Panarin, Kane Light Up The Oilers

The Blackhawks looked like a better team when the puck dropped on Sunday night. Artem Anisimov, who missed part of the second and all of the third period in New Jersey, was back on the second line between Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin.

But more importantly, Marian Hossa was back on the top line with Jonathan Toews.

The Toews line started the game, but it took only 58 seconds and one line change for the Hawks to get on the board as Kane found Panarin and the rookie made it count.

Chicago carried the action for most of the opening 20 minutes, and Panarin added another goal with 2:25 remiaining in the first.

According to Elias, Panarin became the first Blackhawks rookie to score twice in a first period since Jonathan Toews on Feb. 14, 2008.

For as good as the Hawks looked for much of the first, Corey Crawford was the only reason the Hawks maintained a lead through the second. The ugly turnovers that have plagued the team in recent losses returned, but Crawford stood tall in between the pipes – even after he was involved in a collision with Benoit Pouliot behind the Hawks net.

Edmonton out-shot the Hawks 22-6 in the second period, but the Hawks maintained a 2-0 lead because of a stellar period from Crawford.

When the Oilers got their first power play of the game (with Viktor Tikhonov in the box), Jordan Eberle was able to beat Crawford to cut the lead in half. The primary assist on Eberle’s goal is the 200th career point for Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

The two teams skated back and forth for ten minutes with the most exciting moment being a piece of padding floating down from the interior of the United Center’s roof in the middle of the period. But at 13:28, Kane scored his tenth goal of the season to extend the lead to 3-1 and give Kane a three-point night.

With his assist on Kane’s goal, Anisimov also picked up his 200th career NHL point.

Edmonton pulled Cam Talbot with just under three minutes left in regulation and were able to cut into the Hawks’ lead. Andrej Sekera was able to beat Crawford at 18:09 for his first of the season.

The Oilers put pressure on the Blackhawks with Talbot on the bench, but a pass out of the defensive zone turned into a race between Hossa and Oscar Klefbom. The rookie held Hossa’s stick and was sent to the penalty box with less than 15 seconds left.

And the Hawks made the Oilers pay on the brief power play as Niklas Hjalmarsson found Kane, who dished the puck to Anisimov for the nail in the coffin. The assist was Kane’s third of the night and fourth point in the victory.

Crawford allowed two goals against 36 shots to earn the win after two subpar performances in a row. Toews won 17 of 26 at the dot while Hossa picked up three hits in 19:03 on the ice in his first game back.

63 thoughts on “Panarin, Kane Light Up The Oilers

  1. An ugly win, but I’ll take it!! That second period was terrible. Poor Crow, the guy is the reason that we won the game and he is the #3 star. Still no respect.

  2. Getting 2 points ugly is much better than getting no points pretty. Keith can’t get back fast enough – the D really struggled getting out of the zone. Panarin and Kane are two incredibly gifted players – the 1st goal and 3rd goal were amazing.

  3. The big Swede’s play since game one has improved immensely-haven’t seen all the games but tonight he looked like he belongs in the top 6.

  4. Couldn’t watch, but kudos to Kaner. Is he on fire or what? When Panarin is on Kane’s line, he’s getting points. When Teuvo is on Kane’s line, he is getting points. All I can say is WOW!

    Go Hawks!!!

  5. Hawks won the first and third periods. Second period was all Edmonton, much like blues game. Yikes.

    Really starting to like Svedberg. Long stick, does not try to do too much, has the air mail chip out of the zone down pat.

    Daley had a couple of glorious chances and did not convert. It will be interesting when both Rozy and Keith are ready.

    Interesting answer by Q when asked if Rundblad would be better off in Rockford playing instead of sitting. He said Rozy and Keith are coming back “and we can’t keep nine “, then he added, that will sort itself out. Hmmm

  6. The one-timer is a great weapon. Panarin’s 1st goal was a beautiful one-timer. Great pass by Kane but if Panarin catches the pass and then shoots the goalie makes the stop. Later in the game Daley was set up in practically the same spot where Panarin scored from, but Daley double clutched – he didn’t one-time the shot and the goalie made the stop. I realize you can’t one-time it when the pass isn’t in the wheelhouse, but there have been a lot of times when a one-timer was possible and not taken. Those are missed scoring opportunities. Someone should be drilling that into their heads – shoot the puck quickly and if possible one-time it.

  7. Crawford won us that game in the 2nd. Without his stellar effort Panarin’s and Kane’s goals were for nothing…somewhat akin to our loss to the Blues the other night…Hossa makes a difference in defensive play throughout..hope Keith is near 100% form upon returning…I liked the win but that 2nd period, geez. I don’t think Q is telling everyone in the lockeroom after the 1st ” boys, lets go out there and really suck”…same thing against the Blues. Other teams adjusting to us quickly I suppose. Like our firepower though and it will only improve. Kane is crazy good.

  8. You have to believe Panarin was 1 passive game away from being healthy-scratched. He has passed on so many shooting opportunities this start of the season.
    Hopefully the message from the coaches was received and he starts going for more quantity. You already have Kane on that line who’s a quality shooter and you have Anisimov doing the dirty work. Panarin should lead the team is shoots.

    van Riemsdyk, Svedberg, Gustafsson don’t yet have 50 NHL games combined under their belt. They’re all doing a very, very good job.

  9. As many here have said, when Keith & Roszival come back Rundblad is a goner. The play of Svedberg, TvR, and Gustafsson have sealed it, especially with the latter’s ability to play the right side.

    Svedberg, what can you say, the guy has been unspectacular but generally steady. Thus far he looks like a NHL player. Gustafsson too has been decent, better than expected. They can’t keep all of them.

  10. Noonan96- agree- Sveddy Balls- continues to “learn/impress” … really liking his patience lately… biggest downside is he still loses sight of the puck (around his feet, cuz he’s so frickin tall)

    Captain Obvious says…. 72/15/88 look brilliant together
    BUT- TT on 1st w/ 19/81 DOES NOT LOOK good!!!

    Case in point… the best Possession/cycle 19/81 gad all nite… was when Desi was out there with them in 3rd… TT looks so bad out there w/ them (and I am wondering if 81/19 are getting frustrated playing w/ TT)

    That 1st line will NOT score much as constructed… and If it is going to become “checking line #1″… then you might as well put Desi w/19/81 and cycle the crap out of other teams…

    Luv TT’s skill set, but strong board play/cycle is NOT one of them…

    And I still think SB/Hawks would be better off getting top 6 LW versus D man… if trade is really going to happen… and especially if you consider 2 and Rosey will be coming back…

    The ONLY trade for D man that makes sense… if You can Dump Bickell and or Dump Daley… Yes, Daley… perhaps he is still learning “system”… but Hawks will still need Cap/wiggle room… and losing 5’s piddly contract via trade- doesn’t allow Hawks to add much.

  11. re: the blue line – I agree that Rundblad no longer has a role on this team. But Bowman doesn’t have a history of letting guys get away for free, especially not guys he signed to a two-year deal a few months prior. So we’ll see who goes and who stays when Keith comes back.

    But, again, everyone is ignoring that there will be 2 roster decisions on the blue line because Rozsival is coming back as well. Which SHOULD push Rundblad out the door one way or another. I don’t think I’m alone in preferring Gustafsson to Daley at this point, but we’ll see what the front office comes up with in the next couple weeks as two veterans get ready to rejoin the team.

  12. Offer #29, 5, Daley + 1st round pick to (any or all ) to Oilers for Gryba + Drasaitl,

    I would even offer TT ,5, 6 for Drasaitl and Gryba…

    OR- you are back to skating TT with 88 (cuz that is the only place TT has looked OK)

    OR- another “thing to try”… 72/TT/88 (but TT can’t win FO, and that line could would get hemmed in badly from time to time) … BUT – it could work in O zone…

  13. Great game by the 72-15-88 line. That line just has chemistry together. Toews was a beast all night and dominate. Agree that TT looks out of place on that top line and there was no flow. Of all the D men Daley seems to be the one showing the least confidence out there and hasn’t really done much. 3rd and 4th lines are struggling to do much of anything (understandable for 56 and 67) but 16 I’ve noticed is rather invisible.

  14. Wall, once again you demonstrate you have the patience of a butterfly on acid. Are you college aged or 20’s/early 30’s? That might explain it. Now you’re on the trade Daley train and the patience you have for that 1st line is about 3 seconds long. I notice no backhanded insults about Crawford today, I wonder why.

    By the way, regarding your Ice Hogs have no real talent observations, have you been watching Nolan Valleau playing defense or Visentin in goal? I was there Saturday up in a box. Those are two guys with talent and potential, maybe you were too busy watching your bestest buddy RasMOOSE again. Out of curiosity, what did you see from Svedberg late last year …

    This isn’t fantasy hockey. This team will take a while to hit full stride and the coaching staff will take some time to find the right combinations – they’ve definitely found one with Panarin-Antisimov-Kane.

  15. Preferring Gustafsson to Daley is a bit premature at this point. Oduya had the same fitting in pains as Daley but they were patient and it worked out.

    No one is forgetting two moves on the back line will need to be made. Rundblad appears the odd man out – the other factor is his reasonable contract could be an enticement for another team to take a chance on him. Emphasis “could”. Gustafsson and Svedberg both have the ability to be sent down without waivers – a key factor in these roster decisions.

    Remember many here assumed Svedberg would be sent down as soon as Roszival was ready – they’ve showed patience with Svedberg and now he appears to have earned a spot. Point is, things change, injuries happen. Lots of moving parts here, including giving new players a chance to gel and fit in vs. calling for guys to get traded after 15 games with the team.

  16. The Artist is coming along nicely . . . 2 goals and looking for his shot and Kane “free at least free at last” is on another level as is that entire line from day one!

    Toews as I have said for many years can play much more physical ( he is a big strong kid) for years I got grief about “but he’s the captain he’s playing great” so at least so called fans of hockey can now see what a BEAST he is! Playing very hard and under control and it starts with him getting a little physical.

    Gustafsson is weak at best. Even the oilers announcers pointed out what I said last week, SO SLOW TO RECOVER in Transitions and catching up with faster wingers like Oilers, Ducks and Blues have! Run-Bad will be back, he is weak but not the weakest link. A good defensemen is not cheap in trade nor do we have one, Daley is okay, looked more effective last night as he has the GREEN LIGHT to join the rush! But Hawks just need better DEFENSE period. TVR had an okay game last night which is the difference between HAMMER. KIETH and SEABROOK they all play the same every night, I mean every night! Plus they can turn it up when needed, all our other d-men are maxed out and trying not to make mistakes.

    The over used “join the rush” strategy does NOT work when you have defense men who aren’t built with that DNA. Hawks SHOULD NOT rely on D-men joining the rush for us to score goals. Seabrook might be best at it, seldom drops below the goal line, or dots, knows when and where to drift and fills the lanes very very well. Gets his shot on net! He seldom in caught or pinched or knocked off his skates. Gets rid of the puck quickly and his half turned to get back. Simple stuff but not really that simple!

    Svedberg is playing real well and is a good example of a kid who can learn, and a kid who now understands his strength and weakness. His height is his strength, he is very smart right around the net, ( where they need be ) meaning he is always within an arm reach of Crow, he does not chase, he use his length and size to eliminate space. I think he will get even better if he is allowed to play.

    Garbutt is a solid player and needs to be maybe on the 4th line? Yes Hawks need to look at lack lusters AHL drifters but that window is closing fast! NOTING down thee to help . . .period. All Ben Smiths with different numbers. Ben is good but not a savior!

    I still want to see Shaw and Tikhonov together maybe with Tevo at center?

    Go Hawks

  17. Get Darnell Nurse from Oilers kid can play! Give them Bick and Tevo and or Garbutt!
    Nurse is the type of KID Hawks need! They wont trade him but I wish!

    ROZY WOWZER . . . last year every one I do mean every one bashed the AGE and SLOWNESS of Roszival? Now he is going to save the day? He will look good compared to Gustafsson, His minutes will be managed at a micro-level like playing only during full moons!! I love Rozy but he is just not the answer. Hawks are a Stanley Cup team WE ARE NOT REBUILDING. . . no room for weak links that will be exposed in a 7 game set in the playoffs.

    It might be time for a trade for a solid young defensemen! So so hard to find!

  18. Anyone else notice that 19 has become a little testy lately? Good for him! Looks like he’s tired of getting cheap-shotted…

    It also looks like the Hawks are “showcasing” some of the younger players for a potential trade…Maybe…?

  19. Interesting move putting 14 on the fourth line. As Foley pointed out that line, as constructed last night, has zero points. I wonder if 14-16-11 will develop any chemistry and score the occasional ugly goal that we could really use. 16-11 have been decent on the PK but at full strength they are having a rough year.

  20. Joey, no doubt 19 is playing with an edge lately. As long as he stays in control of his emotions that’s a good thing.

  21. re Hof’s shots fired on who actually watches the games and who’s got it on the blue line – who says Svedberg and Gustafsson are here when Rozsival & Keith are healthy? Given the history of this coaching staff & front office, odds are far more likely that at least one, if not both, of them is in Rockford once both vets come back and not Rundblad on waivers. My fingers are crossed for Rundblad to go so one of the younger players can stay because they’ve clearly earned it, but let’s not ignore reality.

  22. re: Tikhonov-Kruger-Desjardins… lots of “defense first” guys hanging around the bottom of the roster right now. With Desjardins still filling a top PK role, but Garbutt getting some action on that unit as well, wonder if they’d deal a guy off that line to clear space to keep a Dano or Kero up and get some more offense on the ice.

  23. Hof- talk about jumping the Gun…

    1st- Moose- let me say it again… he was one of the better Hogs… BUT- none of them showed any real skill or NHL talent… at best – He is bottom line grinder…
    I don’t know where you are “seeing/imagining” my “love” for him…

    Re: D on Hogs… I usually sit and watch the O side for Hogs,,, so I don’t offer much opinion on that… when i am 250 feet away.

    Where did I say 52 over 6??? I would think when Rosey and Keith come back… 52 is going to be sent down… and I am not a Hater of 6…. just looking at most cap saved and most expendable ( w 2, 32 coming back, and 43 looking like he is OK)

    Hof- You were at game… How would you rank the play of the top forwards in Sat. Game???

    and – my thoughts on 43 … improved almost every game… and skates better than John Scott (meaning – he isn’t horrible) and for 6’8″ guy… that is good…
    watching him in NHL/TV… smarter than both Dbeck/Cden… who both looked lost at times when given time with Hawks/NHL

  24. ^ makes a lot of sense to me. Rufus, believe it or not also makes sense. TT doesn’t seem to fill the LW role on the first line. I’d go back to 28 there for now:

    11 or 14-16-65

    65 is a good option for the third line but what do you do with TT? An alternative might be:

    11 or 14-16-65

  25. Yeah, what’s up with cranky Toews lately? Hey, Tazer, we need you on the ice winning faceoffs, not in the penalty booth icing you knuckles.

    Regarding the meme that when Oduya first came to the Hawks he struggled in much the same as Daley is now. I bought that line at first but I’m not buying it so much anymore because I think that although Oduya struggled, his difficulty was more about shying away from physical play and rushing the play when under pressure. Daley struggles are more with defensive fundamentals – where to be, what to do, etc. Daley may improve in those areas and hopefully he does, but at this point I think Oduya was more fundamentally sound when he came to the Hawks than Daley is now.

  26. re: Brokerwayne’s lines – I prefer one of Teravainen/Dano on LW1. TT was there last night and Dano looked good there in the preseason. personal preference:


    (not sure if you’re flipping 48 for Kero’s 67)

  27. This trade TT talk is hilarious. Players with his offensive skill level do not come along very often. He needs to play with guys that can handle his quick passes and actually finish. He needs to be on the first or second line. 28 does not fit on either of the top two lines. He couldn’t score into an open net from 10 feet out. He is a grinder. I would rather see 65 on the third line than 28.

  28. The “convert a RW to LW” plan finds both lab rats (TT and Dano) struggling in the new position. TT at 1LW will provide play making but zero board battle ability so important to the Toews-Hossa “possession/cycle” game. Dano may be better at providing that board battle ability – but is he ready to step into the “lottery position”?

    But, whichever guy plays 1LW (or 2LW if Panarin is moved to 1LW), then please move the other guy back to RW on the 3rd line (or center it it’s TT). Why the Hawks are insistent on taking two RWs and shoehorning them into the LW position is puzzling to say the least.

  29. Tab, do the math. With Keith and Rozsival back they’ve got 9 on defense. Gustafsson will most likely go to Rockford, as I alluded to in my post but in your hurry to say I was taking shots you may have missed it. Will they carry 8 defensemen, I doubt it, which is why I mentioned the flexibility with Svedberg going down without waivers.
    As for Rundblad, we are on the same page, he is a spare part and loyalty or saving face aside, continually sitting him out does no one any good. He’s either got to play – here or in Rockford – or he’s got to go, even if it means for nothing. I sense they are at that point (of doing something with him). Maybe they play the roster shuffle though and send down Svedberg and Gustafsson and rotate Rozsival and Rundblad.

    Wall … pretty easy to see your love for “RasMOOSE”, you’ve been mentioning him for a year and you were clamoring for him to be called up last year. Oh wait, then again you clamor for EVERYONE to be called up so my bad.

    My question to you about Svedberg wasn’t about this year, it was what did you see with him last year, but forget it. The larger point was about having patience, which is what the Blackhawks are exhibiting with Svedberg, Gustafsson, and even Daley, a guy you said was the only logical trade for a D-man and then made a fantasy trade proposal.

    As for my ranking of forward performance Sat. night, it really doesn’t matter, but I didn’t think Bickell was near as bad as you claimed but whatever. I thought both Mashinter and Baun were pretty good and generated shots. I don’t necessarily rank players, just notice if they play well or not. Visentin was very good in goal and Cameron Schilling was solid with good puck movement on defense. But you asked about forwards … as far as your buddy Rasmussen he wasn’t particularly noticeable to me.

    I always sit in the upper sides in Rockford so I can get a better perspective of the entire game and not just half of it. Saturday we were invited by some friends to a suite/box which was also middle of the ice.

  30. Hof- spot on again… I am begging for “everyone” to get called up right now….

    Please list them??? Oh- by the way – I have been saying “NONE” of the Hogs right now – are showing much (especially as difference makers)… and to use Rufus’s saying- they all look like “just a guy”
    including Moose…

    Only- “hope” in my eyes is Hino (good speed/quick reads)… BUT – I also said- Hino actually looked better in NHL- than he has in few games in AHL… so whatever…

    Re: Sved… I did address your question… as the Year went on (last year, Hogs)… He did improve… and I was OK with him,,, could see why Brass had hopes…
    Did I think he would be where he is today??? Hell no!!!

    Mashitter/Baun,,, yes- they were OK… But – really – Mash is “just a guy” and slow… full time AHL’er- yes (so I don’t spend much time watching/caring there)

    Baun- works hard- plays pretty smart… BUT reminds me of Brad Mills/just not talented enough to make a difference… May become Bollig or Eager in 2 years or so… SO WHAT…

  31. Hof- Re: fantasy Hockey… versus your comment “the coaches will take some time to find right combos”…

    I am just stating what my “eye test” is telling me… AND the Obvious stats are saying… other than the 2nd line -looking great… other lines are NOT looking good… so Changes need to be made… really NOT a knee jerk reaction by me… Just some obvious observations… like TT is really afraid/bad on board battles (so really doesn’t look good at times w/ 19/81 who welcome board battles/and use them to create offense!!!)

    ER- states/sees same thing…
    I will go further to say… TT is not well utilized w/ 67 and 56/29/38 too… so it brings us to where does he fit??? I don’t want to give up on him ( I really like him) … but i am certainly open to ??? (trade for better fit (if it includes moving cap 29))

    OR- Q/Hawks need to move others around 72? AA? etc…. cuz TT will be pretty useless skating w/ “Just a guys”… and doesn’t look good LW cycle

  32. Ebony- You make a valid point about TT’s lack of board battle ability and what it means to the success of the 19/81 cycling agenda. I actually think 86 belongs with Kane because they play a similar style. 72 also fits better with Kane than the first line. The problem is, other than 86,72 or Dano, the rest of the options are worse. 28 belongs no where near the top 2 lines and 14 is better on the boards but he has limited finishing skills. Q is stuck with a tough situation. I can see why he does not want to break up the second line that is carrying the team offensively. So he is left with Dano and TT. I would stick with TT at this point and let him play 10-20 games on the first line and see if any continuity develops.

  33. Wall, I think I’ve used my Wall Post Decoder Ring and deciphered your two posts. I agree with you on Mashinter, never thought he was a prospect per se, but there is a value to watching the whole team instead of keying in on specific guys or RasMoose. You can see how guys fit into a system and a team concept – they will certainly need to do that in the NHL.

    Go ahead and make your fantasy hockey trade proposals – doesn’t bother me, that’s what this board is for in a way – it’s what led me to my are you 20-something or early 30-something comment which you didn’t answer.

    Regarding Kyle Baun. A little early to be passing judgement about what he will be and not be – which was the crux of my point. They signed him for a reason. I do not think he will be a 30 goal scorer or even a 20 goal scorer but the “So What” comment is typical – there is a need for players like that. Maybe they end up trading him but IN TIME (to use your caps emphasis style) he will have some value.

    Lastly, on Terevainen. His role right now is to slide around to different spots because he can play all three forward positions. Is he better at RW than LW, I would say so. Can he be an effective NHL center, I think the jury is out on that. He adds skill at a low cost, which they need right now, that combination. He has already proven to be a valuable playoff performer – he has already shown at a young age he won’t be intimidated and he has the ability to raise his game in the playoffs. Which is why the Blackhawks will continue to be patient with him, oh there’s that word again.

    Olczyk was on the radio this morning. He said the Blackhawks are evaluating these young players and seeing how they respond to different challenges and roles. Partly due to necessity (salary cap issues) and partly due to injuries. All of which require some level of patience (there it is again). It is not as if they are buried in a playoff chase, they are what, 2 points out of 3rd place.

    I am sorry if this is not the hard hitting “this guy sucks” “this guy will never be more than a 4th liner” “this guy is Clendening all over again” type of analysis you seem to prefer. But I try to deal in realities, I try to see what the front office is doing, the big picture including use of Rockford players (when and how) and a few other factors I know they take into consideration.

  34. Let me state that I don’t think TT is “scared” of board battles or physical play – he is just not very good at it because he is physically weaker than just about every other player on the ice. Consequently, TT, using his very high hockey IQ, tries to compensate for his inability to win physical battles by using his guile, skating and good stick control to win battles – kind of a brains over brawn approach. Good in concept – not always good in reality. Hence the many times it looks like TT is shying away from contact – it’s because he knows going physical versus physical is usually a losing proposition so he tries to dink and dunk and poke and get around the guy. He get’s engaged along the wall many times – so it’s not like he’s afraid to do it, but just about every time it happens the opposing player flicks TT away like an annoying gnat and comes away with the puck. It’s a problem – but only if Q continues to use TT in the way he’s being used this season. Kane is better along the wall now but he wasn’t any better at winning board battles when he came into the league than TT is now – but he didn’t need to be because he was playing his off wing (RW) and had line mates that didn’t require him to be the third member of a cycle team. TT has the ability to be a very good player – but he needs to be put in the proper position to grow and build confidence.

    I’m starting to wonder if because Panarin has done so well, that maybe Stan is looking 2 years out and thinking about when TT, Panarin and Dano all come off their ELC – that maybe TT is the odd man out? Probably can’t pay all 3 unless they do manageable bridge deals and that seems less and less likely these days. So, maybe Panarin and Dano are targeted for long range and TT will be used for a trade?

  35. Further …

    Dano got very little ice time last night, I think the lowest of all forwards? That tells you they are spoon feeding this guy. Remember how they gave Terevainen baby steps last year (got a taste, sent to Rockford, brought up later, etc.). I think they are doing the same things with Dano. He is the guy ultimately earmarked for flanking Toews, what remains to be seen is can this guy play left wing. After a few games, his improvement in Rockford, including comfort level, was noticeable. Will that happen here, it remains to be seen.

    They are evaluating all this stuff and unfortunately, it takes time.

  36. ER- well said… I guess a lot of it will depend on Dano/growth… Right now- Dano looks nothing like the “Hi-Lites” from Jackets… (and Yes- I realize those are Hi-lites)… but I haven’t seen one glimpse of that…

    Why??? new system??? LW vs. RW??? AA- helped/made him look that good???
    Knee injury for Czech team this summer??? ALL of the above???

    If Dano continues to do little (like now) … TT is less trade-able for SB…
    If Dano starts to show like Hi-lites.. then- yes, SB gonna have some tough $$$ to find in couple years.

  37. RE: Wall calling for “everyone” to be called up, that was a wrong choice of word. Leighton has not been on Wall’s list (yet).

    Who can forget the “Pokka, Pokka, Pokka” chants …

    The misplaced “Ras-MOOSE” love …

    Riding the Garret Ross train last season …

    HINObsession …


  38. So the first 15-20 games, or so, have been an evaluation for the young players on the roster. Q and SB knew that Rozy would be back by mid-November and I am sure that they figured Duncs back by December 1st.

    They have figured out that Svedberg is an NHL defenseman, but he needs a little work. Gustafson is going to be a quality NHL defenseman, too. He doesn’t do anything fancy and isn’t afraid to skate with the puck. No matter what anyone thinks or says, Trevor Daley needs to get familiar with the way the Hawks play the game. The guy can skate and handle the puck and make great plays, but he needs to hit the net with his shots. He’ll get there.

    The Hawks have proven over the last 6 years that you win with young, fast, skilled forwards and mobile, veteran defensemen. Then throw in a goalie that can make huge saves at key points in the game and you have a championship caliber team.

    I think most of you guys on this blog have it figured out, but I think the Hawks are doing it the best way: By game 30 they will know who is going to stay on this roster until the trade dead line. They will put 1-2 players on waivers and maybe add a player before game 35, maybe even make a trade. As usual, they will add a player at the trade dead line and go into the playoffs healthy.

    The key word is “healthy”.

    I like this team, but it needs to be “tweeked” a little.

  39. Woops……..I sure wish that Svedberg had Rundblad’s shot. Sved’s shot is not very hard for a guy with his height and “torque”.

  40. Hof- Never called for Ross… Have said several times last year “noticeable”… but he is pretty vanilla…

    Your decoder ring needs to dial in to I love using Pokka-Pokka (just feels right) as well as RasMOOSEn– more than the actual players… do like your HINObsession/phrase (and imo- has best chance of all Hogs- to be somebody )

    your 11:44 post- I like the last paragraph and the TT paragraph was well thought out.

    Tiko actually played the fewest minutes of the Forwards (probably due to penalty)

  41. Hof- since we are guessing on my age…

    let me guess on your job/life… “Company man” or Military background??? team player???

  42. Feeding off of Tab, here are my revised lines with one change from Tab’s:


  43. The bread man and Kaner was just tearing it up. That 2nd 72 goal was text book!

    Funny all the trade talks,… Svedberg and Gus (Q’s nickname for him) can both be sent down. So when Rosy and Keith return both players can go down without “costing” the Hawks anything. As for Runblad he should legit be concerned about his NHL career and Hawks career. He has clearly been passed on the depth chart. That will likely go down as another poor SB move.

    Kero has look good. He is not a top 6 forward but he is a center and has nice instincts plus can do some things on offense. He has stabilized that 3rd line since his arrival.

    I admit TT has had a tough start to the season but lets cut the kid some slack. He is 21 yrs old. Coming to a new country and playing full time in the NHL. TT flashes enough during most games that trading him at this stage wouldnt be a wise move not to mention his contract which is very cap friendly. TT, Kero and the other kids will take time. There will be ups and downs with new faces; patience is important.

  44. Toews and Hossa could also adjust their game away from the predictable grindy cycle they’ve played the past half of a decade. Every goalie in the league has to know that every time they come down the ice it is a Toews stuff attempt from below the goal line off the cycle or a Hossa shot off the boards. A change could do both of those players good.

    Sharp wasn’t a super engaged board battler but he floated between the circles and that worked for a few years.

    I’d just let the kid play and figure it out.

    In the meantime watching fearless leader Jonathan Toews behave like a petulant child is pretty hilarious. There are probably better ways to direct that frustration.

  45. I agree with the comment about Toews behaving like a petulant child. Seabrook may need to have another chat with him.

  46. Wall … early retiree at 45. Human resources guy. Doing my own thing now. Your turn on the age thing, I bet I was right.

  47. Great game.
    Toews is just human, and he acted like a captain the last years. Give him a break, he may have some bad days too, like the rest of us.

    Some guys at the sound department of WGN messed up with the sound almost the whole first period.

  48. TT is not a North-South player the way 19/81/20 are (were). That’s why it looks so awkward when he’s out there with them and it looks so great when he’s out there with 88.

    I feel like the Hawks showed last year that the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th d-men don’t really matter. Sure, it would benefit them to rest the Top 4 a bit more, but they are more than capable of winning without overwhelming talent in those positions. The Hawks have a handful of good options for people to fill out those bottom spots. The question remains on whether or not Daley will be able to fill out a Top 4 role, or if they’ll be able to find what they are looking for on the trade market (because I don’t feel like they have anything Top 4 worthy on the roster).

    Dano is starting to play better without the puck, which bodes well for his minutes in the future. He still seems very raw, especially in a more professional system.

  49. I can’t help but think TVR has passed up Daley as the #4 guy when #2 comes back. I could see putting 7/2 on first line and TVR/Hammer on 2nd line.

  50. I haven’t given up on Daley … yet. I think he should be paired with Hammer for a month or so to see if he will settle into the role envisioned for him when Stan acquired him. I wouldn’t give up on that plan until it’s actually been tried for a fair number of games. The difference now than the first 6 games of the year (when Keith was still in the lineup) is that (1) Rozsival may be back by then, but (2) even if he’s not the young guys have a few games under their belts and maybe a Svedberg/TvR 3rd pairing wouldn’t be so scary (or bad).

  51. Ugly win, but 2 points is 2 points and this team desperately needs to have 2 point nights.

    Trevor Daley? I said from day 1 he was a trainwreck defensively. All one needs to do is examine his defensive awfulness in Dallas. In hindsight it is quite evident that the only way the Stars made the Sharp deal was if we took Daley and his contract off of their hands. He’s truly God awful terrible. Stan would dump him in a nanosecond if he could. I can tell Quenneville is already fed up.

  52. On Dano, I would agree that he needs a lot of work. He might have been ready to assume a role in Columbus, but he sure doesn’t look ready to do the same in Chicago. I have been kind of stunned in fact by how raw he is. Am I disappointed? Not yet. He may simply need a lot more development time than we as fans were willing to understand.

  53. ER/JS/AJ, that is what I am thinking. Like 19/81 adjusting thier style to work with 86 /mix it up to be moar random, then that could be a wicked line. Think 4/6 would be good to see but maybe after long road trip. We need to know about top4 dman and figure the FW lines when we have more games under belt (rookies). Like 65 on 4th but I would have him on 3rd for now to get a spark for 4th or 3rd line (mix it up).

  54. Hof, so early retirement, ,, implies you put in your 20 + years ( so i was kinda right,,, company man,, team player)

    You lose the “bet”!!!
    Hof, you are totally off on guessing my age… i am older than you, ,, and some say i even look older thany age…
    Probably, the years of not sleeping, over drinking, partying, etc.

    Yes, i am still full of piss and vinegar, so you were right on with your butterfly on acid comment,,, which i loved and took as a compliment. … you should have seen me when i was 23… i think i would have put JS and AJ under the table,,, back in the day.

  55. Hawks1961, “This trade TT talk is hilarious. Players with his offensive skill level do not come along very often.” — I’ve been saying just about the same thing. (Especially if all the prospects are “just a guy” players.) AND, “I can’t help but think TVR has passed up Daley as the #4 guy when #2 comes back.” — YES, it certainly looks like it.

    Hof, “on Terevainen. His role right now is to slide around to different spots because he can play all three forward positions. Is he better at RW than LW, I would say so. Can he be an effective NHL center, I think the jury is out on that. He adds skill at a low cost, which they need right now, that combination. He has already proven to be a valuable playoff performer – he has already shown at a young age he won’t be intimidated and he has the ability to raise his game in the playoffs. Which is why the Blackhawks will continue to be patient with him, oh there’s that word again.” — “Really captures the spirit of the thing.” (SPOT-ON!!)

  56. Tab, I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the work that you do on this blog. The frequent updates, the knowledgable hockey comments from many that frequent the site (including Rufus), and your dedication, all have enhanced my enjoyment of the sport and of course the Hawks. Thank you!

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