Patrick Kane Fined For Slashing

On Tuesday, the NHL announced that Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane has been fined $5,000 for slashing Anaheim forward Nick Ritchie. Here’s a video of the incident:

Ritchie was not disciplined by the NHL for his clear slash of Kane that led to the Hawks forward taking a lumberjack-caliber hack at the Ducks’ forward.

Ritchie, of course, is the same piece of hot garbage who ended Michal Rozsival’s career with a sucker punch earlier this year. He was suspended for two games for being a piece of shit back in April.

The fine of $5,000 is the maximum allowable under the current CBA. The money goes to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

15 thoughts on “Patrick Kane Fined For Slashing

  1. Aside from being another bullshit NHL call, from what I saw, Kane would probably say privately is “well worth the price”.

  2. Ritchie is another cheap shot punk to go along with the other cheap shot punks on that team – Perry and Bieksa. Certain teams seem to encourage their players to cheap shot opponents and the Ducks under Carlyle is one of those teams.

  3. This is so unfair! Ritchie struck first…he should have been fined as well! For $5,000 Kane should have hit him a lot harder!

  4. The NHL league office is more concerned about appearances than player safety. The slash Ritchie gave to Kane was just as dangerous as the slash Kane gave to Ritchie. The difference was Ritchie chopped Kane and Kane swung his stick. The difference in the actual kinetic force of both slashes was probably negligible but the stick swinging through the air made Kane’s look worse. The league office once again shows itself to be run by a bunch of half wits.

  5. Its a shame Kane hit Ritchie’s stick. Ritchie got Kane across the hands…the exact thing the league said they would crack down on

  6. there are many many reasons gary betman gets boo’d year in and year out. he doesn’t know or respect hockey or its people or its best culture. nhl hockey is just a vehicle for marketing stunts to people like hetman.

    but there are 4B $ reasons why he isn’t going anywhere till he is good and ready. that figure is the increase in league revenue during his tenure: from 400M$ to 4.4B$

    that has made owners and many players very wealthy. so they all grin and bear him and mickey mouse trash like these “player safety” decisions.

    my guess is that a kane slash like that likely has a lot more to do with what the player did to rosival than what he did to kane. I am not usually a fan of slashing but I kind of like this one.

    go hawks!!!

  7. ER your right about potential for injury and safety image but Kane retaliated and got nailed. It will always happen.
    Best to do it now and not the playoffs. If players (like Ritchie) know they can get that reaction they will continue to do it. Best for Hartman or someone else (too bad a young Bobby Probert, may he RIP, couldn’t come back for a game to take care of the big goof.

    They are a team that likes the cheap shots.

  8. Gary Bettman didn’t make this call. Bettman works for the owners. If the owners don’t like him, he gets replaced.

    George Parros is the head of player safety. He and his team made the call

    “George Parros wants longer suspensions for nonhockey infractions and will focus more on slashing as head of the NHL Department of Player Safety.”

  9. WTF. Absolutely pathetic decision. The NHL better get some new officials. If Patrick deserves a fine, then Ritchie deserves a suspension.

  10. What I love about this is we have done what 2 or so things in the last few yrs. how many times has a player hit one of our guy high/head (like 67/schmaltz clb) and the other team players always get nothing.

    Fucking disgrace is only definition. I donot see this kind of thing ever evening out.

    Other team up 50-2.

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