Patrick Kane, Blackhawks Stay Alive With Double-OT Win

Nothing can ever be easy, can it?

Chicago coach Joel Quenneville mixed up the lines to start the game, but it didn’t generate any offense in the opening 20 minutes. The Hawks and Blues skated to a 0-0 tie through a first period that saw only ten shots on net (six for St. Louis, four for Chicago). No penalties were called.

The Hawks appeared to wake up and take control in a terrific, back-and-forth second period. Chicago put 16 shots on net and beat Brian Elliott three times, taking a 3-1 lead to the dressing room.

David Rundblad, dressing for the first time since before Christmas and a trip to Europe, took a penalty 54 seconds into the second period. But Marian Hossa exploded up the ice for a short-handed goal.

Unfortunately, there was plenty of time left on the Blues’ power play and Jaden Schwartz scored 63 seconds later to tie the game. He unleashed a shot from outside of the circle to Corey Crawford’s right and beat him glove side for the equalizer.

From there, however, it was all Blackhawks in the second.

Artem Anisimov tapped in a rebound for his second of the series at 15:24 and then Patrick Kane set up Artemi Panarin for a goal with 0.4 seconds left in the period.

The Hawks out-shot the Blues 16-14 in the second period and took momentum to the dressing room. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring it back for the third period.

Robby Fabbri beat Crawford at 6:57 into the third to draw the Blues within one, and David Backes redirected an Alex Pietrangelo shot past Crawford to tie the game with five minutes left in regulation.

St. Louis got another great opportunity with four minutes left in regulation when the Hawks were called for too many men, but Chicago successfully killed the advantage.

The final two minutes passed with mild heart palpitations, and the two teams headed to sudden death overtime in an elimination game.

Alex Steen got a great scoring chance three minutes into the overtime but Crawford made a huge save. St. Louis had the first five shots in the extra period and most of the first ten minutes were played in the Hawks’ end, but the Hawks had a great chance with a loose puck in front of Elliott nine minutes into OT. It took Chicago 7:58 to get a shot on net.

With six minutes left in regulation the pace accelerated to break-neck speed. The Hawks had some really good chances and Crawford kept the Hawks in the game with a number of superb saves. All of this was taking place while the Hawks were effectively skating four defensemen; Rundblad (rightfully) didn’t step on the ice in overtime and Erik Gustafsson skated only three shifts.

Crawford made 11 saves in the first overtime; Elliott made seven.

And we headed to a second overtime.

Just 2:56 into the second overtime, Kane got the puck to Elliott’s left and the puck slid just past the net… where Kane retrieved it and flipped a backhanded shot into the open net for the game-winner. Richard Panik, who played a fantastic game skating 21:09, picked up the only assist on the goal.

Kane Hjalmarsson

The game-winning goal was the first of these playoffs for Kane but the fifth postseason overtime GWG in the career of the Art Ross winner.

Duncan Keith led the Hawks with 50 shifts and 42:20 of ice time as Chicago relied heavily on their top four defensemen. Brent Seabrook led the Hawks with six hits and six blocked shots in 39:48 and Niklas Hjalmarsson blocked five shots in 32:58. Trevor van Riemsdyk skated 29:11 with three blocked shots in the win. Rundblad skated 6:51 and looked completely lost.

Kane skated 31:16 and dominated the second overtime. He put three shots on net and four more attempts missed the mark; he was also credited with an assist.

Jonathan Toews had one assist and won 19 of 30 faceoffs in 28:43 and Hossa was a beast, leading Chicago with seven shots on net in 24:47. Hossa was also credited with three hits and three takeaways. Panarin had a goal and an assist in 25:36. Anisimov won only three of 14 faceoffs in 20:44.

Crawford made 43 saves and his effort in the the extra hockey was incredible to keep his team alive. Elliott 31 saves in the loss.

Game Six will begin at 7 pm CT on Saturday at the United Center.

81 thoughts on “Patrick Kane, Blackhawks Stay Alive With Double-OT Win

  1. Agreed. Loved Panik’s play tonight. He played gritty hockey and added a lot of skill.

    Hopefully Rudblad gets lost while walking back up to the press box. Gotta imagine Q goes with Erhoff and hopefully run 3 defensive pairings.

  2. We remain the undefeated Stanley Cup champions. Double OT games have been pretty good for us these past years. What a determined and 100% effective effort by Kane. You know if we lose the series so be it and I think most of us are prepared for that but tonite went a long way to showing our credibility. If we lose we can now have dignity in it but I don’t think we lose. By the way Mashinter was fine. Rundblad not so much. My three stars tonight…#1 Crawford, #2 Kane #3 Panarin

    Now I can finally go to bed…Have to teach the first four classes tomorrow and it will be a grind for sure 2 Geology, 1 Mining Economics then Geology with the seniors. Oh man my arse will be dragging. But with a SMILE!

  3. One game at a time. Win at home. That’s all they need for now.

    Hossa’s best game. He was really working tonight. Fantastic 3rd line two-way forward.

    Seabrook is either hurt or has lost two steps. He looked like he was skating in quicksand. Poor guys foot speed is gone. He also needs to hit the net more. Must have shot wide 4 or 5 times tonight.

    Lol…I actually didn’t thing Rundblad was all that bad tonight. Looked quicker than I remembered him. Don’t know what Q will do for 5 & 6 D for game 6.

    Love to see Shaw between Ladd and Hossa with Kruger between Weise and Fleishman. That would give us 4 nice lines in my opinion.

    Go Hawks Go.

  4. As usual great summary, Tab – thanks.

    “Gotta imagine Q goes with Erhoff and hopefully run 3 defensive pairings.” – knowing Q, Rozsival will probably be back. (Sorry if that pissed on anyone’s parade, but “Q gotta be Q”).

    Really a pretty good team effort. *My* Three Stars – Crawford, Kane, Fabbri.

  5. Guess who showed up and guess who won? Kane.. and the Hawks.

    Great effort by the Hawks in OT who looked completely gassed. Crawford came up big when we needed him. Hopefully we can carry the momentum into Saturday..

    Let’s not forget that 3rd period.. this game should have been over then. Need to find a way to close out games like this and giving up 2 goal leads in the 3rd is not how you win Cups. Defense needs to improve saturday, not sure how but it needs to happen.. would like to see Erhoff get a shot, he can’t be worse than Rundblad..Great to see them hang tough and win it though.

    Go Hawks!

  6. Panik is a real find.he has looked great so far and was excellent tonite. We need to keep him . He is big,strong,fast , he hits and shoots well.
    So glad Q plays him . I would take out Mashinter and add Shaw. No other changes.
    Best team energy byHawks in a LONG time !

  7. “Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!” – my liver

    The blackhawks showed one glimmer of dominance, and 15 was in the middle of almost all of it. Lots of negativity towards Bowman over the last three games, certainly some deserved, but 15 has been a home run, and 16 showed up tonight, big time.

    Thrilled to see TVR take a step forward in his game, he was 1 or 2 plays from being respectable in games 1-4, played like he belonged tonight, not bad for a 24 year old replacing a guy 10 years smarter.

    Crow was UNBEATABLE after giving up his soft PP goal. Just can’t get beat from that distance right in front of your eye sockets. Yes, he let in 2 more, but he couldn’t help those. Simply superb periods 345. Hitch talked about breaking the Hawks’ resolve a couple years ago, and they might do it this year, but man, I’ve never seen Crow so calm in the crease.

    The Blues owned possession Other than about 3 minutes and should have won this game. Ehrhoff is the answer? He looked lost and way slower than 5 every time I saw him, he had a position HANDED TO HIM and didn’t win it. Ridiculous. Go with the champ. He sucks, but at least he cares.

  8. Great to see the Hawks’ big name forwards finally contribute to the scoring. I don’t know what Coach Q was thinking in selecting Rundblad to play over Rozsival. Well we’ll have Shaw back for Game 6, so I wonder what the lines will look like with him back.

  9. Gotta say, that’s a great photo, with the puck in front of Ladd’s eye! Like a pirate! Ahrrrr matey!

  10. As the game went on, the Blues didn’t have the “will” to play the body. By the middle of the first overtime they started to just wait for a Hawk mistake. By the beginning of the second overtime they looked REAL fatigued. When Kane scored the look on their faces was one of, “uh-oh, we woke up the bear”.

    To quote Ken Hitchcock, “you have to beat the Hawks resolve”. The Blues are finding out how hard it is to put away a Stanley Cup champion. This is going back to St. Louis and their sphincters are a little tight this morning!!

  11. How quickly they come back-see one of our posters who gave up

    “I think we will lose tomorrow nite by 3 goals or more.”

    Champions have heart are die hard.

  12. Q started Mash over Panik several times this year?????

    SB moved up to draft Schmaltz over Fabbri??? Hope Schmaltz can be that good…
    Fabbri has Moxy!!! and skill

    Seabrook- did look like he was skating in concrete!!! Bickell 2.0/contract

    Lastly, I suggested for Hawks to Break up the 72/AA/88 line… a couple of times this year… to balance out the scoring and other team’s coverage…
    would have been nice to try— prior to “Do or die time”

  13. Call that a massive character win. Finally the bigger name Hawks players got off the snide and it made the difference. I am sure at the Scottrade Center last night at the end of regulation they were playing the famous Freddy King song The Crumble. Hawks choking up that 2 goal lead elicited multiple oh noooo’s and that sickening feeling one gets when big leads just evaporate in huge games. Cringe worthy stuff.

    Blues could not put the Hawks away after throwing everything they had at Crow. Yep, the Schwartz pp goal was a softy, but my God otherwise Crow kept the Hawks in in the hunt. He has been coming up huge again in these playoffs when the money is on the line.

    In my mind, when Hossa scored I thought the Hawks would find a way to win last night. In fact they always seem to win when Hossa scores. Stat read on CSN Chicago confirmed Hawks 17-0 when Hoss dents the net in playoffs. More Hoss please Saturday. Great shot for the shorty. Speaking of great shots, that one timer blast from Panarin to close out the 2nd was electrifying. What a play from Toews and Kane. Blues fans were in shock.

    Well and sadly noted BLS(my moms initials!) that Seabrook had just a terrible outing. Much slower than normal, careless passing, brutal giveaways missing the net with shots. Symptomatic of a disturbing trend in his game. He is either hurt, or his batteries are on double secret reserve. He has to get better.

    Tip of the cap to Mash, Weise, and Panik. Those guys played really well last night. Notice that human dregs Ott wanted nothing to do with Mashinter.

    DOG penalty and late game line change hiccups by the Hawks inexcusable in the 3rd period. Serenity now.

    Shaw back in what will likely be rockin affair Saturday night in the UC. At least I can get some needed sleep tonight….

    Lets GO Hawks!

  14. Great insight on STL style of play shifting late in that game. I feel like they have done this the last couple games. They start out taking the body for about the first period, but later in these tight games they have backed off to not get caught deep.

    They definitely still dump and chase + strong forecheck, that’s the identity of their team, but the biggest thing I’ve noticed is their defensive awareness. The Hawks have a minimal number of rush opportunities overall and the Blues are forcing them into a cycling/dump & chase style that is not their forte at all. Add in the lack of capitalizing on those few opportunities and the Blues have (Steen breakaway, etc.) and that’s the difference in 1 goal games.

    – Seabs looks like he has mono or something, mentioned this after last game. Guy is struggling. My best guess is a lower body injury. Means we’re likely playing with 2 top D-men, both together on the same line.
    – The refs REALLY let the teams play last night, only calling what they had to. Special teams have been making the difference in the series during these tight games
    – I’m getting sick of the Blues “face-off” strategy. Watch any of their centremen on draws. Win or lose, the first thing every one of them does is tie-up the Hawks C from being able to pressure the D-man or get into defensive position. This is also WELL after the puck is moved, but you have Statsny (worst), Ott, Backes, showing with their stick between Toews’s legs, arms wrapped around him, etc.

    Bringing it back home for #6, let’s see if we can push it to 7 and really make them wonder about being able to finish us off! Get back to STL, you’ve won 2/3 there!!

  15. Incredible win. The Blues are incredibly strong and this was a great game. Kudos to rhe Hawks, but damn please find a way to meet the challenge of the Blues in the third period. Every game they kick our ass in the third period.

    Panik deserves credit. Yes, Rosival MUST be in the lineup and no more Runblad. TVR has been getting abused but there are no better options for his role.

  16. No panic in this team. They keep coming. That 7-8 minutes in the second period should be the way they play all the time. They really went after the net and were skating and moving the puck in the O Zone.

    Agree with everyone, something is wrong with Seabrook. Ehrhoff? You sat 5 and 43 in the last two games. What do you have to lose playing him.

    Good comments on Panik. The guy really has wheels. He had to slow up at the Blue’s line a couple times last night waiting on his teammates.

    Go Hawks!!

  17. One other comment: I believe it was Brouwer who was juked out of his skates by Mr. 88 on the way to the winning 2OT goal. Couldn’t be happier given all those borderline checks, elbows and sticks from the former Hawk……………karma???? Onto game 6.

  18. I thought TT played better in game 5. However, again late in the game he had the puck with a clear 2 on 1 and made a poor pass. Last time it was a foot off the ice to Ladd. This time it was too far ahead of Anisimov. He seems to panic with the puck. Not a great trait for a player who is supposed to be a play maker.

    Interestingly, TT doesn’t seem to get burnt too often in his own end. His quick feet and stick seems to find away to get it done.

    In anycase, if you don’t play Shaw at center between Ladd and Hossa then replace TT on the second line. The problem with Shaw on the 4th line is the lack of 5 on 5 minutes. Shaw has to play more 5 on 5 minutes than TT.

  19. Wow – gotta laugh at the Jekyll and Hyde personalities of some of the posts. Interesting reading over 48 hours. Win or lose the Hawks core has a champions will that ranks up there with the greatest teams in any sport. Every time I give them up for dead they prove me to be an idiot. I thought the series with the Blues two years ago was one of the best comebacks I had seen after a team lost the first two games in such a back-breaking fashion. Perhaps they will one-up themselves this year. Forget about Runblad, Mashinter, Ehroff, etc. and enjoy watching true champions lay it all on the line despite their shortcomings because that’s the only way they know how to play. Go Hawks!

  20. Some good comments this morning guys. I am stuck in the “moderation room” since 7:15. We ain’t dead yet.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  21. SW, “Rosival MUST be in the lineup and no more Runblad.” == MUST disagree. During the season at times Rozsival actually played well, but in this series, not at all. Rundblad doesn’t bring much either, but at least he can skate and play the pint in the offensive zone. Flip a coin on their play on defense.

  22. Crawford deserves to be the Hawks winningest playoff goalie; he proved it again last night. Blues down-low game is very strong and a copy of the Kings. Fortunately Hawks’ backchecking was better. Hossa finally emerged from the shadows in a big way. His defense is always good, but his offense tonight? -wow. Kane is simply the best. His offense is the best and his defense is also strong for a small guy. An outstanding show of pride in being champions. When its on the line, these guys bring it.

  23. The optics tell me the Blues are the better team. They are bigger, stronger, and faster than the Hawks and unlike previous versions of the Blues, they have elite scorers. They’re a very good team and deserving to win this series. But, the Hawks have a lot of championship experience and character and that matters.

    All championship teams eventually recede and this may be what we’re watching. Will the next game be another chapter in their legacy or will it be their epitaph?

    Go Hawks ! ! ! !

  24. This is a Blues team constructed in many ways in the likeness of the Blackhawks. Speed, blue line depth, center depth. They cannot replicate championship mettle, though. We’ll see in the next 1-2 games what the Blues are made of. The hockey world has 3 championships and another conference final appearance as evidence of what these Blackhawks are made of.

  25. What a great series. All one goal games. Had some bounces/posts gone differently, this series could have been over already with either team on top.

    I really like the new top two lines. Hossa on the third line looks energized and is way better than any other third liner out there. If he stays there on Saturday night look for him to have another great game.

    Panarin proved that he doesn’t need Kane on his line to make him look good.

  26. What these OT playoff games have is incredible tension and drama. We cringe when the puck is getting tee’d up in our end, and the clouds lift when the puck comes back on a rush. As we have seen so many times repeated since the 2010 run this Hawks team is pretty darn tough in multiple OT games. They find a way through, and then in these moments it’s just electric, magical and uplifting.

    Blues are indeed a most worthy opponent. A titanic struggle this series. Pity one of these teams will not advance and that comes from a guy with a decades long dislike of the Blues franchise. They are within a couple players of an Ottless, Reavesless roster that can bury the ghosts of the douchebag past. No longer are they slow plodding and overly physical. Armstrong gets some due credit for the shift in mentality and skill level of his roster.

    Good on Foley last night calling out these atrocious 8:30 starts for central time teams. Milbury in response once again lowers himself into deeper mediocrity.

    Lets Go Hawks!

  27. I liked the new lines and think they will make the difference. The 2nd game together– which I hope Q leaves alone and only inserts Shaw in for Mashinter– they should play better. Leave ’em alone for now.
    The whole set up play for Kane’s goal was magnificent.
    Pietrangelo says per Lazerus “it’s going to be fun to win it in Chicago.”
    We’ll see Alex, we shall see.

  28. There is something about these Hawks in elimination games, not sure if it is a statistical anomaly or what but the Hawks are very hard to finish off. Anisimov has shown me something in this series, I want to see more of that going forward. Toews was snakebit last night, it will be nice to see him get one past Elliott, he looked good skating with Kaner. With the exception of Game 2, Blues look calm and collected (something they didn’t look like in years past;) I don’t expect them to back down. Blues look faster and fresher than the Hawks, but the Hawks don’t look like they want to pass the torch just yet, should make for an interesting Game 6. I want to see more of the 2nd period from the Hawks.

  29. Watching 5 is usually uncomfortable. Watching him in a do or die playoff game is like handing a toddler a lit road flare in one hand and a can of gasoline in the other and praying he doesn’t burn the house down. Abject terror. 6:51 and even that was too much.

    This series feels a lot like the Kings-Hawks 13/14 WCFs. Hopefully we get the lucky bounce this time around. Should be quite the scene at the UC tomorrow night.

  30. Only took Q the entire regular season & 4 playoff games to figure out where #81 needed to be. He was a beast last night & made a big difference in the game. It looked like they somehow cloned #81 from the previous 2 or 3 seasons. Now, can we leave him there & put in #55 please.

  31. You can’t get eliminated on the same night that Arrieta throws a no-hitter! Just wouldn’t be right. Nice job boys.

    Third period seems to be the achilles heel so far. Gotta fix that.

    Oh, and I said we were done, so half of my foot is in my mouth. Would be happy to insert the entire thing if the boys can pull this out. But the Blues do look fresher and stronger than in past series, so it will take a yeoman’s effort.

    Panik looked great last night. Please keep him on the ice.

    Seabs does look hurt, tired – probably both. What a warrior. Love that guy.

  32. By the way, I always thought Shattenkirk looked like a crotch grabber and now, thanks to the picture Tab used for this blog, we have visual proof. :)

  33. I have to piggyback on Miroslav’s post. Not enough comments on the monster game that Anisimov had last night. He was pressuring the net all night. Great game for him.

    The damn salary cap has diluted our team, but it cannot douse the flame of championship desire of our team. Keep it up boys!!! They sure looked composed despite facing elimination. Kudos to our Championship Blackhawks!!

    Go Hawks!

  34. The 2016 playoff Hawks are not as good or deep versus any of Quenneville’s eight other playoff teams in Chicago. Meanwhile the 2016 playoff Blues are the best they have ever been in same time period. These are just the facts. Losing this series to the Blues will bring no shame. We shall see what happens in game 6.

  35. Been watching the Hawks since 1963 i dont know if i have ever before seen a goal scored like the one Kane magically performed. Weise Panik Ladd Hossa , God in Heaven what games they had. Everbody else performed like Champs. Even if they dont win the series, this was their best game of this season. B

  36. Yes that is one helluva weird picture…it has about 5 different story lines in it…got to luv how Tab comes up with these things

  37. SW, “The 2016 playoff Hawks are not as good or deep versus any of Quenneville’s eight other playoff teams in Chicago.” — this again?

    The 2010-11 team included: Jack Skille, Fernando Pisani, Jason Cullimore, Nick Boynton, Jordan Henry, Chris Campoli, Ryan Johnson and John Scott.

    The 2011-12 team included: Andrew Brunette (-13), Michael Frolik (15 pts, -10), Sean O’Donnell (-6) and a few other “depth players” hardly worth mentioning (Sam Lepisto, John Scott…).

    This season’s team is better and deeper than those two. I believe this team is deeper than last season’s except for the #4 d-man – van Riemsdyk isn’t as good as Oduya (yet, but he is still a rookie).

  38. I guess I’m in the minority here. Thrilled they won and get to play another day, but other than most of the second period, the Hawks just couldn’t muster any kind of attack other than the occasional good shift or so. Yes, there were some good things and a few guys played well, but the only reason they’re not making Cog Hill reservations is because of Corey Crawford. Soft power play goal aside, he was brilliant, and he has been most of this series. I was shocked to see his save % for this series is only .914. Only a handful of goalies in the game today would still have the Blackhawks playing right now. Seabrook’s problems didn’t just start this series, its been all season long. I’m hoping its just a down year or he’s got an undisclosed injury, because I cringe when I think of several more years of this at $7 million per. Great win, but they’ve got to be even better tomorrow to push this to 7.

  39. Dickey Dunn –

    I couldn’t agree more. I keep hearing the talking heads at NBC and reading on ESPN that this Hawks team isn’t as deep as years past. That’s simply not true.

    Forwards out from last year: Saad, Sharp, Vermette, Richards, Versteeg
    Forwards in this year: Anisimov, Panarin, Ladd, Panik, Fleishman, Weise

    I’ll take this year’s group over last year. It’s almost as if people aren’t counting Anisimov and Panarin as part of the changes since last year, because they are part of the “core” now. The only noticeable loss from last year is Oduya replaced by TVR, but I’d argue our 5-6 d-men this year are better than the junk that won the cup last year, when Q wouldn’t play them more than 5 mins/night.

    Last comment: a lot of people are talking about the championship resolve and will to win with this team. Really to me, there’s one player who stands out – Crawford. Let’s face it, the team did not play well most of the game, especially in the first overtime when that championship resolve is supposed to come out. The entire period was played in the Hawks end. The one guy who kept us in the game, who happens to be the one with the most pressure on him, was Crawford. It’s amazing how calm he stayed facing that kind of pressure (both in terms of the situation and the consistent shots against) He did it throughout last year’s playoffs too, coming up huge in the biggest games. If we win this series, it will be on the strength of Crawford’s championship resolve.

  40. …..hard to figure out the Hawks this year too many late additions and the A team looks out of gas… but glad they are still alive….hopefully we will get to cheer them on for a few more games in this rivalry… the Blues are one of the best teams in the NHL and are probably the most physical….will be difficult to beat them but there might be some light at the end of the tunnel if they regain their scoring touch..go Hawks!….

  41. Kudos to Foley. The douche that is Mike Milbury trashed Foley. And Roenick helped him out. Bettman had some unkind words to Foley as well. And McDonagh apologized for Foley. That’s BS.

    NBC used to have a nice blog at PHT. They went through a redesign before the season and utterly fucked up a good thing. I kind of trolled them any time the site wouldn’t work. Now I’ve apparently been banned.

    The only good thing NBC has is Doc Emrick. Some can’t stand his voice. But that aside he calls a hell of a game. Kenny Albert, Awful! Dave Strawed, just as bad. Cadence too slow. Too much dead air. Too many inaccurate calls. Millbury is a tool that is be ashamed to employ after he assaulted a child. I actually like Liam McHugh. Everyone else is either meh at best. Or haven’t heard them enough to form an opinion.

  42. Agree, Ernie. I read Bettman’s comments and I can’t believe that the teams all went willingly along with the 8:30 ET start idea. As Foley was making his point last night, I was totally agreeing and then they cut him off. Chickenshit move by NBC. And if Foley says he knows the players hate it and the coaches hate it, I certainly take his word over Bettman’s.

  43. DD/Jeg, there’s no question. I hope he means the slight diff of the 09, 10, 13, 14, 15 and 16 rosters.


  44. Ernie – Keith Jones is alright. Doc Emrick is right there with Foley calling a game.

    NBCSN has had games on cnbc and usa this post season – maybe they could have utilized that more? Maybe they could have split the difference and started eastern time zone games an hour earlier (at least some of the days)?

    I understand wanting to present all of the games, and it is a business. But, as usual, the eastern teams won’t be inconvenienced.

  45. Start east àt 630 and 730 local. West at 730 and depending on where the Nashville series is either 830 central or 630 Pacific. Problem solved. Where’s my jack and coke?

    Out of all the roster movement the one player that they didn’t replace was Saad. Panarin replaced sharp. Anisimov (who I think is hurt more than we think) Richards. Ladd came in late, but he’s not Saad. The regression of Hossa has hurt the most. I can’t put my finger on it with him either. The legs are still there. The will is there. Just not producing. The forward group is probably as close to a push you can get.

    Defensively is the biggest thing. The puck possession isn’t where it usually is. And it’s not just because Oduya isn’t there. TVR isn’t a 4. But that’s still not the issue. Everyone, forwards and dman turn the puck over in the neutral zone or in the dzone far more than in previous years.

  46. This Stephen John’s thing is going to bite us in the arse, especially going forward into the future. Wish to heck we did the deal with the Habs, apparently it was real close to reality and something happened at the last minute. In a different scenario perhaps John’s is not involved and he is on D for us right now. That would be kinda huge. Oh well it is a reality now. Personally I give us about a 15% chance of a Cup win this year. No math to it, just a guess. One game at a time. We can get there with our smart’s and ability. Still are the Lion you know and no one else is.

    How’s about those Flyers eh? Cap fans you OK? Sure you are.

  47. Ever notice how Rufus will proclaim something one day(hint: Hossa) and the very next game it is quickly disproven and therefore instant comedic fodder? I really enjoy that, as an aside to the other benefits here.

  48. Ernie, “the one player that they didn’t replace was Saad.” — or, ou can look at it as Panarin more than replaces Saad. Sharp didn’t have a very good year – 68GP 16G 27A 43PTS – was his lowest in anyfull season since 2007. It’s difficult to compare/quantify (apples and oranges), but Anisimov “replaces” Sharp (and “then some”, because the Hawks have been looking for that big #2 center since they gave Phil Esposito to Boston). Ladd and the others are just “rentals” (unless Stan B. keeps Weise or Fleischmann next season as inexpensive depth players).

    “The regression of Hossa has hurt the most.” — it certainly seems that way. Agree (legs and will) he still plays defense, but he seems to have lost his scoring “touch”.

    And, you’re right about possession – “And it’s not just because Oduya isn’t there”. I don’t know why, but they’ve been struggling with his all year – including TOO MANY turnovers in the neutral zone or d-zone . Too many new guys? I don’t know.

    I don’t believe momentum caries from game-to-game (between cities), so I really HOPE they’re ready to play – everyone’s best effort / 100% urgency right from the start. GO HAWKS!!

  49. Looks like San Jose put an end to that Kings dynasty talk. Sure glad I don’t have to hear that crap anymore.

  50. Three thoughts-
    It was really nice to see a skill move end this last game-too often between style of play and fatigue, its a double deflection off a player from both teams.
    I think the most frustrating thing in the major sports world would be to play your heart out for 2 months, (after a long season) and lose in the Stanley Cup final. Second place doesn’t count.
    Finally the Sharks look like they’re for real.

  51. LA is like NJD or COL (more like them) they won a few/couple when red wings are the best team for 15-20 yrs and won 4.

  52. We can defeat anybody, maintain sustained runs, never out of it, and any opposition simply cannot be lax even for a second for three full periods. Here and there the Lion beats itself or is unsuccessful but it remains the king of the jungle. Vendi Vechi. Woe to the vanquished.

  53. From one study I read Forwards peek at 27/28 and D peek at 28/29.

    Interestingly, the Hawks only played 4 guys in their 30’s (Ladd, Hossa, Keith and Seabrook). The blues played 8 guys in their 30’s.

    Despite how it appeared at times, the Hawks should really have better legs in a long series. We’ll see.

    They need to keep Terasenko in check and avoid penalties.

  54. Kings are out. Losing Martinez was huge. We can relate. Teams that play a defensive possession game need a healthy D to advance. Quick looked very ordinary this entire series, Doughty couldn’t play well enough to cover for Scuderi, and the Sharks didn’t choke. Good for Doug Wilson. His team finally erases the memory of their epic choke a few years ago. And good for me as I don’t have to listen to my Kings fan friends brag. At least until next year.
    Hawks need to stay out of the box and keep it simple tonight. The chances will come. Feeling pretty good about this one with Shaw back in the mix.

  55. Give Q credit for the lines. Putting Panik on line 1 with Kane and Toews and TT on the second line is brilliant because now Hossa and Ladd are on the 3rd line. Weise has to play. Put Shaw in for Mashinter and leave the lines alone. Fleischman out. On D I would put Rozy back in for Runblad. GO Hawks. what a goal kane

  56. Game 6 and elimination-fantastic
    Game fianlly on CBC-I love it
    Not listening to Darren Pang?–Priceless

  57. Agree 100% Noonan96, had to turn off the audio with Pang, just could not take it any more and listen to that garbage. Seems everyone has some kind of bias against us, except our own homers of course. Wish it were Bob Cole announcing but he appears to be assigned to another series..and of course Don and Ron will be a hoot.

    Vignault, Lundqvist and a horrible team going down in a spectacular display of self destruction. Maybe Raanta can restore some sense of dignity to this freak show.
    All the accolades thrown at Lundqvist always puzzled me…same thing with Quick…what’s the big deal? I think sportwriters by and large are lemmings going off a cliff and the vox populi just follow.

  58. No Rozi, no Erhoff, Rundblad in…Ohhhh,kayyyyy…other than that I think everyone really likes the lines

  59. 3rd period coming up…our weakest by a mile lately ….can we hang on? We are the Lion….my nerves are shot

  60. Tab must be celebrating…can’t blame him or anyone else but, hey, I’m all alone here! Someone chime in.

  61. Win or lose Monday-two character wins-against a good team.
    Panik especially, and Weise coming up big-creating lots of depth for the Blues to handle. I thought when Ladd hit the crossbar, here we go again…

  62. Yes, great to see those guys factor into this game. Panik “was a one man wrecking ball” as the CBC commentator stated.

    Gotta get a kick out of Taresenko/Hitchcock wars…if they lose this round maybe both are gone…it appears Tarasenko won’t take much advice even from his teammates, example Shattenkirk. Not good.

    Don Cherry had high praise for Trevor Daley in his analysis with Ron McLean.

  63. Toews led by example, as always. Ladd is exactly what we thought he’d be when acquired, physical, high character, timely goal.

    Wiese loves being a part of this. Great interview after the game, total chatterbox in a positive energy sort of way.

    Panik. What a steal. He has totally risen to the occasion and opportunity on the first line. Incredible really. Healthy scratch to 1st liner in the playoffs on 3 time Cup champs. Wow.

    Rundblad played very very well. Simple passes. Used Keith wisely if he felt rushed. He has not been on the ice for a goal against in the 2 games he has played. I realize they are sheltered minutes, but in game 6 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, is there really any hiding or sheltering on any shift ? Good for him. Came back from banishment to the Swiss league when he could have gone home and called it a season.

    TVR, force fed to play top 4 minutes. A goat in game 1. On the ice for a bunch of goals against and still had the instinct and confidence to bust his butt to the net on the tying goal. Fantastic for him.

    Great feeling to be a Hawk fan tonight. Good night all.

  64. Still waiting with the rest, all I wanted to do tonight was repost my response to a Blues fan heckler after game 2. Win or lose game 7, I got my money’s worth this season. My favorite part is the drunken redundancy, which is my favorite part:

    Glad I can see every single one of your pathetic posts, V, before kicked off by Tab. Best of luck the rest of the series, TVR/V, can’t wait til the actual TVR plants one, it’s gonna be more fun than you know. Good luck with the rest of he series!

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