Patrick Kane, Blackhawks Escape Buffalo

We knew the story in Buffalo was going to be about Patrick Kane.

In his first trip back to his hometown since he was accused of rape, there were plenty of questions surrounding the Blackhawks superstar forward. How would he be received? How would he play? How would the Hawks handle a matinee against a team that just shutout the Anaheim Ducks? And would he make a significant impact as he usually does against the Sabres?

In the opening 40 minutes, Kane was quiet – but the fans were not. When he was introduced as part of the Hawks’ starting lineup, the reaction from the crowd was mixed. But every time Kane touched the puck, the booing became more and more pronounced.

Dennis Rasmussen scored his third goal in just his seventh game with the NHL club to give the Hawks a 1-0 lead in the first period. He continues to contribute while skating with Bryan Bickell and Andrew Shaw. Rasmussen won four of six faceoffs in 11:06 on Saturday afternoon.

The second period was dominated by the Sabres. Buffalo out-shot the Hawks 14-9 but the play on the ice wasn’t nearly that close. Corey Crawford misplayed a dump-in and took his time getting back in front of the net and Cody Franson made him pay, tying the game at 6:37 into the period.

Later in the second, Chicago faced their first Marcus Kruger-less penalty kill. Chicago handled the short-handed situation well with Artem Anisimov taking Kruger’s place on the PK unit.

The third period was more back-and-forth than the second, with both teams generating some scoring chances. With less than four minutes left in regulation, Sam Reinhart found Ryan O’Reilly with a pretty pass from behind the net and the Sabres were up 2-1.

But the Hawks got a golden opportunity with 2:33 left when both Josh Gorges and Rasmus Ristolainen were sent to the penalty box, giving Chicago a 5-on-3. Crawford was pulled for a sixth attacker late in the two-man advantage and Kane made his mark.

Kane’s 20th of the year tied the game, and Franson was then sent to the penalty box for cross-checking Jonathan Toews in front of the net as the goal was scored. Chicago couldn’t convert the additional power play that carried over for 86 seconds into the overtime; the Hawks’ first unit stayed on the ice for the duration of the 5-on-3.

In the overtime, Buffalo also got a power play opportunity when Andrew Shaw went to the box. Again without Kruger, the Hawks did a nice job of taking care of the penalty and the game went to the shootout.

As he has done so many times in the past, Kane embarrassed the goaltender tasked with stopping him one-on-one and the game ended with the Blackhawks escaping with a 3-2 decision.

Crawford made 25 saves during regulation and the overtime and three more in the shootout to earn the victory. This was the tenth time in his last 11 starts that Crawford has held the opposition to two goals or less.

Phillip Danault, recalled on Friday to take the place of Kruger, played well in his season debut. He won seven of 11 faceoffs and made a couple good plays in the defensive zone as well.

Chicago returns to the United Center to face the San Jose Sharks on Sunday before the holiday break.

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29 thoughts on “Patrick Kane, Blackhawks Escape Buffalo

  1. We pull it off against these guys real late in the game yet again. Kane was on a mission and single handily put a Chelsea dagger into the razzies and Bronx cheers. That was quite inspiring really. I bet Buffalo is real glad to see us get out of town…their frustrations were quite evident in post game interviews. It would have been over if Ryan O’Reilly’s long shot at the empty net would have gone in…it just missed really. Q would have blown his stack if we didn’t score on the 5 on 3, then the 6 on 3, but Kane was motivated and determined big time. Very exciting ending, very weird 3 on 3 OT that never was a 3 on 3 followed by that magnificent shootout goal. Crawford was not too happy with himself on that flukey 1st goal, think he was thinking another shutout and blew it, but O’Reilly’s goal made it a moot point anyway. Tab-I guess you mean the break for the UC and home crowd vs Sharks as we play Dallas Tuesday night before the holiday break. That one will be a doozie I hope.

  2. I am actually here in Buffalo visiting my family this weekend. Watched the game with them. Very early start.

    Great response by Kane. That’s exactly how you handle the negativity. Score the tying goal and ultimately the winning goal. Tremendous will and heart.

    I will say this. Attitudes have changed toward him dramatically since I was here last in June. Regardless of what you believe. Most people I have bumped into (and this is not a scientific sample, just one persons experience as a Hawk fan in Buffalo), he a villain here. It is going to be very hard for him here for a long time. Keep in mind he has starred for the Hawks not the Sabres, so people are not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt as they were with some of the Buffalo Bills indiscretions in the 1990s.

    Again, glad our guys got it done. Full marks to Kane. Glad they have flown home to Chicago. Might be time for Kane to make Chicago his permanent home and go back to Buffalo only to visit family. But that’s up to him. Phenomenal player.

  3. I´m getting tired of the so called fans that gets upset when one or a more goals ends up in the net from the other team.

    It happens!…as long as you score more goals and gets the W…it dosen´t matter.

    Corey Crawford (Mr Two-Time Stanley Cup Champion) is playing great right now. If he can keep this up and perhaps get a Vezina nomination and win. Sadly that won´t be enough for the Crow haters.

    Here are some facts on Corey Crawford:

    NHL Public Relations:
    ?Corey Crawford improved to 6-1-0 with a 0.85 GAA, .971 SV% and 3 SO in his last 7 games.
    Chicago Blackhawks:
    Corey Crawford has allowed two goals or fewer in seven straight games.

    What a goal by Dennis Rasmussen, makes us swedes real proud. And Patrick Kane with the shootout winner.

    Go Hawks!

  4. 6 on 3? Saw a Buffalo win coming but must have been the eggnog. Game went exactly as expected. RYAN O’REILLY is a rock star wish we had him . . . love his game and style like 25% Bick 25% Towes 25% Buff an 25% Hossa? fun to watch a player play.

    The Crow Show is still on the air . . . he is in such a grooooove and really seeing the puck sadly still the WORST GOAL TENDER handling the puck maybe ever? As stated way to many times. If he could play the puck with confidence it would take a lot of pressure off our d-men, instead we have to skate back retrieve, find the puck, look down and get flattened.

    Rasmussen as stated is a player and very efficient skater, skilled and happy he’s here! Rasmussen is perfect on that line flanked by Shaw and Bick, my favorite line to watch and the difference again today. He waste no movement like Hossa, it’s an art!
    Doesn’t over skate and always reads the play correctly.

    Danault looked very comfy at the DOT and skates just as hard as Marcus. Marcus skill level is easy to replace but his intensity and his dedication to playing HARD game in game out is not. Danault just needs to repeat that performance for like . . . ummmm 5 more months. He can skate has speed and will get more goals in the next few months than Marcus had in 2 years, but Marcus ain’t paid to score.

    Garbutt continues to stand out , his SPEEED really stands out, his shot is always on net, sometimes he gets caught in dumb penalties but damn he’s good and efficient. Like Rasmussen love to watch him play and how they move without the puck. With Garbutt, Danault and Dezi that 4th line too is the difference. Makes the game easy when all 4 lines play, show up and check and chase!

    go hawks
    Sharks easy Stars hard

  5. One Closing Statement and Obvious Observation . ..


    These 4 lines while at times allergic to scoring back check and cover and press like no other team in the nhl period, and that is why we are still in it. Amazing to watch we have not one “Weak link” on the defensive end. Coach Q has a great defensive mix and now those 3 and 4 lines re putting the puck on net and in the net.

    Our defensemen well, that’s another story . . . but our top 4 lines amaze me, stuff you don’t always notice but they can shut ya down stick on stick, catch up to the play and are seldom out of position. Hence Crows run of shutouts . . .

    go hawks

  6. MtM- agree on all Danault, Garbutt, and RasMOOSEn… 70 is not that fast… but understands angles/body position (kinda like TvR)… and just gets the job done…
    Also- makes subtle plays- better than average vision… watched him make the “Right play” several times as a Hog and get the puck to or thru the crease playing thru contact on boards/and on the move… NHL- has a better chance of assists w/ Real finishers… some day maybe…

    Tab- you have to send Hof an email…. Please tell him to come back…

    Scuderi- watched him real closely…. played solid… I am no defensive Genius Like Q… But- 47 was in better position- doing the right thing- versus Daley… Very SAD , when you consider Scuderi’s age and talent and lack of speed- versus Daley

  7. Wall I agree 100% on Scuderi, pretty sad that he gets done what Daley couldn’t with half of Daley’s tools. A solid veteran defender is all we we need, not an offensive D-man that can’t provide offense.

  8. Whats wrong here .its written …since he was accuse of rape….sorry he was never accuse of rape …NEVER.he was under investigation for a crime he never commit…enought about saying he was accuse …He Was NEVER ACCUSE Anyway Kane did win another point for us tonight…i like more and more what i see about Rasmussen …3 g 4 pts +3 …in 7 games ..that good …..Danault should be fine and will need a few more game to adjust …
    Hawks have a nice year so far ..i am impress to see that with 7 new players who never played a game with the Hawks …Craw is really Good lately …very focus on his Game ..

  9. Hawks continue to have a difficult time playing a good 60 minute game on the road. They were very fortunate to come away with any points, nevertheless 2! I’ll take it. Moose continues to impress. I thought Danault played a solid game. Crow was decent except for the bonehead move that led to their first goal. Looking forward to the 6pm tilt on Sunday. Go Hawks!!!!!

  10. What the heck happened in Chicago with the Ice Hogs?
    Quite a few incidents and Dano got a match for a slew-foot

  11. Slow game. Verrrry slow.

    the more they boo Kane the more he wants to punish them. That shootout goal was cocky.

    The Shaw line has been a genius find for Coach Q. Nobody saw it coming and it has been performing in each and every game.

  12. Craig Negrelli your comments and analysis of the Sabres fans I believe, were spot on. I was at the game too. I also noticed that of all the Hawk fans in attendance – and there were easily a couple thousand – there was no shortage of #88 jerseys! Great to see. The Blackhawk fan base in this area is still very strong (Golden horseshoe in Ontario across from Buffalo) from back in the days of the St Catharines TeePees.
    I watched Rasmussen, Scuderi and Danault as much as I could and thought they all had a good game. Rasmussen used his big frame very well to shield the defender from the puck as he drove to the net and got the goal. Danault was very decent at the dot and did not shy away from any physicality. Scuderi I thought came as advertised. A stay at home type d-man who I thought had a decent game. He made a few nice plays in our zone and wasn’t as slow as some on here made him out to be.
    One final note. We went for a bite to eat a local buffalo grill close to the FN Center post game. A comment that was made while I was in there – “Patrick Kane just raped all of Buffalo today. Good for him.” Also, they played Chelsea Dagger while we were in there and the whole bar sang along. NICE!
    So nice to get this win. Go Hawks!

  13. Good game versus another not so good opponent. It’s sobering what has happened to this to the offense and if not for Kane we would be in a very serious world of hurt.

    Danault will be fine over time. He is the heir apparent to Kruger anyway but now he drinks from a fire hose given the role he is being asked to step in. Very good defensive forward and has Bolland like glimpses in this regard.

    Skudieri and Rosival are forming a surprisingly good stay at home pair. Already have chemistry. But their age and slowness will be a liability against the better and go-go teams of the Western Conference. Runblad will be counted upon by default.

    If Kane is MVP of this team at this point in the season, then Crawford is a very close 2nd. Crawford’s importance to this team the past six seasons has been immense. Way greater than many people care to realize.

    San Jose will be a grinding game. Hope there is something left in the Hawks in this back to back plus travel home from Buffalo.

    Allow me to put something out there and then duck. Toews is not having a good season and is a full one step slow. Maybe it can be argued that he’s saddled with a declining Hossa and a gaping hole at LW on his line, but I can’t ignore any longer what my eyes are seeing. I wonder if Toews is hurt, simply burnt out or what. Maybe all the hockey the past several years is piling up. But it would be nice to help get Toews healthier and refreshed. Maybe having a serious girlfriend and on the path to becoming engaged and married is having some of impact. All I know is we need the old Toews back on the ice.

  14. Danault was credited with 7 face off wins yesterday snooooozefest . . . Toews 4. Not a bad start, Marcus also very good at the dot, Danaults technique looks solid, low low low and quick. A very good sign

    go hawks

  15. Scuderi is excellent within 6 feet of the net, the BLUE ZONE! Excellent, but his mobility for this team and the NHL is really needed. But YES watch him up close, very efficient and economy of movement, strong hands and stick BUT slow. He can teach TVR a little too . . . But Scooby Do and Rozy make an okay Stay at home pair of vets. Also they had a lot of ice time, IMO …hence no puck support up ice yesterday.

    go Hawks

  16. NO 70 The Moose . .. is not fast . . hockey as a slow player myself is all ABOUT ANGLES . . . anticipating the puck, and not over skating, which if we watch SHAWS Evolution it is simple he does not OVER SKATE like he once did, CONTROL is the ART. Bick’s downfall is when he is ordered to check at all cost, so his speed gets up his control is low and he gets caught!

    The Great One was not fast . . . his IQ and Angle of Attack was amazing!

    Think of Singletary of the Bears, thats right, NFL vs NHL, He was big, sort of slow but Angles Baby! Angles! Anticipation!

    Hockey is often not what it seems?

    go hawks

  17. Da Captain is called upon to do a lot . . . power play and kill penalties and vocal leader when it’s needed. He of all Hawks actually paces his performance all the time ,he has too! Just like Duncan to me the BEST PLAYER in HOCKEY! Toews also has to forecheck like a beast not his “DNA” but he’s effective so NO ONE doing the dirty work for him, allowing him 2 or 3 goals a week on “junk, chips, deflections” He works very very very hard! This is why TNT Tevo is not actually a great fit for Toews, great fit for TNT not Da Captain. He is also always facing a top line and they focus on him big time! Again why TNT is having and should be having a good year so far! The Top line just needs production and possession they seem to be okay from my couch?

    Toews is fine . . . when ya play 2 way’s hard,like he does and now most all Hawks lines do too our offense will be sluggish! Checks and Balance!

  18. Toews is still showing up on D (as far as I can see in my limited viewing chances) and at the dot. This team does not have the physical offensive horses it did last year, most glaringly Saad and Sharp, so yeah, 19’s getting a pounding game in and game out, and has less room to work with than ever (not that he’s ever had much). His Fenwick and Corsi per 60 mins are slightly higher than last year, so overall he seems fine to me, with a declining Hoss and no other winger stepping up offensively yet, we have a “first checking line” that’s getting the job done in that regard. This team won last year with elite d and inhuman mental toughness, this will be a tough season to try to repeat with as little offensive firepower as they have, but when you have 3 of the best D men in the game…

  19. “Escape Buffalo” is the perfect description and headline from Tab. Craig Nigrelli is correct …Don’t think Patrick Kane will ever be received well again in Buffalo wherever he goes even to the point of being quite dangerous regardless of any vindication or attempts to make it all good. Best thing was to do what he did…prove himself to the Buffalo fans and folks that he will stick it in their face and snatch a victory …as Morrison stated “that’s justice bab-ay” and so be it. I grew up along the shores of Lake Erie and we’ll understand the allure and mystique of it. Maybe he should settle down along the shores of Lake Michigan instead. Only bad things will come out of staying in the Buffalo area.

    Darling in net tonight, game will be a tough slog. I’m really pulling for Kane to keep ahead of Benn and Seguin …those guys are really racking up points every night but so far Kane is staying ahead by a thread. It’s been some time since we won the Art Ross …I think Stan Mikita in 67-68 was the last for us and Kane would be the first American born to do it. Go Kane Go.

  20. When someone offers you a gift – you take it. Tis the season of giving, after all.

    Freakin afternoon games always seem to find the Hawks like they’re still half asleep and that was the case yesterday … but it’s 2 points and Kane got to put the silencer into the morons who were booing him. Twice. Nice.

  21. I’m about ready to climb aboard Wall ‘s Moose bandwagon. Way to go 70. And Scuderi is not as scary as I thought he’d be . Rufus possibly on to something with Jonny. 81, 88, and 2 have all had some time off due to injury. They each returned not only healed up but seemingly refreshed, especially Keith. Lot of hard miles on 19 during this long glorious run. Yes, Tab, launch that APB for Hoffy, tell him I really don’t think he’s a blowhard. And I just hate having to post after trolls

  22. Whoever it was that compared Scuderi to Kimmo after the trade needs to re-assess those comments. Scuderi has not been very noticeable. Thats good. Unlike Daley, Runblad, Kimmo, Cumiskey, we knew they were out there because we were constantly saying, “OH SHIT, OH SHIT!” If we had to repeat last years playoff defense issues, I believe Scuderi would have helped more than the guys we played last year.

  23. Booman and others that don’t know Scuderi. He was an excellent stay at home d-man in his prime. He played a big role on the Kings cup runs. He is getting up there in years but he will be a very solid 3rd pair guy. I’m sure he is the kind of guy that Q will feel comfortable with – unlike Kimmo/Rundblad/Daley/Cumiskey etc.

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