Patrick Kane, Blackhawks Ground Jets

With his team going through an offensive drought, Patrick Kane made sure the Blackhawks left Winnipeg with a victory.

After the Hawks were shutout in consecutive games for the first time in his NHL career, Kane got the Blackhawks on the board at 2:50 into the second period to tie the game. The game would stay tied through the end of regulation, and it was Kane again making a spectacular play in overtime to set up Brandon Saad for the game-winning goal.

Kane was credited with a team-high five shots on goal in the game, and his individual efforts on the Hawks’ two goals led the Blackhawks to victory.

Corey Crawford allowed a goal to Mark Scheifele after a failed clearing attempt from David Rundblad hit a referee. Rundblad’s night was effectively over only 4:51 into the game; he only skated three more shifts after the early turnover, and was on the ice for only 3:50 in the game.

Crawford, however, was fantastic and kept his team in the game. He made 20 saves, eight of which came in the third period, and made timely saves throughout the game.

Jonathan Toews skated 21:21 and won 14 of 21 faceoffs in the victory, while Patrick Sharp picked up an assist and won three of seven at the dot. Teuvo Teravainen saw more ice time again, getting 14:19 on Friday night with one shot on net.

Andrew Shaw led the team with six hits but spent a couple minutes in the penalty box with Bryan Bickell after the teams came together late in the third period. Blake Wheeler and Adam Pardy received off-setting minor penalties in the wake of the teams exchanging pleasantries.

Daniel Carcillo returned from his suspension and, predictably, dropped the gloves on his first shift. He was credited with one hit in 10:26 on Friday night. Here’s the shift chart for the two teams (from

CHI WPG shifts.2.6.15

With the victory, coach Joel Quenneville became the second coach in NHL history to win 300 games with two franchises (Scotty Bowman).

For Winnipeg, the overtime loss extends their losing streak to six games and the noise around the team is only getting louder. Forward Evander Kane was scratched because of a coach’s decision in his hometown, Vancouver, earlier this week . Rumors are flying about his relationship with the organization and his teammates being in ruins, and on Friday he opted to have shoulder surgery and end his 2014-15 season.

The Blackhawks are now 3-3-0 on their current seven-game road trip with wins at Pittsburgh, Anaheim and Winnipeg – all currently playoff teams. Chicago will play in St. Louis on Sunday against a Blues team that will be pissed off; the Blues allowed seven goals in Columbus on Friday night. However, St. Louis’ loss in Columbus was only their third of the calendar year and ended a seven-game winning streak.

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  1. Well that sure had the look and feel of a playoff game. Crawford was in fine form and even better as the game progressed. Timing with the Evander Kane fiasco couldn’t have worked out better for us, so kudos to the Jets for playing the way they did with that large offensive handicap. Rosy part of that winning OT goal so take note. Liked the fact Carcillo was out there and he sure kept Winnipeg thinking, alert and aware…showed lots of effort and was a necessary ingredient for the win. Our Kane singlehandily took care of things. It will be another doozy Sunday against the Blues.

  2. First, let’s set the record straight on the Rundblad giveaway that resulted in the Jets goal. Rundblad bobled the puck along the wall which allowed the Jets forechecker to get on him. However, Rundblad shilded the puck and was battling along the boards when a second Jets player showed up on the scene. It was the second Jet’s player that tried to pass the puck back toward the blue line only to have it bounce off a refs skate into the slot. The Jets goal scorer beat Rundblad to the puck and flipped in the goal. So Rundblad is guitly of bobling the puck and getting beat into the slot by the goal scorer.
    BUT – why wasn’t there a 2nd Hawk player to help Rundblad win the puck?
    and why was the slot wide open – where was Keith that he should yell at Rundblad? Yeah, Rundblad didn’t play that well – but he got no help from the Hawks forwards on that play.

    Next, I’ll give kudos to Rozsival tonight – a rarity. He’s a smart player and makes good plays in the 0-zone like he did on the OT winner. He tied up the d-man in front of the net and made that play possible. Without him being there and tying up the stick of the d-man, that puck probably doesn’t get to Saad cleanly for him to have an unobstructed shot.

    The passing was much better tonight. Not great by any stretch, but still much improved from the stinker against the Wild. Much better team defense limitting the Jets to only a handful of Grade-A chances and CC did his part to limit rebounds for second opportunities.

    My hockey world looks much rosier tonight. :)

  3. Character Winter doldrums win on the road. Proud of the boys. They got beat up, but persevered. Hawks led by Krugs are the Timex team. Kaner skates and hands are sick in open space.

    Bit sick of the glass half empty rants here. No need to back up the bus although 1-2 slots changed would not bother me. Some holes to be filled, but Hawks are better off than most teams in the NHL moving into playoffs this year. To judge character and quality in Jan and Feb is rubbish in this long season. Hockey in Jan-Feb is a study in extremes. Good isn’t as good as it looks nor is bad so terrible.

    D core needs to get more split minutes.

    Crow huge tonight. Yea right Tony trade the guy… WTF? CC plays large in big games.

    Shaw played tough tonight, Bicks soft except one fine hit after Kane got popped. Bicks must play to his size in this kind of game. Funny when Hawks hit back Jets didn’t like it.

    Refs let em play. Laughably entertaining in that way, but the game was decided by players.

    If the boys can get a point or two in St Louis the table is set for some home cooking. We are right in it guys. Keep the faith.

    Lets go Hawks!

  4. ER – review 32 and 27 at the defensive zone leading to 32’s subsequent break out pass leading to Kane’s goal. More kudos to 32.

    Much better compete than SJ and MN games.

  5. True about Rozy play tonight BNSt. 32 is a smart player I think. If he stays though Q must find a way to get him fresh as possible into playoffs. His foot speed has dropped off so much. Rozy brain knows what to do but the body won;t follow. Sad to have watched this with Zus previous 2 years, but that’s what it is. I don’t know whom they can platoon Rozy with on that side? Q has to split up minutes better going into playoffs with d men to keep em as fresh as possible.

    Let’s Go Hawks!

  6. Great road win. I was hoping they would get one of the two between Winnipeg and st. Louis. Any point or points on Sunday will be a bonus in my book. I expect the hawks to go at least 6-2 in the 8 game home stand and start kicking it into a higher gear.

    I will say this about Rundblad. I am a fan of his and I think his upside is a # 4 second pair defenseman. But that play early in the game was downright awful and eerily familiar to the Andrew Ladd play a couple weeks ago when he muscled Rundblad off the puck and fed Bagosian who scored. Friday night was the exact same thing. That puck has to come out and if does not, he can’t let the guy come off the wall, best him to the net and score, that was an egregious error.

    As a result, Tim Erixon, who appears to be Rundblad’s clone only he shoots left, has to be in on Sunday.

    Bottom line : when you are the number 6 defenseman, you cannot be giving away goals or you sit and watch the number 7 get a shot.

  7. Runbad…What about Shaw’s TO’s? Did ya see Shaw try to hit Ladd… comical

    Where are forwards going before Puck is out?

    Trouba is a nice player!!!

    So who is going down when 23 comes back? TT or 42??? Thought TT looked good w/ 28/16 in the one shift together… But if TT stays… that means Cbomb sits- and that probably doesn’t happen on Q’s watch…

  8. Patrick Kane. wow. Brilliant pass from Richards. Crawford had a great game.

    They also packed it in and changed their scheme a bit. And then won a game. Surprise. Surprise.

  9. Kane and CC had good games which we needed, but thought the Hawks team was overall meh.. Glad to get a much needed win, but for context the Jets had lost 5 straight and EKane had just essentially quit on the season. Basic stats were even (shots, chances, FO’s), and Hawks had few grade-A scoring opportunities imo. A “doldrums” win is what that was. For my money, does not inspire confident view that we’d handle these guys in playoffs (one way or the other.) Concerning me is that 19 was invisible, not sure what’s up there.. On the TT front, I thought he was manhandled on the boards like a boy among men and a nonfactor most of the game, not sure what you all saw.

    Although STL crashed and burned against BJ’s last nite, they’d won 7 in a row and 12 of previous 13 (perhaps they were looking past Columbus to Sun?) Either way, need a better effort Sun to make a statement that we’re starting to turn things around.

  10. Carcillo was back to his trolling ways last night, whacking people after every whistle. If he keeps that up, he’ll either get suspended again or one of his teammates will pay the price when retaliation takes place. I’ve never been a fan of 13, and that isn’t likely to change. Keep Nordstrom on the 4th line and let Teravainen get more ice time in Rockford when 23 comes back.

  11. Enjoyed the game last night. I think the Jets have a good team and its hard to believe they have been losing so much lately. Kane was the obvious difference maker along with Crawford. It was nice to see Crawford have a great game. Rozy played well too. I wonder if Runblad and T2 will be significant playoff contributors and how to maximize their potential for this year.

  12. Negzz- I totally had same feeling about game…

    Tab- TT back in Rock… 42 plays… In theory – I am OK with that…
    But- Hawks will go nowhere in PO’s with the 3rd/4th line production/lack of… we are
    seeing here…

    and 10 has played w/ 3rd line some… and that has looked- meh!

    So I would really give
    28/16/86 — 2-3 games to see if there is anything there at all

    another far reach– cuz , once again- this team needs to get a little O from bottom 2 lines… just some signs of a pulse would help!!!

  13. I know I’m in the vast minority on being positive on Carcillo. He’s a distraction to the other team and gets into the head of the opponent, and you can always count on something happening.

  14. I was thinking the same thing 10 and 23 on the same line (somebody else needs to be on 2nd sure). When 10 was on the line with 29/65 those guys wernt playing good then. When 29/65 are playing good/better we ll have a better idea of who works well with them/one of them, etc.

  15. re: wall’s comments on 86 – I totally agree about the lack of production from the bottom six. But getting him wet in the NHL skating w/ 29 & 65 isn’t going to do anything for him. The Hawks could stand to open up a spot or two for call-ups to see if that injects some life in the bottom couple lines.

    Also, let’s not kid ourselves about Shaw at center any more. I would skate 10-86-23 and try 29-91-88

  16. How about giving Hossa a change of scenery since he’s fighting it all season.

  17. Oh dear Scott Powers tweeting that Rundblad likely playing tomorrow. Thought for sure we would see Tim Erixon get a whopping 8 minutes.

  18. TT plays with 65 and 29 because opponents are always aware of those two so it puts TT under the radar and gives him a little more time and space. He is learning what he has to do to be successful against bigger, physical NHL teams. Kane’s defensive play is a good template for TT. Kane backchecks and takes the D’s outlet passes; he is not going toe to toe with Backus on the boards. TT can’t spell backcheck at this point, too busy circling for a headpass. I liked Bickel’s payback to the Kane hit. Ove went after Doughty in a payback hit in the Caps-LA game as did Lucci in the Boston-LA game. Nordstrom has the size and I think Q wants more hitting from him.

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