Patrick Kane Named NHL #1 Star Of The Week

After another dominant week, Chicago’s Patrick Kane was named the NHL’s Number One Star of the Week – again.

From the release:

Kane tied for the League lead in points with seven (4-3—7) as the Blackhawks (31-13-4, 66 points) won all four starts to move into first place in the Central Division. Kane began the week by recording one assist in a 3-2 victory over the Nashville Predators Jan. 12. On Jan. 14 he was held pointless in a 2-1 win over the Montreal Canadiens before notching his first career regular-season hat trick (623 GP) – including the game-winning goal – and adding one assist in a 4-1 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Jan. 15. Kane closed the week by recording one goal and one assist in a 5-2 win over Montreal on Jan. 17 to help the Blackhawks equal a franchise record with 11 consecutive victories. The 27 year-old Buffalo, NY, native leads the League in goals (29), assists (40) and points (69).

Calgary Flames center Sam Bennett and Los Angeles Kings center Anze Kopitar were named the NHL’s Number Two and Three Stars, respectively, for the week ending Jan.17.

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51 thoughts on “Patrick Kane Named NHL #1 Star Of The Week

  1. Can’t say enough about this guy’s skill. I get the sense that he will never rest on his laurels– even if he wins all the awards at the end of the season. It seems his drive is to prove everyone wrong who told him he’s too small to play hockey.
    And loved his reaction to Panarin’s work that led to his goal last night. He couldn’t believe it! He’s so blessed to have Panarin and Anisimov on his line. Pray for good health for all of them through the playoffs!.

  2. …and on another note, Tab, I think its time to bring back the Vezina discussion! Crow is an Elite NHL netminder and if the second half goes as the first half went, #50 should be a slam dunk for the Vezina!

  3. re: Montana Blackhawk – last time I wrote about Crawford being a Vezina candidate he crapped the bed for a week and a half… I’ll hold off for now out of respect for the process (but yeah, I totally agree Crawford + Holtby are the top Vezina candidates right now)

  4. Esa Lindell has been called up by Dallas after Jordie Benn was put on IR and Oleksiak was put on a conditioning stint.

    Stephen Johns can’t get any love.

  5. Good of you to leave off the caps, Jax. No, it didn’t have to be said…..

    His skill level has nothing to do with some if our objections to him being worthy of wearing a Blackhawk jersey. He has always been an unbelievable hockey player. You and RTP obviously don’t undestand the difference! I stand by my previous protest.

  6. BrokerWayne. You never disappoint you’re consistently an idiot. I hope you never get falsely accused of something. Well in your case it would probably not be a false accusation.

  7. Let it go Wayne. What you thought happened didn’t actually happen. A drunk Kane went to his house from a bar with a girl and they didn’t have sex. Much less was the girl raped. The DA said so. Rather emphatically I might add. Both of the girls parents then proceeded to act like buffoons.

    Serious question, you a Bobby Hull fan?

  8. No Ernie, I’m not. I am glad that Kane is doing well and that we’re winning. I just don’t think he was an angel in this whole thing.

    6cups, you can call me whatever you like but it just makes you look like a schmuck, not me.

  9. Nobody is saying Kane is an angel. But what he did didn’t constitute him losing the privilege to play for the Hawks.

  10. I will stick to my original post the day the story broke, “… in the United States of America you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law by a jury of your peers…” not an internet blog. Not just an opinion. Go Hawks, Congratulations to Patrick Kane on honor well deserved.

  11. With our newfound emergence of great things and the spectre of more to come we are absolutely at or near the very top of NHL performance. The only team left standing in our way is Washington and they will be a formidable foe, however I see them much the same way as Tampa Bay last year. We can beat them on experience and sheer determination, ( our winning ways and a spiritual intangibles ). A BIG big part of that has been Patrick Kane. There were indeed many dark days for all of us during the summer but nobody had it worse than Patrick Kane. Full credit to the organization and his teammates, to the legal system and even more to the player Patrick Kane. At this point my only concern is opponents targeting our players because we are number 1, the big dog, the mighty Blackhawks, and we don’t have the biggest guys in the hood. May we stay injury free and skilled enough to avoid this. ( keep Mash in Q’s back pocket for the rather obvious dirty teams and players ). Bring home the Art Ross and whatever else we can because we are looking good. Vae Victus. Woe to the vanquished.

  12. Broker, yes, you are entitled to your opinion. And you are entitled to “stand by your previous protest.” But what’s the point? You are not entitled to your own facts.
    The accusation against Kane was proven to be unfounded. But that’s not good enough for you? So we must debate your opinion that Kane is no angel? And therefore does not somehow legitimately represent this non-existent ideal of what a perfect Blackhawk player should be? What is the real issue with you? You can’t forgive him for being human? Or you won’t?

    BTW – Mining Man, great post!

  13. As Woody Allen said in ‘Annie Hall’ to Duane, Annie’s brother (Christopher Walken)…. “Excuse me Duane, I have to get back to the planet Earth”

  14. Here’s the point Tony….. These players are professional athletes, they are not your friends. They get paid a lot of money to play hockey. We can root for the team, and I do as a team sport. But to idolize any of them is downright folly. A fair amount of posters on this site think that Patrick Kane walks on water. I like poking holes in that. It’s quite amusing to see the rancor that comes my way and also to RTF’s way because we don’t tow the party line. Just because he has had an unbelievable season doesn’t prove jack about his character or worth as a human being. All it means is that he’s good at his trade.

    Here’s another example, RTF… “And the moron chorus said 88 would never play another game in a Blackhawks sweater.” Is that supposed to be a vindication of something? Like we knew or didn’t know he would be traded? What a kroc!

  15. Wayne, we’ve been over this ground all summer and into the early season. I know you’re position, and posted that I respected you for it and for not hiding on the day Kane was vindicated. You continued to speak your mind while many others who wanted to hang 88 disappeared. By “moron chorus” I don’t mean people who voiced their strong dissatisfaction with Kane’s propensity to get in trouble. My use of the term is directed at those who convicted Kane, who wrote so ignorantly about his guilt. I was basically kind of shocked that so many people – several of whom otherwise sounded like pretty knowledgeable and (half) articulate Hawks fans – could so casually ignore the sanctity of ‘innocent until proven guilty’. We just don’t literally hang people without charges, evidence, representation, and a trial. I feel strongly that we should not do so figuratively with our words, either. Let’s move on. These are the days of wine and roses in Blackhawks Nation.

  16. If you take into consideration his entire season this might be one of the few weeks where I wouldn’t have gave it to him as he wasn’t even the Blackhawks player of the week. Maybe they wanted to ‘reward’ his 1st RG hat-trick.

  17. Brokerwayne will never get the point until someone falsely accuses him of something and people expect him to stop working because of the false accusation. If that ever happens to him you can bet he will be screaming due process and innocent until proven guilty and he will be right to do so. Brokerwayne you don’t know Patrick Kane so your not in a position to comment on his character. Many of us defended him because the constitution says innocent until proven guilty. Your comment that he wasn’t an angel is absolute pure speculation.

  18. Kane skill level has always been very good but he was always lacking a solid center until Anisimov came along and a left wing that could make it happen. Richards didn’t do badly last year but there is no comparison between him and Animisov. SB knew what he was doing when he locked him up to a long term contract. Not saying I told you so but I predicted on a thread after that signing that Kane would flirt with 100 points if he stayed together with Panarin and Anisimov all season. re: The importance of having a keep skating strong center to play along with Kane. Anyone else remember the some of the experiments for centers in past years and how before the Stanley Cup years they were blown out by teams and the biggest complaint was no centers? I remember even Kane playing center for a while as an experiment. Re Panarin or little Kane. His style and play is a perfect fit for playing with Kane. I think sometimes even his moves and passes surprises Kane. You can see the connection between the two and it is really fun to watch. SB needs to do what ever he needs to do to sign Panarin long term as he is obviously a core player they want to keep a long time. Go Hawks!

  19. Brokerwayne your innocent until proven guilty of my accusation. Ha Ha. Good response. Go Hawks keep the streak going!

  20. Would love to see Kaner hit the 50 goal mark this year. If we can avoid injury to key guys the rest of the season the playoffs will be lookin good!

  21. ER- Could be if he captures Art Ross and Hart ! Question is, as witnessed by this thread, does the NHL have the spine to allow it.

    Maybe instead of such a controversial topic as ” Patrick Kane #1 NHL star of the week” we should stick to less controversial topics such as Trump, Hillary and Benghazi!

  22. Mining Man, don’t tell me your a Trump supporter too? Do you read “Two” Corinthians or do you want Christmas back in the Department Stores?

  23. It’s all good, Wayne. The whole Kane topic is a real lightning rod, we all get that, gets the blood up. And Mining Man wants to address Hillary, Trump, and Benghazi!! I know he’s just kiddin. But, ya know, when she said it was all about a video but had emailed otherwise to her….

  24. RTP…. I know when you are dealing with politicians, you get a lot of crap most of the time. The issue is what is the lesers of all evils. Anyone that supports Trump (IMO) is a total buffoon and deserves the results. He calls his supporters, “fans”. He speaks in front of a religious Christian college and calls 2nd Corinthians, “two” Corinthians. I’m not religious but at least I know what that Bible book is called… I’m not even running for President. The guy is a joke and the joke is on us. Great Britian is laughing at our expense. Pathetic!

  25. The mantra of many left wing politically correct liberals in today’s society is ” you are guilty until proven innocent”. I would bet most of the Hang Kane crowd on this blog fall into that category. They are entitled to their opinion. Luckily we have a Constitution in place to protect us from mob hysteria.

  26. I’m not going any further with the political thing….was just fooling around…I declare a moratorium….got all I can take of that crap in too many other places. This space is for the Hawks!

  27. Okay, so do the Hawks set a franchise record with their 12th straight win tonight in Nashville?

    Hopefully there will be plenty of Blackhawks fans in attendance! Go Hawks!

  28. Brokerwayne – that’s an interesting concept, highly unlikely, likely unethical, let alone illegal from an undeclared income perspective, if nothing else – but interesting nonetheless. What if … Kane and Toews get together and realize their $10.5M deals are going to hamstring the team more than they thought they would when they signed the contracts (when “everyone” thought the cap would rise more than it has and will), so they conspire to supplement Panarin’s contract with some under the table payments so that he re-signs with the Hawks for a more manageable Cap hit. So maybe instead of costing the Hawks $6M in cap space to re-sign him, he re-signs for a $4M 2-year bridge contract with Toews and Kane slipping him the post-tax amount of $1M under the table.

    Pure fantasy – but interesting.

  29. Brokerwayne, there are plenty of athletes that aren’t angels and many are downright assholes. We aren’t following the sport to get to know these guys personally. We enjoy the sport. You made your point and I agree that Kaner put the target on his own back for his own misgivings. I am not saying he did anything wrong this time, but his repeated errors in judgment got him here. Now give it a rest. Your persistence on this issue, in my mind, would convince me that one more poster on this board is an A-hole.

  30. ER- Don’t know how this subject came up, but is it not possible, (although highly unlikely) for 19 or 88 to come to that realization, and restructure their contracts with the Hawks? Before I get yelled at for mentioning this, I actually think that history will show that their contracts are reasonable considering all. Something that would have to happen in off season? I think Walter Payton did this years ago.

  31. Yep. Once a contract is agreed upon the only thing that can be done is retained salary in a trade. A buyout. Or go on unconditional waivers for the purpose of terminating the contract. Or retire.

    So yeah. No such thing as contract restructuring in the NHL. It really makes it easy for fans to follow. Unlike the NFL where team do it all the time. And contracts are non guaranteed. NBA has a luxury tax, and mlb doesn’t have a cap. The NHL has the simplest and clearest system. Sign a contract and that’s it. No moving money for later.

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