Patrick Kane Named USA Alternate Captain

On Wednesday, USA Hockey announced Patrick Kane will serve as an alternate captain for the upcoming World Cup of Hockey.

Joe Pavelski will be the captain, and Ryan Suter will serve as the other alternate.

5 thoughts on “Patrick Kane Named USA Alternate Captain

  1. Great choice! Kane is good at helping his, and other lines come together and raise the bar. Look at his last year’s line, it was amazing! Nice choice. I think he’ll be able to do the same with this team, even as alternative captain.

  2. Can you remember back exactly a year ago when most people were calling for this guys head and wanting to trade him for a bag of pucks?? Remember????

    I think he showed everyone that, although he is a knucklehead sometimes, he is probably the most talented hockey player in the USA. Sometimes you just have to let the entire situation play out and see what happens. The kid is as mentally tough as they come and as talented as there has ever been. Viv’ La Kaner!!

  3. He usually works during the off-season to improve on some aspect of his game. Looking forward to what he shows this season. So happy for him– as a player he deserves this. No doubt he’s itching to play some hockey!

  4. Same thing after some people got excited because he was at a college party (during his college age yrs) like everybody else does. Went to Switzerland used that and came back on a mission in 2013. When Kaner has something to prove (to non believers) he puts the women and children to bed and go looking for some supper.

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