Patrick Kane Injured

During the first period of Tuesday night’s game against Florida, Patrick Kane was cross-checked by Panthers defenseman Alex Petrovic. Petrovic received a two-minute cross checking minor; Kane immediately went to the room and did not return.

Kane had surgery on his left wrist in 2011.

7 thoughts on “Patrick Kane Injured

  1. Ok so this looks like to me barely got sticked or cross checked or whatever, their skates clip one another, Kane loses his balance and tumbles into the boards. It looks to me like he banged the side of his head into the boards.

    The Florida guy did technically cross check Kane though. He didn’t do it hard but he did it. Watch their two right skates clip one another and then Kane tumbles.

  2. The back view you can see Kane’s left skate kind of buckle. No way petrovic gets a call from the league. As far as his surgery on his wrist. He fractured his scaphoid. Tiny bone in between hand and wrist at the base of your thumb. I broke it myself racing against NASCAR driver David Ragan (my 15 minutes of fame). Anyway, its a bad bone to break because it carries blood both directions and its tough to heal. If it doesn’t heal, your wrist will become arthritic. Its a common injury in falls and car accidents. I had a cast past my elbow from July 2 until November. Just wouldn’t heal. Kane had surgery to make sure it healed properly. If it is a scaphoid injury, it has nothing to do with it being an old injury. I think shoulder. Hopefully they held him out as a precaution.

  3. When I saw Kane get up after the play, and head toward the bench with his left arm cradled up with his torso bent over, I started thinking “collarbone”. He hit with his shoulder directly onto the board. He likely would have been better off if the head hit the board instead of the shoulder at that angle, since he wasn’t moving that incredibly fast. If it’s a collarbone break, that would be it for the year – playoffs included. I sure hope not, but that’s what it looked like to me.

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