Patrick Kane Named NHL #1 Star

On Monday, the NHL named Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane the league’s Number One Star for the week ending Dec. 17.

Kane scored four goals – including two game-winners – and had five points in three games as the Hawks went 3-0-0 last week.

Flyers goaltender Brian Elliott and Islanders forward Josh Bailey were named the second and third stars, respectively.

12 thoughts on “Patrick Kane Named NHL #1 Star

  1. Good to see #88 “feeling it”.

    I find it interesting that Kane has been practicing one-timers lately, like at the voluntary practice yesterday, because the goal he scored with the one-timer and the one-timer he scored against the Jets looked exactly like what he was practicing. The interesting part is that Kane is still working to improve his game – the mark of a true superstar.

    Others didn’t bother attending the voluntary practice. Maybe they think they don’t need to improve their game. Is puck control something you can improve on with practice?

  2. Playing well in the playoffs (and three Cups) will give 88 some extra love–so if he just holds true in the regular season for 3 to 5 more years it’s clear cut-
    Kane has certain skills that make you want to watch him (at least when ‘on’ and motivated) like few others ever in NHL. Can any other Hawk claim that?

    Have heard that Hull’s shot/presence made people take notice and shake their heads but that is the other name. (Was a young fan in 60’s, early 70’s but not mature enough to appreciate.)

  3. noon yes bobby, number 9 the golden jet the greatist left wing in the nhl, will always have a spot in my heart. going down to the old chicago stadium, parking at austin &, madison taking the bus to the barn for 25cents asking gunzo if he had anything 2nd balcony 1st row, he would keep some tickets on the side if you recognized him 2.50 per seat hockey the best sport of all to watch and play

  4. Regarding Kane, I could not have said it any better myself, Noonan; (at least when ‘on’ and motivated). End of story. When he is not- it’s really hard t watch him float around.

  5. Potentially Panik in for Sharp – good. Not that Panik has been any great shakes lately but maybe not playing has served as motivation. I think Panik is one of the top-12 forwards and needs to be playing, providing he plays the style he needs to play to be successful and without stupid penalties.

  6. A LA Kings friend of mine said Kane is the one player that he thinks will score a goal every time he is out there, and this was during the Kings Stanley cup years.

  7. NOONAN96:
    “Kane has certain skills that make you want to watch him (at least when ‘on’ and motivated) ”

    Look I get it, “star” players play big minutes so they really can’t go all out during their shift like the “energy guys” can because they would burn out quick.

    That being said, the fans also pay big $$ to see the stars play & deserve the best from their star players… (illness aside, as the flu is kicking my butt right now)

    Having to be “on & motivated” is a poor excuse, the will to win & the big $$ paychecks should be motivation enough…

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