Patrick Kane Elected All-Star Game Captain

On Saturday, Patrick Kane was named one of four captains for the 2016 Honda NHL All-Star Game in Nashville. The first four players named were based on fan voting.

Florida forward Jaromir Jagr, Washington forward Alexander Ovechkin and Arizona…. whatever he is… John Scott were the other four player elected.

From the league release:

As part of the new format for the 2016 Honda NHL All-Star Game, the All-Stars will take part in a three-game tournament, played in a 3-on-3 format, and featuring four teams representing each NHL division.

The remaining 40 players who will comprise the four All-Star rosters – consisting of six forwards, three defensemen and two goaltenders per team – will be determined by the National Hockey League Hockey Operations Department and announced on Wednesday, Jan. 6.

5 thoughts on “Patrick Kane Elected All-Star Game Captain

  1. It’s an internet joke that bore fruit. John Scott was indeed voted in by the fans, and may have been the overall vote leader.

    According to reports I just read from ESPN, CBS, etc., Scott encouraged people NOT to vote for him. However, he was one of the guys voted in. Jaromir Jagr had a funny tweet in which he said that at his age, he initially thought the 3 on 3 format would kill him, and that now he thinks having to fight the behemoth Scott would definitely kill him.
    From what I read, Scott will play in the game.

  2. John Scott is a nice guy and I’d be surprised if he didn’t handle this embarrassing situation with grace and aplomb, which, by the way, are two words never heard when discussing his skating and hockey skills.

  3. From Stanley cup hero, to degenerate loser, to mid year league mvp and all star game captain. Say what you will, this guy is mentally very tough.

  4. This N.H.L allstar game format has had more changes to it in the past few years than Bruce Jenner,.,,.and thats a lot.

    Kinda feel sorry for the goalies in the 3 on 3 format,.,but Gary has really thought this out.Those goalies are tough,., and paid real well so,.,.,a good shellacking wont hurt their ego at all. Really looking forward to the 2 minute fight contest,.,.,hope Kane stands tall.

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