNDER the cap. It really isn’t possible to get another forward unless another goes down with him. Bickell cannot come up without us losing Dano, Kero, TVR, Tikhonov, or Rundblad. Granted, I think that Tik is better than Mash, and should be playing instead, but I’m not the coach. So before we all call to get rid of Mashinter, I think we have to accept the fact that he is currently here to stay, and probably until the trade deadline or playoffs.

  47. Very good analysis there Nick. Fans move players around like chesspieces without regard to the unintended consequences of the cap situation. $47,000 that is real tight. Bickell should remain in Rockford were he is doing somewhat ok. Wow are our hands tied or what?

  48. We put Tikhonov on waivers today. If he’s picked up or clears and goes down there will be enough cap room for Bickell to come up.

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