Panarin OK, Russia Dominates Latvia At Worlds

There was some concern about the health of Artemi Panarin at the World Championships because of an injury.

His performance on Monday should help calm any fears.

Panarin scored twice and added assists on Russia’s other two goals as they beat Latvia 4-0. Panarin was named the player of the match.

2 thoughts on “Panarin OK, Russia Dominates Latvia At Worlds

  1. He’s got a very good one-timer, as we saw this past season. Hopefully he uses it even more next season.

  2. The Bread Man didn’t play as many playoff games as our other players so other then staying healty! get conditioned for next yr and the coming yrs playoff hockey.

    We need 4 lines and until we add a good FW at deadline we better to have the quality depth on 4th line after deadline like we did with 36/65. Balanced lines are good although 72 & 88 can develop moar magic.

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