Patrick Kane Named Ted Lindsay Award Finalist

On Friday, Patrick Kane was named as one of the three finalists for the Ted Lindsay Award. The trophy is presented to the most outstanding player in the NHL as voted by members of the NHL Players’ Association.

Dallas captain Jamie Benn and Washington goaltender Braden Holtby are the other two finalists.

Kane would be the first Blackhawks player and the first American-born player to win the Lindsay Award.

26 thoughts on “Patrick Kane Named Ted Lindsay Award Finalist

  1. Can’t see how the Hawks “re-tool” with 21 mil tied up in two players. Kane had a great year…… Trade him now?

  2. Yes lets trade him so we can get four players that will be up and down from Rockford or that we can trade them for four other players instead of having the best scorer of the league. Sounds great!

  3. Just stop, Wayne. That had absolutely nothing to do with the article.

    Here’s hoping he wins it, though the other 2 are also deserving.

  4. Wayne doesn’t know anything about hockey. He’s proven that over and over. He has a vendetta against a guy that was innocent of what he was accused of. But that’s not enough because said individual isn’t squeaky clean.

    Wayne is a troll.

  5. It’s interesting the players chose not to nominate a defenseman. While he has his faults, what Karlsson did offensively was pretty outstanding.

  6. Possibly now exists for another Kane hat trick…Art Ross, Hart and Ted Lindsay.

    Marketing dream for the Blackhawks.

    I’ll throw in one more, my own personal Mining Man award for Blackhawk Goal of The Year, to Kane for the OT winner vs, St Louis …busting through the defense, wraparound, showtime!

  7. Hey Ernie, I’m entitled to my opinion whether you like it or not. AND what you think of me means jack. So pound it A hole.

  8. All of Kane’s awards didn’t get the Hawks another Cup. Now they have his 10.5 million around their collective necks. So eat that ernee.

  9. Obviously Broker Wayne wasn’t around before Mr Kane came to town. When the United Center was home to 7,000 fans on a good night and the players could hear the fans talking in the stands. No you don’t trade Kane or Toews you just keep adding pieces to the puzzle and win year after year.

  10. They won the cup last year. It was pay them or lose them for nothing. Did 8.4 million more in salary hinder their ability to field a team? They took a team that appears to be headed to the wcf to the absolute edge. I’ll argue that rather than the Toews and Kane contracts the Bickell dead weight hindered them more. Had they not had that burden they could acquire a dman that could skate that second pair. Not necessarily Oduya.

    Your beef with Kane has nothing to do with his contract. You completely left out the matching contract they handed Toews who underperformed inbthe regular season and playoffs. The regression of Hossa hurt. And not having a left wing hurt. But he played with Kane in the playoffs and Panarin for a stretch at left wing with less than stellar results.

    So, if Toews plays better, and if the Bickell deal was vanquished the outcome would be totally different…for the good. Much better than if Kane was traded or they let them go to free agency.

  11. Why are well thought out and well written posts banned to moderation while numerous ridiculous personal attacks and obvious trolling pop up all over?

    Brilliant writing there Brokerwayne…I’m sure Tony is real impressed. Eat you? Ya it’s BBQ season. Fried Green Tomatoes! Friggin mental case.

  12. Here’s the reason dirt boy…. Tab recognizes free speech and the right to have an opinion whether fan boys like you, Toni, or ernee like it or not.

  13. Strickley hard rock .. Drill, Blast, Muck it out., no dirt involved. If you have ever been here it’s all outcrop and Boreal Forest

    Also proud fan boy since got that right.

  14. You see the glaciers scrapped and bulldozed all the soils, plus several layers of geology, depositing them way south of here what is now the prairies in Canada and the U.S. As they retreated ( melted) they left behind all the boulders, gravel and bits of rock and left us in the north with a geological layer on top called the Luarentide Drift. This is what the Boreal Forest grows on. In addition they left behind thousands and thousands of lakes. Plus exposed vast mineral wealth that was deeply buried. Winter is long and basically the whole thing translates into a bunch of pretty good hockey players. Many Blackhawks from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and N. Ontario over the years.

    See it’s good to learn something. No charge.

  15. Yes, free speech is in tact and should always remain so, BrokerPunk. Though the consensus here seems to be that you practice yours on some other blog. Your snark is perfect for the site. Why don’t you go spread your bile there? You can play to a base that better suits your intellect.

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