Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews To Wear New Bauer Equipment

On Thursday, Bauer Hockey will host a press conference at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago to unveil a new line of state-of-the-art equipment. The line has been designed exclusively for six of the NHL’s top players, including Blackhawks Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.

Bauer expects their six models – Kane and Toews, Alexander Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom of the Capitals, Claude Giroux of the Flyers and Henrik Lundqvist of the Rangers – to begin wearing the revolutionary product this month and “during international play in the early weeks of February” (read: at the Olympics in Sochi).

The press conference will also be available via a live webcast at

8 thoughts on “Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews To Wear New Bauer Equipment

  1. I hate shit like this in the middle of the season. NOBODY should do anything that would distract our players from the task at hand……..especially Kaner. Yeah Yeah, you say this is about the Olympics, but how many appearances, conference calls and PR meetings will there be between now and then.

  2. I think it’s a much bigger risk for goalies than for skaters. But Henry is pretty incredible so I’m rather sure he’d still be a good goalie if he was wearing cement bags.

  3. When I transitioned from the old deer hair-filled goal pads to the synthetic ones, my whole set of new pads weighed less than ONE of my old goal pads and it did throw me off for a short while, but then I grew to LOVE the light pads pretty quickly.

    I doubt there is much difference here, just a bunch of PR BS for Bauer and distractions for the players…but heck if these 2 keep making more and more money outside hockey because they are being marketed well in Chicago that is incentive for them to sign and stay and it does not affect our cap!

  4. Perhaps these “NEW PADS” can help Khabby become the goalie he used to be!!!

    I can’t wait for this press conference/Webcast to begin… I am cutting up some old couch cushions and duct taping them to my legs as I write!!!

  5. Wall- have you had a lot of time off recently? I feel like you’re getting hammered too early in morning recently!

    When I first started playing street hockey, I basically wore pillows on my legs with actual shinguards underneath. Not that anyone could rip a shot hard enough to hurt my legs, but everyone thought it was fine to slash at my shins after I stopped them. I took my lessons from Ed Belfour and would give them a nice return slash to the back of the knees. It’s a wonder no one got seriously hurt.

  6. JS- I can’t wait to see the New – Superman/ “Kane Kape” that Bauer will be selling!
    If worn under your Jersey- makes you completely Un-checkable!

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