Patrick Kane, Blackhawks Drop Avs in OT

After escaping with a victory against the Minnesota Wild thanks to Collin Delia’s dominance, the Blackhawks once again got to work early in Denver on Saturday night.

Patrick Kane did a Patrick Kane thing and Alex DeBrincat scored an easy power play goal to give the Hawks a 1-0 lead only 1:46 into the game.

Dylan Strome was credited with the second assist on DeBrincat’s goal. The goal is the 18th of the season for DeBrincat.

Eight minutes later, Kane was on the receiving end of a nice pass from Artem Anisimov and the Hawks moved to a 2-0 lead.

Strome was once again credited with the second assist, giving him a third consecutive multi-point game. Kane’s goal was his 21st of the year.

Colorado wasn’t going to go away was quietly as Minnesota, however. Mikko Rantanen scored a power play goal with 2:56 left in the first period to cut the lead in half.

The first period would end with the Blackhawks leading 2-1. Chicago was credited with 15 shots on net while Colorado put 16 shots on net in the opening 20 minutes; Delia was once again on point. But the Hawks would need to add to their lead as they did against the Wild if they wanted to beat the high-powered Avs attack.

Chicago did not add onto their lead in the second period, and Colorado tied the game. Nathan MacKinnon’s 23rd of the year tied the game with 1:39 left in the second.

Each team was credited with nine shots on net in the second period.

With 1:12 remaining in a tie game, the Hawks got a break when Gabriel Landeskog whacked Connor Murphy in the face.

Four minutes of power play time were awarded, which in the past may have felt like an advantage for the Avs but the Blackhawks have been performing better on the power play of late.

Chicago didn’t convert in the final 72 seconds and regulation came to a close with the score tied. The Blackhawks held a 35-32 shot advantage after 60 minutes of hockey.

For the seventh time in their last nine games the Hawks pick up a point in the standings. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

The power play came through for a second time on the night in overtime. This time Jonathan Toews set up Kane for the goal and the Hawks came up with a big road in in Denver.

On his current seven-game point streak, Kane has 13 points (seven goals, six assists). Kane has a point in 13 of 15 games in the month of December.

DeBrincat led Chicago with seven shots on net. Strome won seven of 18 faceoffs and was credited with one hit and one takeaway with his two assists in 19:28.

Toews won 12 of 25 faceoffs in 23:13, the heaviest work load among Chicago forwards. Kane skated 22:08 and had three points with four shots on net.

Brent Seabrook was limited to 14:31 on the ice but led Chicago with three blocked shots as Jeremy Colliton continues to limit his time on ice. Seabrook has been more of a penalty killer of late as well as Erik Gustafsson has emerged as a threat on the power play and it’s worked well for everyone involved. Gustafsson has power play assists in back-to-back games.

Delia was great again. He has now stopped 111 of 117 shots in his three appearances since Corey Crawford went down (.957 save percentage).

49 thoughts on “Patrick Kane, Blackhawks Drop Avs in OT

  1. Last game was first game with two PP goals. We have another.

    Played good in 7 of 9 games. Every team (except PIT and FLR) top 10 team.

    Still right there for top 5 skill.
    New Jersey is a terrible team, take away their pixie dust first 20 games last yr, and their well on their way to maybe two 1st picks in a row.
    LA and CHI arnt good, right now, without a full roster. Not sure if anyone can beat NWJ and they play a easier sch.

  2. Delia plays much like Crow when Crow is on. He is spectacular without appearing spectacular because of positioning. What a treat to watch him play like this. Colliton has a tough decision on who to start on New Year’s Day. Ward has been showing off his mask and has apparently been a source of positive energy in the locker room. It would be tough to snub him but Delia has been magnificent.

    One of the best parts of the night was watching DeBrincat fire shot after shot after shot with 7 of them on net. It’s what he does best. Keep doing it Alex. They will go in or cause rebounds and nobody is going to be annoyed with you for shooting.

    Strome has been excellent. Even when not generating points, he is dangerous. It would have been fun to see him bury that shot with 2 seconds left. If any of the posters come on here tonight or tomorrow and gripe about Strome, they will lose what credibility they have left, although I have been wondering if that poster is just being sarcastic to annoy some people. Can he really mean that stuff?

    That first PP was a joy to watch. It was just relentless with a great ending on the DeBrincat snipe. Special teams are much better.

    The Toews play on the GWG was awesome. Where was that guy for the past two years? It doesn’t matter, he is back now.

    In general, a fun game to watch. Colorado is a dangerous team and watching their skill guys is entertaining, although nerve racking.

    Tab, sometimes this site takes forever to load. Hitting the refresh button works on occasion, but sometimes it doesn’t. Any ideas? I am using Firefox.

  3. I like what I see. Core seems energized and team is playing loose. Players seem to be responsive to JC’s style. Fun to watch young players taking chances again.

  4. Lot to like today. Hawks played a very solid game. Delia was excellent again, he deserves the start on Tuesday. Strome has high end hands and skill and will only get better as his body matures. In the juniors Boqvist has off the chart offensive skills. He has the two most skilled plays I have seen out of all players even though neither resulted in a goal. If he can become an average defensive player he should be a huge talent. Also I am very impressed with Entwistle. Great size, skating appears to be good, 200 foot game – he and Barrett could be terrific 3rd round finds. Didn’t see the Swiss game but nice to see Kurashev filling up the score sheet.

  5. I got a feeling the Four Horsemen are going to be good.

    Huge to get those good of players in 3rd round picks. Sort of how we got a lot of those 5th round picks gems when reloading in 2011 and 12.

    We do draft very well. How does every team pass on 20 and 12 in 1st round. We got both in 2nd.

  6. There is no reason for Ward to be playing. Rob’s is correct, Delia looking like Crawford, calm and not noticeable. There is no choice to make, Delia plays until Crawford comes back, then they can split time. As I have stated before, aside from the fact the Hawks won’t make the playoffs this year, this is Crawford taking over for Turco II, eight years later.

  7. P.S. Q rode Crawford hard that last third of that season, Turco was glued to the bench. Ward can do the same this season.

    After the train wreck of goalies we saw last season after Crawford got hurt, this is a prime example of what a hell of a difference the goalie makes on a team.

  8. Best win yet for Hawks under Colliton – on the road vs a good team that played well themselves and wanted it

    The Hawks battled all game long and capitalized (finally) with the PP at the end plus Delia matched Varly all game long

    Maybe I would switch DCat and Kahun at some point soon

  9. Boqvist almost scores in OT, then breaks up a 2on1 with a good stick, then teammate breaks up pass and he gets to puck/not everyone would get to that puck and starts a 2on1 good pass not to early not to late, fast pass back and bingo bango.


  10. Lol – my comments on Boqvist were before watching OT. If you didn’t watch the game try and catch a replay of the OT – you will see how skilled this kid is.

  11. Another nice win, hawks might still make the playoffs. Theyve got.three really good forwards with dcat,kane, and toews. With saad and strome also good talents. Delia is the real deal and deserves to play. The d is much better too. Gus and dahlstrom making a big difference. Team looks confident, its more fun to watch for sure even though its tough to know how to feel about the rebuild do you ride this hot streak and see if its legit?

  12. Pretty amazing really. The team has fully bought into Colliton’s system of push the puck forward as quickly as possible. Straight ahead hockey is replacing the Duncan Keith spin in your own zone wait and begin a puck possession, possession (double word intended). I’m not saying Q’s system was wrong, it won us 3 Cups. Amazing to watch. But with this new system of moving the puck forward, it’s truly fun to watch because the Hawks are now staying with super fast teams like Colorado. Great win. Twice in 8 days over Colorado is not a fluke.

    Also, Murphy is playing like a $4 Million Dollar top 3 defenseman. Wow. Wow. Wow.
    Dahlstrom makes good little poke checks and rush stoppers all over the ice. Wow. No one could have predicted that. His breakout in the last three minutes of the game where he took the puck from the side of the net and inside of rimming it around the glass, cut to the middle in front of Delia, takes oodles of confidence to do at the NHL level.
    A big credit to Colliton, these players are playying loose, confident and structured instead of being paralyzed by split second indecision.

  13. Boqvist is good??? How is that possible. Didn’t that knowitall Wall tell us that he wasn’t any good and a terrible choice!!!

  14. ‘Here come the Hawks, the Mighty Blackhawks’-we’ll not quite but much better-certainly with re-newed confidence.
    Please no #14, although on second thought put him in as I would prefer-top 10 pick. Can you imagine him starting over Hayden?
    We may be seeing top 3 to 5 go out the window-too much pride and if they start to believe in each other, and Delia the real deal– they will push for a bottom playoff spot and either just make it or just not make it.
    (Caution-many goalies have started NHL like Patrick Roy and turned into DiPietro.)

  15. Robs- great post… Re: Delia- perfect example of why you don’t pay or draft High on Goalies… Like pitchers in baseball… rarity to be top pitcher (Goalie -entire career)
    better off paying guys around them- and “finding the hot hands” to win…

    Tab- I am having the same problem downloading your web page?

  16. if I were Colliton, I would start Ward in South Bend. Yes, Delia has been excellent, and likely is “the future franchise goalie” and has played well enough to deserve to continue playing. But the Winter Classic is mostly an exhibition game. Ward has been strong in the room and relatively solid on the ice. The time off won’t hurt Delia. As a veteran with 4 rings and in what is likely his last year in the league, Ward gets the start as a sign of respect.
    Happy New Year to everyone!!

  17. When the young guys play really well, the veterans blend in and play really well, too. When the goal tending is solid, the team in front of the goalie is solid. When the forward group and the D-core are playing really well and the goalie is solid, the coach looks like a friggin’ genious!! And lastly, when the team plays well and wins close games the GM looks like he knows what he is doing.

    This philosophy is UN-FRIGGIN-BELIEVEABLE!!

    From my living room chair, it sure looks like this team is playing a more physical and “pressure the puck” type of game. I love it when we finish our checks!! Murphy was hitting everything in sight, last night!! He dropped 3 Av’s players with checks on the boards. Again, finishing our checks has a HUGE effect on our ability to create turnovers and, like Craig Nigrelli said, MOVE THE PUCK FORWARD!!! Duncan Keith was even finishing his checks behind the net!! I LOVE IT!!

    I like what I see!

  18. I think the Hawk players were in shock for 2-3 weeks following the firing of Q……and just as shocked at the hiring of JC to replace a HOF coach. Who does that? Is JC the path for the Hawks to return to being a WC power? Maybe not, but he obviously has good re-pore with his players and now some respect. Being backed up by the core has helped as well.

    Seems like Seabs and Keith have accepted more limited roles. JT is playing with purpose. Kane is having fun again. Saad seems motivated. Young guys will make mistakes but won’t be buried on the bench if the effort is there. This may lead to a blowout or two along the way, but I am ok with it……for now

    Hawks have a long way to go BUT trying to win instead of trying not to lose is a refreshing change.

  19. Jokiharju very impressive at WJC so far. He is exceeding expectations and could become our top pairing guy. I earlier suggested he spend the rest of the year at the Rock where he could focus solely on developing, but he is going to make that hard.

    Kurashev is a total steal. He doesn’t have the same explosive speed, but he reminds me a bit of Tarasenko — a tank with a laser. If he wants to work hard, he can be a player.

    Boqvist is an obvious offensive genius. He gets so far up the ice so quickly, it’s kind of strange to watch. It’s like he’s inventing a new position. At the same time Bouchard has been a stud. Both are good picks. I haven’t noticed Dobson as much though.

    Someone commented that Veleno did not have a great start to the tournament. That may have been but he looked very good last night. Fast, strong, hard on the puck. He would have been a good pick too.

  20. Another impressive performance resulting in another win. At some point in the not too distant future, if this level of play continues, I’ll be forced to re-calibrate my expectations for the season. Do I think the Hawks can beat the best teams in a 7-game series – not by a long shot – so I should want them to lose enough to get a top draft pick … but, it’s hard to not be happy with the way they’ve been playing lately. Course, if Kane and DeBrincat scoring slows down they probably don’t win some of these games. But regardless of the wins/losses, there is improvement in individual and team play and that’s something to be excited about. It’s nice to go into the new year on an upbeat.

    Happy New Year guys and gals.

  21. It took a 0-6-2 stretch to get close to LA and then a 0-8 stretch to get tied with LA. We went ahead when we won 3 in a row?, because they won 4. Now their losing again and we re not a bottom 10 team no matter what the record says. So like the first 10 games play good when we do and bad when we do just build the foundation and have fun while doing it because we know who is already on the way and moar of quality coming. top 5 skill could be the difference in going 20-25 or 25-20 these last 45 games. Right now were leaning at the 25-20.

  22. This is why I thought were too good next yr to even think about top 10 let alone 1st pick. Unless 50 19 88 is hurt. Well with no NHL back up or good prospects last yr for 52 games we did that. This time we have a established NHL backup and goalie in the making. Its that hard to get 1st pick. We can win a lot and sill take a bunch of hits at some point and be right there for top 5 skill. We have to get that large and fast FW this draft.

  23. You have to be stoaked for how many high end prospects we have. World Juniors is showing that were deep. This our chance to add moar quality to that wave. If were not 10 games over .500 at game 70 tank the last 12 games, please.

  24. This looks like an entirely different team these past ten games or so. It’s like they decided to shift gears and come together as a real team. I think the hangover from Q’s firing is done. Pushing the puck forward with speed, accurate tape to tape passes, guys are anticipating, the PK and PP improving (WTF), strong defensive positioning, winning board battles…really nice to see. It may not continue at this pace, but I think it’s more than safe to say that we have glimpsed how good the future of this team can be. Strome looks great (eat that, Hull), with a huge upside, Murphy has come into his own and is playing with confidence, and last night I could see flashes of Sikura’s potential. Dahlstrom and Gustafsson are doing a great job, especially Gus handling the puck on the PP, and Keith and Seabs with fewer minutes is exactly what the doctor ordered. And Delia seems inspired. Again, not a large enough turn around for this team to start celebrating, but a great window into the future potential. I hope Panarin hits the market and doesn’t sign with the Jackets. Would love to see him on the other wing with Strome and Kane. Can you imagine that?

  25. It pays to be patient. People were ready to trade 20 during first 10 games and hand 8 6m caphit because some red coat/or somebody got similar caphit. Theres no reason to ‘save’ for higher raise for a elc player and not sign an elite/high end/really good ufa, when were ready to add them and ‘who’ is it.

  26. Interesting that Edmonton is willing to give up a 3rd rounder for Defenseman Alex Petrovic.
    I would hope that Stan might be able to move Jan Ruuta or Brandon Davidson(now healthy) for a draft pick as the deadline inches closer. Both have expiring contracts. In fact, the Islanders traded a 3rd rounder last year to acquire Davidson.

    The reality is of course, that no team wants to take on “term” so there’s no chance of moving Brandon Manning. Also, teams are often close to the 50 contract limit, so they will insist on the Hawks taking a contract back.

  27. For a better/higher round pick, by a round its worth taking caphit for one yr we have the space. We ve been getting steals in 3rd round, so I would move up from 4th to 3rd for that kind of thing.

  28. if the Blackhawks were in an actual battle for a playoff spot the complaints would be “but Colorado got an extra point from going to overtime” and they would be right. I put my money on Colorado to win the cup……just because odds in bang for buck that’s who I went with; but the reality is they are a trade or two from adding some depth to the team. Wouldn’t shock of me if they were in the running for Panarin at the deadline as he could be a great playoff piece to add.

    As you all know a hot goalie can take a team far in the playoffs. Right now Tampa looks like the favorites (then again the team in first place usually looks the part but rarely does it)

  29. We did in 2013. That’s a dynasty team though.

    TB has been best team since 2016-2019. League watered down though, how long they stay there might be a little longer/already has because of waterdowned. NAS and now WIN are your LA and BOS of these 3-5 yrs for best teams and none of them have won even once, yet.

    In a couple yrs, COL could be a top 5 team when we are again. NAS and TB will be on their way of being used up.

  30. It’s nice that Hawk prospects are doing well in the WJC but they are 18/19 year olds playing against other 18/19 year olds – it’s better they’re doing well than not doing well but odds are still pretty long that more than a couple have an NHL career, let alone all of them. Joki and Boqvist are close to certain but the other guys were mid-round draft picks for a reason and although mid-rounders end up being home runs – most do not. I’d consider it pretty lucky if one of Kurashev, Barratt, or Entwistle would join Joki and Boqvist and have a long career with the Hawks – VERY lucky if more than one guy does.

    BTW – I watched 2 of Canada’s games but didn’t notice Mitchell very much. I know they say if you don’t notice a d-man it’s probably not a bad thing but I guess I expected he would be involved in plays more, especially on the PP. Still lots of games to go though.

  31. Agree ER, actually lucky if both Joki and Boqvist make it in the long run.
    I really like Entwistle’s game but don’t know much about Barratt-Kurashev is just the best player on a mediocre team-who knows about him–but sometimes it’s the non-first rounders that matter down the line.

  32. Sure. Though 3rd round picks are what 30% of making it (I donot know % just saying) those guys could be 3 of the every 10. 5th round picks, are 10%, Shawzer was one of them.

    Not saying they all or even half make it. Though most of them could, going by 3 of every 10 do form those rounds and they could part of those.

    Another good point from that, though, is why we should add players like 72/others when we can because they are established.

  33. Kurashev is also going against other teams top pair/checking line, has to be harder then these stacked teams and who their going against.

    People can go by the avg. players make it per round/pick. I vote and believe we ll end up with more then the ‘avg,’ numbered amount of guys who make, per round basis. Since we have so many at once.

    Good thing is we need good ones, but ‘not’ that many.
    I believe we ll be very happy in 2 yrs with who we have coming.

  34. ER, Noonan – of course odds are longer if a player is not drafted in the first round but lots of players form later rounds do make it as we all know

    Think back to the 2010 Hawks and a number of those guys all came up roughly together and not all from 1st round

    We could have a similar influx with Kurashev, Entwhistle, Barratt, Mitchell

    Boquist I’m gonna say is almost a slam dunk to make it and the others make take a year or two longer but based on their play I think they’ll all eventually get to the NHL with the Hawks or somewhere else

  35. I think based on what I’ve seen all of Kurashev, Entwhistle, Barratt, Boquist and Mitchell will make it somewhere, sometime to the NHL

    Joki has already made it IMO although I still don’t know what the Hawks do with their D once the WJC is over

    Maybe Forsling goes down until somebody from top 6 (Seabs/Keith) is moved – I don’t see how you send Dahlstrom down unless the wheels fall off suddenly and I can’t see them sitting Seabs which on merit is what should happen so we’ll see

  36. OK there is % mid 2nd to 3rd picks are 25%.

    25% is an avg. not certain amount. Which means its prob o of 4 2 of 4 and 1 of 4 most the time. Like 3 of every 12. Sometimes 6 of those 12 make it and sometimes 0/1.

    I am going with closer to 6 of our guys making it then 0/1. I would be happy with 7 of our 12 best being Blackhawks, even if their trade assets (like having extra puck moving defensemen).

    No matter what, were back in 2 yrs.

  37. Just watched LaFreniere’s goal – nice screen by Entwhistle – perfect in fact

    The Hawks need more players who are willing and know how to screen a goalie

  38. What makes more sense Buckaroo or 42 in Rockford. For these 2nd 40 games.

    If 28 is going to be in Rockford it makes more sense for these 40 games, then the first 40 games of 20 season.
    Does 42 show any better or worse or same by getting these 40 games.
    28 is here long time so.

  39. Wrap-no one is a slam dunk, especially when they have already had one (at least) brain injury-but he could be really good. Some real optimism.

  40. re: Craig’s comment “Interesting that Edmonton is willing to give up a 3rd rounder for Defenseman Alex Petrovic” – they just traded Drake Cagguila to the Hawks in a deal for Brandon Manning. More patchwork blue line for the Oilers, nice talent add for the Blackhawks.

  41. Kudos to Brandon Manning for doing some charity work while he was a Chicago Blackhawk. Best of luck to him.

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