Patrick Kane, Blackhawks Open Barclays Center With OT Win

The new era of Islanders hockey began at the Barclays Center with the defending Stanley Cup champions in attendance. And a game filled with skill and speed gave fans an exciting finish – in overtime.

Artem Anisimov gave the Hawks their first lead of 2015-16 with his first goal of the young season in the first period. It was also the first short-handed goal of the season, coming on the Hawks’ first penalty kill of the new year.

John Tavares was left all alone and finished to tie the game early in the second, but Patrick Kane received a gorgeous pass from Jonathan Toews and gave the lead back to Chicago at 15:11 into the middle frame.

Marek Zidlicky tied the game 78 seconds into the third, and the score would stay even through 60 minutes of play.

And, for the first time, the Blackhawks got a taste of 3-on-3 overtime.

Chicago started overtime with Kane, Toews and Duncan Keith. Before the Hawks could change Toews and Keith off the ice, Marian Hossa came on and took a great lead pass from Toews for a breakaway. Nick Leddy hooked him on the play and Chicago got an overtime power play opportunity; in the new format, a player is added to make it a 4-on-3 scenario.

Early in the power play, with Toews parked in front of the net, Kane put a shot on net that appeared to redirect off Islanders defenseman Johnny Boychuk and into the net for the game-winner.

Corey Crawford had a good night, stopping 34 of 36 in the victory. Thomas Greiss was impressive on the other end of the ice, stopping 32 of 35 in defeat.

As coach Joel Quenneville searched for more consistency from his forwards, the line blender was active on Friday night. Artemi Panarin – nicknamed “The Breadman” – saw action with Kane and Toews (including the shift that resulted in Kane’s first goal of the night). Panarin continues to impress and get more confident with the puck. He finished with four shots on net and one takeaway against the Islanders.

The result of mixing up the lines was more balanced ice time for the forwards. Only two forwards – Toews (21:05) and Hossa (19:46) – skated more than 18 minutes in the game.

Ryan Garbutt had an effective night in spite of limited ice time. He skated 11:44, including 54 seconds of short-handed time, and was credited with four shots on net, one blocked shot and a team-leading six hits.

Trevor Daley, the other player added from Dallas over the summer, had a much better night than he did on Wednesday. He was credited with a team-leading four blocked shots in 17:45 and skated 2:05 on the power play. Daley was able to get two shots on net in the game as well.

Bryan Bickell, on the other hand, skated 11:02 and did almost nothing again. He was credited with two shots on net, one hit and one takeaway but handcuffed teammates a few times with bad passes and gave the puck away in the defensive zone as well.

Viktor Tikhonov made his Hawks debut and received the least amount of ice time on the roster (10:31). He picked up three hits, two takeaways and one shot on net, however, in 15 shifts.

Also making his debut was Viktor Svedberg, and continues to be tall. He skated 16:19 and was credited with two hits, two blocked shots and two shots on net. Svedberg was on the ice for 1:14 of penalty kill duty as well, but had an awful giveaway in the defensive zone.

Both teams travel to Chicago for a rematch at the United Center on Saturday night. Scott Darling is expected to be in net for the Hawks.

29 thoughts on “Patrick Kane, Blackhawks Open Barclays Center With OT Win

  1. Tab-love the tall line-
    It may be an optical illusion but most of the 50 plus d-guys in my beer league are quicker and when the puck gets in between his skates it may never be found.
    Please end the Z. Chara experiment.

  2. Sloppy game in all three zones. Giveaways by……well……..let’s just say “almost everyone” plagued this team, again.

    Crawford saved the game for the Hawks. I know it’s just the beginning of the season and we need to get our game in gear, but the turnovers are not only plenty, but right in the slot area.

    In the words of Q……”we need to clean it up a bit”.

  3. Tab: Abraham Lincoln was also tall but he never gave the puck up as easily as Svedberg did, so I don’t think it’s about height. C’mon now.

  4. Nice win. This is going to be a great team and one heck of a lot of fun to watch. Tikhonov looked fine. Anisimov is no mistake. The whole team seems more relaxed with less pressure and they are enjoying the game and the newcomers. Kane is going to tear it up this season with Panarin. Cannot wait for Dano to come up and a headline from Tab that states ” Bickell problem resolved”.

  5. “Svedberg, and continues to be tall.”

    Can he do anything else besides being tall? He’s got the tall thing down pretty good. Instead of standing tall, can he try skating fast?

  6. Thought TVR had a solid game, he is more confident with the puck this year. Re: Bickell, I thought he was better tonight. He was in position for a couple of great chances where the puck bounced over his stick. Also, Teuvo nearly gets his second goal but goes post to post. His growth from early last year is huge. Two games done and no one is calling for Crow’s head – that tells you how good he has been!

  7. MS- well- if Crow keeps passing to the other team in between the dots…
    and Toe picking into the corner- and having flashbacks of the nite at the House of Blues- when he fell up the stairs… many will be calling for his head…

    Yes, Bickell actually played a couple of shifts… (Paille, Hartman, Dano ) are still better and cheaper options…

    Tikho/TT looked decent on 3rd line- give them a 3rd wheel- and who knows???

    28/14/TT and 65 back to 4th line…. but still NO 1st line LW

    Hawks will struggle- if they can’t find someone to fill the LW on 1st line…
    Q- looks determined to double shift 72/88/ with a sprinkle of 65 there- until someone emerges…

    Svedberg was bad in own zone

  8. The announcers for the Islanders said Toews got the winning goal in OT. Is it confirmed that Kane got it?

    Daley much better than the other night (thank heavens!). That first period against the Rangers he was horrific.

    Great shortie by Anisimov! Loved that shot by Panarin that almost tore the goaltender’s glove off on the way to hitting the crossbar. Not only did the “Bread Man” get that shot off quickly but it really had some mustard on it. He’s going to be some sniper.

  9. 2 points is nice, especially when the Hawks probably didn’t deserve to win. Way too many giveaways and weak clearing attempts. But there were some positives too.

    Two games in, 2 points in the standings, and a rematch with the fast skating and hard hitting Islanders tomorrow.

    Hockey is back. Ahhh, life is grand.

  10. Can we please stop the Svedberg bashing. He had 2 huge turnovers, but was good/great besides. Now, you can’t save face after those turnovers, but bare in mind it was his first NHL game, on the road, against a fast team. After those 2 fuck-ups he was coached and didn’t make any other mistake.
    A little bit of patience would be nice… from everybody. Those ‘everybody’ are the same that call Coach Q on not playing youngsters, but when he does they lose their shit for any mistake.
    He also got PK minutes -as anticipated- which is clearly a big need on the roster. By having Svedberg act as the 4th PK Dman Coach Q can put TVR-Daley on the ice when the PK ends. That pain is a natural pair and played very well last night (take that TVR haters, take that Daley haters).

    The Hawks were again sloppy for 30+ minutes. They stated playing hockey after they manged to stop that huge Isles pressure coming after the Tavares goal.

  11. I loved how both coaches respected the other team’s 4th line. Those might be the best 4th lines in the NHL and ended up playing a lot against each other. The game was fast, I never managed to understand which team was dictating the match-ups, but I suppose the 4th lines going at it was something both coaches were ok with.

  12. Hawks are definitely a work in progress. Totally enjoy watching “Breadman” get acclimated. Still they need to work on face offs: The Hawks were dominated at the dot 27-40. They also need to get their 3rd D pair in place. Hopefully it won’t take 20 games to work that out. What a great time to be a sports fan…. Baseball playoffs, hockey tonight, and then the President’s Cup late tonight to watch the single’s match ups!

  13. re: dumdum’s “[Svedberg] had 2 huge turnovers, but was good/great besides.” Disagree. He was serviceable. Lots of standing around, he got lost around his own net a few times and he passed on a couple shot opportunities in the offensive zone that a guy his size needs to take with authority. I still think he’s going to remind us more of John Scott than Chara.

  14. This Hawks team is the best in awhile. They played good NY teams in Rangers and Islanders and looked great consider it’s opening week. They will get even better! Our 3rd line defense is a problem again and TVR is just okay. They all seem to have trouble gathering the puck, and turning up ice for exits. Svedberg is not a NHL defensemen but Hawks running out of options. TD Trevor Daley is doing okay, he will get better as he gets more time on ice. But too many soft turnovers, stick just pushing the puck into crowded areas, no speed, no turns like the BOLTS series.

    Marcus wins that draw from Mr. T of the islanders with 4 seconds on clock CLEAN!

    Viktor Tikhonov can flat out play! Love this kids energy and stick skill!

    Garbutt is great addition finishes every single check, get to the puck gets into the corners every time.

    Panarin is my favorite, soo strong, does not dance to weak side liek Kane but has the angles down like Alex Ovechkin, sign of a 40 goal scorer easy peasy. LOVE him worth the wait!

    Hawks will dominate in 3 on 3 hence my predications to be way better than last year in WINS, and my prediction of some 40 goal scorers on the Hawks this year. Keith is why the 3 on 3 is gold!

    Svedberg is slow, slow to react and slow up ice, if he had a great big slap shot on offense one can deal with his lack of speed to the puck on defense. I would make him watch a full season of Mr. Z Chara to see how efficient Chara is for a NBA Center! For his size he is not physical . . . not a question about he is NOT READY. Rundblad is just a little better but his offensive upside makes up for his lack of defensive instinct,

    Defense is the hardest position so it will take time but not this much time?

  15. One last Svedberg comment, if you want to see how a guy uses his height which in hockey is REACH do watch Chara when he is playing. One would think Svedberg with his size and REACH would be pretty good but with his stick, but he does not even use his stick well and he does not use his size well. But it ain’t always about the obvious turnovers if your watching for skill set and expectations.

  16. I think “serviceable” is a good way to describe Svedberg’s play … whose nickname in Rockford by the way was “Big Sexy” … ahhh, no.

    The coaching staff will give him some time to settle in, which is fine by me. Let him get over the jitters, keep his game simple, and see what he can do over a series of games.

    Roszival will be the #7 defenseman in all likelihood and TvR should be fine as a #5 so a #6 guy is the key, along with probably another LW. All of which will be dictated by the cap.

  17. I unfortunately missed the game. However, its very interesting to read the comments from posters on the game when you don’t watch the game. I read everyone’s comments and I am looking forward to watching tonights game. I would just add that some people are predicting the Islanders as the Cup winners this year so to win the game on the road when they are opening up their new building is huge. Go Hawks. Can’t wait to watch Panarin and Kane playing together, I did see the game against the Rangers and even though the Hawks lost the end of that game was awesome. Toews on the draws with overwhelming skill on the ice against the Rangers. Rangers were very lucky to win that game as they were totally out skilled.

  18. It may be too early to judge Svedberg – one game.

    HOF watched him in Rockford…and said, “Let him get over the jitters, keep his game simple, and see what he can do over a series of games.” — makes sense. It’s often said it takes longer for defensemen to develop, and somebody (Q? Stan?) obviously sees some potential.

  19. Here’s the thing re: Svedberg – options are limited. The choice comes down to which guy is less bad. So far, IMO, the jury hasn’t reached a decision yet.

  20. I think it’s too early to vote out Svedberg let’s see if he improves after a little more time. Runblad makes the same mistakes over and over and never learns. If this is Bickell’s response to his umptenth wake up call heaven help us. Like what we’ve seen from the Russians. It’s going to be an interesting season. Crawford is off to a great start won the game last night.

  21. To piggy back on Dickie’s comment … last year, Svedberg didn’t start looking good in Rockford until about the last 30 games. Then things came together for him, he started playing a lot once they moved out the AHL veteran defensemen. Before that, I thought they wouldn’t offer him another contract for this year – he was mediocre in my eyes.

    Then, something clicked, probably confidence and better understanding what he does well and doesn’t do well. Those last 30 games down there, he was solid and made all the simple plays and was pretty much error free. Lo and behold he was a Black Ace and then was offered a deal for this year.

    They saw significant growth in his game and the reality is a guy that size with all those moving parts will take longer. Is he ultimately an NHL caliber defenseman? Jury is out. Money issues dictate him getting a chance and Svedberg is a guy they’ve spent a lot of time developing.

    At the very least to get his feet wet in the NHL is a good thing – practically every season teams need 9-10 NHL caliber defensemen to get through the year.

  22. If I heard the Islander commentator correctly, the Isle’s have just 2 roster changes from last year’s team that had 101 points. If that is the case, the Hawks beat a very good team. Add to that, the Hawks have many roster changes and movable parts. All of this bodes well for the Hawks once things settle in.

  23. I think Hoffs analysis of the big Swede is astute. Panerin is fitting in nicely. I forgot Clutterfuck is an Islander. Evereytime a Crow leaves the net I get that WTF feeling. Does Darling go tonight?

  24. Tab I agree with you, but serviceable for a slow, big, 1st career game Dman is good/great. Again, if you take those brain farts out the question.
    When you turn over the puck like that your game will be viewed as a disaster even when if you’re playing like Keith at 100% the rest of the game.

    It’s obvious he needs to learn how to avoid such errors, needs to find a a rhythm, get comfortable. You know start belonging. Then he can can shoot more, hit more and stuff. Also the coaching staff -in time- will learn about his game more, spot him, coach him, ecc.
    He did play on the PK unit, which in my mind is Huge. If he can be solid there he can use that as a starting point, build confidence and minutes out of that.

    PS: He’ll start the next 2 games, mark it, sign it, send it. I see the scenario of Rundbland playing against the Isles and Caps, with their nasty checking lines, as borderline insanity.
    Svedberg might be lost, but Rundbalnd is scared. You can’t have a scared Dman, especially against teams like those 2 teams.

  25. 2 games into the season… who still thinks Anisimov is slow.
    He’s had 2 solid games and he plays just as I though he will. Except of course that mind blowing goal he gifted Zuccarello on Wednesday.
    Seeing these 2 games have only reinforced my belief that Anisimov-Penarin have the skill to dominate as their own line, freeing Kane and giving Coach Q that game changing element of depth-versatility.
    The Hawks don’t have enough Centers as it is, so this will never happen, but I saw Anismov play Wing and he’s as good of a player there as he is at C. He has a lot of tools in his arsenal… physicality not being one of them, maybe the only trait he’s missing.

  26. Watch how cleanly and crisply Darling handles the puck tonight. He swats it away far more often than cro, who tends to let it be, thus the occasional softie goal from close in. It’s a much safer approach than the one employed by cro. Makes me less crazy. I appreciate cro but do think that Darling is just as good if not better.

  27. Remember the pounding the guys took against Anaheim? Size doesn’t mean as much as it used to. Having a long stick is nice, but not when its not active. Take those same 2 fugly turnovers away from Rundblad and you have a much more capable defenseman.

    Rundblad had a month long stretch where he played consistent minutes. Gained confidence and looked way better than serviceable.

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