Patrick Kane Named NHL’s First Star Of The Week

On Monday, Blachawks forward Patrick Kane was named the NHL’s first star for the week ending Nov. 8.

From the league release:

Kane shared first in the NHL with four goals and led the League with five assists and nine points to help the Blackhawks (8-6-1, 17 points) gain five of a possible eight standings points. He opened the week with a pair of 1-1-2 games, in a 4-2 triumph over the Los Angeles Kings Nov. 2 and in a 6-5 overtime loss to the St. Louis Blues Nov. 4. Kane scored again in a 4-2 loss to the New Jersey Devils Nov. 6 before capping the week with 1-3-4, including the game-winning goal, in a 4-2 victory over the Edmonton Oilers Nov. 8. In doing so, Kane equaled career highs for assists and points in one game; the only other time he recorded four points in the regular season was Oct. 23, 2007 vs. CBJ (2-2-4), his ninth appearance in the NHL. The 26-year-old Buffalo, N.Y., native shares first in the League with 10 goals and 23 points in 15 contests this season, including 7-10-17 during a 10-game point streak.

Dallas forward Tyler Seguin was named the second star, and Montreal goaltender Mike Condon was named the third star.

22 thoughts on “Patrick Kane Named NHL’s First Star Of The Week

  1. Kane! I don’t have the proper superlative for how Kane has been playing this season. On top of that when he is playing along side 15 and 72 they make each other even better. I cant think of a line over the course of the 3 cup run that I could say is better offensively.

  2. To all of those that cast so much vitriol his way, said that he should never wear the Indian head again, wanted him off the team immediately, I have just one word for you – ha!

  3. And what about those who suggested that we ”wouldn’t necessarily be worse if we lost Kane, because you need to consider the return you would get”…. I shudder to wonder what this team would look like this season minus Kane, plus a couple of plugs and some picks!

  4. Pucklogic, lets use some of that logic.

    #1 You can believe he is an excellent hockey player, you do, and so do I.

    #2 You can believe he is a human being (right now) that is a great role model for your kids and my kids, you may and I don’t.

    He can score a 100 goals and that won’t change my opinion. Hopefully he decides to change #2. He can do it.

    I have just one sentence for you – use some of that pucklogic in other ways!

  5. The rage directed at Kane was fair. He once again put himself in a bad situation last August. That cannot be denied. And interesting that their are now whispers that he is in outpatient treatment for alcohol, which I heartily applaud.

  6. BrokerWayne. You continue to illustrate your complete ignorance on the subject matter. The double standard that exists with Kane is amazing and a product of our pc world. Imagine if:

    (1) Kane’s mother was the one who tried to fabricate evidence.
    (2) The DA came out with as damning a statement against Kane as he did the so called victim.

    The pc crowd would be calling for Kane’s head and a suspension would be imminent. Kane’s mother would be in jail.

    Instead NOTHING is happening to the so called victim and her mother. Quite the double standard.

  7. 3,6,9 or however many Cups….

    The point remains, Kane is a great hockey player who makes mistakes due to excessive drinking.

  8. Okay, I’ll play your silly juvenile game. The cab incident, the Madison incident. Putting himself in this latest incident due to drink. Not enough? Probably more.

  9. Just making sure he didnt do anything I wasnt aware of. I’ll give you the cab incident. That was a mistake.

    You forgot to mention the Vancouver cab incident with John Madden. Now, here’s where you and I will never agree. When is it a mistake to go to a bar and try to go home with a girl? When is it a mistake to drink in a bar?

    Did he drive drunk? No. That would have been a mistake. Did he take a girl to his house? Yep. Mistake? Nope. Especially when by all accounts he didnt even sleep with her.

    Does liking to drink make him an alcoholic? No. Does he have a problem with alcohol? I have no idea, I dont know him on a personal level.

  10. @Brokerwayne, where did I (or anyone else) claim that he was a good role model for our kids? It really shows how strong your arguments are when you start to make things up to make your point. Making things up … how ironic.

  11. The bitterness is strong in that one. Kane was named 1st star of week, not 1st role model of week.

    Imagine if McD had gotten his way, Kane probably wouldn’t have played any games yet. Would Panarin have gotten off to such a great start without Kane on his line? Would the Hawks have won 8 games or maybe only 2 or 3 without Kane’s offense carrying them?

    I don’t need my sports “heroes” to be real life heroes. I just need them to be continue to be my sports heroes.

  12. We don’t know what McDonough wanted to happen, it is only speculation. As is that excess consumption of alcohol led to this Buffalo area incident. We don’t know the facts, we weren’t there, we aren’t privy to details.

  13. If I’m not mistaken the article is about Kane being the consensus best player in the NHL this past week, and in my opinion, arguably, all season. Anyone want to talk about that rather than last August?

    The Kane line has carried this team so far this season – he merits the hockey accolades the NHL has given him. Shit, I’m glad they did. It’s obviously hard enough to get them from his fanbase.

  14. I got BLASTED for saying EA acted too fast for permanently dropping Kane from their cover. Not suspended, not “let’s see what happens” and not innocent til proven otherwise.

    I echo Tab’s words.

    Kane is a spoiled kid with a lot to learn.

    Kane is a fantastic hockey player.

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